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Pure Blood Cives Perfect Health-Hood's Sar saparilla Makes Pure Blood.

"I became troubled with sorcs which broke out on me from the lower part of my body down to my ankles, dark, flat and

Very Painful. Hood's Sarsaparilla cleared my system and healed the sores in a short time, It also improved my


and benefited my genMT.L.P. Thomas

eral health. I recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to all.". L. P. THOMAS, Postmaster, Burton's Creek, Va.


parilla Hood's Pills are the best. 25c. per box


By Miss Kate Cumming, author of “Hospital Life in the Confederate Army.” This book, which is now just from the press of Roberts & Son, is one that ought to be in the library of every Southern household, and those of the North might also learn many a lesson from it. Being a resident of the Gulf City, (Mobile, Ala.) at the opening of the war, and entering the hospitals of the Southwestern Department, the author has good facilities for compiling a most interesting history of events which transpired under her own observation. These events will be of interest and value to the the youth of our land in giving them a view of the inner life of the Southern Confederacy during the great war. The extracts from her jour. nal are a record of the heroism, manly fortitude, and manifold sufferings of the noble men who warred so long and at such great sacrific to obtain their rights. She gives details of the humane treatment wounded and sick prisoners re. ceived at our hands, going far to show the falsity of much that was said to the contrary on the other side. Price, $1, by mail, postage paid, supplied by the VETERAN.


Industrial and Food

In Europe and America.

Unlike the Dutch Process, no Alkslies or other Chemicals or Dyes are

used in any of their preparations Their delicious BREAKFAST COCOA is absolutely pure and soluble, and costs less than one cent a cup.





On To Houston !


This is what every traveler will admit who instrusts himself to the hospitality

of the Southern Pacific Sunset Route


Confederate Reunion!

and, boarding that acme of solid vestibuled trains, “Sunset Limited,” gives

The Iron Mountain Route, Via Mem himself up to the delights of a three After Many Years of Suffering the Elec. | phis Little Rock and Texarkana in condays' run in the dial-track of the great

tropoise is Used With Most Sat- nection with the Texas and Pacific, and orb of day. Every variety of scenic

isfactory Results.

I. & G. N. Roads, forms the shortest beauty unfolds itself to the vision of the

and quickest route to Houston Texas. passenger over this steel highway in a When I was 18 years old, I had a severe

Rate of $13.00 round trip from Mem

phis, on basis of one cent per mile travsixty-hour trip from the Gulf coast to spell of typhoid pneumonia, which left me the Pacific ocean; wbile every accommoin a very nervous condition. My glands

eled. As low general rate as by any were affected and I had a terrible coughi,

other line. dation and comfort conceivable is found which has followed me through life.

Tickets on sale May 18th and 19th. in the most luxuriously appointed cars bave since bad several spells of fever. I Elegant Reclining Chair Cars (seats which make up this finest and fastest enlisted in the army and served during the free) and Pullman Buffet Sleepers run. railway train in existence. The course late war, which, to the roughness of camp through on Iron Mountain trains, leavof this cross-continent trip being alto- life, aggravated my cough so that it öt | ing Memphis 8 a.m. and 7:40 pm. gether below the frost line, the traveler worse all the time. Since the war I have

Special attention will be shown Vet. is insured a perfect journey under con- been in bad health and had a number of

erans to insure comfort while enroute. tinuously sunny skies, while the invalid bemorrhages. For more than twenty-five

See that your tickets read “Via The will encounter only the most salubrious years I have suffered with catarrh anil ini

Iron Mountain Route." air even in the dead of winter. Leaving could sleep but little. Have taken a great digestion, my cough being so bad that I

For particulars, sleeper reservations, New Orleans at 8 a. m. every Thursday, deal of medicine during this tine from

Address, on and after Nov. 1, this speedy, sump- nun bers of physicians. Last fall I had a R. T. G, MATTHEWS, tuous and safe annihilator of distance

very severe attack, which the physicians makes Los Angeles in two and one-half said was congestion of the brain, lungs and

Southern Traveling Agent, days and San Francisco in but three and bowels. Since then I have had two similar | 304 W. Main St., Louisville, Ky. one-quarter days. "Sunset Limited” attacks. These spells would leave nie very comprises a composite bath, tonsorial sore and weak, and I do not think I would

DIRECT ROUTE parlor, cafe and library car, the finest be alive now had it not been for the use of pullman sleepers and drawing-room the Electropoise. It gave me relief from

TO THE coaches, and dining-car, which in its tiun improved and I sleep well and cough Confederate - Reunion service and cuisine leave nothing to be

less than I have in thirty-six years. desired. One trip by "Sunset Limited" in one of its famous overland flights is Electropoise, and wish you much success. I heartily give my indorsment to the

AT worth all the journeys of modern travel.

