A Summary of the Law Relative to Appeals Against Orders of Removal, Against Rates, and Against Orders of Filiation: Together with the Practice of the Court of Quarter Sessions, in Appeals, 第 2 卷

R. Pheney and J. Richards, 1832

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第 356 頁 - KB held, that the company were liable to be rated for their lands, &c. only at the same value as other adjacent lands, and not according to the improved value derived from the land being used for the purposes of the canal.
第 418 頁 - And whereas doubts have arisen with respect to the intentions of the legislature concerning the occupation of such house, building, or land by the person hiring the same, and concerning the amount of the rent to be paid and the person paying the same...
第 398 頁 - ... have been proved by the respondents, the sessions, thinking that the respondents were bound to establish their case to the satisfaction of a majority of the court, quashed the order, instead of adjourning the appeal : upon an application for a mandamus, the court, without deciding whether the sessions had done rightly in not adjourning, HELD that as they had actually decided the case, this court could not interfere.
第 393 頁 - The Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas having conferred with his brethren, stated that they were unanimously of opinion, " That the presumption of legitimacy arising from the birth of a child during wedlock, the husband and wife not being proved to be impotent, and having opportunities of access to each other, during the period in which a child could be begotten and born in the course of nature, may be rebutted by circumstances inducing a contrary presumption ;
第 418 頁 - Bhall be actually occupied under such yearly hiring in the same parish or township, by the person hiring the same, for the term of one whole year at the least, and unless the rent for the same, to the amount of ten pounds at the least, shall be paid by the person hiring the same.
第 418 頁 - ... by an Act passed in the seventh year of the reign of his late Majesty George the Fourth, intituled An Act to authorize the Disposal of unnecessary Prisons in England.
第 355 頁 - A canal act directed that the company should be rated for all lands and buildings in the same proportion as other lands and buildings lying near the same, and as the same would be rateable if they were the property of individuals in their natural capacity...
第 370 頁 - Haworth having refused to pay the sum of 50/., their proportion of the rate, an application was made to the court of king's bench for a mandamus to compel them to do so.
第 418 頁 - ... unless such tenement shall consist of a separate and distinct dwelling-house or building, or of land, or of both, bond fide rented by such person, in such parish or township, at and for the sum of 10/. a year, at the least...
第 418 頁 - England, by reason of his or her dwelling for forty days in any tenement rented by such person, unless such tenement shall consist of a house or...