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Ice Made Without Cost.


POLK MILLER AT HOUSTON. Mr. Polk Miller has arranged to be in Houston, Tex., during the reunion of the United Confederate Veterans, and will give his recital May 22, 23 and 24th in Assembly Hall.

Polk Miller is one of the original members of R. E. Lee Camp Confederate Veterans, of Richmond, Va., one of the first camps organized after the war. He will be one of its delegates Mr. Miller has appeared before Confederate Camps in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky Tennessee and Missouri, and has many personal friends in all these States.

Every Family Given an Op. His entertainment is not a lecture,

portunity to Make its and there is not a dry moment in it. His songs, stories, etc., are brimful of fun.

Own Ice at Home. He is certainly the best delineator of the peculiar wit and humorous characteristics of the old time plantation negro

Can Be Made Qaickly, and in Quantiin existence. Rev. J. William Jones, Chaplain of

ties From Five to Five Hun. the University of Virginia, says that FROM OBSCURITY HE HAS WORKED His

dred Pounds. “Mr. Miller's dialect recital is a chapter

WAY TO THE FRONT. of Southern history which all ought to be familiar with. The old Virginia

One of the most wonderful inventions of the plantation negro of ante-bellum days

If the VETERAN was called upon to nineteenth century is now being presented to has almost entirely passed away, name a business man in the city of Nash

the Southern public by the Home Ice Maker and few of the young


ville whose careeris deserving of special Company, of this city. which proposes to furever seen him, His caricature as pre- mention, he would not go amiss if the

nish each family with a machine which will sented in many books, magazines and name of J. P. Givens was singled out.

make from five to five hundred pounds of ice newspapapers is very far from the real Less than fifteen years ago Mr. Givens, daily, at absolutely no cost after having provicharacter whom our fathers received a then a country boy, left the farm in an

ded themselves with the Home Ice Maker. In savage from the slave ships of Old and adjoining county and came to the city fact, it is the quickest, cheapest, and most conNew England, and so far elevated,Chris in search of work. It was not long af

venient means of supplying each household tianized and enlightened, that our ter arriving until he secured a place,

with an abundance of pure ice. The Home Ice Northern brethren in 1865 deemed him for the shrewd business men could see

Maker is very simple in its construction, and, worthy of citizenship. Polk Miller rep- in his countenance that determination

in fact, no labor; yet it does its work quickly, resents him just as he was,and incident- and honest purpose which would fit one

taking about two and a half to four hours to ally brings out the kindly relations for valuable service.

make a freeze. While the scientific world has which existed between master and His first work was for the Weil cloth

been wrestling with this question for years, the slave." ing firm, where he started at the tail

Home Ice Maker Company is the first to place end of the long list of clerks. Promotion and advance of salary came regu.

upon the market an individual ice machine at a

price within the reach of all. The Company lar with the years, until at the end of

propose to at once establish agencies in every five years he was given an interest in

State in the Union for the purpose of supplying the large business, and the same contin

this long-felt want, and there is no longer any ued until the great fire in 1891, which wiped out the contents of the building luxuries-fresh butter and milk and good drink

excise for being without the greatest of all when the firm wound up its affairs. ARE ALWAYS SEEN

ing water. The ice is made by a chemical pro

Thoroughly familiar with the affairs WHEN LADIES USE of the old firm, Mr. Givens, thereupon, used are non-odorous, non-poisonous and indes

cess which is entirely new, and the chemicals opened up business across the street on

tructible. One of the most remarkable features his own account as successor. where he

in connection with compound is that constant remained until the Weil building was

use does not effect its cold-producing power; remodeled, when he moved into it and

consequently,the same chemical can be used inA TOILET LUXURY ever since he has been alone, and the

detinitely, the only cost being the original purmammoth six-story building corner of

chase of the machine. Broad and Market, packed with cloth

In addition to the Ice Maker, the Company ATTAR OF ROSES ing, shoes and gents' furnishing goods,

will make family refrigerators, using chemicals tells of his wise management and unpre

instead of ice. Attacbments can be made to any Thousands of women have used it with

cedented prosperity. It proudly ranks

refrigerator, which will save the cost of the outas the largest clothing establishment in marked success in all skin troubles. Use the city, and Mr. Givens stands high

