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Askaunte, obliquely.

Belent, stopped, at a fault, of stand. Askaunted, glanced.

Beme, trumpet, Aslape, asleep.

Bemente, lament. C. Aslaunte, slaunting.

Benned, cursed, torment. C. Asiee, slide or creep.

Benymmyng, bereaving. C. Assayle, oppose.

Berne, child. C. Asseled, answered. C.

Berten, venomous. C. Assbrewed, accursed, unfortunate. C.

Beseies, becomes C. Asswaie, to assay, put to trial.

Besprente, scattered. C. Astarte, started from, or afraid of. Neglected. qu. Bestoiker, der eier, C. Astedde, seated. C.

Bete, bid. c. Astend, astonish. C.

Betrassed, deceived, imposed on. C. Asterte, neglected. C.

Betraste, betrayed. C. Astoun, astonished. C.

Bevyle, break, a herald lerm, signifying a spear brola Astovnde, astonish. C.

in tilting. C. Astounded, astonished.

Bewrecke, revenge. C. Astrodde, astride, mounted.

Bewreen, erpress. C. Asyde, perhaps astyde; ascended.

Bewryen, declared, expressed. C. Athrowe, through

Bewryne, declare. c. Athur, as thurgh; through, atlwart.

Bewrynning, declaring. C. Attenes, at once. C.

Bighes, jewels. C. Attoure, turn. C.

Birlette, a hood, or covering for the back part of the Attoure, around.

head. C. Atturne, to turn.

Blake, naker. C. Aucthoure, author.

Blakied, naked, original. C. Ave, for eau, Fr. Water.

Blanche, white, pure. Avele, prevail.

Blaunchie, white. C. Aumere, a loose robe or mantle. C.

Blatauntlie, loudly. C. Aumeres, borders of gold and silver, &c. C. Blente, ceased, dead. C. Aunture, as aventure; adventure.

Blethe, bleed. C. Aure, Or, the colour of gold in heraldry.

Blynge, cease. C. Autremere, a loose white robe, worn by priests. C. Blyn, cease, stand still. C. Awhaped, astonished. C.

Boddekin, body, substonce. C. Aye, eder, always.

Boieynge, swelling. C. Aynewarde, backwards. C.

Bollengers and Cottes, different kinds of boats. C.

Boolie, beloved. C.

Bordel, cottage. C.
Balefull, woeful, lamentable. C.

Bordelier, cottager. Bane, hurt, damage.

Borne, burnish.C. Bape, curse.

Boun, make ready. C. Baned, cursed.

Bounde, ready. C. Bankes, benches.

Bourne, boundary, promontory. Bante, cursed.

Bourne, bounded, limited. Barb’d, armed.

Bowke, Bowkie, body. C. Barbde haulle, hall hung round with armour. Bowting matche, contest. Barbe, beard.

Bismarelie, curio:esty. C. Barbed horse, covered wilh armour.

Braste, burst. Baren, for barren.

Brasteth, bursteth. C. Barganette, a song or ballad. C.

Brasteynge, bursting. Barriere, confine or boundary.

Braunce, branch. C. Barrowes, tombs, mounds of earth.

Braunces, branches. C. Bataunt, a stringed instrument, played on with a pler- Brauncynge, branching. trum. qu.

Brayd, displayed. C. Battayles, boats, ships, Fr.

Brayde, embroider. Patten, falten. C.

Brayne, brain, care. Battent, loudly. C.

Brede, broad. C. Battently, loud roaring. C.

Bredren, brethren. Battone, beat with sticks, Fr.

Breme, strength. C. Baubels, jewels. C.

Breme, strong. C. Bawsin, large. C.

Bremie; furious. Bayne, tuin. C.

Brende, burn, consume. C. Bayre, brow. C.

Brendeynge, flaming. C. Beaver, beaver, or visar.

Bretful, filled with. C. Beer, bear.

Brionie, briony, or wild vine. Beeveredd, beaver'd. C.

Broched, pointed. Beheste, command. C.

Pronde, fury, or sword. Behesterynge, commaniling. C.

Brondeynge, furious. Bebight, name.

Brondeous, furious. C. Behylte, promised. C.

Brooklette, rivulet. Belylte, forbade.

Browded, embroidered. C. Behyltren, hidden.

Brued, embrued.

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Brutylle, ontlle, freril.

Couraciers, horse-coursers. C. Brygandyne, part of armour. C.

Coyen, coy: Brynnyng, declaring. C.

