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A Monteagle Sabbath.

guests with its cool rooms and broad verandas, that

look out over the great garden of flowers. The No trains; no mails; no wagons; no carriages; no public receptions of each week, with their music and selling; no buying; no pleasure parties ; po bustle; recitals, are free, and highly enjoyable. Under the no "toggery.” But-quie:ude; peace ; bracing breeze; direction of a committee of ladies, a Library is blue sky; clear air; billowy clouds; sacred song:

clouds; sacred song: entering upon a prosperous career; books, daily Sabbath school; grand services; crowds of wor- papers, magazines, for the summer provided for every shipers made thoughtful by the serene, the peaceful, guest—all free to all. the worshipful around; everywhere, rest, and praise, "The atmosphere up here is a great thing, the in the hearts, and in the faces of the goodly company. water is fine, the homes are good, and the mountain Such are the recollections of the Monteagle Sabbath; is a big thing, but the best thing of all is the hearty what divine strength they gave; Heaven on earth handshakes of the big-hearted Monteagleans. Everythey seem in my memory.

body does something to make things pleasant.-Prof. And, Monteagle is bringing Heaven to our earth

Chas. Lane. through the host of beneficent influences she is gath

Free from Vice. ering for purifying and uplifting body and soul. Religious Life.

There are no saloons in all the region round about.

All forms of vice are rigidly forbidden on the Each day is closed with Twilight Prayers, a beauti. ful service, into which old and young throng in a

grounds. The people, old and young, give them

selves up wholly to the enjoyment of the healthful manner delightful to see.

exercises and entertainment provided for all. "The moral and religious atmosphere of Monteagle is all that the Christian can desire. God, his

Consequence. Christ, his Word, and his religion are honored in everything, in the purposes and conduct of Monteagle according to my estimate, to be found anywhere in

“Everybody is happy. It is the pleasantest resort, Assembly," says President Loos, of the Kentucky the country. I would not take anything for my part University.

of Monteagle, though I do not own a dollar's worth “The result is, the ennui of most summer resorts

on the mountain.”Chancellor Green. is here happily forestalled by the literary and religious privileges enjoyed during a large portion of the

Prophecy. summer, of which each visitor may avail himself at

“Monteagle, where weary toilers come to rest, is his own pleasure," observes Dr. B. M. Palmer, of New

destined to be the annual meeting place of a select, Orleans.

but ever-increasing, company of Christian men and The Reception Room and Library.

women as long as the healthful breezes stir the The commou center of the social life is the Read. forests on the Cumberland hills."— Bishop 0, P. Fitzing and Reception Room which attracts crowds of gerald.

Board of Trustees Monteagle Assembly.

Monteagle Ladies' Association.

R. W. MILLSAPS, Jackson, Miss.

.President. G. W. MACRAE, Memphis, Tenn.

Treasurer. A, P. BOURLAND, Nashville, Tenn.

Secretary. R. W. Millsaps, Jackson, Miss.

A. D. Wharton, Nashville, Tenn. R. B, Reppard, Savannah, Ga.

James Bowron, Nashville, Tenn. S. M. Ward, Jefferson, Texas.

Rev. G. A. Lofton, Nashville, Tenn, W.F. Taylor, Memphis, Tenn. A. P. Bourland, Nashville, Tenn. A. W. Newsom, Memphis, Tenn. Jesse French, Nashville, Tenn, Carrington Mason, Memphis, Tenn. Thomas Pepper, Springfield, Tenn. G. W. Macrae, Memphis, Tenn. J.I. D. Hinds, Lebanon, Tenn. W. R. Payne, Nashville, Tenn. Mrs. A. G. Love, Marion, Ala. Overton Lea, Nashville, Tenn. Miss Georgia Finley, Greenv'e, Miss. W. L. Danley, Nashville, Tenn. Dr. E. S. Chisholm, St. Louis, Mo. M. B. Pilcher, Nashville, Tenn. Murray Shipley,Cincinnati, O. W. H. Payne, Nashville, Tenn.

Vice-Presidents: Miss Lou McCaa, Dayton, Ala.

D. D. Wilkins, Duck Hill, Miss. Mrs. Lucy R. Warren, Searcy, Ark. J.B. Shearer, Davidson Coll'ge, N.C. J. T. Champney, Apopka, Fla.

