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a true man.

Hark you.

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your wife; there's the short and the long. My Garter.comes, there is either liquor in his name is corporal Nym; I speak, and I avouch. pate, or money in his purse, when he looks so 'Tis true : my name is Nym, and Falstaff loves merrily.-How now, mine host? I your wife,Adieu! I love not the humour of bread and cheese ; and there's the humour of

Enter Host and Shallow. it. Adieu.

(Exit Nym.

Host. How now, bully-rook ? thou’rt a genPage. The humour of it, qaotha ! here's a "eShal. I follow, mine host, i follow.-Good

tleman: cavalero-justice, I say, fellow frights humour out of his 'wits. Ford. I will seek out Falstaff.

even, and twenty, good master Page! Master Page. I never heard such a drawling, affect Page, will you go with us ? we have sport in ing rogue..

hand.is Ford. If I do find it, well.

Host. Tell him, cavalero-justice, tell him, Page. I will not believe such a Cataianbally-rook. :) tho' the priest o'the town commended him for

Shalu Sir, there is a fray to be fought, be

tween sir Hugh the Welsh priest, and Caias Ford. 'Twas a good sensible fellow: Well. the French doctor. : Page. How now, Meg?

Ford. Good mine host o’the Garter, a word Mrs.Page. Whither go you, George ?- with you.

Host. What say'st thou, balty-rook? Mrs. Ford. How now,'sweet Frank? why

[They go aside. art thou melancholy?

Shal. Will you [to PAGE] go with us to beFord. I melancholy! I am not melancholy hold it? my merry host hath had the measur. -Get you home, go.

ing of their weapons ; and, I think, he bath Mrs. Ford. 'Faith, thou hast some crotchets appointed them contrary places ; for, believe in thy head now. Will you go, mistress Page? me, I hear, the parson is no jester. Hark, Į Mrs. Page. Have with you. You'll come will

tell you what our sport shall be. to dinner, George I+Look, who comes yonder:

Host. Hast thou no suit against my knight, she shall be our

messenger to this paltry knight. my guest-cavalier ?
[Aside to Mrs. Ford. Ford. None, I protest : but I'll give you a

pottle of burnt sack to give me recourse to him, Enter Mistress. QUICKLY. and tell him my name is Brook ; only for a jest. Mrs. Ford. Trust me, I thought on her; and regress; said I well!. and thy name shall

Host. My hand, bully: thou shalt have egress she'll fit it.

be Brook : it is a merry knight. Will you go Mrs.Page. You are come to see my daughter Anne?

nter on, hearts1411

Shal. Have with you, mine host. Quick. Ay, forsooth; And, I pray, how does good mistress Anne?

Page. I have heard, the Frenchman hath Mrs.Page. Go in with us, and see we have good skill in his rapier. an hour's talk with yon.

Shal. Tut, sir, I could have told you more: (Exeunt Mrs. Page, Mrs. Ford, and passes, stoccadoes, and I know not what: 'tis

In these times you stand on distance, your Mrs., QuickLY. Page. How now, master Ford?

the heart, master Page; 'tis here, 'tis here. ! Ford. You heard what this khave told me; would have made you four tall t fellows skip

have seen the time, with my long sword, 1 did you'vot?'

like rats. Page. Yes; and you heard what the other

Host. Here, boys, here, here ! shall we wag? told me? Ford. Do you think there is trath in them? them scold than fight:

Page. Have with you:--I had rather bear Page. Hang'em, slaves! I do not think the knight would offer it: but these that accuse

[Exeunt Host', SHALLOW, and Page, him in his intent towards our wives, are a yoke stands so firmly on his wife's frailty, yet

Ford. Though Page be a secure fool, and of his discarded men;"very rogyės, now they cannot put off my opinion so easily: She was be out of service. Ford. Were they his men?

