The Speech of the Right Hon. George Canning, 第 2 卷

J. Ridgway, 1828

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第 172 頁 - This was the only method to subdue me. Terror and doubt fall on me : all thy good Now blazes ; all thy guilt is in the grave.
第 134 頁 - this committee, that the commissioners appointed to exa" mine, take, and state the public accounts of the kingdom, " have, so far as appears from the -reports which they " have hitherto made, discharged the duty intrusted to " them with great diligence, accuracy, and ability ; and if " Parliament shall carry into execution those plans of " reform and regulation which are suggested by the matter " contained in the reports of the said commissioners, it " cannot but be attended with the most beneficial...
第 432 頁 - ... pressing representations, on the alarming condition of the troops, and the danger to which they were exposed, His Majesty's Ministers did neglect to come to any decision until the 4th of November, and that the final evacuation of Walcheren did not take place until the 23d of December.
第 432 頁 - ... imminent danger of attack from the enemy, and exposed during a period of more than three months, and under circumstances of aggravated hardships, to the fatal ravages of a disease, which on the 31st of August had been officially announced to be daily increasing to a most alarming degree. " 7 — That such the conduct of His Majesty's advisers calls for the severest censure of this House.
第 350 頁 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that a monument be erected in the Cathedral Church of ST.
第 379 頁 - Wardle moved the order of the day for taking into consideration the Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee who were appointed to investigate the conduct of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Commander in Chief, with regard to promotions, exchanges, and appointments to commissions in the army and staff of the army, and in raising levies of the army.
第 379 頁 - He then moved for the appointment of a committee, to investigate the conduct of his Royal Highness the Duke of York, the commander-in-chief, with regard to promotions, exchanges, and appointments to commissions in the army, and in raising levies for the army.
第 277 頁 - Brand moved, that it was contrary to the first duties of the confidential servants of the Crown, to restrain themselves by any pledge expressed or implied, from offering to the King any advice which the course of circumstances might render necessary, for the welfare and security of any part of his Majesty's extensive empire.
第 352 頁 - We shall proceed upon the principle, that any nation of Europe that starts up with a determination to oppose a power which, whether professing insidious peace or declaring open war, is the common enemy of all nations, whatever may be the existing political relations of that nation with Great Britain, becomes instantly our essential ally.
第 382 頁 - Highness has himself expressed on the subject of that connection ; as from the expression of that regret on the part of His Royal Highness, this House derives the confident assurance that His Royal Highness will henceforth invariably keep in view that bright example of virtuous conduct, which the uniform tenor of His Majesty's life, during the course of his whole reign, has afforded to all his subjects, and which has so much endeared His Majesty to the affections of every rank and description of...