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Constable R. Wandsworth, Surrey, carpenter. Sol Jupp, Carpenter's Hall, London Wall Cowey T Spital square, master mariner. Sols Knaggs and Co 'Change alley.

Dunckley, J Flamstead, Hertfori, miller. Sol Latimer, Gray's Inn

Elgar W Maidstone, Kent, grocer. Sols Gatty and Co Angel courty

Favel J Thayer street, Manchester square, ha. berdasher. Sol Carlon, High street, MaryIe-bone

| Samuel A Middlesex street, Aldgate, confec tioner. Sol Eyles, Castle street Taylor T Austin-friars, merchant. Sols Walton and Co Basinghall street

Wight J Stourbridge Common, Worcester, maltster. Sols Wimburn and Co Chancery lane

Weston P Bilton, Warwick, victualler. Sol Leigh, Poultry


Westcott T Wells, Somerset, victualler. Sols
Wilson W Fulham, dealer in music.
Adlington and Co Bedford Row
Hutchinson, Crown court, Threadneedle-st

F. Loggin, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, drug
J. Dunkin, Aldersgate street, tallow chandler.
gist. A. and L. Bariel, Oakey Fields, Laisbeth,
gut spinner. J. R. Bemson, Lloyd's Coffee-
tailor. G. White, Bristol, innholder. J. Chap
W. Oldham, Manchester,
house, merchant.
man, Mansell street, Goodman's fields, mer-
chant. J. Johnston, Queen street, Cheapside,
painter. W. Bass and R. Needham, Manches
ter, cotton merchants.
Derbyshire, dealer. M. Abel, Bungay, Suffolk,
P. Bass, Ashborne,
innkeeper. S Burtenshaw, Brighton, hatter.
banker. R. Bostock, Nuneaton, Warwickshire,
J. Wallis, Leicester, grocer E. Elias, Bury
court, St. Mary-axe, merchant. J. S. Turner
Norwich, timber, merchant. J. E. and T.
Walton, Bread street, factors.

Roberts J Wangamann J and N Ryall, Gower's BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED, Jan. 28. Walk, Whitechapel, sugar refiners


Andrews J Iwerne Minster, Dorset, jobber. Sol
Price, Lincoln's Inn

Allcock J Russell court, Drury lane, victualler.
Sol Pinkerton, Clement's nin
Bodien C Minories, insurance broker.
James, Bucklersbury


Broady C Wheelock, Chester, victualler. Sol

Batchelor J Falmouth, tallow chandler. Sol
Egerton, Gray's Inn.
James, Eari street

and Co Frederick's place

Finly HT Whittle, Lancashire, cotton manu-Chrisp J Tower street, merchant. Sols Lavie
facturer. Sol Meddowcroft, Gray's Inn
Gutteridge W Hackney, grocer. Sol Pope,
Modiford court

Grisenthwaite W South Lynn, Norfolk, drug-
gist. Sole Anstice and Co Temple
Grieves W Holborn-bridge, cheesemonger.
Sol Orchard, Hatton Garden
Hooper R. R. Manuing, and T. F. Morgan,
Launceston, Cornwall, beer brewers. Sols
Darke and Co Chancery lane

Lazarus M and J Cashmore, Paternoster_Row,
Spitalfields, merchants. Sol Howard, Jewry


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Northcote A Lloyd's Coffee-house, underwriter. Sol Abbott, Mark lane

Collis R jun. Romford, Essex, watchmaker. Sol Sandys, Warnford court, Throgmorton


Demezy N Hartley Wintney, Southampton, innkeeper. Sol Hamilton, Berwick street Darwin W Wentworth, York, iron master. Elliott J sen. Temple Coffee house, tavern Sols Wiglesworth and Co Gray's Inn keeper. Sols Hicks and Co Bartlett's buildGarner J Worcester, boot maker. Sols Collett ings, Holborn and Co Chancery lane Higgs J Northolt, Middlesex, dealer.


