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Nos. 208 and 210 Union Street,

ovo Dory competition in Quantity, Quality, Style, and Prico of





131 GAY ST.,

KNOXVILLE, TENN., proposes to sell to the readers of ihe VATKRAN & watch of any description at wholesale price, which imeans 50 per cent. less than they can be bought from any retail dealer. Such an offer is not made every day.and you may not meet with ihis opportunity again, so do not delay, but eend at once for price list. Every watch warranied as represented, and will be sent to any address, C. 0. D., with privilege of examining bofore payicg.

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SECURE A POSITION. Wanted for office work, on salary, in most every county in the South and West a young lady or gentleman. Those from the country also accepted.

Experience not necessary. In fact prefer beginners at a small salary at first, say, to begin from $30 to $60 per month, chances for rapid proinotion "good.” Ai ust deposit in bank cash, about $100 No loan asked; no investment required. It is a salaried and permanent position (strictly odice work). Dur enterprise is strongly endorsed by bankers.

Address P. O. Box 433, Nashville, Tenn. (Mention the VETERAN.)

DRAUGHON-POSITIONS GUARANTEED under reasonable conditions. Do not say it cannot be done, till you send for cree 120 page Catalogue of Draughon's Practical Business Col. lege, Nashville, Tenn. This college is strongly indorsed by bankers 8001 inurcuants all orur the United States as well as foreign countries.

4 weeks by Draughon's method of teaching bookkeeping is equal to 12 weeks, by the old plan. Special advantages in shorthand, Pen. manship, anu Telegraphy. Cheap board. Open to both sexes. Thirty-six States and territories now represented. Write for 120 page Catalogue which will explain wall.” Audress,

J.II, DRAUCHON, Pres., Nashville, Tenn. N. B.-This College has prepared books for home study, Bookkeeping Penmanship and Shorthand.

Situated in the heart of the fa-hionable shopping and amusement districts, one block trom Broadway at Union Square, in the quiet and aristocratie neighbor. hood of Gramercy Park. An ideal family hotel. Un the American plan Cuisine noted for its excellence.

Rooms single or en suite, with pri. vate bath. RATES MODERATE.

Westminster Hotel, Irving Place and 16th St.,

NEW YORK. E. N. ANABLE, Prop. B. W. Swope. of Ky..



We make a Specialty of fine Engraving and Printing for Colleges, Schools, etc. Write for Prices. Address,

UNIVERSITY PRESS, 208 N. College St., Nashville, Tenn.


1. Will maintain its high character as the defender of the truth of history, and keep in

mind its name, made sacred by the blood of thousands of beroes.

2. It will be rich each month in truthful bistory, of incidents, and of chivalric deeds.

3. THE VETERAN will ever give prominence to the "private” who did the real work, while

it will in no wise forget the officer who bore the gravest responsibilities.

4. THE VETERAN provides a means of free communication between comrades in its

“Camp Exchange," and requests items of interest from writers who were there and who can bave no successors.

5. THE VETERAN has a large list of contributors in all parts of the South, and its in

fluence will tend to the upbuilding and development of our dear land.

The Veteran sent to any address for $1 per year.

6. THE VETERAN will revive the words and music of songs so pathetic and charming,

peculiar to the South' during the dark days of '61-65. Subscribers will in that way secure music several times over more than the price of The VETERAN.

7. THE VETERAN in its "Camp-Fire Story Department” will be interesting, amusing and

often deeply pathetic. Friends are requested to send clippings or write experiences, giving true war stories, such as they would tell their children. It desires to make this one of the leading features.

8. THE VETERAN will look after the "Sons” and “Daughters” with particular interest.

In fact, it will be the best journal that can be made in supplying accurate and truthful information about our people, and in the industrial and agricultural development of the land we love so well.

Make money orders and checks payable to


Nashville, Tenn.

Croup Cured After Doctors Failed

$12 TO $35 A WEEK

can bo made working for us. Parties preferred who can furnish a horse, and travel through the country; a team, though, is not necessary. A few vacancies in towns and cities. Men and vomen of good characier will find this an exceptional opportunity for profitable employment. Spare hours may be used to good advantage.

B. F. JOHNSON & CO., 11th and Main Sts.


“When a boy, I was subject to croup, the last attack being when about twelve years old. The doctor had almost given me up, cvery remedy that he tried having failed to afford relief. At last, he gave me Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and a speedy cure was the result. I lave always believed that Ayer's Cherry Pectoral saved my life, and often recommend it to others.” — W. S. TURNER, Norwood, Ga.

Wilson Trousdale, McCains, Tenn.: Please inquire, through the VETERAN, if Wallace Fields, of the Seventh Texas Infantry is living. If so, will be glad to have his address. I will never forget his kindness to me when, a boy sixteen years old, I was sick and a prisoner at Camp Douglas.