in his company at Page's house; and, what

they made I there, I know not. ;. Page. Ford. I like it never the better for that sound, Falstat: it I find her honest, I lose pot

look further into t : and I have a disguise 19 Does he lie at the Garter? Page. Ay, mariy, does he! If he should my labour; it she be otherwise, 'tis labour well

bestowed. intend this voyage towards my wife, I would turn her loose to him; and what he gets more SCENE II.” A Room in the Garter Inring of her than sharp words, let it lie on my head. Ford. I do not misdoubt my wife; but I

Enter FALSTAFP and Pisto Lo ? would be loth to turn them together: A man Fal. I will not lend thee a penny. may be too confident: I would have nothing Pist. Why, then, the worla's mine oyster, lie on my head, I cannot be thus satisfied. Which I with sword will open.

Page, Look, where my ranting host of the I will retort the sum in equipage 3. * A lying sharper.

Stout, bold.


Pay you again in stolen,goods. 111 328


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Well, I will


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* Fal: Notja penny, I have been content, Fal. Mistress Ford; comė, mistress Ford,I have grated upon my good friends for three of it;

brought her into such a canareprieves for you and

your coach-fellow * ries, as "tis wonderful. The best courtier of Nym; or else you had looked through the theni all, when the court lay at Windsor, grate like a geminy of baboons. Iam damned could never broaght her to such a canary: you were good soldiers, and tall fellows: and gentlemen, with their coaches; I warrant you, when mistress Bridget lost the handle of her coach after coach; letter after letter, gift after fan, I took’t, upon mine? honour : chou hadist gift; smelling so sweetly, Call musk,) and so it not. til topluie

?? sind ruskling, I warrant you, in silk and gold; and 1 Pist. Didst thou not share! hadst thou 'not in such alligant terms; and in such wine and fifteen pence? 1 01511

sugar of the best, and the fairest, that would Fal: Reason, you rogue, reason; Think'st have won any woman's heart; and, I warrant thoa: IPA endanger' my soul gratis? "At a you, they could never get an eye-wink of her. word, hang po more about me, I ann Noʻgibbet I had myself twenty angels given me this for you go. A short knife and a throng t;= morning: but I defy all angels, (in any such to your manor of Pickt-hatch I, go. You'll stand upon your honour!_Wby, 'thon'un con- so much as sip on a cup o bien earls, nay, not bear a letterl for me, you'rogner but in the way of honesty :

you, they could never get her

proudest of finable baseness, it is as much as I can do, 'to them all: and yet there has keep the terms of my bonour precise: 1, 1, which is more, pensioners; but, war

; båt, I warrant you, I myself sometimes, leaving thie fear of heaven all is one with her. on the left hand, and hiding mine honoar' in Fal. But what says she" to me? be brief, my necessity, am fain to shuffie, to hedge, and my good she Mercury to larch;, and yet you, rogue, will ensconces Quick. Marry, she hath received your letter ; your rags, gour cat amountain looks, your for

the which she thanks you a thousand tinies : ced-latticell phrases; and your - bold-beating and she gives you to'notify, that her husband oaths, under the shelter of your honour ! You will be absence from his house between ten will not do it, you?!" pinil tastes

and 'eleven. + Pist. I do relent; Whát wouldst thou more Fal. Ten and eleven?!!! of man 3. / 11!!!

Quick. Ay, forsooth and then you may Enter ROBIN

come and see the picture, she says, that you de Rob: Sir, here's a woman would speak wot** of;-master Ford,' her husband, will with you.

be from home. Alas! the sweet woman leads Fai. Let her approach.

an ill life with him, he's a very jealousy man;

şhe leads a very frampold tt life with him, i Enter Mistress QUICKLY.

good heart....) iQuick. Give your worship good-morrow. Fal. Ten and eleven: Woman, commend

Fal. Good morrow, good wife. ! 1.81!341.5 me to her; I will not fail her.
Quick. Not sø, ant please your worship Ruick, Why, you say well: But I have an-
Fal. Good maid, then..

other messenger to your worship: Mistress Quick. Kll be sworn; aş my mother was, Page hath her hearty commendations to you the first hour I was born.

