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COMMANDER OF MEMPHIS ENCAMPMENT. a full rounded character.

In due time after being born, Bogardus was reSynopsis of a sketch by his life-long friend, Maj.

turned by canal and stage coach to the Rock City, Joseph Vaulx, who was Inspector General of Cheat

where he grew up among the rattling boys of the ham's Division, Army of Tennessee:

era, but was always conservative, never getting inCol. Robert Bogardus Snowden was born in New York City, on Broadway, on the site of the late St.

to any very bad scrapes-if he did he got out of them.

He was educated at Nashville, and at the WestNicholas Hotel, where at that event was situated the residence of his maternal grandfather, Gen. Robt.

ern Military Institute, Ky., by that strict discipli

narian, and able soldier, Gen. Bushrod Johnson. FinBogardus, April, 1836.

ishing school, he went to New Orleans to learn busiAlthough he first saw light in New York, he was

ness. After a few years he returned to Nashville, and "de jure” a native of Nashville, his father, John Bayard

was in business here when the war began.

Young Snowden was a military taste, and was one of the charter members of that crack company, the Rock City Guards in 1858.

Snowden went out as Adjutant of the First Tennessee Regiment in 1861. In 1862 Gen. Bushrod Johnson made him Assistant Adjutant Gen. of his brigade, which he ably filled, until in 1863 a vacancy of Lieutenant Colonel in the Twenty-fifth Tennessee Regiment, Johnson's Brigade, occurred, when the officers next in rank requested that Snowden be appointed to fill the vacancy. He did valiant service with his regiment at Chickamauga. By a very expert and brilliant maneuvre, taking a Federal Battery in flank, he captured it and its support of Infantry. He was complimented by his commanding General for the achievement.

Col. Snowden went with Gen. Johnson to Virginia and performed arduous service around Petersburg to the last.

After the war he engaged in business in New York. In 1868, married Miss Anna Brinkley, of Memphis, then the heiress of Tennessee, not of wealth alone, for she is the granddaughter of one of Tennessee's pioneers, Judge John Overton; a lady of gentle nature, refined and sincere; a domestic woman, a devoted mother, and true friend. Providence has blessed them in their union and companionship. While possessing a large fortune, they have never been arrogant or ostentatious in their manners. As a boy, young man, soldier, and man of affairs, Col. Snowden has done his part well; has kept the faith, and is highly

esteemed in Tennessee's western metropolis and his Snowden, having been for some years previous a old home, Nashville. resident, and the leading fancy dry goods merchant of the Rock City. Mr. Snowden and his wife were

MRS. SONSWALL JACKSON'S BOOK. both natives of New York, and were cultivated and refined people, and for over twenty-five years were

The Harper & Bro's. edition of Life and Letters

of Stonewall Jackson by his wife Mrs. M. A. Jackbright lights in Nashville's social circle-when chivalry, good breeding and honor were the passports. They

son, is now out of print. The VETERAN has secured lived in generous style, and made their friends happy few remaining copies which have been handsomely

an arrangement to supply its subscribers with the by their cordiality and sincerity on crossing their threshold.

bound with a years subscription, for $2.50, and to Mr. Snowden's family has given some prominent template securing a

clubs of six new subscribers, free. Those who conand noted men to the country. An Admiral, a Com

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• lem pls our righulo mar, We huist ou high the Boonie Blue Flag liar bears a Sin -gle Slar.

3 First, Gallant South Carolina nobly made the stand;

Then came Alabama, who took her by the hand;
Next, quickly Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida,
All rais'd on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

4 Ye men of valor gather round the Banner of the Right,

Texas and fair Louisiana, join us in the fight;
Davis, our loved President, and Stephens, Statesman rare,
Now rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single Star.

5 And here's to brave Virginia, the Old Dominion State

With the young Confederacy at length has linked her fate;
Impelld by her example, now other States prepare
To hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

6 Then cheer, boys, raise the joyous shout,

For Arkansas and North Carolina now have both gone out;
And let another rousing cheer for Tennessee be given,
The Single Star of the Bonnie Blue Flag has grown to be Eleven.

7 Then here's to our Confederacy, strong we are and brave,

Like patriots of old, we'll fight our heritage to save;
And rather than submit to shame, to die we would prefer,
So cheer for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

CHORUS.-Hurrah! Hurrah! for Southern Rights hurrah!

Hurrah! for the Bonnie Blue Flag has gain'd th' Eleventh Star!

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\Pat Cleburne Camp, Waco, Tex.. is doing a wise thing to make history by appointing a member to furnish a paper on some pertinent subject. At a large meeting recently,John Moore concluded to adopt a skirmish with Indians as his theme, modestly claiming that others could write better than himself about our great war. It was away back in '60, Monday morning, 5th of March, that two negro men came upon a party of Indians, who pursued them. One of the negroes got away from them with an arrow in his head as a souvenir. The father of Comrade Moore, a physician, took the arrow from the negro's head, finding that it had been "twisted up" and remained sticking in the wool. While in pursuit of this squad of Indians, Moore came in contact with one of them, who persisted in firing several shots at him, but at last fell mortally wounded. It is not more than a third of a century since there were many vicious Indians in Texas, and it is very interesting to have now and then such reminiscences as Comrade Moore has furnished.

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