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passed sentence on the London con- tiary of the courts of France and victs, viz. on two the sentence of Spain. Vide State Papers. transportation to America, feven to Preliminaries with the ftates gehard labour in the houses of correc- neral of the United Provinces were tion, five imprisoned in Newgate, not yet figned; but a cellation of and five to be whipt.

hoftilities between Great Britain and 18. The fesfion ended on the that republic was agreed upon. Middlesex fide, when 10 convicts As many people are unable to received judgment of death ; 8 sen- form an adequate idea of the extent tenced to be transported to America; of the districts ceded in Ainerica, 20 to be kept to hard labour in the because the geography of that imhouse of correction; 2 to be im- mense country is not well known. prisoned in Newgate; and 21 dil. It will not be amiss therefore to como charged by proclamation.

pare the districts ceded, with counThis being her majesty's birth- trics with which we are more acday, the fame was observed as quainted. The following meafureusual.

are made with the greatest 20. Captain Christie, late captain accuracy: of the Hannibal man of war, arriv- The river Ohio is navigable from ed in a Danish vefsel from India, Fort Pilt to its mouth, which is a and brings an account of the loss of length of 1,164 milesthe Dartmouth East Indiaman, cap- The lands on the banks of the tain Thompson, having upwards of Ohio, and between the Allegany 150,00ol. in fpecie on board, be- mountains, the lakes Ontario and sides a valuable cargo. By the same Erie, and the Illinois and Miffisippi channel we also learn, that Sir Eyre rivers, contain 233,200 square miles, Cooge had taken the field with fix which is nearly equal to Great Brimonths provifions, in order to oppose tain and France, whose contents are the operations of Hyder Ally, and only 235,237 square milesthe French troops ; and that the The lands between the Illinois, French flcet under M. Suffrein had lakes Huron and Superior, and the suffered fo much in the late engage- Mislilippi at the Falls of St. Anthony, ment with Sir Edward Hughes, as contain 129,030 square milés, nearto be under the necessity of quitting ly equal to Great Britain and Irehis former station, and return to land, which contain only 131,800 Mauritius to refit.

square miles. Sir Edward Hughes was refitted The lands from St. Anthony's at Trincomalè, and was to fail in a Falls to the South line from the Lake few days in quest of the French fleet of the Woods to the head of the if in the narrow seas. The French Misfilippi, contain 59,000 square had lost 1,200 men in the action and miles, which is more than all Hole by fickness, also near 1,000 of those land, Fianders, and Ireland, which landed on the coast.

contain only 57,908 square miles. The preliminary articles of peace - East Florida alone contains 35,000 between Great Britain and France, square miles, and is ncarly as large änd Great Britain and Spain, which as Ireland, which has only 35,400 were signed at Verfailles on the square miles20th instant, by Mr. Fitzherbert, The United States of America his majesty's minister plenipoten- contain 207,050 square miles, neare tiary, and the ministers plenipoten- ly as large as all Germany, Fian.



ders, Holland and Switzerland, which most consequence to traders, as it contain 207,483 square miles. decided a matter much questioned.

21. The parliament met accord. An eminent tradesman brought an ing to adjournment.

action against Lady LansThe Pruffian envoy extraordinary for goods had and delivered. She made strong representations in the pleaded her being a femme covert: name of the king his master to the the case was, that her husband, lord British ministry, concerning the cap. Lan, had parted from her, ture of a Prussian fhip; and demandallowed her a separate maintenance, ed the immediate release of the ship, and was now settled on his estare in and the restitution of the cffects Ireland. The question therefore taken on board her.

was, whether under these circum. 22. The following malefactors stances, the plea of coverture was were brought out of Newgate, and to protect the lady from arrest and conveyed to Tyburn, where they judgment; Lord' Mansfield menwere executed according to their tioned the cases where the plea of fentence; viz. John Booker, Wil. coverture was and was not valid. It liam Woods, John Fitzgerald, John was not valid where the husband was Johnson, Joha Lawson, and Thomas exiled by the laws of his country, Cope.

because the creditors could not pur." 23. Dr. Franklin sent to South fue him for the debt of his wife. It Carolina nine vine dressers from was not valid where, by a discovery Burgundy, and 12,000 sets or plants of infidelity to his bed, they had of vines to try whether those plants been separated by the laws of their would thrive there,

country. But the present was a new Deal, fan. 23. Twenty thou- case. They were parted by copfent, fand pounds in fpecie was brought The husband was in Ireland, and on shore, taken out of the Oafte Emes, the lady resided in England on a le. capt. Laud, a Dutch ship, from the parate maintenance. It was impofTexel, bound to Batavia, under fible for the creditor in England, by Russian colours, which run on the the laws of that land, to recover his Goodwin Sands.

debt from the husband in Ireland, 24. Notice was sent from the Ad- and therefore, in equity, the wife miralty to Sir James Marriot, the was considered as as a femme fole. judge of that high court, to confirm The cause was decided against lady no more warrants of letter of marque Lans- -, with costs of suit. for réprisals upon the enemey. 31. His majesty in council was

27. The Highland, or 77th re- pleased to issue his royal proclama. ginent quartered at Portsmouth, tion for discontinuing the bounties which was ordered to embark for the to seamen and landmen. East Indies, mutinied, and prevent. A deputation from the body of ed their embarkation.

