Lectures on Astronomy: Delivered at King's College London

J. W. Parker, 1839 - 216页

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第219页 - History, containing the Political History, Geographical Position, and Social State of the Principal Nations of Antiquity, carefully digested from the Ancient Writers and illustrated by the discoveries of Modern Scholars and Travellers.
第218页 - READINGS in ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE; containing choice Specimens of the "Works of the best English Writers, from LORD BACON to the Present Time. With Biographical Sketches of the Writers, and ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE.
第220页 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE on the DIFFERENTIAL and INTEGRAL CALCULUS. By the Rev. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Math, in King's College, London, and late Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Cambridge.
第218页 - Edition, enlarged, 4.<>. €<£., •READINGS IN BIOGRAPHY; A Selection of the LIVES of EMINENT MEN of all NATIONS. Fifth Edition, enlarged, 4s. fat. •READINGS IN POETRY; A Selection from the Works of the best English Poets, from SPENSER to the present times ; with Specimens of the American Poets ; Notices of the Writers; and Explanatory Notes. Price 4».
第217页 - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY : being a preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the Production of Chemical Phenomena. By J. FREDERICK DANIELL, FRS, Professor of Chemistry in King's College, London; and Lecturer on Chemistry and Geology in the Hon. East India Company's Military Seminary at Addiscombe; and Author of Meteorological Essays.
第218页 - THE STUDENT'S MANUAL OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY; comprising Descriptions, Popular and Practical, of the most important Philosophical Instruments, their History, Nature and Uses; with complete elucidations of the Sciences to which they respectively appertain. Dedicated, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. By CHARLES TOMLINSON.
第166页 - Graeco-Egyptian mathematician and geographer who believed that the earth was the centre of the universe and that the sun and planets revolved around it.
第220页 - London. 3s. A COMPANION to EUCLID; being a Help to the Understanding and Remembering of the First Four Books ; with a Set of Improved Figures, and an Original .Demonstration of the Proposition called, in % Euclid, the Twelfth Axiom.
第205页 - ... to be some cause in operation by which the brilliancy of comets is continually diminishing. That of Halley, in one of its preceding revolutions, is described as giving a degree of light certainly superior to that which it gave in 1682 and 1759. Sir John Herschel could only see Biela's comet through a reflecting telescope of twenty feet in length, an instrument of enormous power in the collection of light...