Rogers and Co Manchester buildings, West. minster

Howe G Ashby, Derby, flax dresser. Sol
Hewlett H Horfield, Gloucester, dealer. Sol
Blakelock, Serjeant's Inn
King, Serjeant's Inn

Pluckwell H Horse Guards, Westminster, vic-Hooper R Old Fish street, stationer. Sols Tiltualler. Sols Ware and Co Blackman street, Southwark

Pollock K J North Shields, bookseller. Sols
Robinson and Co Austin Friars
Parker T Chorley, Lancaster, cotton manufac-
turer. Sol Meddowcroft, Gray's Inn
Robinson J jun. Mold Green, York, cloth
dresser. Sol Battye, Chancery lane
Snow J Swarkeston, Derby, and R Wilkins.
Staunton Harold, Leicester, timber merchants,
Sol Savage, Great Winchester street

sou and Co Coleman street

Lewis A Blackwall, rope maker. Sol Carter, Deptford.

Mackey J Gloucester Terrace, ship owner. Sols Bell and Co Cheapside

Onlet J Charlotte street, jeweller. Sols Min chin and Co Essex street

Price J Lanfoist, Monmouth, money scrivener.
Sol Platt, New Boswell court.
Redhead W Little Chelsea, baker. Sol Wi-
loughby, Clifford's Int

Turner W Whitchurch, architect. Sols Alban | shire, dealer. R. Baddesley, Coventry, grocer. and Co Lincoln's Inn'

Travis M Failsworth, Lancaster, shopkeeper.
Sols Hurd and Co Temple
White J Devon, innkeeper. Sols Darke and
Co Chancery lane

Warburton J Hardwick Mill, Hereford, miller.
Sol Taylor, Featherstone buildings'
Wicks R Worthing, fish buyer. Sol Hicks,
Gray's Inn

Walters W Wapping, factor. Sols Jones and
Co Gray's Inn


W. Davison, jun. Heston, corn chandler. J. Sharples, Blackburn, Lancashire, cotton manufacturer. S. R. Philips, Liverpool, broker. R. Ratclif, Mothersall, Staffordshire, miller. W. J. Monkhouse, Liverpool, iran merchant. R. Bennett, Platt, Kent, lime. burner. T. Payue, Holloway, victualler. R. J. and J. Walker, Armley, Yorkshire, cloth merchants. W. B. Chard, Shepton Mallett, Somersetshire, innkeeper. F. Stubbs, Worthing, carpenter. T. Bourne, Westbury, Wiltshire, clothier. M. Moore, Marylebone-street, Golden-square, hosier.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED, Feb. \. Crowther W. Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital, merchant.

Glover J. and D. Leeds, merchants.

Brook I. Paddock, York, clothier. Sols. Clarke and Co. Warnford-court, Throgmorton


[blocks in formation]

Harris J. Coventry, shag manufacturer. Sols.
Edmunds and Co. Chancery-lane.
Mullens W. Henstridge, Somerset, yeoman.
Sols. Tahourdin and Co. Argyle-street.
Solly J. Liverpool, linen draper. Sols. Clarke
and Co. Chancery-lane.

B. Willoughby, W. Thomas, Plymouth, and R. Thomas, Cheapside, hat manufacturers. C. C. Sumner, Bellingdon, near Uxbridge, plate glass manufacturer. G. R. Taylor, Sunderland near the Sea, jeweller. G. Steadman, jun. Mark-lane, ship owner. J. S. Smith, Old Broad street, merchant. J. Coleman, Leominster, Herefordshire, money scrivener. J. Burgess, Enfield-wash, Middlesex, maltster. J. Webb New Sarum, victualler. H. Duckworth, Rose Hill, Manchester, liquor merchant. D. Herschell and N. Casper, Lemon-street, Goodman's-fields, merchants. T. J. Mason, Exeter, musical instrument maker.

BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED, Feb. 4. Wilson J. Brompton, York, linen manufac




Alcock W. Fazeley, Stafford, grocer.
Augell J Reading, Berks, draper. Sol. Adams,
Sol. Paterson, Old Broad-street.
Old Jewry.

Bradford T. Ledbury, Hereford, vintner. Sal.
Pewtriss, Gray's Inn.

Boby N. R. late of Beccles, Suffolk, linen weaver.
Sols. Palmer and Co Bedford Row.
Brown B. High-street, Portsmouth, draper. Sol.
James, Bucklersbury.

Cox T. Chichester, common carrier. Sol.
Hume, Gray's Inn.

Dowding T. late of West Stower, Dorset, malt. ster. Sols. Tahourdin and Co. Argyle street. Fenton W. and S. Lee, late of Leeds, Yorkshire, merchants. Sols. Blunt and Co. Broad-street buildings.