Yours, very truly,

HOUSTON, TEXAS, For full particlars address 8. F. B.

I. M. WRINKLE. MORSE, General Passenger Agent, South- McKenzie, Tenn., Feb. 12, 1865.

VIA THE ern Pacific Company, New Orleans, La

Texas and Pacific Railway. Cash price, $25. Rental terms, $10 cash for

four months, with privilege to purchase by A $1 Magazine for 30c. paying $17.51 additional at the expiration If you are thinking of attending the of four months.

Reunion to be held at Houston, Texas, Send 80 cts and names of 6 people who might subscribe, and we will send you THE ST. LOUIS

Pocket Electropoise book of particulars May 22nd to 25th, you should bear in MAGAZINE a full year. The price of the maga- free to any address.

mind that the Texas & Pacific Railway, zine is $1 a year. A sample copy and Alumi.

in connection with the Iron Mountain num Charm (dime charm) with the Lord's Prayer coined in smallest characters, sent for

via 10 cents, silver or stamps.

route. Low rates and service unexNo free copies, so don't send postals. Chambor of Commerce Bullding,



Nashville, Tenn.

Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt., Dallas, Tex:





Temperature From Six to Ten

Degrees Colder Than Can be

A beautifully enameled spoon, warTHE LOST CAUSE.

ranted solid silver, designed, pat

ented and sold exclusively by GREENLEAF & CROSBY, JEWELERS, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.



Gotten With Ice.


“* THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE The Home Ice Maker Company, of Nashville, Tenn., has a wonderful suc- IS IIAPPY, FRUITFUL MARRIAGE.”

Every Man Who Would Know cess in the Chemical Refrigerator. It


Grand Trutbs, the Plain Facts, to is cooled by the use of chemical com

New Discoveries of Medical Licicnco pound, no ice being used ; and yet a tem- as Applied Married Lito, Who

THE DIARY Would Atono for Past Errors and perature is gotten and maintained in the

Avoid Futuro Pitfalls, Should Secar: lower part of the Refrigerator from 6 to

the Wonderful Litilo Dook Called 10 degrees colder than can possibly be " Completo Manhood, and How to dt.

tain It." had from the use of ice. Milk, butter. “Here at last is information from a tir!

..OR.. vegetables or meats, wbich may be kept mcdical source that must work wonders wit:

this generation of meu " in the Refrigerator, are not exposed to The book fully describes a method by wbisa Scenes Behind the Curtain,

to attain full vigor and manly power. the chemical in any manner whatever. A method by which to end all unnatural

drains on tho system. So no one need fear any odor, etc., being

..BY.. absorbed from the chemical. It is non

JOHN HALLUM. odorous and non poisonous, however. A full supply of chemical is given with each Refrigerator, and with proper care

A History of Remarkable Scenes, will last several years. The chemical

Episodes and Trials, Civil, is put into a porcelain receptacle in the

Criminal and Millitary. top of the Refrigerator and water poured on it, which immediately produces an

AGENTS WANTED. intense cold. This stands for 24 hours, and the liquid or dissolved chemical is drawn off and boiled, and the chemical

For sale by the is restored to its original condition, and

To cure nervousness, lack of self-control, dois ready for use as soon as cool; double ezradcncy, &c.

To exchange a jaded and worn natt: C-2 supply of chemical is furnished with

ozc of brightness, buoyancy ar: power.

'i'o cure forever effects of excesscs, overwc:!:, each Refrigerator. There is positively

Worry, &c.