too ;-and let me tell you in your ear, she's as Fal. I do believe the swearer: What with fartuous a civil modest wife, and one (I tell Quick. $ball I vouchsafe your

worship a evening prayer at man blacie Windsor, whoe er * Bal. Two thousand, fair woman and I'll ship, that her husband is seldom from bome;

quiche There is baer mistress - Ford; sir Li ber er heidenes nominato opon in the an pray, come ar ditte nearer this waye : -I my. helyI think you have ch

think you have charms, ja ; yes, in Fal. Well, ony Mistress Ford, you say, Fal. Not I, I assure thee; setting the at

Quick. Youý worship says very true: I pray traction of my good parts aside, I have no your worship, come a little nearer this ways. other charms.

Fal. I warrant thee, nobody hears ;--mine Quick. Blessing on your heart fort! own people, mine own people. :*

I pray thee, tell me this: has * Quick. Are they sos- Heaven bless them, Ford's wife, and, make them bis servants! } 1- 5x!

other how

they love me? Fah Welt: mistress Ford : what of her? Quick. That were'a jest, indeeds--they

Quick. Why, sir, she's a good creature. not so little grace, I hope: that were a trick, Lord, lordt your worship's a wanton: Well, indeed! But mistress Page would desire you heaven forgive you, and all of us, I pray!Hilto send her your little page of all loves ti ;

ain.315 Draws along with you. + To cut parses in a crowd. I Pickt-hatch was in Clerkenwell. ý Protect. | Ale-house. TA’mistake of Mrs. Quickly's för quundaries. ** Know. # Fretful, peevish.s

# By all means.

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Fala But; and Page's wife, acqnainted eaclı

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herna, truls vellous infection to the here troubles me : if you will help me to bear

a little

master Page is an bo.it, sir John, take all, or half, for easing me, of nest man. Never a wife in Windsor leads a the carriage. better wat she will, take all, pay all, so

life than she does; do what she will, Fal. Sir, I know not how I may deserve to say

to bed be your porter. irat when she list, rise when she list, all is as she Ford. I will tell you, sir, if you will give will; and, truly, she deserves it; for if there me the hearing.. be a kind woman in Windsor, she is one. You Fal. Speak, good master Brook ; I shall be must send her your page; no remedy. glad to be your servant. Fal. Why, I will

Ford. Sir, I hear you are a scholar,-I will Quick. Nay, but do so then : and, look you, be brief with you; -and you have been he may come and go between you both; and, a man long known to me, though I had never in any case, have a nay-word *, that you may so good means, as desire, to make myself ac. know one another's mind, and the boy never quainted with yo», I shall discover a thing need to understand any thing; for’tis not good to you, wherein I must very much day open that children should know any wickedness: mine own imperfection ; but, goud sir John, old folks, you know, have discretion, as they as you have one eye upon my follies, as you say, and know the

hear them unfolded, turn another into the re, Fal, Fare theecommend me to them gister of your own;, that I may pass with a both: there's my purse; I am yet thy debtor, reproof the easier, sith I you yourself know,

-Boy, go along with this woman. This news how easy it is to be such an offender. distracts me! [Exeunt Quickly and ROBIN. Fal. Yery well, sin ; proceed..! 11 43

Pist. This punk is one of cupid's carriers Ford. There is a gentlewoman in this town, Clapon more sails ; pursue, up with your fights ; her husband's name is Ford., test test ori su Give fire; she is my prize, or ocean whelm Fal. Well, sira is. Hiro ricongnya them all!