At in a few months, as the same chemical can le

used over and over again. Chemical in a reit and have a face fair as the Jily. Not as a prosperous merchant.

frigerator with the Company's attachments will a drop of oil in it. Will not stain the

The wholesale department is patron

produce a lower temperature by from 6 to 8 declothes. Unsurpassed for Heat Rash in ized by merchants in all portions of Ten

grees than can possibly be gotten with ice. Children.

nessee and adjoining States, and it is
The aim of Mr. Givens to prepare in a

The Company is composed entirely of Nash-
PRICE 35 CENTS. still larger way for the visitors to the

ville gentlemen thus making it strictly a home

enterprise. The merits of the machine will Get it of your Drug. Centennial, with a view to covering the

certainly insure for it a liberal patronage. The gist, or sent by mail

entire South with his trade.

It takes men of the go-aheadativeness Company has established headquarters in Noel upon receipt of price

Court, where the Ice Maker can be inspected by of Mr. Givens to meet the requirements by the manufacturers, of the times. He does not stand back to

any one interested.

For further particulars, address trail in after others who dare to lead, but THE LIVURA MFG. CO. leads the way and is showing to the THE HOME ICE MAKER CO..

world that pluck and perseverance if 111 Duane Street, NEW YORK rightly directed brings reward.

Nashville, Tenn.





Strong Endorsement


and ...Battle Flags

nors have stated they would be present. BEN CIRKLE,

The Interstate Drill and Encampment
which the Memphis people will hold

from May 11th to 21st, promises to be
Of the Electropoise by Rev. W. H. De-
Puy, of New York.

a most interesting event. The neces-
sary amount, twenty-five thousand dol-

lars, ($25,000) so easily raised, proves FOR THE GREAT RE-UNION AT HOUSTON. Would Not Take a Thousand Dollars for It After Using It in His Family

that the Bluff City is in a flourishing conSeveral Years.

dition and that her citizens are liberal All Kinds of Badges Made and progressive. Few cities of its size

to Order. The following is from Rev. W. H. DePuy, could attract such general attention on A.M., D.D., LL.D., editor of the People's Cyclo

such short notice. The General of the Portraits of Rate Generals and pedia, and several other well known works, and now assistant editor of the Christian Advocate Army with his Staff has accepted an in

Battle Scenes, at New York, a position which he has filled for more than twenty years:

vitation from Gen. Snowden to be his NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 1893. Myself and family have received so much ben. guest on that occasion. Twelve Gover

..PRICES THE LOWEST... efit from the use of your Electropoise, and I have become so thoroughly convinced of its prectical value as a curative agent that I feel Five Confederate Lieutenant Generals, warranted in commending it without reserve to the public. One of my friends, a widely known seven Major Generals, and eleven Brig

MANUFACTURER, and highly esteemed clergyman and educator, adier Generals have written they will after using the Electropoise for nearly two years


CHICAGO. in his family, said to me more than once, after be present.

3-2t. thoroughly testing its merits, that if he could not get another he would not take $1,000 for it.

A special feature of the drill will be I cheerfully give you my permission to use

a contest between old Confederate solthis brief note in any way which may aid you in

+ PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, introducing the instrument to the attention of diers. The company at Memphis is any community. Very truly yours,


known as Company “A” Uniform Rank, Sash, Doors, Blinds,

U. C. 1., is composed of some of the 150 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK, April 3, 1895.

Artist Materials. leading lawyers, doctors and merchants John E. Da Bois, Esq., President of the Electrolibration Co.- My Dear Sir: Please say in of Memphis. These gentlemen are work. WARREN BROS., response to the enclosed inquiry just received, that my estimate of the value of the ELECTRO- ing with the same enthusiasm that inPOISE, as expressed in my testimonial bearing spired them in the sixties. They have

Nashville, Tenn. date Dec. 20, 1893, has not diminished, but, on the contrary, has greatly increased, and my con- the old Confederate uniform, fidence in the merits of this method of cure- and pants, and gray caps. They use

..THE.. simple, convenient, economical and effective as it is—has constantly grown with my increasing

the old fashioned muzzle-loading musobservation and experience.

kets, and drill by Hardee's Tactics.
Very truly yours,

Many old soldiers will witness the

drill of their comrades.
Rented four months for $10. Send for partic-
ulars. Mailed free to any address.