Gent F. Sanderingham, Norfolk, skin merchant.
Sol. Shepherd, Hyde-street, Bloomsbury.
Hawley J. Cock-hill, Middlesex, provision
warehouseman. Sol. Vincent, Bedford-street,

Haward J. Chiswell-street, chinaman.
Wilks, Finsbury-place...

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Hill J. fate of Rood-lane, bill broker. Sol.
Castle, Cursitor-street.
Higginson J Manchester, innkeeper.
Edge, Manchester.


Hanesworth T. late of Blidworth, Nottingham, but now of Middleton, Derby, miller. Sols Long and Co. Gray's Inn.

Hanly M. Mitre-court, Fleet-street, tavern
keeper. Sol. Jackson, Temple.
Kroehl J. late of Cannon-street, merchant. Sol.
Hackett, New-court.

Simpson W. Manchester, linen draper. Sels.
Willis and Co. Warnford-court, Throgmor-Levi I. Threadneedle-street, merchant. Sols.

[blocks in formation]

Taylor H. T. Totnes, Devon, merchant. Sol.
Blake, Charlotte-street, Blackfriars.
Worsdale J. Donington, Lincoln, dealer. Sol.
Gaskell, Gray's lan.

Woodyatt W. Ledbury, Hereford, farmer.
Boushield, Bouverie-street.



J., Smith, Thirsk, Yorkshire, grocer. J Butler, Deal, Kent, tailor. W. Davis, St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, carpenter. Hampton, Longdon, Worcestershire, merchant. T. P. Adams, Rood-lane, merchant. J. M. Stephens, St. Michael, Gloucestershire, banker. J. Newey, Harborne, Staffordshire, victualler. J. Tomlinson, Ashborne, Derbyshire, butcher. T. Oldfield, Hamlet of Deritend, Warwickshire, dealer. J. Hill, Acton Beauchamp, Worcestershire, farmer. J. West, jun. Bath, butcher. J. Kebby, Berrow, Somerset

Annesley and Son, Angel-court, Throgmor


[blocks in formation]

Smith E. Mountsorrel, Leicester, victualler.
Sols. Alexander and Co. New Inn.
Ure A. J. Liverpool, wine merchant. Sol. Des
nison, Liverpool.
Sols. Alex

Wright T. Leicester, victualler.
ander and Co. New Inn.
Wigglesworth W. and J. W. Wigglesworth,
Halifax, York, merchants. Sols. Wigles-
worth and Co. Gray's Inn,

Wardle R. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, livery stable keeper. Sols. Palmer and Co. Bedford Row.



Budgett B. R. Stoke-lane, Somerset, common brewer. Sols. Adlington and Co. Bedford


Wallworth T. Stockport, Chester, manufacturer. Sols. Wright and Co. Temple.



W. Fairclough and E. Swainson, Liverpool, merchants. H. Jackson, Strand, vintner. J. Howard, Manchester, wire worker. W. Broom, A. Illingworth, George-yard, Lombard-street, merchant. S. Turner, Sheffield, mercer. F. Liverpool, dealer. W. Thomas, Little Marcle, Herefordshire, farmer. J. F. Smith, Norwich, and L. Laoy, South-street, Finsbury-square, shawl manufacturer. J. Rudhall, Gloucester, J. Thompson, Wapping Wall, bell founder. J. Wain, Camberwell, wool ship owner. G. Betts, Charles-street, Grosve broker. R. Carless, Hereford, grocer. R. nor-square, upholder. H. Ford, Portsmouth, hardwareman. Smith, York, machine maker. J. Kinder, ArT. Peet, Horwick, Lancaster, bury-mill, Warwickshire, miller. T. Eglinton, calico printer. J. Checketts, Weyfields, WarNewgate-street, woollen draper. J. Bell, King-wick, lime burner. P. Heath, jun. Shrewsbury, Salop, butcher. J. Dangerfield, Whitechapel ston upon Hull, master mariner. Market, hay salesman. H. and W. Parry, Caerleton, Monmouth, tin plate manufacturers. J. Tomlinson, Tooley-street, Borough, haberdasher. W. Shaw, Sculcoates, York, merchant. W. Gibbon, Pontefract, York, woollen draper. G. Beaumont, Crowle, Lincoln, woollen draper. G. Phillips, Carmarthen, money scrivener. W. Lewis, Dudmaston Lodge, Salop, miller. T. Dixon, Islekirk Hall, Westmoreland, miller. T. Tomlinson, Leek, Stafford, shopkeeper. L. Cooke, Winsley-street, St. Mary-le bone, seedsman. J. Wilson, Coventry, wine merchant. J. Lepingwell, Little Yarmouth, merchant. G. Dormand, North Shields, Northumberland, grocer. W. Bedford, Aldersgate-street, gold beater. 1. Porritt, Minories, cheesemonger.J. Bedford, Fen Drayton, Cambridge, dealer. C. M'Carthy, Long-lane, Bermondsey, skinner. T. Lowndes, Mitre-court, Cheapside, warehouseman. C. Farrer, Doncaster, York, jeweller.