(Exit PISTOL. Ford. I have long loved ber, and, I protest Fal. Say'st thou so, old Jack? go thy ways; to you, bestowed much on her, followed her I'll make more of thy old body than I have with a doting observance; engrossed oppor. done. Will they yet look after thee? Wilt tunities to meet her; feeld every slight occa thou, after the expense of so much money, be sion, that could but niggardly give me sight of now a gainer? Good body, I thank thee : Let her; not only bought many presents to give them, say, "tis. groşaly done ; so, it be fairly ber, but have given largely to many, to know

: I have Enter BARDOLPH.

pursued her, as love hath pursued Bard. Sir John, there's one master Brook hath been, on the wing of all occasions, But below would fain speak with you, and be ac or in my means, meed $, I am sure, I have re:

whatsoever I have merited, either in my mind, quainted with you, and hath sent your wor.

ceived none; unless experience be a jewel : ship a morning's draught of sack, ? Fal. Brook, is his name? is that it that I have purchased at an infinite rate ; and

that haih taught ine to say this : Bard. Ay, sir. 1

Fal. Call him ins (Exit BARDOLPH.] Such Love like w'shadow flies, when substance Brooks are welcome to me, that o'erflow such love pursues; liquor. Ah! hal mistress Ford and mistress Pursuing that that fles, and Aying what Page, have I encompassed yon ! go to; viat! pursues.

is 1 Reentér BARDOLPH, with FORD 'disguised. Fal. Have you received no promise of $a 7) Ford. Bless you sir.

tisfaction at her bands & Illus ir Fal. And you, sir: Would you speak with me? Ford. Never.

10 to Ford. I make bold, to press with so little Fal. Have you importunedi her to such a preparation upon yop. 19

purpose? Hal You're welcome What's

Ford. Never Give us leave drawero, Exit BARDOLPH. Fal. Of what qnality was your love, then

Ford. Sir, I am a gentleman that have spent Ford. Like a fair house, built upon another much; my name is Brook,

man's ground; 80 that I have lost my edifice, FalG quaintance of you.

Fal. To what purpose have you unfolded Isre for yours: not this to me? Ford. Good smuss light for a lender told you all. Some say, that, though she apyon

Ford. When I have told you that, I have Ihaninkoumyself tha better you are : the which hath something em- pear honest to me, yet, in other places, she

, they say, if money go before, all ways do lie construction made of her. Now, sir John, bere open. Money is a good soldier, sir, and will

dwill on

man of excellent breeding, admirable disFord. Troth, and I have a bag of money course, of great admittancell, authentic in your watch-word. | A oant phrase of exultation. Since.

still in the greatest companies.s.


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her por

ht of give DOW have bị Bot

place and person, generally allowed for Ford. What a damned Epicurean rascal is your many warlike, court-like, and learned this l_My heart is ready to crack with impapreparations.

tience - Who says, this is improvident jea! Fal. O, sir!

ou waits 517, Ioasy? - My wife hath sent to him, the hour is Ford. Believe it, for you know it:-There fixed, the match is made. Would any man have ve is money; spend it, spend it;l spend more; thought this l_See the hell of having a false

spend all I have ; only give me so much of woman! my bed shall be abused, my coffers be your time in exchange of it, as to lay an amiable ransacked, my reputation gnawn at; and I

siege to the honesty of this Ford's wife: use "shall not only receive this villainous wrong, your art of wooing, win her to consent to you ; but stand under the adoption of abominable if any man may, you may as soon as any." terms, and by him that does me this wrong. Fal. Would it apply well to the vehemency Terms ! names - Amaimon sounds well ; of your affection, that I should win what

you Lucifer, well; Barbason, welt; yet they are would enjoy?! Methinks, you prescribe devils! additions, the names of fiends; but, yourself very preposterouslya 117, I cuckold! wittolg-cuckold! the devil himself

Ford. O, understand my drift'she dwells hath not such a name. Page'is an ass, a secure

80 securely on the excellency of ber honoar, ass; he will trust his wife, he will not be jeaTe

that the folly of my soul dares not present it- tous : I will rather trust a Fleming with my self; she is too bright to be looked against. butter, parson Hugh the Welshinan with my Now, could I come to her with any detection cheese, an Irishman with my aqua-vitæ || bottle, in my hand, my desires had instance and ar- or a thief to walk my ambling gelding, than gument to commend themselves; I could drive my wife with herself: then she plots, then she ber then from the wardt of her parity, her ruminates, then she devises: and what they reputation, her marriage-vow, and a thousand think in their hearts they may effect, they will other her defences, which now are too strongly break their hearts but they will effect. Heaven embattled against me: What say you' tot, be praised for my jealousy !- Eleven o'clock sir John

the hour;-I will prevent this, detect my wife, Fal. Master Brook, I will first make bold be revenged on Palstaff, and laugh at Page: 1 with your money ; next, give me your hand; will about it; better three hours too soon, than and last, as I am a gentleman, you shall, if you al minute too late. Fie, fie, fie! cuckold ! will, enjoy Ford's wife. ut cuckold! cuckold!

