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runs ta ne te. Tutt. Sam will I 'z fast and nas: Suat. 1. de im zvit, ut ang aman santhy Ant knger im. vun ul heart I ne Cla. Hirwa nane met jare"

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Cla. Hangt. Bywy, tren i due rutt It tatry all hur var n my beness

Suat. Despite iti imi intolenhle wrms
Shall I entire this monstrums *
I on om where this sume testes meseis
"That tiedi a fur murieron larother

Hur bu nr nens een heerd ringrily
in the rilnın ufer y he mur.

SCENE I-Plains Ter B e Ent. La Var tue, sor unanr, all snape nyde For this rud mock, T'I de " sahier-man; Siv frantc praleitt soin d make de gent, I have met een ruim prent. E. har hane treil suul ver Eme ani ne Wue gut, what maiz ter beter eden,

ht. 108 desirus i Jur sont tey an.

tersuni, preturis , ur te r ess,

Emil. Ann, ann, ny luris: Lome dever indi tad, uiteran Bume hash ICE .uny ,

more se The Gaths inve matter'd lenni: and with a power I . Brare sig, spring from the rest Or r iveti nen, ent *o the poi They lutter marri umn, ander cuntur

on ame was anee mur ETOT,

D r eamlar; Or Lacis, son aid endries;

Whose nign pinta mu lununnuhle tee Win tits, in cuure his evenge to do Inyratelui Rume muutes wat fou mngamp. As much as ever Caruianus tid.

Be said as well Oluw vier than estSu varlike LIIMs preml fre Gaths ? These things mp memnul I mng the lead Led tv their master to the lower'i Tunis As farvers with first, ar puss bent dawa vith and se wenri in aursent Tumon.

Godte. And, as he wuth, w re ul with mm At, now leapin aur marrows to aporaneh :

Luc. I boumoim strank un, and I trunk you al. *Tis he, the common serie Tuve so much

But who comes here, lei av lusty Goth.) Museil hatit allen dverteeri then say 1 When I have vaiked lite a private man.)

Enter a Gatti, leading laron, rili bi sild Tint Lucia nishment was wrongtilly, and they have winn'd that Lucius were their am- 2 Gitt. Renowned Lanus, fun aur soap I Tam. Why should you lear! is not for aly Ta gue non a rinas monastery;

Tad s I enrnestiy did fix mine eve Sat. 17, but the otizens fawomir Lucius; Coun te wasiat buiding sutrienly And will nevait rin ne, 'D SCOUT jim.

i arti ciniti ry miernentha a vall: Tom. Ling, de thuy thougnia Inperjuus,* lika thy I made unto he ise; when soon I send

The crying babe amtali vith this disente: Is the min fimmt, thit ata do tly in it?

Peace, taonu sane: kuci ne, md af try ton! The erge surfers ittle binis sing,

Druh to the mue betere phase brat tu art. tad is agt earstni vat drev mean hereby; fact nature lant thee inat ttuu mettere inak, Knowing that with the shadow of us wings

Ilen, trots "might'rune been an unperar: He can at pleasure sint their meior:

But here the mode mi come are oth mi-inte Ever su nar's thou the pativ men Rome Ihr neuer irgi a collar and Then cheer hy pnt: for now, thou emperor, Peace, williin, pesca Loren thuis be mies e I will chante aid indrumas,

baie, woh wonis more serset, and ret mure ingurus, For must ber three to atritt Goth: Thun basis to ish, outy-uks to steep; N o, ipho he enter that art the compres bude (: Waiter. (2. Imperial. (3) Stop. (4) Earm., sun this my reupun irawa, Laisvi upen zin,

Surpris'd him suddenly; and brought him hither, Aar. Indeed, I was their tutor to instruet them; To use as you think needful of the inan.

That codding spirit had they from their mother, Luc. O worthy Goth! this is the incarnate devil, As sure a card as ever won the set: That robb'd Andronicus of his good hand :

That bloody mind, I think, they learn'd of me. This is the pearl that pleas'd your empress' eye;' As true a dog as ever fought at head. And here's the base fruit of his burning lust. Well, let my deeds be witness of my worth. Say, wall-ey'd slave, whither would'st thou convey I train'd thy brethren to that guileful hole This growing image of thy fiend-like face ?