Bragg W. Whitehaven, grocer. Sol. Clennel,
Staple Inn.

Brain W. Smethwick, Stafford, maltster. Sols.
Wimburn and Co. Chancery-lane.
Bamford J. Hythe, Kent, innkeeper.
Barnes, Clifford's Ina.


Bailey T. Macclesfield, Chester, linen draper.
Sol. Ellis, Chancery-lane.
Bryan G. Southampton-street, Covent Garden,
apothecary. Sol. Lumsden, New Inn.
Culham P. R. King-street, Lambeth, brewer.
Sol. Blacklow, Frith-street, Soho.
Coleman T. Birmingham, carrier. Sols Baxter
and Co. Furnival's Inn.
Dodd M. Change-alley, ship and insurance
broker. Sol. Farren, Threadneedle-street.
Ferguson W. and G Brown, Kendal, West-
moreland, shoemakers. Sol. Jackson, Tem-

Gibson R. and W. Woodcok, New-street, Co-
vent Garden, working jewellers. Sol. Goodall,
Gray's Inn.

Harvard J. Blackmore-street, Drury-lane, dealer in glass and Staffordshire ware. Sol. Pownall,

Doctors' Commons.

Hopps T. Green Hammerton, York, leather
seller. Sols. Mayhew and Co. Symond's Inn.
Hartley J. Lancaster, cotton manufacturer.
Sols. Hurd and Co. Temple.

Hickman J. Birmingham, plater. Sol. Alex-
ander, Carcy-street.

Hall T. Ashborne, Derby, coach maker. Sols.
Alexander and Co. New Inn.

Haselden J. and T. Stewart, London Wall,
horse dealers. Sol. Watson, Clifford's Inn.
Herbert T. Hanway-street, Oxford-street, ha-
berdasher. Sol. Lawrence, Furnival's Inn.
Keating A. Strand, silversmith. Sol. Ayrton,
Gray's Inn.

Sols. Alex

Sols. Alex

Male J. Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall,
miller. Sol. Fairbank, Staple Inn.
Nicholls T. Marlows, Herts, paper maker. Sols.
Lambe and Co. Princes-street.
Ripley T. Lancaster, merchant.
ander and Co. New Inn.
Ripley W. Lancaster, merchant.
ander and Co. New Inn.
Tonge C. J. Stockbridge, Southampton, taylor.
Sol. Allen, Clifford's Inn.
Thorpe G. Queen-street, Edgware-road, wheel-
wright. Sol. Francis, New Boswell-court.
Turner E. Great Sherston, Wilts, cotton ma-
nufacturer. Sols. Long and Co. Gray's Inn.
Wotton Mary, Ermington, Devon, victualler.
Sols. Brooks and Co. Lincoln's Inn.
Williams J. Lower Coleman-street, Bunhill-
row, paper stainer. Sol. Luckett, Wilson-
street, Finsbury-square.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED, Feb. 11. Brown J. the younger, Rodborough, W. C. Brown, Stonehouse, and J. Morse, Downfield, all in the County of Gloucester, clothiers. Hughes N. Bedford, cattle dealer.


Bennett G. Lancaster, tanner. Sols. Hurd and
Co. Temple.

Bright T. Watling-street, silk manufacturer.
Sol. James, Bucklersbury.

Ball J Windmill-street, Finsbury-square, sta-
tioner. Sol. Street, Broad-street.

Cooke J. Colchester, coach maker. Sols.
Forbes and Co. Ely-place.

Close J. Doncaster, York, broker. Sols. Long-
dill and Co. Gray's Inn.

Earl A. Carlisle, druggist. Sol. Birkett, Cloaklane.

