The Cultivator Vol. VI Third Series 1858

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第 42 頁 - ... for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost...
第 140 頁 - At the same time, I wish it to be distinctly understood, that I am far from denying the existence of Gypsies in various parts of the interior of Barbary.
第 213 頁 - Nourse's experience, making mention of a piece of corn he planted in this land on a drizzling rain, after a. storm of two days. The corn came up and grew well ; although on a clayey loam, formerly as wet as the adjoining grass field, over which oxen and carts could not pass on the day of this planting, without cutting through the turf and miring deeply.
第 245 頁 - that young cows, the first year they give milk, may be made, with careful milking and good keeping, to give milk almost any length of time required...
第 111 頁 - The summer duck seldom flies in flocks of more than three or four individuals together, and most commonly in pairs, or singly. The common note of the drake is peet, peet; but when, standing sentinel, he sees danger, he makes a noise not unlike the crowing of a young cock, oe eek! oe eek! Their food consists principally of acorns, seeds of the wild oats, and insects.
第 210 頁 - ... heavy lands, especially in seasons of abundant moisture. In very dry weather but little more effect follows their application, from the want of a solvent, such as is ever supplied by the water retained in mellow, porous earth. " 'Draining renders the land penetrable to water...
第 274 頁 - The reason why drainage prevents injury from drought is to be found in the fact that draining " deepens the soil," and " lengthens the season." It is a well-known fact that a deep and mellow soil retains moisture much better than a shallow and compact one. " ' Water is held in the soil between the minute particles of earth. If these particles be pressed together compactly, there is no space left between them for water.
第 86 頁 - Fully to renovate the eight million acres of partially exhausted lands in the State of New York, will cost at least an average of twelve dollars and a half per acre, or an aggregate of one hundred millions of dollars.
第 301 頁 - A single season's growth will often make this difference in the nursery — but many years, after being checked by removal when large. There seems, indeed, to be every reason why trees should be removed small, and everything against the practice of leaving the work till they attain large size. Sir Joshua Reynolds said if he were to paint a picture of Folly, it would be by representing a boy climbing over a high wall with an open gate close at his side. Had he lived now, he might do it with equal...
第 111 頁 - It rarely visits the sea-shore, or salt marshes, its favorite haunts being the solitary, deep, and randdy creeks, ponds and mill-dams of the interior, making its nest frequently in old hollow trees that overhang the water. "The Summer Duck is equally well known in Mexico and many of the West India Islands.