Chamber of Commerce Building,


THE VETERAN has two Sewing Ma-
chines just from the factory. One a
Wheeler & Wilson No. 9, the other an
Improved “Davis.” The price of these

machines the world over is $60 Pictures Nos. 160, 152, and 154 N.

of thein are to be seen advertised in Cherry St. (Cumberland Presbyterian Publishing

this number of TME VETEAN. Block), Nashville, Tenn.

To the first young lady sending us 100

Bugi. A practical school of established reputation.

subscriptions at *1 each, we will send ness men recommend this College. Write for free Cats- the Wheeler & Wilson No. 9, and to the logue. Address R. W. JENNINGS, PRINCIPAL.

next one the “Davis.” To the third per-
son and all others competing and who
chance to get in their lists too late, we
will allow $30 to be deduced from the
$100. If $50 be received the deduction

gray shirt







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Country Produce will be 25 per cent and for all sums less,


[ocr errors]


TENNESSEE. YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED. When Shipping remember us and mention the VETERAN.


Many friends will contribute a dollar on an effort to secure such a valuable prize for a young lady, and it will be an easy matter for a young lady to get up a list of 100 if in canvassing she tells those she solicits that it means a $60 Sewing Machine for her.

A strictly high-grade Family Sewing
Machine, possessing all modern


sons not reliable might become solici: GUARANTEED EQUAL TO THE BEST

Readers of the Veteran:
The Rock City Trunk Factory,

WALTER M. PARRISH, Pres., 114-116 N. College St., Nashville, Tenn.,

Will make to order, Trunks, Valises, Sample Cases, Theatrical or Traveling Trunks, and solicits orders from readers of the VET "RAN. They manufacture everything handled and can undersell all competition. They also repair trunks. The VETERAN recommends this Factory.

tors. Subscribers under this offer will
therefore look to the solicitor for good

Prices vory reasonable. Obtain them faith, and when the applicant is worthy from your local dealer and make her friends should be diligent to en

comparisons. courage her. This offer stands open until July 1, 95. ELDREDGE MANUFACTURING CO. THE CONFEDERATE VETERAN, Nashville, Tenn.


All Satisfied.

Double your Corn Crop by Using


Long List of Testimonials From Persons

Who Have Been Cured of Various

Allments by the Electropoise.



A Free Sample of DR. WHITEHALL'S ME-GRIM-INE (MEGRIM-A Half Headacho.) the only pleasant, prompt, perfect relief, and permanent cure for all forms of HEADACHE and NEURALGIA. Sent on mention of this papor. Sold by all Druggists.

500 Per Box. The DR. WHITEHALL MFG. CO. So. Bend, Ind.


[blocks in formation]



Successors to D. WRITESMAN & CO. Manufacturers of WAGONS, BUGGIES,

CARRIAGES, Etc. Both Partners are ractical Workmen.

Repairing a Specialty. 118 N. COLLEGE ST., NASHVILLE, TENN

I had rheumatism for a year, and had to stop work, but after using the Electropoise for four months I can say that it has cured me.

Yours truly, MR. W.G. GREEN. Clay Brook, Tenn., Dec. 19, v4. The Electropoise has done me more good than any medicine I ever took. It has cured me of the rheumatism, and I hope I will be able to praiso it to the end of my life. Yours truly,

MRS. R. H. SPARKMAN. Forest City, Ark., Dec. 22, '94. I take pleasure in saying that we consider the Electropoise a wonderful curative agent. We have used it with great success a number of times, and for different diseases. We value it very highly and would not be without it.

Yours very truly, MRS. A. M. DEBow. Hickman, Ky. Jan. 16, '95.

I have been a great eufferer with catarrh, and will say that the Electropoise has been of great beneat to me. I recommend it to all who are suffering with catarrh. Yours very truly,

MRS. M. E. Smith. Hall Pone, Tenn, March 14, '95.