To five full strength, development and to to every portion and organ of the body,

NASHVILLE, TENN. no costi except the little time required

Age no barrier. Failure impossiblc. Two

thousand references. to restore the chemical. The family us- 'The book is purely medical and ecicntic, ing our Refrigerator is indepentdent of

uscles3 to curiosity seckers, iavaluable to rca

oaly wbo need it. ice and ice factories. We are prepared

A despairing man, who had applic:l to us,

Scon after wrote: to put our attachments in any Refriger

"Well, I tell you that first day is ono I'll SE

rever forget. I just bubbled with joy. I ator which the family may now have,

vaated to hug everybody and tell them my

c!l celt had died yesterday, and my new ec! thus avoiding the necessity of buying wh’n I Arst wroto that I woull Ind it this

was born to-day. Why didn't you tell mo

WANTED! a new one. Those desiring attachments

nd another thus: will give the width, depth and length of

"If you dumped a cart load of gok! at ry OLD CONFED. & U. S. STAMPS. fect it would net bring such gladness into my

li o as your rethod has done. ice box.

Dufo, N. Y., anıl ask for the little book

Will pay as much as $200.00 each for For further particulars address callo 1 "COLIPLETE MANHOOD." Refer to

some varieties. Remove none from enthis paper, and the company promises to send velopes. Send stamp for illustrated HOME ICE MAKER COMPANY, ibo book, in scaled envelope, without any

catalogue. J. M. BARTELS, marts, erlcatirely free, until it is well intra Nashville, Tenn. docel

Alexandria, Va.


Southwestern Publishing Co.,




Alf and Bob Taylor The Heroes.

They Will Travel and Lecture Together in "Yankee Doodle" and "Dixie"-A Remarkabie



N ancient Greece the art of oratory was fostered and developed by the democratic character of its in

stitutions, and the public assemblies of its cities were great debating clubs, open to all. The gift of eloquence made sure pre-eminence for its fortunate possessor. Every citizen was obliged to plead his own cause, hence the attention bestowed upon public speaking and the high degree of perfection attained by the Greeks in the difficult art of persuasion. Demosthenes and Æschines were the great rival Athenian orators, and upon one occasion all Athens and strangers from far and near gathered to hear them. The contest resulted in a "golden crown” for one and exile for the other.

The joint appearance of Hon. Alfred A. Taylor and ex-Gov. Robert L. Taylor, during the season of 1895-6, in “Yankee Doodle" and "Dixie," in the principal cities of the United States, will be a revival of the famous “War of Roses,” Alf opening the entertainment with “Yankee Doodle" and "Our Bob" closing with “Dixie.”

The tour will be under the management of Mr. C. L. Ridley, of Nashville, who, since that remarkable contest between these talented men for the Governorship of Tennessee, has been trying to bring them together again. The appearance of the brothers upon the hustings in that contest excited unusual attention throughout the country, and whenever they appeared they were greeted by immense throngs, the partisans of Alf wearing a red rose and those of Bob a white rose. When the campaign was over, it occurred to Mr. Ridley that it had ended too soon, and he began laying plans for its revival, but Gov. Taylor was in the Executive chair four years, and after that, Hon. Alfred Taylor was serving his district in Congress, and so the idea has not been feasible until now. Alf's term in Congress ended March 4, and at last the distinguished brothers have consented to appear upon the same platform on the same evening:

In East Tennessee, where the Roane and Unaka lift their heads heavenward in peaceful Happy Valley, near the banks of the beautiful Watauga, Alf and Bob Taylor were born, and lived through the trundlebed—the sunrise period of life. Too young to participate in the war between the States, they were children in a section divided against itself, and grew to man's estate in an atmosphere of intense excitement. The paternal side of the family favored the cause of the Union, the maternal side was strongly attached to the Confederacy, and so their every surrounding brought its conflicting emotions, until after a while they come upon the stage of action, when the young blood of the South had set about recuperating devastated fields and reconstructing shattered fortunes.

Hon. Nathaniel G. Taylor, the father of Alf and Bob Taylor, was a Methodist minister, and a Whig of prominence, representing his district in Congress in ante-bellum days, was Commissioner of Indian Affairs during the administration of President Andrew Johnson, and served as elector on the Bell-Everett ticket. Their

mother was the sister of the famous Democratic orator and politician the Hon. Landon C. Haynes, who was a member of the Confederate Senate. These brothers inherit in a marked degree the exceptional qualities that made their ancestors prominent, endowed with the gift of "seeing a sunbeam in every melody, and a melody in every sunbeam," a poem in every flower, and a flower in every thought, they captivate and charm; versatile and magnetic, peerless as raconteurs, they hold their audiences in perfect happiness.