Ford. O good sir!
Fal. Master Brook, I say you shallo

SCENE HI: riWindsor Park.
Ford. Want no money, sir John, you shall

RUGBY. want none.

Caius. Jack Rugby ! ili Fal. Want no mistress Ford, master Brook, you shall want none. I shall be with her (Í

Rug. Sir.

Vat is de clock, Jack ? Fel : may tell you,) by her own appointment; even as you came in to me, her assistant, or go-be: promised to meet.

"Rug. Tis past the hour, sir, that sir Hugh tween, parted from me: I say, I shall be with her between ten and eleven; for at that time is no come; be has pray his Pible vell, dat he

Caius. By gar, he has save his soul, dat he

, , , be forth. Come you to me at night; yoh shall already,

if he be come. ohet know how I speed.

Rug. He is wiseys sir ; 'he knew, your worin your acquaintance. Do yon know Ford, sir?

shall killarini ishe camera Fal. Hang him, poor cuckoldly knave! !

By gar, de herring is no dead, so as know him not :-- yet I wrong him, to call bim vill tell you how I will kill him. 1952

I vill kill him. Take your rapier, Jack; I poor ;; they say, the jealous wittolly kpave hath masses of money ; for the which his wife

Rug. Alas, sir, I cannot fenced seems to me well-favoured. I will use her as

Caius. Villainy, take your rapier. -! ;itif the key of the cuckoldly rogue's coffer; and

- Ryg. Forbear; herels company. there's nay, barvest-home. Hun Enter Höst, SHALLO

LLOW, SLENDER, and Ford. I would you knew Ford, sir; that you

PAGE might avoid him, if you saw him.

'Host. "Bless


bully doctor. I will stare him out of his wits; I will awe I 9840890d, master doctor! Fal

. Hang him, mechanical salt-butter rogue! Shal. 'Save you, master doctor Caius. 2 teor per i

him with my cudgel: it shall hang like a meaf

thou shalt know, I will predominate o'er the come for? peasant, and thou shalt lie with his wife.' Host, to see thee fight , to see thee foin 1, to Come to me soon at night :--Ford's a knave, see thee traverse, to see thee here to see and I will aggravate his stile 1; thou, master thee there; to see thee pass thy punto, thy Brook,chale know him fora knave and cackold: stock,thy reverse, thy distance; thy montant** mume to me soon at nights w!! (Exit. Is he dead, my Ethiopian pl is he dead, my Approved.

+ Guard. I slot Add to his titles. by! 1$ Contented cuckold. TUequebaugh. mira'l I Pence. !ents ? Terms in fencing.

Enter Caius and to


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Ford. I am

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leading Mate be all you, one, two

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Francisco? ha, þally! What says my Æscu- Caius. Clapper-de-claw! vat is dat? lapius? my Galen? my heart of elder?-halis Host. That is, he will make thee amends. he dead, bully Stale? is he dead ?

Caius. By gar, me do look, he shall clap, Caius. By gar, he is de coward Jack priest per-de-claw me; for, by gar, me vill have of the vorld; he is not show his face.


