The Government

iUniverse, 2004 - 720 頁
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The Government is a unique explanation of current American political activities and its relation to a world that is quickly learning how to cope with the United State's attempt to control the planet. With troops stationed in over 140 countries world wide, the impact of Americanization is as widely accepted as it is rejected. The threat does not escape China and the European Union rapidly competing for the same economic real estate. At home, the country faces a staggering 75 plus trillion-dollar debt that has encumbered future generations for as far as families can envision. The Government's answer to super diseases and nuclear terrorism lies in the submission of all people to its total will and without representation. This is possibly one of the most shocking political essays of our time and a wake-up call to arms for patriotic Americans that wish to prevent a Second far bloodier American Revolution which otherwise will surely follow.

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