J. H. Carlisle, Spartanburg, S. C. Mrs. J. B. Cobb, Macon, Ga.

Mrs. C. Mason, Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. A. E. Keiser, Jordan, Ky.

W. B. Ward, Jefferson, Texas. Robt. Babbington, Franklinton, La. G. S. Williams, Bristol, Va.

officers of Management: R. W. MILLSAPS, Jackson, Miss

President G. W. MACRAE, Memphis, Tenn.

Treasurer A. P. BOURLAND, Nashville, Tenn.

General Manager J. I. D. HINDS, Lebanon, Tenn.

Superintendent of Platform W. H. PAYNE, Nashville, Tenn

Superintendent of Schools W. R. PAYNE, Nashville, Tenn

Business Manager HAMILTON PARKS, Esq., Nashville, Tenn.

Legal Adviser Dr. P. S. BOYD, Florence, Ala... Dr. G. W. DRAKE, Chattanooga, Tenn..

Resident Physicians Dr. E. S. CHISHOLM, St. Louis, Mo.

Resident Dentist Dr. H. F. FISHER, Nashville, Tenn.

Resident Oculist STEPHEN METCALFE, Montengle, Tenn

Keeper of Grounds

OFFICERS: Mrs. James Jackson, Atlanta, Ga., President. Mrs. W. H. Payne, Nashville, Tenn., Vice-President. Mrs. W. F. Taylor, Memphis, Tenn., Treasurer. Miss Blanche Stubblefield, Stevenson, Ala., Secretary.

I. Library :

Mrs. J. B. Cobb, Macon, Ga., Chairman.
Mrs. S. M. Ward, Jefferson, Texas.
Mrs. D. M. Russell, Jonestown, Miss.
Mrs. Carrington Mason, Memphis, Tenn.

Miss Lou McCaa, Dayton, Ala.
II. Reception :
Mrs. K. C. Kretschmar, Oxford, Miss.,

Mrs. Hamilton Parks, Nashville, Tenn.,

Associate Chairman. III. Amphitheater: Mrs. A. W. Newsom, Memphis, Tenn.,

Chairman. Miss. Cordelia Stubblefield, Stevenson, Ala.,

Associate Chairman. IV. Reception Room: Mrs. Z. D. Davis, Brookhaven, Miss.,

Chairman. V. Children's Temple : Mrs. Margie Patterson, Columbus, Miss.,


The Platform. J. I. D. Hinds, Superintendent.

Monteagle Society of Christian Endeavor,

Young People.

Each summer the program of lectures, concerts, recitals, conferences, receptions, Round Tables, vespers, Sunday school exercises, Twilight Prayers and Sabbath Services demonstrate that audiences can be entertained, delighted, and at the same time refined and elevated. To the guests these furnish daily opportunities for rare and profitable enjoyment thus combining with the other attractions of the place to make Monteagle a summer home of the highest worth. During July and August, 1894, the following entertainments and exercises were actually given: Lectures and Entertainments.

120. Concerts and Recitals.

36. Club Meetings.

12. Prayer Services..

50. Sunday-school Meetings.

7. Sermons

13 Round Tables.

4. Vesper Services..

2. Christian Endeavor meetings.

Miscellaneous Meetings.


....248. Season ticket, $5; cost of each entertainment about 2 cents.

1894. Prof. Charles E. Little, Tennessee, President. Miss Lizzie Drouillard, Vice-President, Miss Ethel Anderson, Florida, Cor. Secretary. Miss Louise Westcott, Alabama, Recording Secretary. Miss Anna Mahler, Tennessee, Treasurer.

LEADERS DURING SUMMER OF 1894: Dr. H. F. Fisher, Tennessee; Rev. Mr. Hawkins, Florida; Dr. J. T. Gwathmey, Vanderbilt University; Mr. E. W. Murphy, Alabama; Rev. I. D. Steele, Ten. nessee; Rev. C. B. Ames, Florida; Mr. A. D. Gun. ning, Mississippi; Capt. M. B. Pilcher, Tennessee ; Rev. Mr. Carré, Louisiana.

[blocks in formation]

Monteagle Tennis Club.

The aim is to develop spiritual life among the young people. The meetings have been well attended, many distinguished visitors giving "God - speed." Plans for the coming season look to greatly increased attractiveness and efficiency of the work.

Most Beautiful and Most Perfect Courts in the State. Bracing Mountain Air Makes Play Ever Fascinating

and Invigorating.