Crased, broken. Burlad, armed. C.

Cravent, coward. C. Burlie bronde, fury, ager. C.

Creand, as recreand. Byelecoyle, bell acueil, Fr. the name of a person- Cristede, crested.

age in the Romant de la Rose, which Chaucer Croche, cross. C. has rendered fair welcoming.

Crokynge, bending: Byker, battle.

Croched, perhaps broched. Bvkrous, warring. C.

Crokynge, bending. Bysmare, bewildered, curious. C.

Cross-stone, monument. C.

Cryne, hair. C.

Cuarr, quarry.
Cale, cold.

Cuişhe, armour for the thigh. Calke, cast. C.

Cullis-yatte, portculiis-gale. C., Calked, cast out. C.

Curriedowe, flatterer. C.
Caltysning, forbidding. C.

Cuyen kine, tender cowes. C.
Carnes, rocks, stones, Brit.
Castle-stede, a castle. C.

Castle-stere, the hold of a castle.

Dacya, Denmark. Caties, cales.

Daie brente, burnt. C. Caytysnede, binding, enforcing. C.

Daise eyed, daisied. Celne-s, collness.

Damoy selles, damsels. Chate, hot. C.

Danke, damp. Chaftes, beats, slamps. C.

Dareygne, attempt, endeavour. C. Champion, challenge. C.

Darklinge, durk. Chaper, dry, sun-burnt. C.

Daygnous, disdainful C. Chapournette, a small round hat. c.

Deathdocynge, murdering. Charie, dear.

Declynie, declination. Cheese, choose.

Decorn, carved. C. Chefe, heat, rashness. C.

Deene, glorious, worthy. C. Chelandree, goldfinch. C.

Deere, dire. C. Cherisaunce, comfort. C.

Dess, vapours, meteors. C. Cherisaunied, comfortable.

Defayte, decay. C. Cheves, moves. C.

Defte, neat, ornamental. C. Chevyseil, preserverl. C.

Deigned, disdained. C. Cheynedd, chained, restricted,

Delievretie, activity. C. Chirckynge, a confused noise. C.

Dente, See adente. Chop, an erchange.

Dented, See adented. Choppe, to erchange.

Denwere, doubt. C. Chonghe, choughs, jackdnos.

Denwere, tremour. C. Church-glebe-house, grave. C.

Depeyncte, paint, display. C. Chyrche-glebe, church-yard.

Depicted, painted, or displayed. C. Clangs, sounds loud.

Depyctures, drawin's paintings. C. Cleme, suurut. C.

Dequace, mangle, destroy. C. Cleere, famous.

Dequaced, sunk, quashed. Clefs, cliffs.

Dere, hurt, damage. C. Cleped, named.

Derne, melancholy, terrible. Clerche, clergy.

Derkynnes, young deer. Clergyon, clerk or clergyman. C.

Dernie, woeful, lamentable. Clergyon'd, targht. C.

Dernie, cruel. c. Clevis, cles of a rock.

Deslavatie, di loyal, unfuithsul. Cleyne, sound.

Deslavatie, lechery. C. Clinie, declination of the body.

Detratours, traitors. Clymmynge, noisy. C.

Deysde, seated on a deis. Compheeres, companions. C.

Dheie; they. Congeon, d-varf. C.

Dhere, there. Contake, dispute, C.

Dhereof, thereof. Conteins, for contents.

Difficile, difficult. C. Conteke, consuse; contend with. C.

Dighte, drest, arrayed. C. Contekions, contentions. C.

Dispande, expanded. Cope, a cloak. C.

Dispente, expended, Corteous, worthy. C.

Dispone, dispose. Corven, See ycorven.

Divinistre, divine. C. Cotle, cut.

Dolce, soft, gentie. C. Cottes, See bollengers.

Dole, lamentation. C. Cotteynge, cutting.

Dolte, foolish. c. Covent, convent.

Donore, This line should probably be written Coupe, cut. C.

thus; O sea-o'ertee ming Dovor! Coupynge, cutting, mangling,

Dortoure, a sleeping-rouin. C.

Berten, venos.





Askaunte, obliquely.

Belent, stopped, Askaunted, glanced.

Beme, trumpet. Aslape, asleep.

Bemente, lame Aslaunte, slaunting.

Benned, cursed Aslee, slide or creep.

Assayle, oppose.

Berne, child.
Asseled, answered. C.
Asshrewed, accursed, unfortunate. C.