Aif is a staunch Republican, Bob is above all things a Democrat. They have won their spurs on the hustings, and each enjoys the fullest love and confidence of his people. Alf was elected to the Legislature before he was of age, and had barely attained his majority when he took his first oath of office. He represented his party on the Hayes-Wheeler and Garfield-Arthur electoral tickets, and has just finished his third term in the Congress of the United States. He ranks high as an orator. His arguments are logical and brilliant, his thoughts run smooth and deep, and his perorations have the grandeur of his native mountains.

Bob served one term in Congress, was twice elected Governor of Tennessee and twice represented Democracy, for the State at large on the Cleveland and Hendricks, and the Cleveland and Stevenson tickets in the presidential electoral college. This was his political record before he was 38 years old. Since then his success in "The Fiddle and the Bow," "Paradise of Fools” and “Visions and Dreams" has been as flattering as his political record. He is a capital story-teller, a true sympathizer with all that is serious in life and a delightful cartoonist of that which is ludicrous. No man can rise to loftier heights of oratory than he.

The revivified “War of the Roses" will be something new. It is not often that two such talented men as Alf and Bob Taylor come of the same family; it is not often, that brothers become leaders of different political parties and, furthermore, no two brothers ever ran against each other for Governor before. This joint appearance will be as novel as it is original. Dissimilar in personal appearance, in contour of features, in manner and in method of thought, yet their talents are about equal, and when they meet in the War of the Roses," with

its touches of coinedy, pathos, music and eloquence, it will determine which is Demosthenes and which Æschines. That this joint appearance will materially broaden the fame of each is assured, and lovers of artistic amusement will await the beginning of this tour with pleasant anticipation.

The tour will begin in Nashville Oct. 1.--Nashville American, Sunday Morning March 10.

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President, J. HUGH MCDOWELL, Secretary, R. GARTH.

W. H. GARDNER, Union City, Tenn.
HON. F. Y. MOCREE, Union City, Tenn.
W.C. McCAMPBELL, Union City, Tenn.
CAPT. J. W. HOWELL, Kenton, Tenn.
HON. H. W. HICKMAN, Jefferson City, Mo.
HON. J. W. DOLLISON, Little Rock Ark., Legal Adviser.

HON. SEID WADDELL, Union City, Tenn.
The biennial report of the Secretary, R. Garth, made to E. B. Craig,
Insurance Commissioner for Tennessee, July 31, 1894, shows total assets of
$49.929.76, with total liabilities of $11,045.90, leaving a surplus of $38.883.86,
and an actual safety land of $35,899.49, or more than four times its lia-
bilities. The report shows that on December 31, 1898, there were twenty-
six claims, aggregating 18,808.20, while this last report shows only one
uopaid claim of $1,300. Policies in force December 31, 900, aggregating
$2.100,000. In the written roport is the extraordinary statement that no
claims have been compromised or resisted.

Agents throughout the south wanted. Write
A. A. SELDEN, Director of Agencies. R. GARTH, Secretary



Situated in the heart of the fashionable shopping and amusement districts, one block from Broadway at Union Square, in the quiet and aristocratic neighborhood of Gramercy Park. An ideal family hotel. On the American plan Cuisine noted for its excellence.

Rooms single or en suite, with private bath. RATES MODERATE.

Westminster Hotol, Irving Place and 16th St.,

NEW YORK. E. N. ANABLE, Prop. B. W. Swopo, of Ky..




Axle behind fire box; Engine far farward on boiler-no rearing; long Connecting Rod ;
Locomotive Crossbead and Slides; Horizontal Governors; Superheated Steam; Inde-
pendent Pump; Friction Clutch, and many other peculiar features, placing the
STEVENS EASILY IN THE LEAD of the Traction Engine Family.

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Southern Headquarters for Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills, Crist Mills, Food


Also Clover Hullers, Grain Threshers, Wind Stackers, Automatic Stackers, Self Feed-
ers and Band Cutters. Write for Catalogue, or call and

see these goods at


Tennessee Implement


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