Wine for the Soul: In Prose and Verse

J.F. Rowny Press, 1919 - 114 頁

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論



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第 33 頁 - Heaven forming each on other to depend, A master, or a servant, or a friend, Bids each on other for assistance call, Till one man's weakness grows the strength of all.
第 84 頁 - With aching hands and bleeding feet We dig and heap, lay stone on stone ; We bear the burden and the heat Of the long day, and wish 'twere done. Not till the hours of light return, All we have built do we discern.
第 53 頁 - God hath taken care of all our good, and if godliness be profitable to all things and hath the promise of the life that now is, and that which is to come...
第 38 頁 - We men of earth have here the stuff Of Paradise — we have enough ! We need no other stones to build The stairs into the Unfulfilled — No other ivory for the doors — No other marble for the floors — No other cedar for the beam And dome of man's immortal dream. Here on the paths of...
第 48 頁 - I praise Thee while my days go on ; I love Thee while my days go on : Through dark and dearth, through fire and frost, With emptied arms and treasure lost, I thank Thee while my days go on.
第 93 頁 - Courage, the highest gift, that scorns to bend To mean devices for a sordid end. Courage — an independent spark from Heaven's bright throne, By which the soul stands raised, triumphant, high, alone. Great in itself, not praises of the crowd. Above all vice, it stoops not to be proud.
第 53 頁 - No pathless waste or undiscovered shore ? No secret island in the boundless main ? No peaceful desert yet unclaimed by Spain ? Quick let us rise, the happy seats explore And bear oppression's insolence no more. This mournful truth is everywhere confessed Slow rises worth by poverty depressed...
第 109 頁 - ... is worth while. One who plants a flower in a bare place where only bleakness was before is a benefactor. One who says an encouraging word to a disheartened neighbor, gives a look of love to a lonely one, or speaks a sentence which may become strength, guidance, or comfort to another, does something worth while. We never know how small a thing may become a benediction to a human life. Only a thought, but the work it wrought Could never by pen or tongue be taught ; For it ran through a life like...
第 111 頁 - But all blessings are in the way of him who, forgetful of self, tries to be helpful to the world, and who spends his life in loving deeds. Pretence, worry, discontent, and self-seeking, •— these are the things that we may let go. Now what are' the things in life that are worth while ? — that we should lay hold of, keep, guard, use?
第 48 頁 - Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the wires which connect them with Him by failing to make acknowledgment. It is easy to understand that the nearer we live to the source of wealth, the more wealth we shall receive, and it is easy also to understand that the soul...