Beseies, beci
Asswaie, to assay, put to trial.

Besprente, Astarte, started from, or afraid of. Neglected. qu. Bestoiker, Astedde, seated. c.

Bete, bid. Astend, astonish. C.

Betrassed Asterte, neglected. C.

Betraste, Astoun, astonished. C.

Bevyle, Astounde, astonish. C.

in Astounded, astonished.

Astrodde, astride, mounted.
Asyde, perhaps astyde; ascended.

Athrowe, through

Athur, as thurgh; through, atlwart.
Attenes, at once. C.

Attoure, turn. C.
Attoure, around.
Atturne, to turn.

Aucthoure, author.
Ave, for eau, Fr. Water.
Avele, prevail.
Aumere, a loose robe or mantle. C.
Aumeres, borders of gold and silver, &c. C.
Aunture, as aventure; adventure.

6. star. C
Aure, Or, the colour of gold in heraldry.
Autremere, a loose white robe, worn by priests. C.
Awhaped, astonished. C.
Aye, eder, always.
Aynewarde, backwards. C.

evening dew. C. B.

Balefull, woeful, lamentable. C.
Bane, hurt, damage.

Bane, curse.
Baned, cursed.

jills of the eyes. Bankes, benches.

eye-sight. Bante, cursed. Barb’d, armed.

F. Barbde hauile, hall hung round with armour.

ther. Barbe, beard.

ne, jest. C. Barbed horse, covered wilh armour.

futh, Baren, for barren.

ully, faithfully. C. Barganette, a song or ballad. C.

ditour, a beggar or vagabond. C. Barriere, confine or boundary.

tuldstole, a folding stool, or seat. See Du Cange Barrowes, timbs, mounds of earth.

v. Fallistorium. Bataunt, a stringed instrument, played o

Far-kend, far seen.

C. trum. qu.

Fayre, clear, innocent. Battayles, boats, ships, Fr.

Featliest, most beautiful. Patten, falten. C.

Federed, feathered. Battent, loudly. C.

Feere, fire. Battently, loud Toaring. C.

Feerie, flaming. C. Battone, beat with sticks, Fr.

Fele, feeble. C. Baubels, jewels. C.

Felle, cruel, bad. Bawsin, large. C.

Fellen, fell pa. t. sing. qu. Bayne, ruin. C.

Ferse, violent, fierce. Bayre, brow. C.

Ferselie, fiercely. Beaver, beaver, or visor.

Fetelie, nöbly. C. Beer, bear.

Fetive, as festive. Beeveredd, beaver'd. C.

Fetyve, elegant, beautiful. Beheste, command. C.

Fetyvelie, elegantly. C. Behesterynge, commanding (

Fetyveness, festiveness. Bebight, name.

Feygne, willing Behylte, promised. C.

Feygnes, A corruption of feints. Ce Behylte, forbart

Fhuir, fury. C. Behyitren, hi


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thing rey-beards. C. ly of pasture. C. warel. C. magistrate, mayor, epithet given to the

qu. groves. C.

es, a part of armour.
grows. C.
ynge, growing.
ite, greeted, saluted.
sroffile, groveling, mear.
Groffyngelye, foolishly, vulgarly, abjectly.
Groffyshe, uncivil, rude.
Gron, a fen, moor. C.
Gronfer, a meteor, from grov, a fer, and fer, e

corruption of fire. C.
Gronfyres, meteors. C.
Groted, swollen. C.
Gryne, groin.
Grypped, grasped.
Gule depeyncted, red painted. C.
Gule steynct, red stained. C.
Guyfts, gifts, talents.
Guylde, assess, tar.
Guylteynge, gilding.
Gye, a guide. C.
Gyte, as gite.
Gytelles, mantles. C.

C. A cloak.

wrdinary, strange. c.


Habergeon, coal of mail
Haile, happy. C.
Hailie, as haile.
Halceld, defeated. C.
Hallidome, holy church. qiz
Hallie, holy. C.
Hallie, wholely.
Halline, joy. C.
Hamlettes, manors. C.
Han, hath. qu, had,
Hancelled, cut off, destroyed. Co
Handesword, back-sword.
Hantoned, accustomed. qu.
Harrie, harass. qu.
Harried, tost. C.
Harte of Greece, a stag.
Hatchedd, covered with hatchments.
Hatchments, achievements, coal arnow:
Haveth, have, hath.
Haryoure, behariour.
Heafod, head. C.
Heavenwere, heavenward. C.
Heaulme, helmet, crown.
Hecket, wrapped, closely covered. C.
Heckled, wrapped.
Hedes, regards, attends to.
Heie, they. C.