I had been confined to my bed for eighteen months before I got the Electropoise. It has given me entire satisfaction, and have never before obtained such relief from anything.

Yours truly, MRS. JENNIE PAYNE. Doposit, Ala., Sept. 25, '94.

My mother and I are satisfied. We have been greatly benefited by the use of the Electropolne. It is the greatest relief imaginable to nie årtor doing a hard day's work. Yours truly,

Miss MARCIA RAYMOND. Contreville, Tenn., Dec. 22, '94.

We used the Electropoise in our family for almost everything and it has always proved satisfactory. Yours truly,

'J. A. WILLINGHAM. Sebree, Ky., Dec. 3, '94.

We have used the Electropoise with perfect satisfaction in our family. Yours truly.

MRS. JNO. B. Wilsox. Oliver, Teno., Dec. 4, '94. Cash price, $25.–Rental terms—$10.00 cash for four months, with privilege to purchase by paying $17.50 additional at the expiration of four months.

Pocket Electropoise book of particulars free 10 any address.

$12 TO $35 A WEEK can be made working for us. Parties preferred who can furaish a horse, and travel through the country, a team, though, is not necessary. A few vacancies in towns and cities. Men and women of good character will find this an exceptional opportunity for profitable employment. Spare hours may be used to good advantage.

B. F. . JOHNSON & Co., 1 1 th and Main Sts.


A Good Position.

[blocks in formation]

OFFICE OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK, NARAVILLE, TENN., Apr. 6, 1895.-Prof. J.F. Draughon, President Draughon's Practical Business Col. lege, Nashville, Tenn.-Dear Sir: The time for which you deposited $100 three months ago today as a forfeit under your proposition to give $100 to any charitable institution in Nashville and $100 to any Business College South of the Ohio river, if you could not show more written applications for book-kepers and stenographers during the “past five months” than any other Busines College South of the Ohio river could show in the past five years," has this day ex. pired, and no demand having been made, the same is now held subject to your check. Respectfully,

W.F.BANG, Cashier. n. B.-A certificate of deposit for the above was published in the daily papers of Nashville, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Atlanta Constitution, and thirty thousand circulars, giving the colleges three months time to accept.-Nashville Daily American, April 7, 1895.

All who desire a thorough practical business education and a good position should write Prof J. F. Draughon for his free 120-page catalogue.

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DuBois & Webb, Chamber of Commerce Building,

Nashville, Tenn.





Nashville's Leading Florists


[blocks in formation]

If you want to buy anything in the Real Es-
tate line call on us.
We have farm property.
We have mineral lands.
We have timber lands.
We have water power for factory sites.
We have city property.
Call on us and we can suit you.

205 Union Street, Nashville, Tenn.

- OHNE :

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discarded the Dealer and began
selling direct to Consumers at
wholesale prices. Result: up-
ward of 100,000 Vehieles sold
and our factory now the largest
on earth, dealing direct with con-

sumers. Send for our mammoth "A" Orade. $67.60. 126 page illustrat. free catalogue. ALLIANCE CARRIAGE CO., CINCINNATI, O.


For Its High Grado Family Sowing Machines. Addness: DAVIS SEWING MACHINE CO. DAYTON, ONIO.


Classified Notices.

3 [Notices under this heading, such as “Wanled," For Sale," " Personal," "Lost," "Strayed,"

Slolen," "Reward,” “For Rent," will be inserted at 20 cents per line each insertion.)

of tributed. Cards, etc., nailed up. Satisfaction guaranteed. Write for terms and references JAMES L, HILL, Manager, 110 Cedar Street, Nashville, Tenn.


Manager Cotton Department. BANKERS,

COL GEORGE K. WRIGHT, 40-42 Wall Street,


Southern Representative. #OLD CLOTHES MADE NEW .#

We clean and dye the most delicate shades and fabrics in Ladies', Children's and Gents' Garments. No ripping required. Guarantee no smutting in wooi and silk. We pay expressage both ways to any point in the United States. Write for terms and Catalogue. Repair gents' clothing to order. Largast and aest equipped in the South.