Quebec merchants, presented a me. 28. A proclamation was issued by morial to the earl of Shelburne. the lord lieutenant of Ireland, fig. Admiral Pigot, commander in nifying, that the parliament of that chief of his majeity's fhips at Barkingdom, be further prorogued to badocs and the Iceward Iilands, by Tuesday the 25th day of March his letter to Mr. Stephens, dated at

Barbadoes, on the och of December, 29. A cause was decided in the gives an account, court of King's Bench, of the ut. That he arrived at that island on




(9) the 21st of November, with the ther to the violencello performer of fquadron under his command, from that name.. He was distinguished New York; and that rear admiral among his friends in the galleries by Sir Richard Hughes joined him, on the name of Nosey:-In Black-friars the 8th of December, with the Mips workhouse, Mrs. Ord, a widow wounder his orders, accompanied by man, aged above 101 years.-Mrs. the Solitaire, a French dip of war Huntback, near Wolverhampton, of 64 guns, and a small frigate of 24, aged :00.-At Vilette, near Mantescaptured on the 6th, forty leagues sur-Seine, in France, Mary Magto windward of Barbadoes.

dalene Gilbert, widow, aged 104 Captain Collins, of his majesty's years five months and a half. fhip Ruby, by superior failing, got up with the Solitaire about twelve FEBRUARY. minutes past one in the afternoon,. and the action continued 48 minutes, Copenhagen, Feb. 4. The legislawhen the latter struck.

ture of this country, in confideraThe state of the national debt, is tion of the very high price of proit stood on the 31st day of January, visions, and other necessaries of life, from authentic records in the house which is daily increasing, have late. of commons:

ly publihed a sumptuary law. Debt funded and £

5. The king ordered letters pa. unfunded 232,354,127 13 9 tent to be passed under the great feal Interest

11,563,164 2 ó of the kingdom of Ireland, for creatThe whole revenues of the king. ing-a fociety or brotherhood, to be dom are only 12,000,2791. notwith- called knights of the illustrious orstanding the heavy taxes.

der of St. Patrick, of which his maDied lately, in the Netherlands, jefty, his heirs and fucceffors, fhall one Martens, aged 100 years and ii perpetually be sovereigns, and his months. His father lived to the majesty's lieutenant-general and geage of 104, and his mother to the neral governor of Ireland, &c. for age of 108 years.-At Brussels, the time being, shall officiate as Elizabeth Deval, aged 103.- At grand-masters: and also for appointGodalmin, in Surry, John Win- ing the following knights coinpathaw, a day labourer, aged 107 nions of the said illustrious order. years. He had been blind the last His Royal Highness Prince Ed14 years.-Mrs. Frank, of Ponte

ward, fract, aunt to Bacon Frank, Esq. His Grace William Robert Duke of Campsall, aged 100.--At North of Leinster, Kyme, in Lincolnshire, William Henry Smyth Earl of Clanrickarde Thompson, aged 108.- At Wam-' Randal William Earl of Antrim, phray, Agnes Carmichael, in the Thomas Earl of Weitmeath, 113th year of her age.-At Edin- Morrough Earl of Inchiquin, burgh, John Rogerson, aged 102 Charles Earl of Drogheda, years.-Near Sevenoaks, in Kent, George de la Poer Earl of Tyaged 103 years, Mr. John Hamil. rone, ton, formerly a timber-merchant in Richard Earl of Shannon, the Borough.--A few days fince James Earl of Clanbrassen, died at Langford, near Market- Richard Earl of Mornington, Drayton, Elizabeth Preston, aged James Earl of Courtown), 103.-Mr. Cervetto, aged 104, fa- James Earl of Charlemont,

Thonaz Thomas Earl of Bective.

8. One of the king's messengers Henry Earl of Ely.

arrived with the ratification of the Chancellor, Archbishop of Dublin. preliminary articles ligoed the 20th Register, Dean of St. Patrick's. of January last, which was exchangSecretary, Lord Delvin.

ed on the 3d instant, by the pleni. Ulfter, William Hawkins, Esq. potentiaries of his most Christian Usher, John Fremantle, Esq. majesty.