Empson G. Sheffield, York, tanner. Sol. Blake-
lock, Serjeant's Inn.

Higgins J. North Nibley, Gloucester, clothier.
Sol. Williams, Red Lion-square.

Hornsby I sen. Nenthead, Cumberland, woollen
draper. Sol. Birkett, Cloak-lane.

Jefferies W. Gloucester, plumber. Sol. King,
Serjeant's Inn.

King W. Leamington, Warwick, livery stable
keeper. Sols. Hicks and Co. Bartlett's-
Martin T. Chichester, collar maker. Sols. Few
and Co. Covent Garden.

Robinson W. Carlisle, mercer. Sol. Hodgson,
Aldermanbury, London.

Rogers S. Trevethin, Monmouth, coal tar ma-
nufacturer. Sols. Price and Co. Lincoln's

Sucksmith S, Lancaster, cotton manufacturer.
Sols. Hurd and Co. Temple."

Shacklock J. Nottingham, mercer. Sol. Batty,
Chancery lane.

Scarborongh John, Buckden, Huntingdon, inn-
holder. Sol. Clenuell, Staple Inn.

Sols. Lowe and Co. Southampton-buildings. Wailes G. Meldon Park, Northumberland, farmer. Sol. Hartley, New Bridge-street.

Scarborough William, Stilton, Huntingdon, | Warwicker J. Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier.
innholder. Sol. Clennell, Staple Inn.
Worsey J. Bilston, Stafford, blank maker.
Sol. Egerton, Gray's Inn.
Wigglesworth W. and J. W. Wigglesworth,
Halifax, York, merchants. Sols. Wiggles-
worth and Co. Gray's Inn.
Young E. Greenwich, dealer. Sol. Reed,


R. Jackson, Frost raw, York, wool dealer. W. Gernon, Langborne Chambers, Fenchurchstreet, merchant. W. Neilson, Liverpool, merchant. W. Wilson, Hawkesdale, Cumberland, dealer and chapman. S. Worthington, late of Pendleton, Lancaster, calico printer. R. Beckwith, Newcastle upon Tyne, merchant. W Chester, Owsley, Salop, maltster. E. Kirkpatrick, Moat, Cumberland, butter factor. J. Boyce, Romford, Essex, farmer. J. T. English, late of Alsop's-buildings, Middlesex, merchant. J. Shipley, Birmingham, coach maker. C. Pugsley, High Holborn, floor cloth manufacturer. A. Macnair, Queen-street, Middlesex, book binder. E. Forster, Gloucester, picture frame dealer. T. Richards, Liverpool, merchant. J. Lythgoe, Liverpool, timber merchant. H. Nor. dish, Meopham, Kent, butcher.

BANKRUPTCY ENLARGED, Feb. 15. Griffith D. Canterbury, draper.


Ashworth J. Lancaster, wool manufacturer.
Sols. Parry and Co. Temple.
Bannister M. jun. Trowbridge. clothier. Sols.
Lowe and Co. Southampton-buildings.
Cooper H. Gloucester, cheesefactor. Sol. King,
Serjeant's Inn.

Davies B. Cardiff, Glamorgan, draper. Sol.
Heelis, Staple Inn.

Foster W. Leicester, grocer. Sols. Long and
Co. Gray's Inn.

Foster S. Leicester, tallow chandler.
Long and Co. Gray's Inn.


George T. Leeds, merchant. Sol. Lake, Dow-

Hull G. Warwick, fellmonger. Sol. Dawson,
New Burlington-street.

Hyams M. Pall Mall, Lapidary. Sol. Isaacs,
St. Mary Axe.

Jones E. Ludgate-hill, haberdasher. Sol. Jop-
son, Castle-street.

Keen W. Aldersgate-street, cork manufacturer.
Sols. Robinson and Co. Walbrook,
Koe H J. Poplar, Roman cement manufacturer.
Sol. Cranch, Broad-street.

Lamb A. J. Wood-street, Cheapside, ribbon
manufacturer. Sol. Cole, Cateaton-street.
Munkley G. Hay, Brecon, merchant.
Smith, Gray's Inn.


Morgan D Neath, Glamorgan, ironmonger.
Sols. Lane and Co Lawrence Pountney-hill.
Palk C. East Teignmouth, Devon, linen dra-
per. Sol. Tozer, Teignmouth.
Paterson T. and T. Harwood, Size-lane, hat
maker. Sol. Partin, Walbrook.
Smith B. Leeds, hosier. Sol. Lake, Dowgate-


Simpson J. Kingston upon Hull, oil merchant.
Sol. Dyke, Temple.

