The Atlantic Monthly, 第 91 卷

Atlantic Monthly Company, 1903

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論


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第 62 頁 - We were dreamers, dreaming greatly, in the man-stifled town; We yearned beyond the sky-line where the strange roads go down. Came the Whisper, came the Vision, came the Power with the Need, Till the Soul that is not man's soul was lent us to lead.
第 288 頁 - The volume is in many ways the most brilliant collection of Animal Stories that has appeared. It reaches a high order of literary merit.
第 432 頁 - All we have gained then by our unbelief Is a life of doubt diversified by faith, For one of faith diversified by doubt : We called the chess-board white, - we call it black. 'Well...
第 32 頁 - Long before we saw the sea, its spray was on our lips, and showered salt rain upon us. The water was out, over miles and miles of the flat country adjacent to Yarmouth ; and every sheet and puddle lashed its banks, and had its stress of little breakers setting heavily towards us. When we came within sight of the sea...
第 62 頁 - On the sand-drift — on the veldt-side — in the fernscrub we lay, That our sons might follow after by the bones on the way. Follow after — follow after! We have watered the root, And the bud has come to blossom that ripens for fruit! Follow after — we are waiting by the trails that we lost For the sound of many footsteps, for the tread of a host. Follow after — follow after — for the harvest is sown: By the bones about the wayside ye shall come to your own...
第 363 頁 - He soon discerns, and weltering by his side One next himself in power, and next in crime, Long after known in Palestine, and named Beelzebub.
第 204 頁 - In winter I get up at night And dress by yellow candle-light. In summer quite the other way, I have to go to bed by day. I have to go to bed and see The birds still hopping on the tree, Or hear the grown-up people's feet Still going past me in the street. And does it not seem hard to you, When all the sky is clear and blue, And I should like so much to play, To have to go to bed by day?
第 57 頁 - A tall, lank, uncouth-looking personage, with long locks of hair hanging over his face and a cue down his back tied in an eelskin; his dress singular; his manners those of a rough backwoodsman.
第 59 頁 - He is the true history of the American people in his time. Step by step he walked before them; slow with their slowness, quickening his march...
第 64 頁 - This, at least, is clear: American democracy is fundamentally the outcome of the experiences of the American people in dealing with the West.