306 North Summer St., Nashville, Tenn. (1-95-ly). Mention the VETERAN.



Exterminator, also bed bugs, and bird and

poultry vermin. No smell; no poison; harmless as so much earth. Been thoroughly tested and will rid you of roaches, bed bugs, and bird and poultry vermin. You have been disappointed so often. This will not disappoint you. It is not a catch-penny. Price 25c; by mail 300. Call Nashville, Tenn.

Mention the VETERAN.

, And Commission Merchants,


. era Cure, on receipt of 25 cents. Also Hog Cholera Cure $1.00. Ñakes hens Jay and hogs fatten. We pay for all that die after using. VET. MED. CO., Nashville, Tenn.

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it equal! Macon County Red Boiling Springs Water. We are prepared to ship the water to any part of the country. Robt. L. Eves, Druga gist, Sole Agent. Nashville, Tenn. Mention the VETERAN.

ferred, in cities, towns, and in the country through the South to write the CONFEDERATE VETERAN, Nashville, Tenn., for particulars as to how they can make money easily during the next lorty days.

A beautifully enameled spoon, warTHE LOST CAUSE.

ranted solid silver, designed, pat

ented and sold exclusively by GREENLEAF & CROSBY, JEWELERS, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.


Summer St. A superi line of UPRIGIIT GRAND PIANOS. In MAJIOGANY un WALNUT. Price $175.

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ner Pine and McNairy Streets, Nashville, Tenn., solicits the work of VETERAN readers. Ladies' and gents' garments of every description cleaned and lycol by Nashville's only prac.tical dyer. Distributing Agency at Whécier & Wilson Sewing Machine Cu's onlice. Mention the VETERAN,

11). Tin Boxes, packer: dozen to case.
27, Ib. Tin Buckets, packed 2 lozen to case.
346 Ib. Tin Buckets, packel 2 dozen to case.






Your Buggies and Wagons

Like Other

dxle Grease.

ANTED-Male or female con l'assers to sell Street.

Mention the VETERAN,

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Wears Longer.


TO of furniture, J. COHEN, 224 N. College Street,


school for girls. Sessions extend through Spring, Summer and Autumn, be-
ginning April 3, with ll'inter l'acotion. An ideal school for Southern girls,
WM. II. DuBOSE, M.A., Principal,

Monteagle. Tenn

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A home company for home people. By insur-
ing only the best people, the losses are lessened.
Advisory Board in each county aids agents in
selecting best moral risks.

Are you tired of being put on the general
average?" Policy holders participate in the
Profits with Stockholders. Profits you have
helped to send East have largely made it rich.

Investigate, it will pay you. For information
call at the company's office.
231 N. College. McLESTER & Co., Ag'ts.


(General Transfer Line.)

No. 110 Broad St.

Open the year round. All communications promptly answered.

J.C. BLANTON & Co., Propr's.

Special attention given to the moving and hoisting of safes and all kinds of machinery, Telephones 193, 1458, and 468.

Ladies and

Gentlemen : If you would live to a ripe old age, and be healthy all the time, remember this fact: that


Georgia Home Insurance Co.

Hodge's Sarsaparilla



Under the above title, Elder James
Bradley, of Mexico, Mo., has written an
interesting account of the plan adopted
for a more private and safe way of mail
delivery during those "stirring times.''
The Mail Carrier has some exciting ex-
periences and miraculous escapes. The
hero is aided in his work by a most loyal
and devoted young woman. Comrade
Bradley also gives a history of the war in
Missouri, campaigns in Mississippi, the
siege of Vicksburg, and many other fam-

is devoted to biographies of many prom-
inent Confederates of Missouri, both
men and women. The book is nicely
bound in red cloth, price $1.50. See ad-
vertisement in this issue.

Strongest and Largest Fire Insurance

Company in the South.

makes pure red blood, a clear skin, and gives you perfect health.

Write for articie on the blood, and testimonials of cures.

[blocks in formation]


$1 Per Bottle. For sale by all druggists, or delivered upon receipt of price.

SPURLOCK - NEAL CO.. 4-94-1y.

Nashville, Tenn.