Monteagle Bible Institute. A Tennis Tournament will be held at Monteagle John R. Pepper, Memphis, Tenn., President. beginning August 5, 1895, and will be continued one

Rev. George A. Lofton, Nashville, Tenn., Vice-Pres. week. The championship of the State of Tennessee

Rev. J. R. Lyle, Nashville, Tenn., Secretary. will be contested for, including both double and

J. I. D. Hinds, Lebanon, Tenn., Ex-officio Member of single championship. All players are to be approved

Executive Committee. by the Committee of Arrangements. All entries must

Special headquarters and place of meeting will be be sent in on or before July 15. For particulars ad.

provided for the summer of 1895. dress Frank Taylor, 314 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.

(Outline next page.)

any state.

The work will embrace three distinct features :

WHERE TO LIVE ON THE GROUNDS. I. Thorough Normal Study of the Bible according

I. New Assembly Hotel, (see picture), opposite to the best methods.

Amphitheater. Jesse French, Pres.; A. II. Bible Study by Themes.

W. Newsom, Vice-Pres.; W. R. Payne, III. Sunday-school, Missionary, Young People's, and

Tr988. Completely appointed. All Modother Correlated Church Work.

ern Conveniences. Necessary to reserve There will also be special days of great meetings

room at once. Address, W. R. Payne, and conferences, as follows:

Nashville, Tenn. I. Superintendents' Day.

II. Herrick Home. Address, for rates, Mrs. F. C. II. Teachers' Day.

Herrick, 1711 W. Broad Street, Nashville, III. Missionary Day.

Tenn. IV. Young People's Day.

III. Alabama Home. Rooms open to persona from Great workers will come from all parts of our

any etate. Rates for room and meals, $6 country.

to $10 per week. Address Miss Anna Let every superintendent, every teacher, every

Pybas, Monteagle, Tenn. preacher, every Christian worker either come up to

IV. Memphis Hone. Rooms open to persons

from the grand rally on the mountain or send some one

Rates for room only $1.50, to carry back the inspiration from the great gathering.

$2.00 and 3.00 per week; capacity for

two persons each. Address Miss Emma B. Temperature.

Brown, 142 Polk street, Memphis, Tenn.

V. Mississippi Home. Rooms open to persons The mean temperature at Monteagle for July and

from any state. Rates for rooms $1 00 August is about 70 degrees. At night the tempera

to $3.00 per week. Address Mr. D. D. ture frequently falls below 60 degrees; and, at mid

Wilkins, Duck Hill, Miss. day, is seldom above 85 degrees. It is always pleas. VI. Nashville Home. Rooms open to persons from ant in the shade, and the cool nights induce refresh

any state.

Rates for rooms $2.25 per ing sleep avd invigorating rest. It is particularly

week; capacity for two persons each. helpful to those whose nervous system is debilitated

Address Miss Teresa McKeon, 412 N. Sumby disease, by the press of business cares, or by men.

mer street, Nashville, Tenn. tal overwork. Dr. Atchison, who was for several VII. Furnished cottages. Cost about $15.00 per years the resident physician of the Assembly, says:

room for the entire season, or $2.00 to "I observed with surprise the rapid upbuilding of

$3.00 per week. Meals can be had at wasted strength and shattered constitutions. Sound

neighboring restaurants—$5.00 per week. sleep takes the place of insomnia, appetite waits on

Two persons occupying single room can digestion, and cheerfulnees rapidly chases away the

get rooms and meals at prices ranging shadows of care. You will find in the pure, cool moun

from $24.00 to $26.00 per month. Address tain breezes a tonic far more invigorating than physic.'

A. P. Bourland, Nashville, Tenn.
VIII. Queen Anne House. Rooms and Meals. Ad.

drese Mrs. A. L. Short, Columbus, Miss. THE MONTEAGLE OPENING OF 1894.

IX. Francis Restaurant. First class meals served

in good style. Address Robert Francis, Six HUNDRED WERE PRESENT. THEY CAME FROM

Monteagle, Tenn. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, X. Cottages furnished for housekeeping. Expen

ses just what you will. Address A. P. Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois,

Bourland, Nashville, Tenn. Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Nebraska; Monteagle is a remarkably inexpensive place. No

fashioneverything homelike and easy. fifteen States.