Col. J. J. Sumpter has been Commander of the Pike County Camp, at Hot Springs, Ark., for more than a year past. Ere long Comrades will be asked to report all changes in Commanders and Adjutants of camps.

Ayer's Cherry Pectoral

For all Diseases of Throat and Lungs.

AYER'S the Only World's Fair Sarsaparilla.





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llas ADVANTAGES as follows:

1. A Patent Stop Guar", which prevents damage to gold pen.
2. The Gold Pen is of Regular Shape not mutilated by cutting at the middle.
3, The Rubber holder is not plugged at the upper end, but is made of one piece, holding more ink and insuring

it against leakage.
4. A Patent Hexagon Collar on the cap prevents rolling.
This pen and THE VETERAN, one year for $2.00, or the son fostpaid for $1.50. Its economical advantages

commend it specially.


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Confederate Veteran

Published Monthly in the Interest of Confederate Veterans and Kindred Topics.


} Vol. III.


No. 2. {



Advertisements: Two dollars per inch one time, or $20 a year, except Fred C. Low, of Gloucester, Mass., gives an interestlast page. One page, one time, special, $40. Discount: Hall year, one issue; one year, two issues. This is an increase on the former rate. ing account of a visit to the battlefields in Vir.

Contributors will please be diligent to abbreviate. The space is too ginia, with which he was familiar thirty years ago. important for anything that has not special merit. The date to a subscription is always given to the month before it ends.

He mentions the purchase by his comrade, Horace H. For instance, if the VETERAN be ordered to begin with January, the date on Shaw, of the First Maine heavy Artillery, of the field mail list will be December, and the subscriber is entitled to that number. Nichol & Holliday, Eastern Advertising managers, Atlanta, Ga.

near Petersburg, upon which a severe battle was Entered at the postoffice, Nashville, Tenn., as second-class matter. fought by that battery, where they have erected a

monument, and of the voluntary offer by A. P. Hill Though men deserve, they may not win success,

Camp Confederate Veterans to look after it as they The brave will honor the brave, vanquished none the less.

would if their own. Permission is given the A. P.

Hill Camp to erect Confederate monuments any. BINDERS FOR THE VETERAN.

where they may choose upon that ground made

sacred by “heroic blood of both North and South." There has recently been such increased interest in binders for the VETERAN, that to supply them has Comrades generally familiar witb the Confederate been decided upon. Let all who have not done so Veteran Camp of New York, will be gratified at its and desire them, send in their orders during the month

determination to become more useful than ever, upon of March, and in April all orders will be supplied. the inspiration given by its new Commander, Col. A. Friends who have kept files with an occasional loss G. Dickinson, who was its chief officer when first of one, two or three numbers will be supplied with organized. The Adjutant, Thomas L. Moore, sends missing numbers since July and others that may be

out a series of resolutions adopted by the Camp, on hand, free of charge, if they wish to bind them. which are, in substance, to build up a society from Remember the cost of binding: $1.30 for flexible which they may expect sympathy and succor in the cloth, or $1.60 with leather with renewal of subscrip. hour of bereavement and adversity, to enjoy the tion, or independently of subscription, the cloth and companionship of one another, to recall the scenes the leather at 40 cents and 80 cents respectively, of ambition and adventurous youth passed in the

stirring period of desperate war, to talk over the Mr. James Williams, Assistant Secretary of the march, the bivouac and the battle, and to review the Shiloh Battlefield Association, again requests that humor which was often a relief amid scenes of dark. comrades who participated in that battle will be ness, and again ning the songs of Dixie; "to renew diligent to send in their names, as he wants to com- our regard for the soldier of the North, who has plete the Roster as early as possible.

ever extended us courteous and chivalrous consider

ation and neither asks nor expects apologies from us." Thanks for the active good will of comrades and It is the wish of the Camp that a burying.ground: friends for the multitude of good things sent recently be set apart, where our comrades may have at last a to the Veteran. The promise for March number is resting place, and to erect an appropriate monument. most gratifying. The January VETERAN had its us- It is resolved that in the future the charity funds ual spa e of thirty-two pages, and, in addition, eight of the Camp shall be devoted to the relief of its pages in advertising Monteagle, Tenn. This number members, and that the Commander be authorized contains unusually valuable historic matter for the and requested to appoint Committees to attend the South not specifically connected with the great Con

sick or dying members of the Camp as he may in his

judgment deem fit. Also, that the Executive Comfederate war. George Washington, George Peabody, mittee adopt such measures as are necessary to acand the University of the South have liberal atten. complish these ends. Major Edward Owen, of that tion, as will be seen in illustrated articles.

Camp, has ever been helpful to the VETERAN.

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