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To simple shepherds, keeping watch by night; Seiz'd on hy force, judg d, and to death conThey gladly thither haste, and by a quire

demn'd Of squadron'd angels hear his carol sung, A shameful and accurs’d, nail'd to the crose A virgin is his mother, but his sire

By his own nation, slain for bringing life;' The power of the most High ; he shall ascend But to the cross he nails thy enemies, The throne bereditary, and bound his reign The law that it'against thee, and the sins With eartlı's wide bounds, his glory with the Of all mankind, with him there crucify'd, Heav'ns.

Never to hurt them more who rightly trust He ceas'd, discerning Adam with such joy In ibis bis satifaction; so he dies Surcharg'd, as bad like grief been dew'd in But soon revives ; Death over bim no power tears,

Shall long usurp; ere the third dawning light Without the vent of words, which these he Return, the stars of mora shall see him rise breath'd.

Out of his grave, fresh as the dawning light O Prophet of glad tidings, finisher

Thy ransom paid, which map from death reOf utmost bope! now clear I understand

deems, What oft my steadiest thoughts bave search'd His death for man, as maty as offer'd life in vaio ;

Neglect not, and the benefit embrace Why our great expectation should be call'd By faith not void of works: tbis God-like act The Seed of Woman : Virgin Mother, hail, Aquuls thy doom, the death thou should'st High in the love of Heay'n, yet from my loins have dy'd, Thou shalt proceed, and from thy womb the In sin for ever lost from life; this act Son

Shall bruise the head of Satan, crush his Of God most High ; 60 God with Man unites. strength, Needs must the serpent now bir capital bruise Defeating sin and death, his two main arms, Expect with mortal pain : say where and when And fix far deeper in bis head their stings Their fight, wbat stroke shall bruise the victor's Than temp'ral death shall bruise the victor's heel.

heel, To whom thus Michael Dream pot of their Or theirs wbom he redeems, a death like sleepe fight,

A gentle wasting to ioimortal life. As of a duel, or the local wounds

Nor after resurrection shall be stay Of head or heel: not therefore joins the Son Longer on earth than certain times to appear Manhood to God-head, with more strength to To his disciples, men who in this life foil

Still follow'd bim; to tbem shall leave in Thy enemy; nor so is overcome

charge Satan, whose fall from Heaven, a deadlier | To teach all nations wbat of bim'they learn'd bruise

And his salvation, them who shall believe Disabled not to give thee thy death's wound: Baptizing in the purflueut stream, the siga Which he, who comes thy Saviour, shall re- Of washing them from guilt of siu to life cure,

Pure, and in mind prepar’d, if so befal, Not hy destroying Satan, but his works For death, like that wbich the Redeemer dy'd! In thee and in thy seed: nor can this be All nations they shall teach: for from that But by fulfilling that which thou didst want,

day Obedience to the law of God, impos'd Not only to the sons of Abraham's loins On penalty of death, and suffering death, Salvation shall be preachd, but to the song The penalty to tby transgression due,

of Abraham's faith wherever through the And due to theirs which out of thine will world; grow :

So in his seed all natious shall be blest. So only can high justice rest appaid.

Then to the Heaven of Heavens be shall again The law of God exact he shall fulfil

scend Both by obedience and by love, though love With victory, triumphing through the air Alone fulfil the law; tloy punishment

Over his foes and thive; there shall surprise He shall endure by coming in the flesh

The Serpent, prince of air, aud drag io chains To a reproachful life and cursed death, Through all his realm, and there confounded Proclaiming life to all who shall believe

leave ; In bis redemption, and tbat his obedience Then enter into glory, and resume Imputed becomes theirs by faith, his merits His seat at God's right baud, exalted high To save them, not their own, though legal Above all names in Hear'ı ; apd thence shall works.

come, For this be shall live bated, be blasphem'd, When this world's dissolution shall be ripe,

With glory and power to judge both quick, They die; but in their room, as they fureand dead,

warn, To judge th' unfaithful dead, but to reward Wolves shall succeed for teachers, grievous His faithful, and receive them into bliss,

wolves, Whether in Heav'u or Earth, for then the Who all the sacred mysteries of Hear'n Earth

To their own vile advantages shall turn Shall all be l'aradise, far happier place Of lucre and ambition, and the truth Tban this of Eden, and far happier days. With superstitions and traditions taint, So spake th' arch-angel Michael, then Left only in those written records pore, pausid,

Though not but by the Spirit ouderstood. As at the world's great period ;. and our sire Then shall they seek to avail themselves of Replete with joy and wonder thus reply'd :

names, O Goodness infinite, Gnosiness immense! Places, and titles, and with these to join Tbat all this good of evil shall produce Secular power; though feigning still to act And evil turn to good; more wonderful By spiritual, to themselves appropriating Than that which by creation first brought The Spirit of God, promis'd alike and given forth

To all believers; and from that pretence, Light out of darkness! full of doubt I stand, Spiritual laws by carnal power shall force Whether I should repent me now of siu On every couscience; laws which none shall By me donc aud occasion'd, or rejoice

fiudd DIuch more, that much more good thereof shall Left them inroll’d, or what the Spirit within spring,

Shall otic heart engrave. What will they To God more glory, more good-will to men From God, and over wrath grace shall abound. But force the Spirit of Grace itself, and bind But say, if our Deliverer up to Heav'n

His consort Liberty? What, but unbuild *Must reascend, what will belide the few His living temples, built by faith to stand, His faithful, left among th’unfaithful herd, Their own faith not anothers? for on eartb The enemies of truth? who theu shall guide Who against faith and conscience can be His people, who defeud? will they not deal

heard Worse with his followers than with him they lofallible? yet many will presume: dealt?