Where the dead corpse of Bassianus lay: Why dost not speak? What! deaf? No; not a I wrote the letter that thy father found, word ?

And hid the gold within the letter mention'd, A halter, soldiers; hang him on this tree,

Confederate with the queen and her two sons ; And by his side his fruit of bastardy.

And what not done, that thou hast cause to rue, Aar. Touch not the boy, he is of royal blood. Wherein I had no stroke of mischief in it?

Luc. Too like the sire for ever being good. I play'd the cheater for thy father's hand;
First, hang the child, that he may see it sprawl; And, when I had it, drew myself apart,
A sight to sex the father's soul withal.

And almost broke my heart with extreme laughter. Get me a ladder.

I pry'd me through the crevice of a wall, (A ladder brought, which Aaron is obliged to When, for his hand he had his two sons' heads : ascend.

Beheld his tears, and laugh'd so heartily, lar.

Lucius, save the child; That both mine eyes were rainy like to his ; And bear it from me to the empress.

And when I told the empress of this sport, If thou do this, I'll show thee wondrous things, She swounded almost at my pleasing tale, That highly may advantage thee to hear :

And, for my tidings, gave me twenty kisses. If thou wilt not, befall what may befall,

Goth. What! canst thou say all this, and never I'll speak no more; But vengeance rot you all!

blush ? Luc. Say on; and, if it please me which thou Aar. Ay, like a black dog, as the saying is. speak'st,

Luc. Art thou not sorry for these heinous deeds ?
Thy child'shall live, and I will see it nourish'd. Aar. Ay, that I had not done a thousand more.
Aar. An if it please thee? why, assure thee, Even now I curse the day (and yet, I think,

Few come within the compass of my curse,)
'Twill vex thy soul to hear what I shall speak: Wherein I did not some notorious ill :
For I must talk of murders, rapes, and massacres, As kill a man, or else devise his death ;
Acts of black night, abominable deeds,

Ravish a maid, or plot the way to do it ;
Complots of mischief, treason; villanies

Accuse some innocent, and forswear myself: Ruthful to hear, yet piteously perform'd:

Set deadly enmity between two friends; And this shall all be buried by my death,

Make poor men's cattle break their necks; Unless thou swear to me, my child shall live. Set fire on barns and haystacks in the night,

Luc. Tell on thy mind; I say, thy child shall live. And bid the owners quench them with their tears. Aar. Swear, that he shall, and then I will begin. Oft have I digg'd up dead men from their graves, Luc. Who should I swear by ? thou believ'st no And set them upright at their dear friends' doors, god;

Even when their sorrows almost were forgot ; That granted, how canst thou believe an oath? And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,

Aar. What if I do not? as, indeed, I do not: Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,
Yet,- for I know thou art religious,

Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.
And hast a thing within thee, called conscience; Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things,
With twenty popish tricks and ceremonies, As willingly as one would kill a lly;
Which I have seen thee careful to observe,

And nothing grieves me heartily indeed,
Therefore I urge thy oath ;-For that, I know, But that I cannot do ten thousand more.
An idiot holds his bauble for a god,

| Luc. Bring down the devil; for he must not die And keeps the oath, which by that god he swears ; So sweet a death, as hanging presently. To that I'll urge him :-Therefore, thou shalt row Aar. If there be devils, would I were a devil, By that same god, what god soe'er it be,

To live and burn in everlasting fire ;
That thou ador'st and hast in reverence,

So I might have your company in hell,
To save my boy, to nourish, and bring him up; But to torment you with my bitter tongue !
Or else I will discover nought to thee.

| Luc. Sirs, stop his mouth, and let him speak no Luc. Even by my god, I swear to thee, I will.

more. Aar. First, know thou, I begot him on the empress,

Enter a Goth. Luc. O most insatiate, luxurious woman! Goth. My lord, there is a messenger from Rome,

Aar. Tut, Lucius? this was but a deed of charity, Desires to be admitted to your presence. To that which thou shalt hear of me anon.