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Ethie, easy.

Dote, perhaps as dighte.

Enheedynge, taking heed.
Doughtre mere, d'outre mere, Fr. From beyond sea. Enhele, heal.
Draffs, the refuse, or what is cast away.

Enhepe, add. C.
Dreare, dreary.

Enlefed, full of leaves. Dree, draw, or drive.

Enleme, enlighten. Dreerie, dreary, terrible.

Enlowed, flamed, fired. C. Drefte, least. C.

Enrone, unsheath. Drenche, drink. C.

Enseme, to make seams in. Drented, drained. C.

Ensemeynge, as seeming. Dreyncted, drowned. C.

Enshone, shewed. Dribblete, small, insignificant. C.

Enshoting, shooting, darting. C. Drierie, terrible.

Enstrote, deserving punishment. Drites, rights, liberties. C.

Enswolters, swallows, sucks in. C. Droke, dry.

Enswote, stoeeten. Drocke, drink. C.

Ensyrke, encircle. Droncke, drank.

Ent, a purse or bag. C. Droorie, courtship, gallantry. C.

Entendemente, understanding Drooried, courted.

Enthoghte, thinking. Dulce, as dolce.

Enthoghte, thought of. Duressed, hardened. C.

Enthoghteynge, thinking. Dursie, from duress, hardship, signifying hardy. Entremed, intermized. Dyd, should probably be dyght.

Entrykeynge, tricking. Dyghte, as dighl.

Entyn, even. C. Dyghtynge, as dightynge.

Enyronnde, worked with iron. C. Dygne, worthy. C.

Eraced, banished, crazed. Dyguer, more worthy. C.

Erlie, earl, Dynning, sounding. C.

Ermietts, hermits. C. Dyspendynge, expending.

Erste, formerly. Dyspense, espense. C.

Estande, for ystande, stand. Dysperpellest, scatterest. C.

Estells, A corruption of estoile, Fr. A star. C. Dysporte, pleasure. C.

Estroughted, stretched out.
Dysporteynge, sporting. C.

Ethe, ease. C.
Dysportisement, as dysporte.
Dysregate, to break connection or fellowship. To de Evalle, equal. C.
grade. qu.

Eve-merk, dark evening.

Evespeckt, marked with evening deu. C.

Everichone, every one. C.

Everyche, every.
Edraw, for ydraw; Draw.
Eeke, amplification, exaggeration.

Ewbrice, adultery. C.
Efte, oflen, again. C.

Ewbrycious, lascicious.

Eype-gears, objects of the eyes.
Eftsoones, quickly. C.
Egederinge, assembling, gathering. C.

Eyne syghte, eye-sight.
Eke, also. C.

Ele, help. C.
Eletten, enlighten. C.

Fadre, frother.
Elmen, elms.

Page, tale, jest. C. Elocation, elocutior.

Faie, futh. Elves, personages, people.

Faifully, faithfully. C. Emarschalled, arranged.

Faitour, a beggar or vagabond. C. Emblaunched, whitened. C.

Faldstole, a folding stool, or seat. See Du Cange in Embodyde, thick, stout. C.

v. Fal.listorium. Einbowre, lodge. C.

Far-kend, far seen. C. Emballen, swelled, strengthened. C.

Fayre, clear, innocent. Emburled, armed. C.

Featliest, most beautiful. Emmate, lessen, decrease. C.

Federed, feathered. Einmertleynge, glittering. C.

Feere, fire. Emmers, coined money.

Feerie, flaming. C. Emprize, adventure. C.

Fele, feeble. C. Empprize, enterprize. C.

Felle, cruel, bad. Enactynge, acting.

Fellen, fell pa. t. sing. qu. Enalse, embrace. C.

Ferse, violent, fierce. Encaled, frozen, cold. C.

Ferselie, fiercely. Enchafed, heated, enraged. Ca

Fetelie, nobly. C. Encheere, encourage.

Fetive, as festive. Encontrynge, encountring.

Fetyve, elegant, beautiful. Enfouled, vitiated, polluted.

Fetyvelie, elegantly. C. Engarlanded, wearing a gurlırd.

Fetyveness, festiveness. Engyne, torture.

Feygne, willing Engyned, tortured.

Feygnes, A corruption of feints. C. Enharme, to do hurm to.

Fhuir, fury. C.

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