Two persons occupying one room will reduce cost LET US HAVE A THOUSAND AT THE opening July 4th, of room one-half for each person. Room coating 1895. Four thousand passed the gates in '94; make

$2.25 per week will thus make expense $4.50 for

each person, four weeks. Meals cost $20.00. Thus the number six thousand in '95.

total expense of board and meals is $24.50 for four weeks. Remember the old war-cry: "Hurrah for Monteagle"

NOTES AS TO THE WAYS OF LIVING. -and get all your neighbors to join you and the

Housekeeping.Cottages furnished for housekeepgreat throng on the mountain next summer.

ing of sizes varying from one to six rooms can be

rented at reasonable rates. Dealers send for ordere son of joy and strength to soul and body it will be.

as often as desired and deliver them promptly. Gar

deners and dairy farmers bring fresh fruits, vegetaThe Grounds.

tables, egge, milk and butter in great abundance every ONE HUNDRED ACRES OF BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN WOOD- day except Sunday. Living may be reduced to a LAND ENCLOSED. Trees and flowers are preserved. very small cost, because of the abundance and cheapForest avenues lead in all directions to exquisite ing at Monteagle is

ness of fresh supplies for the table. That housekeep

ot irksome is proved by the landscapes, grand canyons, caves and other mountain large number of families that live in this way dur. wonders.

ing the entire season. The safeguards of the Assem.

A sea

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A full corps of instructors in both the Theoretical and Practical Work. The only institution of its kind in the South, and the only school in the United States where the “most advanced and difficult exercises on all Gymnastic Apparatus is thoroughly and systematically taught," besides giving a variety of Dumb Bell, Indian Club, and Wand Drills, and numbers of the simpler movements.

Next Session July 4 to August 20, 1895.
For all further information, address,

Jas. T. GWATHMEY, M.D., Principal,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.

"The Summer School of Physical Culture at Monteagle this summer, has been one of the pleasantest features of the summer's work. The instructors have cause to be proud of their classes, and Monteagle is to be congratulated upon bringing this school to the mountains.”—Nashville Banner, August 20, 1894.

Furnished Cottages for Rent. Persons wishing to rent furnished cottages containing two rooms will please address either of the

following: MR. R. B. REPPARD, Savannah, Ga., First President Monteagle Assembly.

Mr. J. B. Patton, Rome, Ga.; Miss Grace Henley, bly make Monteagle the ideal home for wife and Demopolis, Ala.; Chancellor A. H. Garland, Nash:hildren. They can be left amid the most healthful ville, Tenn.; Mr. J. L. Camp, Rome, Ga.; Mr. B. B. arroundings in perfect safety.

Crew, Atlanta, Ga.; Mr. R. B. Reppard, Savaunah, Cottages.—Those wishing the delights of a home on

Ga ; Mr. W.T. Adams, Corinth, Miss.; Miss Amanda he mountain without the cares of housekeeping, Anderson, Lebanon, Tenn.; Mrs. E C. Stephenson, an take a cottage and secure meals at a neighboring Memphis, Tenn.; Dr. A. B. Weddington, Troy, Tenn.; estaurant. To live in the midst of a woodland

Miss Hattie White, Memphis, Tenn. cene, resting, reading, napping in your hammock, For furnished cottages with three rooms, address : screating, makes of the Summer an enchanting expe

Mrs. T. B. King, Brownsville, Tenn.; Mrs. Lucy ence.

R. Warren, Searcy, Ark.; Rev. E. E. Folk, Nashville, Ladies Come Alone.-Ladies will find in the Homes Tenn.; Mr. John D. Anderson, Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs. id Hotels the utmost care and attention ; they need S. F. Hare, Collierville, Tenn.; Miss Margie Thomas, it hesitate to come to Monteagle entirely alone; Nashville, Tenn.; Mies Tommie Buchanan, Murfre-esery needful arrarigement is made for their welfare.

boro, Tenn.; Mr W. H. Morrow, Nashville, Tenn. each home there gathers a circle of congenial For cottages with three rooms furnished for house. pirite; wit, music and culture blend in a happy and keeping, addrees: wholesome life.