Luc. Let him come near.'Twas her two sons that murder'd Bassianus: They cut thy sister's tongue, and ravish'd her,

Enter Æmilius. And cut her hands; and trimm'd her as thou Welcome, Æmilius, what's the news from Rome? saw'st.

Æmil. Lord Lucius, and you princes of the Luc. O, detéstable villain! call'st thou that trim

Goths, ming ?

The Roman emperor greets you all by me: Aar. Why, she was wash'd, and cut, and trimm'd; And, for he understands you are in arms, and 'twas

He craves a parley at your father's house;
Trim sport for them that had the doing of it. Willing you to demand your hostages,
Luc. O, barbarous, beastly villains, like thyself! And they shall be immediately deliver'd.

i Goth. What says our general ?
(1) Alluding to the proverb, 'A black man is al Luc. Æmilius, let the emperor give his

or give his pledges pead in a fair woman's eye.'

|Unto my father and my uncle Marcus,

And we will come. -March away." (Event. Tit. Good lord, how like the engress some they SCENE II.-Rome. Before Titus's borse ER And you, the empresa B: we worldly men ter Tamora, Chiron, and Demetrius, drus , ve

m ave, mad, mustaluny eses Tom. Thes, in this strange and sad habiliment, weet Rerengs, sou de leme te tee : I will encounter with Andronatus;

And foce arms embracement content thee, And say, I am Revenge, sent from below, il will embruce thee in by and by To join with him, and rent has heinous wrong Knock at his study, where, they say, he keeps,

: Tom This closing with his fe has mancy: To ruminate strange plots of dire reverre: Tell hate, Revenge is come to join with him, Do you apott and maintain in your speeches. And work cockapoo on his enemies [They bueck.For now he firmly takes me for Revenge: Enters, one

18 make him send foe Lacis, this son: TEL. Who doth molest my contemplation? Is it your track, to make me ope the door;

111 find some canning procace out of hand, That so my sand decrees mas fy away,

To scatter and disperse the picts Goth,
And all my stod be to no effect?
You are deceird: for what I mean to do,

Sez, bere he comes, and I must als my these
See bere, in birody lines I have set doma;
And who is written shall be executed.

Enter Titus Tom. Titus, I am come to talk with thee. 1 TR. Long have I been forbarm, and all for thee:

Ti. No: not a vad: How can i grace y tal, Welcome, dread fry, to my word hoeze;Wanting a hand to give it action 1

Rapine, and Marder, you are welcome too :Thou hast the odds or me, therefore no more How to the empress and her sons you are! Tan I thou didst low me, thoa voodist tak Wel are you fitted, had to but a Vaer

Could sat all hell afford you such a derdiTR. I am not mad; I know thee well enough: Far, web i wot, the empre never weg With this wretched stume, these crimson fines ; But in ber company there is a Maer; Iiness these trenches, made by grief and care; And, would you represent our queen ariunt, Wosess the tiring day, and beny night:

It were contenient rou had much a dent: Witness all sortow, that I bow thee well

Bat welcome, us you are hat sbal re do! For our rond empress, mirkty Tamara: ls ant or மார மாரder wம்?

To Know that, si man. I am sat Tuman; 1 Dent Show me a murderer, 11 deal with him. She is dramam, மன்h riers:

Cli Saow me a villain, that hath dome a rase, I am Rerenge; sent from the internal lingdam, And I un sent to be revenrd on him Toerse the phaving are of thay mind

! T Show me a thousand, that both done thee By worlog wreakfa vengeance on thy toes. Come and welcome me to this worki's Inght: And I will be revenget on them all Conkawith me of murder ind of death:

Te Lock round about the vided streets of There's not a badow care, ce lurking-place, Normat obser, rாட்டி, Where bloody murder, or detested me,

Go thru vita bim: and when it is try hap, And in their ears tell them ny rattal game. "To find another that bite to thee. Retemre, which mies te face sender quae. Good Rupine, stab him: be iz runsber

TL Art 'hos Recentre and art thou sent to me, Go them with them, and in the emperor's court To be a torment to mine enemies

There is a meen, attended by a Macr; Tom. I um; therefore come down, and welcome Wed m is tou know her so throw properties,