[blocks in formation]

Dr. Matthew Henry Kollock,

[blocks in formation]

True it is, that

MAY 22ND, 1895.
Is the best natural water ever offered. It re-

Veterans who attend the Reunion at
lieves and cures Indigestion, Dyspepsin ande Houston, from Tennessee and Missis-
Sleeplessness. For DISEASES OF THE KII).
NEYS AND LIVER. it is almost a specitic. Ask sippi, should take the Ill. Central R. R
Druggists for circulars and information-all
sell it. We refer to the following eminent prac-

to New Orleans, thence via Southern titioners of the medical faculty of Nashville, Pacific. ONLY ONE CHANGE OF who use and endorse it: Drs. Atchison, Bunist, Maddin, Ewing, Wilson, Douglas, Nichol, Crock- CARS AT NEW ORLEANS, allowing ett, Smith, Witherspoon, Glenn. Bass, Enloe, Dake and others. Address orders to

a day at New Orleans if desired. going R. H. GORDON, Sole Ag’t, or returning. THIS IS THE QUICK. Nashville, Tenn.


Camp No. 28, U. C. V., of Memphis, has invited all Delegates from Tennesste to nieet at Memphis and go in a

body to Houston. You can go via the (Regular graduate and registered physician.) Formerly Assistant Surgeon U. S. Navy, after

Yazoo & Mississippi Valley R. R., wards Post Surgeon U. S. Army, and later through the great Delta and Sugar reSurgeon British Marine Service, with two years' experience as Physician at Hot gions if desired ONE NIGHT AND A Springs, Ark.. will welcome the sick and amicted at his offices, where consultation

DAY ONLY FROM MEMPHIS. Arwith one of the Most Successful Doctors of

rangements are being made for special the present age is cordially invited. All will receive kind and honorable treatment, and trains from Memphis going South via permanent cures are guaranteed in every case undertaken.

the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley R. R.;

and North via the ILLINOIS CENDr. Matthew Henry Kollock

TREATS SUCCESSFULLY historic ground on both lines.
AII CHRONIC and LONG-STANDING Diseases. Write for full information to
CATARRH Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Asthma, JAMES. DINKINS, D. P. A.,
treated by latest hospital methods.


Scrofula. Tu

Or F. B. BOWES, A. G. P. A., mors, Eczema, Ulcers, SYPHILIS, and all troubles arising from an impure state of the

New ORLEANS, LA. blood, promptly and completely eradicated forever from the system, restoring health and purity.

THE NEW YORK DENTAL PARLORS KIDNEY AND URINARY Weak back, frequent Attention is called to the announce

and burning urine, diseases of the bladder of both sexes, promptly

ment and price-list in another column and safely cured.

TRAL R. R. ; thus giving a view of the MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA.

This is the Standard Military Encyclopedia of the world and the only work of its kind in the English language. It has the endorsement of the war Department and the leading military commanders of America and Europe. It is issued in three large octavo volumes of about 1000 pages each, printed on Ane paper, from new electrotype plates, profusely illustrated and handsomely bound. It is& complete library of military Information both for military, and non-military people. Every llbrary should bave it. Circulars sent on application. Good agents wanted. MILITARY AND NAVAL BOOKS.

All the leading, up-to-date military and naval books. Price list furnished on application.

MILITARY-NAVAL PUBLISHING CO., 611-621 Broadway, New York City.

of the New York Dental Parlors. This LADIES will receive special and careful treat- firm have had a inost successful career

and it comes from the fact that they are WRITE your troubles if living away from the eity. You can be cured at home by correspond.

doing the very best work at prices in ence. Absolute secrecy in all professional deal

sympathy with the times. VETERAN ings, and medicines sent secure from observa- readers will have nothing to regret if tion. Testimonials of patients are never pub- they have work done at the New York lished. Bank references as to my responsibility cheerfully given. Address

Dental Parlors. A representative of

this firm will make monthly visits to DR. KOLLOCK,

prominent surrounding towns. Watch 613 Church St. NASHVILLE, TENN. local papers for dates..

All good Southerners to con. WANTED.

tinue to secure first-class Teachers-Music, Literary and Art-from TUE SOUTHERN TEACHERS' BUREAU OF EDUCATION,

S. College St., Nashville, Tenn. Positions filled in twenty-four hours from receipt of your letter or telegram.


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