Smethurst H. Oldham, Lancaster, hatter. Sols.
Milne and Co. Temple

Temby P. Camborne, Cornwall, innkeeper.
Sols. Young and Co. Gray's Inn.
Waldegrave S. Sewardstone, Essex, coach mas-
tor. Sol. Hamerton, Bishopsgate-street.


J. Howett, St. Martin's-lane, builder. L Rice, Ashby de la Zouch, porter merchantH. Hughes, Manchester, grocer. W. Dawson, Wakefield, money serivener. J. Luke, Exeter,, linen draper. J. Tucker, Long Acre, linen, ironmonger. R. Copland, High-street, Borough, draper. G. Franks, Redcross-street, hatter. E.' Besford, Brook's-mews, hackneyman. J. Fay, Upper George-street, Portman-square, linen manufacturer. T. Kendle, Great Yarmouth, woollen draper. W. Carter, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, baker. J. Glyde, Chard, Somersetshire, grocer. E. Phillips, Bristol, grocer, W. Haw, Bristol, plane maker. M. Smith, Bristol, coal merchant. J. Firth, jun. Whitley Lower, Yorkshire, clothier. W. Bate, Bilston, Staffordshire, brick maker.

Powell C. R. Warrington, publican.
Smith W. Leominster, farmer,

[blocks in formation]

Kernan T. St. James's-street, tailor. Sol. Punton, Wine-office Court.

Morrison W. Newcastle upon Tyne, rope ma-
ker. Sol. Hartley, New Bridge-street.
Marsher H. G. Chester, carpenter. Sols. Stone
and Co. Temple.

Methuen R. Manchester, manufacturer.
Ellis, Chancery-lane.


Scott A. West Smithfield, hardware merchant..
Sol. Griffiths, Featherstone-buildings, Hol-

Smith L. Stanwix, Cumberland, lead miner.
Sol. Battye, Chancery-lane.

Vollans J. Leeds, carpenter. Sols. Tottie and
Co. Poultry.
Sols. Twist

White W. Coventry, victualler.
and Co. Coventry.

Watson W. Wakefield, York, corn dealer.
Sol. Evans, Hatton Garden.
Wall G. North Shields, ship builder. Sols.
Meggison and Co New Inn.


D. Pullen, Spread Eagle Court, Threadneedlestreet, broker. W. Watson, Abingdon-row, merchant. N Bell, Boreham Park, Hertford, hay jobber. W. Booth, Staffordshire Potteries, potter. J. Smith, Huddersfield, York, cooper J. H. Whitaker, Manchester, dealer. W. Birch, Walbrook, ship chandler. G. Roberts. Somerset, school master. Gloucester, horse dealer. J. Court and J. L,Diggles, Savage Gardens, merchants. J. Mocket. Isle of Thanet, Kent, farmer. W. Macknight, Cumberland, meal dealer. W. Brierly, Halifax, York, grocer.

W. I. Newman,

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£. s. d.



(Div. 441.)






3 16

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1 12


7 4



Grand Surry

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Ellesmere and Chester (D.41.) 60 0
Grand Junction ...Div. 41.)..

Ditto (optional) Loan Div. 51. 75




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Kennett and Avon.. Div. 15
Lancaster...... Div. 1..... 17 10
Leeds and Liverpool (Div. 81.) 230


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Old Union...... Div. 47. 99
Oxford ...... Div. 31.




0 16


Shropshire...... Div. 4l............ 78




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West India .... Div. 102..... 160
Dover Street..100sh. 70pd... 100

22 0 0 Highgate Archway 501. sh.


Insurance Companies.

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1 18

2 2


18 0

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Warwick & Birming. Div. 127. 250


Trent and Mersey.. Div. 60. 1200 -

Worcester and Birmingham.. 20

Wey and Arun.



East India...

.....Div. 71... 133

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Red Port, bond pipe.. 33 0 0 40 0 0 Butspill.... 10pd........ 5 →

[blocks in formation]

Ditto Petersburgh 41 0 0
Indigo, Caraccas lb. 0 0


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Ditto East-India


0 4


10 0 0

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Ditto white

ton 33 0 0

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ton 8 5

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