Par up and down she dard resemble thee; TŁ Do me some service, ere I come to thee 'Iru thee, do on them sme violent death, Lo. ty site where Rupe, und Wander, stud; They have been violent to me at mine

1 T . ITell bast thou lesson is this stall we do Sta them. de te them on the chariot wheels; Lad en ' come, and be shy virriner, And l samt via ee about the dobes Prude the proper oniftries, black as jet

Ant bid vim cume and bnmuel at the bote: Tohale thyengeful wire swift vat,

Wren he is here, even at the sadern Feast,
And ind out murderers in their munity entus: I will bring in the empress and her soos
And when 5 ur is lanken vtü their bendis,
I will tusmant, i que TUTE wheel

und at the mercy shalt they stwog and seel Trat, blz sende foocan, 11 de lens:

Ai, an türm shalt thou ens tes and heart Even from B perion's run in the east,

What are Andronicus to this device 1 Tot 18 zery dorniul in the sel

TL Mures, my brother is said Tits calls. And daw berdas tu to the t ask So ou destrow Rapie und Nzrder dere..

Enter Murcia Tin These are no misters mi come with me i rende Mar to the nephew Lates: TV Are then the ministars" ha tretiTu sinalt impire him out mong site Gede: Ian Rantate, ure.arder : bere the Epso. Bart sim mpir me, and brn vitabu Cause they make enguance of such andet men. Some a to citesirst rines ofte Guis;

8.1? vem escu 38 urs where are: Pentage this asam urso, crept ni Tulum. be emoc ad tor

e ste the


This do thon for my love ; and so let him, Whilst that Lavinia 'tween her stumps doth hold As he regards his aged father's life.

The bason, that receives your guilty blood. Mar. This will I do, and soon return again. You know, your mother means to feast with me,

(Eril. And calls herself, Revenge, and thinks me mad, Tam. Now will I hence about thy business, Hark, villains; I will grind your bones to dust, And take my ministers along with me.

And with your blood and it, I'll make a paste, Tit. Nay, nay, let Rape and Murder stay with me; And of the paste a coffin' I will rear, Or else I'd call my brother back again,

And make two pasties of your shameful heads; And cleave to no revenge but Lucius.

And bid that strumpet, your unhallow'd dam, Tam. What say you, boys ? will you abide with Like to the earth, swallow her own increase. him,

This is the least that I have bid her to, Whiles I go tell my lord the emperor,

And this the banquet she shall surfeit on; How I have govern'd our determin'd jest ?

For worse than Philomel you us'd my daughter, Yield to his humour, smooth and speak him fair, And worse than Progne I will be reveng'd:

(.Aside. And now prepare your throats.-Lavinja, come, And tarry with him, till I come again.

(He cuts their throats. Tit. I know them all, though they suppose me Receive the blood : and, when that they are dead, mad;

Let me go grind their bones to powder small, And will o'er-reach them in their own devices, And with this hateful liquor temper it; A pair of cursed hell-hounds, and their dam. And in that paste let their vile heads be bak'd.

[.Aside. Come, come, be every one officious Dem. Madam, depart at pleasure, leave us here. To make this banquet; which I wish may prove

Tam. Farewell, Andronicus: Revenge now goes More stern and bloody than the Centaurs' feast. To lay a complot to betray thy foes. [Erit Tam. So, now bring them in, for I will play the cook, Tit. I know, thou dost; and, sweet Revenge, And see them ready 'gainst their mother comes. farewell.

(Exeunt, bearing the dead bodies. Chi. Tell us, old man, how shall we be employ'd ? | SCENE III.-The same. A pavilion, with tables, Tit. Tut, I have work enough for you to do.

&-c. Enter Lucius, Marcus, and Goths, with Publius, come hither, Caius, and Valentine !

Aaron, prisoner.
Enter Publius, and others.

Luc. Uncle Marcus, since 'tis my father's mind, Pub. What's your will ?

That I repair to Rome, I am content. Tit.

Know you these two?! I Goth. And ours, with thine, befall what forPub.

Th'empress' sons,

tune will. I take them, Chiron and Demetrius.