Whence heavy persecution shall arise Be sure they will, said th' angel; but from On all who in the worship persevere Heav'n

Of spirit and truth; the rest, far greater part, He to his own a Comforter will send,

Will deem in outward riles and specious The promise of the Father, who shall dwell

forms His Spirit within them, and the law of faith Religion satisfy'd ; Truth shall retire Working through love, upon their hearts shall Bestuck with sland'rous darts, and works of write,

faith To gnide them in all truth, also arm

Rarely be found: so shall the world go on, T'ith spiritual armour, able to resist

To good maliguant, to bad men benign, Satan's assaults, and quench his fiery darts, Under her owu weight groaning, till the day What man can do against them, not afraid, Appear of respiration to the jusi, Though to the death, against such cruelties And vengeance to the wicked, at return with inward consolations recompensod, Of him so lately promis'd to thy aid And oft supported so as shall amaze

The Yomran's Seed, obscurely then foretold, Their proudest persecutors : for the Spirit Now amplier known thy Saviour and thy Pour'd first on his Apostles, whom he sends

Lord, To evangelize the nations, then on all

Last in the clouds from Heav'n to be reveald Baptiz'd, shall theu with wondrous gifts in. | In glory of the Father, to dissolve due

Satan with his perverted world, then raise To speak all longries, and do all miracles, From the conflagrant mass, purg'd and reAs did their Lord before them. Thus they find, wid

New Heavens, new Larih, ages of endless Great numbers of each nation to receive

date, With joy the tidings brought from Heaven: at Founded in righteousness and peace, and Tength

love, Their ministry perform'd, and race well run, To bring forth fruits, joy and eternal bliss. Their doctrine and their story written left, He ended; and thus Ajain last reply'd:



How soon hath thy prediction, Seer blest, Let her with thee part:ike wdat ebwa basi Measur'd this transieni world, the race of heard, tinte,

Chiefly what inay concern her faith lo k:08, Till tone stand fix’l? beyond is all abyss, The great deliverance by byer seed twowe Eternity, whoscend no eye can reach.

(For by the Woman's seeil on all mankie : Greatly instructed I shall hence depart, That ye may live, which will be many daying Grcatiy iu peace of thought, and have any Both in one faith unanimous though sad, fill

With canse for evils past, yet buck more of knowledge, what this vessel cao

Witb meditation on the happy end. tain;

Hle ended, and they both descend the lit]; Deyond which was.my folly to aspire.

Descended, Adam to the bow'r where Eve Henceforth I learn, that to obey is best, Lay sleeping ran befure, but found herz And love with fear the only God, to walk

wak’d; As in his presence, ever to observe

And thus with words nut sad she lim rePlis providence, and ou lim sole depend,

ceiv'd: Mercifal over all his works, with good

Whence thou return'st, and witber wen't Stillurercoming evil, and by small

I know; Accomplishing great things, by things decind for God is also in sleep, and dreatas adire, weak

Which he bath sent propitious, some great Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise

good By simply meck; that sufiering for truth's Presaging, since with corrow an licari's dis

sake I fortitude to highest victory,

Wearied I fell asleep : !it now lead on; And to the faithful deail the gate of life, In me is no delay; with thee to go, 'T'aight this by his example whom I now Is to stay here; without ibee bere to stay, Acknowlege my Redeemer ever blest.

Is to go uence unwilling; thou to me To wboun thus also th' Angel last reply'd :

Art all things under Beav'ı, all places thin, This having learu'd, thou hast attaia'd the Who for my wilful crime art banisli'd beuoe.

This further consolation yet secure Of wisdom; Lope no higher, though all the I carry hence; though all by que is lost, stars

Such favour I unworthy am vouchsaf'd, Thou kpew'st loy name, and all th’ ethereal By ine the promis'd Seed shall all restore. pow'rs,

So spake our mother Eve, and Adam heard All secrets of the deep, al Nature's works, Well pleas'd, but auswer'd not; for now Ivo Or works of God in Ileas'n, air, earth, or

high 6ca,

Th’Arch Angel stood, and froin the othies

hill And all the riches of this world enjoy'dst, And all the rule, one empire; only add

To their fix'd station, all in bright array Peeds to thy knowledge answerable, add

The Cherubim descended on the ground faith,

Gliding meteorvus, as evening mist Add virtue, patience, temperance, add lore, Ris'n from a river o'er the marish glides, By naine to come call'd charity, the soul And gathers round fast at the lab’reres beel Of all the rest : then wilt thou not be loath Homeward returiug. High in front advanci To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess

The brandish'd sword of God before them A Paradise within thee, happier far.

blaz'd Let us descend now tberefore from this inp Fierce as a comet; which with torrid beat, Of speculation ; for the boor precise

And vapour as the Libyan air adusi, Exacts our parting hense; and see the Began to parcb that tevip'rate clime ; whereat guards,

In either hand the hast’ning Angel canght By me encainp'd ou yonder hill, expect Our ling‘ring parents, and to ib' easters Their motion, at whose front a flaming sword,

gate In signal of remove, waves fiercely round; Led them direct, and down the cliff as fast We may no longer stay: go waken Eve; To the subjected plain; then disappear'd. Her also I with gentie dreams have calm'd They looking back, all ih eastern side bron Portending good, and all her spirits com.

held pos'ol

Of Paradise, so late their happy seat, To meck submission; thou at season fat Ward over by ibat Daming brand, the gate

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