Mre Eula Topp, Columbus, Miss.; Mrs. J. M. PorCo-operative Clubs.—BOARD AT $15 PER MONTH.- ter, Monteagle, Tenn.; Mrs, J. Weir, Monteagle These orgąnizations rent furnished cottages, employ Tenn,; Mrs. H. B. Grubbs, St. Louis, Mo.; Professor a cook, take turns week about supervising housekeep- A. D, Wharton, Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs. W, S. Johning, enjoy it, and live royally they say, for $15.00 a Bon, Memphis, Tenn.; Dr. J. B. Shearer, Davidson month, and sometimes for less. Why not form a Mont- College, N, c.; Mr, Walter White, Uniontown, Ala.; teagle club among your friends and have a glorious Rev, R. M. Standifer, Columbus, Mirs.; Mr. John summer on the mountain heights amid scenes of mar- Donaldson, Winchester, Tenn.; Mies Georgia Finlay, velous beauty, and with access to the Schools, Albem- Greenville, Miss, ; Prof. J. M. Webb, Bellbuckle, Tenn. bly Programs, Concerts, and hundreds of other

For furnished cottages containing four rooms, addelightful features?

dress: The summer will be one of the rare events of your Mr. J, E. Beck, Union City, Tenn. life. You will dwell on the heighie, indeed, in one of

For cottages containing four or more rooms furthe choicest companies this world will ever see! nished for housekeeping, address: What can be rarer than the Monteagle folk?

Capt. F. H. Peebles, Greenbrier, Ala.; Miss Julia

Tutwiler, Livingston, Ala.; Mrs. J. Ira Jones, NashMonteagle Biblo Institute, under the presidency of ville, Tenn.; Mies Pattie Purnell, Bolivar, Tenn.; Mr. John R. Peper, during August, will henceforth Miss Lizzie Love, New Orleans, La.; Mr, Lem Banks, be one of the great features of Monteagle.

Memphis, Tenn.


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AT MONTEAGLE YOU WILL FIND : 1. Bracing Mountain Climate, health-giving atmosphere, delicious sleep through nights ever cool.

2. Beautiful landscapes, dells and water-falls, rugged crags and canyons, wierd caves, unending mountain wonders, reached by delightful walks and drives over level paths and roads through inviting foreste.

3. Water: cool, sparkling "free-stone” from springe, wells, or from the water-works system supplied from an immense icy spring, that gushes out from the base of the mountain. Hydrants are in houses and in all parts of grounds, Supply of water is inexhaustible, Complete system of sewerage.

4. The Assembly: Daily Concerts, Lectures, Recitals, Sunday-school work, primary and advanced.

5. Monteagle Bible Institute, John R, Pepper, President, Great workers and thinkers.

6. Summer Schools: Art, Music, Oratory, Languages, History, Physical Culture, etc.

7. Peabody Normal Institute: Primary Methods, Pedagogy, History, etc.

8, Reading Room and Library: Latest Books, Magazines, and Daily Papers. Delightful rooms and verandas free to all,

9. Gymnasium: Completely appointed; instructors for developing all parts of the body.

10. Swimming Pool: 50x100 feet; built of solid stone, smooth cement floor, three feet deep one end, ten feet the other. Continuous supply of pure water, Bath houses around. Instruction in swimming.

11, Tennis Courts; Croquet Grounds; Bowling Alley; Children's Tent, furnished for play, with swings, etc. All with finest equipments,

12, Superb Livery Service: Surreys, Excursion Wagons, etc.

13. New Assembly Hotel, Boarding Houses, Restaurants. Cottages furnished for housekeeping. Living inexpensive.

Monteagle offers every guest multitudes of attractions that cannot be mentioned here, NO MALARIA ! NO MOSQUITOES! HEALTH

MUST NEEDS PREVAIL. REDUCED ROUND-TRIP TICKETS ON ALL RAILROADS, Notify your agent at once that you expect to go to Monteagle, so he can have your ticket ready. Ladies need not hesitate to come entirely alone, Grand opening July 4th. Send for Messenger giving details or for further information.

General Manager,

Nashville, Tenn. NOTE.-CONFEDERATE VETERAN will publish Monteagle information regularly. Subscribe for it. April number will contain all programs.

MONTEAGLE: NEW ASSEMBLY HOTEL, Opposite Amphitheater; Modern Conveniences and Best of Service.



Built and Operated by Monteagle Assembly Hotel Co.

JESSE FRENCH, President,
A. W. NEWSOM, Vice-President,

W.R. PAYNE, Secretary and Treasurer,


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