Luc. Good uncle, take you in this barbarous Tit. Fie, Publius, fie! thou art too much deceir'd;

This ravenous tiger, this accursed devil; The one is Murder, Rane is the other's name:

Let him receive no sustenance, setter him, And therefore bind them, gentle Publius :

Till he be brought unto the empress' face, Caius, and Valentine, lay hands on them :

For testimony of her foul proceedings: oft have you heard me wish for such an hour,

And see the ambush of our friends be strong: And now I find it; therefore bind them sure;

I fear, the emperor means no good to us. And stop their mouths, if they begin to cry.

Aar. Some devil whisper curses in mine ear, [Eril Titus.-Publius, &-c. lau hold on Chiron And prompt me, that my tongue may utter forth and Demetrius.

The venomous malice of my swelling heart! Chi. Villains, forbear; we are the empress' sons.

| Luc. Away, inhuman dog! unhallow'd slave! Pub. And therefore do we what we are com

Sirs, help our uncle to convey him in.manded.

(Excunt Goths, with Aaron. Flourish. Stop close their mouths, let them not speak a word: The trumpets show, the emperor is at hand. • Is he sure bound? look, that you bind them fast. Enter Saturninus and Tamora, with Tribunes, Re-enter Titus Andronicus, with Lavinia ; she bear.

Senators, and others, ing a bason, and he a knife.

Sat. What, hath the firmament more suns than Tit. Come, come, Lavinia ; look, thy focs are one ? bound ;

Luc. What boots? it thee, to call thyself a sun ? Sirs, stop their mouths, let them not speak to me;

| Nar. Rome's emperor, and nephew, break the But let them hear what fearful words I utter.

parle; O villains, Chiron and Demetrius !

These quarrels must be quietly debated. Here stands the spring whom you have stain'd with

The feast is ready, which the careful Titus mud;

Hath ordain'd to an honourable end, This goodly summer with your winter mix'd.

For peace, for love, for league, and good to Rome: You kill'd her husband ; and, for that vile fault,

Please you, therefore, draw nigh, and take your 'Two of her brothers were condcmn'd to death :

places. My hand cut off, and made a merry jest:

Sat. Marcus, we will. Bolh her sweet hands, her tongue, and that, more (Haulboys sound. The company sil down at

dear Than bands or tongue, her spotires chastity, Inhuman traitors, you constrain'd and fored.

Enler Titus, dressed like a cook, Lavinia, veiled, What would you say, if I should let you speak?

young Lucius, and others. Tilus places the Villains, for shame yon could not beg for grace.

dishes on the table. Hark, wretches, how I mean to martyr you. Tit. Welcome, my gracious lord: welcome, This one hand yet is left to cut your throats ;

dread queen; (1) Crust of a raisod pye.

|(2) Advantage, benefit. (3) i, e. Begin the parloy. VOI.. IL.



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Welcome, ye warlike Goths; welcome, Lucius; Tell us, what Sinon hath bewitch'd our ears, And welcome, all; although the cheer be poor, Or who hath brought the fatal engine in, 'Twill fill your stomachs; please you eat of it. | That gives our Troy, our Rome, the civil wound.

Sat. Why art thou thus attir'd, Andronimus? My heart is not compact of flint, nor steel;

Tit. Because I would be sure to have all well, Nor can I utter all our bitter grief,
To entertain your highness, and your einpress. But floods of tears will drown my oratory,

Tam. We are beholden to you, good Andronicus. And break my very utterance; even i'the time Tit. An if your highness knew my heart, you When it should move you to attend me most, were.

Lending your kind commiseration : My lord the emperor, resolve me this;

Here is a captain, let hiin tell the tale ; Was it well done of rash Virginius,

Your hearts will throb and weep to hear him speak. To slay his daughter with his own right hand, | Luc. Then, noble auditory, be it known to you, Because she was enforc'd, stain'd, and deflour'd? That cursed Chiron and Demetrius Sat. It was, Andronicus.

Were they that murdered our emperor's brother: Ti. Your reason, Inighty lord ?

