The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis

David J. Bodenhamer, Robert G. Barrows
Indiana University Press, 1994年11月22日 - 1616页

"A work of this magnitude and high quality will obviously be indispensable to anyone studying the history of Indianapolis and its region." -- The Journal of American History

"... absorbing and accurate... Although it is a monument to Indianapolis, do not be fooled into thinking this tome is impersonal or boring. It's not. It's about people: interesting people. The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis is as engaging as a biography." -- Arts Indiana

"... comprehensive and detailed... might well become the model for other such efforts." -- Library Journal

With more than 1,600 separate entries and 300 illustrations, The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis is a model of what a modern city encyclopedia should be. From the city's inception through its remarkable transformation into a leading urban center, the history and people of Indianapolis are detailed in factual and intepretive articles on major topics including business, education, religion, social services, politics, ethnicity, sports, and culture.


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The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis

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This extensive work, a comprehensive and detailed study of the city of Indianapolis and its immediate environs, examines the culture, history, economics, and significant personalities of this ... 阅读完整评价


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DAVID J. BODENHAMER, Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, is Director of the POLIS Research Center and Professor of History, Indiana University--Purdue University, Indianapolis. ROBERT G. BARROWS is Managing Editor of The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis and Assistant Professor of History, Indiana University--Purdue University, Indianapolis.