( 101,1147 Host. Thou art a Castilian * king, Urinal!: Host. And I will provoke him to't, or let Hector of Greece, my boy !!!

him wag. Caius. I pray you, bear witness that me Caius. Me tank you for dat.) have stay six or seven, two, tree hours for Host. And moreover, bully, But first, mashim, and he is no come. '

ter guest, and master Page, and eke cavalero Shat. He is the wiser man, master doctor : Slender, go you through the town to Frogmore. he is a carer of souls, and you a curer of bodies;

14: [A side to them. if you should fighty you go against the hair of Page. Sir Hugh is there, is he? jy sie your professions : is it not true, master Page ? Host. He is there : see what humour he is

Page. Master Shallow, you have yourself in; and I will bring the doctor about the been a great fighter, though now a man of peace. fields : will it do well ? :;:11

Shal. Bodykins, master Page, though I now Shal, We will do it.; L) be old, and of the peace, if I see a sword put,my Page, Shal, and Slen. Adieu, good master finger itches to make one; thongla we are jus-doctor. tices, and doctors and churehmen, master Page, (Exeunt PAGE, SHALLOW, and SLENDER. we have some salt of our youth in us; we are Caius. By gar, me vill kill de, priest; for the sons of women, master Page,' piel he speak forja jack-an-ape to Anne Page. !

Page "Tis true, master, Shallow. - - Host. Let him die : but, first, sheath thy im. Shal. It will be found so, master Page. patience; Chrow cold water on thy cholerago Master doctor, Caius, I am come to feteh you about the fields with me through Frogmore; I homes, I am sworn of the peace; you have will bring thee where Mrs. Aune Page is, at shewed yourself a wise physician, and sir Hugh a farm-house a feasting; and thou shall woo hath shewn himself a wise and patient church her: Cry'd game, said I well? 01.11 man; you most go with me, master doctor, Cajus. By gar, me tank you for dat: by

Host, Pardon, guest justice :- A word, ġar, I love you; and I shall procure a you de monsieur Muck-water t.

good guest, de earl, de knight, de lords, de Caius. Muck.vater! vat is dat?

gentlemen, my patients. ! :* Host. Mack-water, in our English tongue, Host, For the which, I will be thiy adveris valour, bully

sary towards Anne Page ; said I well? > Caius. By gar, then I have as much muck- Caius: By gar, 'tis good; vell said. vater as de Englishman: -Scurvy jack-dog... Host. Let us wag then I

1 priest! by gar, me, vis cut his ears.;

1 Caius, Come at my heels, Jack Rugby." Host, Hewih clapper-claw thee tightly,bully.!

V70 bin 1,14 Ereunt.

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* * * * * *
1:4 ACT III:

med ulinid V12 SCENE I. A Field near Frogmore.

we make pur peas of roses, Enter Sir HUGH EVANS and $IMPLE i Eva: I pray you now, good master Sledder Mercy on me I have agreat dispositions to cry, serving-man, and friend simple by your nntno, which way have you looked for master Caius, Wiheni as I sat dn Pabybóng, 1131

978-Melodious birds sing madrigads, that calls himself Doctor of Physick? Sim. Marry, sir, the ciiy-ward, the park. Jy shallow the moved

- iAnd althousand vagrats posias. FH ward, every way; old Windsor way, and

Sim.Yonder he is coming, this way, sir Hugh. every way but the town way. Eva. I most fehemently desire you, you

1. Eva He's 'welcome : hii il.hin? will also look that

To shaltoi rivers, to whose fallsSim. I will, sir

,107, 37), Jasa

Heaven prosper the rightWhat weapons Eva. "Pless my soul!' how full of cholers I is'he? amand trembling of mind shall be glad, Sim. No weapons, sir : There comes my mi if he have deceived mé :-Show melancholies 'master, master Shallow, and another gentle

bis urinals about his man from Frogmore, over the stile, this way costard 13,

Eba. Pray you, give me my gown, or elole nities for the ork: 'pless my son!! Șings: keep it in your arms. To shallow rivers, to whose falls, :,

Enter Page, SHALLow, and SLENDER. i Melodious birds sing madrigals; 1.3; Shal. How now, master parson !. Good . Cant term for Spaniard.

+ Drain of a dunghill.
9 Babylon, the first line of the 139th Psalm.. 'Diver


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I amla I have good opports:


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