And they it were that ravished our sister : Sat. Because the girl should not survive her for their fell faults our brothers were beheaded; shame,

Our father's tears despis'd; and basely cozend And by her presence still renew his sorrows. or that true hand, that fought Rome's quarrel out,

Til. A reason mighty, strong, and effectual; And sent her enemies unto the grave. A pattern, precedent, and lively warrant,

Lastly, myself unkindly banished, For me, most wretched, to perform the like : The gates shut on me, and turn'd weeping out, Die, die, Lavinia, and thy shame with thee; To beg relief among Rome's enemies;

He kills Lavinia. Who drown'd their enmity in my true tears, And, with thy shame, thy father's sorrow die! And op'd their arms to embrace me as a friend :

Sal. What hast thou done, unnatural, and unkind? And I am the turn'd-forth, be it known to you, Tit. Killd her, for whom my tears have made That have preserv'd her welfare in my Blood; me blind.

And from her bosom took the enemy's point,
I am as woful as Virginius was:

Sheathing the steel in my advent'rous body.
And have a thousand times more cause than he Alas! you know, I am no vaunter, 1;
To do this outrage ;-and it is now done.

My sears ean witness, dumb although they are, Sat. What, was she ravish'd ? tell, who did the That my report is just, and full of truth. deed.

But, solt; methinks, I do digress too much, Til. Will't please you eat; will't please your Citing my worthless praise: 0, pardon me; highness feed?

For when no friends are by, men praise themselves, Tem. Why hast thou slain thine only daughter Mar. Now is my turn to speak; Behold this

child, TT. Not I; "was Chiron, and Demetrius:

Pointing lo the child in the arms of a They ravish'd her, and cut awar her tongue,

And thev, 'twas they, that did her all this wrong. Or this was Tamora delivered ;

Sat. Go, fetch them hither to us presently. The issue of an irreligious Moor,
Tu. Why, there they are both, baked in that Chief architect and plotter of these woes;

The villain is alive in Titus' house,
Whereof their mother daintily hath fed,

Damn'd as he is, to witness this is true. Eating the flesh that she herself hath bred.

Now judge, what cause had Titus to reveage "Tis true, 'tis true; witness my knife's sharp poi

wrongs, uns

(Killing Tamora. 'Or more than any living man could bear. Sat. Die, frantie wretch, for this accursed deed. Xow you have heard the truth, what say you, Ro

(Killing Titus

maas? Lxer. Can the son's eve behold his father bleed? Have we done anght amiss ? Shew is wherein, There's weed for meed, death for a deadly deed. lod, from the place where you bebold us now, Kills Saturninus. A great frenit. The people The poor repainder of Andronici

tra con feston disperse. Marcus, Lacius, Vill, hand in hand, all headlong cast us down, and their partisans, ascend the steps 06- And on the rarred stones beat forth our brains, fore Tieus's house.

And make a mutual closure of our house. Max. You sal-Gemen, people and suns of Spenk, Romans, speak; and, if you say, we shall, Roore

Lo, hand in hand, Lecies and I will faill. By uproar zever like a flight of fowl

Enud. Come, come, thou reverend man of Rock, Seatter'd be wins and huh tempestacus rusts, lind brint our emperor gentis in the land, , let me teach roa bow to knit rain

Lucius our emperor; for, well I know, This seater corn into the mutual sheal

The common reice doer, shall be se These broken limbs us no one bofy.

Roo. (Stered spea) Lucius, all has; kome's Som Lost Rope herse be bane watu hersell:

royal emperor! And she, whom oht londons court sy to, Like a forlorn desperate cast-2way,

Lueius, se den

Mar. Go, go into old Titus sosid bose; But I m ust stras and chips of age,

And hither bnie that misb Pering Mare, Cum indice you tu ni mtal mar words.

To be kasdig'd samme direita langilerine desth, Streak, Rummedear Gre ; (T. Lucius) B en is unshment for his must tired late.

| Rev erse Lirgins, all Lea; Rome's When with his demn tongue he discourse,

nacious governer! To lovesick Dijus su uteosang eur,

Lone. Thanks rente Romans: May I gown , The story a baletu burung anggota

roheal ne's bars and wipe **** bera! Who wilde Gut

Paun's Trer, but nik zeugie, que nem anbid,

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