Sicily, Feb. 5. There was a shock A magazine, filled with more of an earthquake at Meffina, which than 45,000lb. of powder was threw down several houses, and on blown up at three leagues from the following night, about a quar- Bourdeaux. ter after seven, a most furious shock 10. The hon. Charles James Fox finished, in swallowing up or throw- presented to the house of Commons, ing down the remainder of the city, a petition signed by several hundred and besides the fhock a whirlpool inhabitants of Westminster, itating of fire issued from the earth. From that they were aggrieved by the cirthe most authentic relations, the ca- culation of counterfeit halfpencc. lamity was general, and most dif- That they had endeavoured as far tressful on the whole coast of Ca. as lay in their power to put a stop labria Ultra, extending upwards of to the fame, but found their inability one hundred and fifty miles. From in fo doing-and therefore prayed Tropea to Squillace most of the the house to give them such relief towns and villages were either to. as they in their

wisdom should deem tally or in part overthrown, and meet. many of the inhabitants buried in

12. The lord chancellor, in the the ruins. Among the number of name of the house of peers, addrescities, castles, and towns destroyed sed lord viscount Howe, and thank. were

ed him for the important services he Stinfanacone Oppido

had done his king and country in Mefiano Soriano

the relieving Gibraltar. Briatico S. Bruno

14. A petition from the county Mileto Stillo

of Devon for a more equal repreFormica Roccella

sentation was presented to the house Filogajo Squillace

of commons, and read. Sinopoli Monteleone

17. Mr. Bishop, common cryer Casalnuovo Pizzo

of this city, attended by proper offi. Bagnara Catone

cers, read, at the Royal Exchange Bofarno Girace

gate, and Cheapfide conduit, the Palına Cittá Reggio

king's proclamation, declaring a Seminara Cittá Cariati

cellation of arms by sea and land. Scilla Citra lacci Reale

19. The house of peers presented S. Georgiocon lacci Cattena their address of thanks to his majesty

, altri feudi Island of Lipari for communicating to them the preCinque Fronde Ifland of Strongol liminary articles of the peace. Paleltina.

An express arrived at the Ado The number which have perished are miralty from Portsmoush, with adincredible: amongst which are se- vice of the Hydra frigate, captain veral persons of distinction. Many Cohn, being arrived there from Javolcanoes are opened, and even rivers maica, failed from Port Royal the bave entirely disappeared.

22d of December in company with

the peace.

(11) the Ardent of 64 guns, and the fore it was sent from York to be Vaughan floop, with a number of presented to parliament, it had ships under convoy, viz. 33 for 10,124 names subscribed to it, exLondoo, & for Bristol, 9 for Liver- clufive of those figned to a duplipool, 5 for Glasgow, í for New cate in London. York, in for St. Augustine, and 5 Letters from Bohemia advise, that for Bayonne, in France, with pri- on Thursday the 26th of February soners. On the 4th Jan. 48 fail of a dreadful fire broke out in the town which were clear of the Gulf, and of Budin. on the 17th following they met with 26. The lord mayor, attended a heavy gale of wind, which fepa. by several aldermen, sheriffs, and rated the fleet, and on the 19th there city officers, and a great number were only 32 fail in company. A of the common council, went from few days afterwards the Ardent man Guildhall to St. James's, and preof war bore away for Antigua with sented their address to his majesty on five feet water in her hold.

An order of council was issued, 28. The report was made to his laying an embargo on all Mhips which majesty in council of the convicts were taking in cargoes for America. under sentence of death in Newgate,

The men convicts lying under when the following were ordered fentence of transportation in New- for execution on Friday next, viz. gate, were removed to the vessel ly. John Merchant, John Kelly, and ing at Woolwich for their recep James Smith, tion.

The following were respited dur22. The Bank of England gained ing his majesty's pleasure, 'viz. Wila cause in refusing to pay a bill liam Phillimore, Sarah Pond, Anne stolen from them, and loft at a gam- Randall, Mary Dymoch, John Haring table.

ris, Anne Dean, and Robert Moore. 24. The two members of parlia- The county of Middlesex prement, Mr. Cook and Mr. Wilmot, sented an address on the peace to who were appointed to revise the litt his majesty. of pensions granted to the American Died, Margaret Melvill, wife of refugees, made their report to the Robert Forbes, brewer, at Kettle lords of the Treasury, by which it in Fiteshire, on the 24th, aged 119. appeared that a saving of upwards of She was married at 35, and had one 20,000l. per ann. will accrue to the fon and five daughters; the eldest Darion, by the reduction of such of is now aged 77 years. She had 17 the above penfions as they deemed grand children, and 37 great grand unneceflary and unmerited. Those children; the renewed her teeth gentlemen who held employments about the roodth year of her age, under government in arrears, were to never had a head-ach or pain in her be paid their salaries up to the roth life, artd walked, faw, and heard of October last, and then to be con- till the day before her death.-Ac fidered no longer as servants of the Fulham, aged 101, Mr. Wrench, crown.


It is remarkable that he 25. A petition from the county died in the same house and room in of York, and also a petition from which he was born, and had by the city of York, relative to a more two wives 32 children.–At Dar. equal representation, were present- lington, in the county of Durham, ed to the house of commons. Be- Joha Nicholls, a lobouring man,


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