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ABBADIE (ANTOINE D'), Sheet Lightning, 29
Abel (Sir F. A., F.R.S.), Electricity applied to Explosive Pur-
poses, 66

Abercromby (Hon. Ralph): "Festooned " or "Pocky
Clouds (Mammato-Cumulus), 79; and W. Marriott, Weather
Prognostics and Weather Types, 330

Aberration, Constant of, 259

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Abney (Capt. W. de W., F.R.S.) and Lieut.-Col. Festing on
Atmospheric Absorption in the Infra-Red of the Solar Spec-
trum, 45; the Standard of White Light, 605
Accra, Earthquakes at, 572
Accumulators: Electrical, Dr. Aron on, 23; French Storage
Company's, applied to Tramcars, 207
Acids, Relative Affinities of, Ostwald, 181
Acoustics, on the Function of the Sound-Post, and on the Pro-
portional Thickness of the Strings of the Violin, Dr. William
Huggins, F.R.S., 259

Adams (Prof. J. Couch, F.R.S.), Meteorological Council and
Falmouth Observatory, 318

Adriatic, the Fisheries of the, G. L. Faber, 609
Aerolite, Lachine, E. W. Claypole, 319

Aeronautics: Pompeieu's Elongated Balloon, 16; Paris Exhibi-
tion of, 88; Ascent at Nogent-sur-Marne, 426 (see also


Africa: Dr. Pogge's Journey across, 64; German Society
Mittheilungen, 309; Herr Stegel's Exploration of, 309; Last,
Thomson and Fischer's Visits to the Masai Country, 447
Agram, Earthquake in, 327, 426, 545
Agriculture: Institute of, 43; Agricultural Student's Gazette,
65; in India, J. F. Duthie, 195; Prof. J. Wrightson, 195; in
Japan, B. Koto, 231; Dr. Liebscher on B. Koto's Article, 445;
Tropical, Prof. W. Fream, 459; Agricultural Chemical
Analysis," P. F. Frankland, 587; Agriculture, its Needs and
Opportunities, Prof. Wrightson, 618
Ainos, the, 90


Air, on the Dark Plane which is formed over a Heated Wire in
Dusty, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 139

Airy (Dr. Hubert), the Soaring of Birds, 103
Alaska: Exploration of, 209; South-Eastern, A. Krause, 359
Albany (Duke of), Speech at the Opening of the New Parkes'
Museum of Hygiene, 115

Algeria, Earthquake in, 572
Alkalimetry, Methods of, 18

Alcyonaria, Polymorphism of, Prof. Marshall, 580
Aldabra Island Tortoises, W. Littleton, 398
Alexander (Stephen), Death of, 280

Alexander (Thos.) and A. W. Thomson, "Elementary Applied
Mechanics," J. F. Main, 364

Algæ: Fossil, Dr. A. G. Nathorst, 52; J. S. Gardner, 53; Dr.
Berthold on, Mrs. Merrifield, 271


Allen (Grant), "Colin Clout's Calendar; the Record of a
Summer, April to October," Dr. Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S.,


Alpine Railways, J. B. Fell on, 583
A-Madi Country, Dr. Junker's Exploration of the, 404
Amber Flora, J. Starkie Gardner, 152

America: the Trotting-Horse of, Francis Galton, F.R.S., 29;
American Journal of Science, 79, 141, 213, 286, 430:
American Naturalist, 118, 534; American Ethnology, Prof.
A. H. Keane, 174; American Academy of Arts and Sciences,
206; American Association for the Advancement of Science,
206, 305, 444, 469, 510; American Observations of the
Eclipse, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 230; Anthropology in
America, 273; American Copyright and Scientific Journals,
280; American Journal of Science, 534; American Orni-
thologists' Union, 622 (see also United States)
America (South), Earthquake in, 134
Americanists, International Congress of, 156
Amezaga, C. de, Galapagos Islands, 427

Ammonias, Substituted, the Molecular Weights of, Prof. Dewar
and A. Scott, 551

Amsterdam International Medical Congress, 469
Analysis, Qualitative, Concise and Explanatory, H. G. H.
Fenton, 148

Anatomical Nomenclature, Dr. Burt G. Wilder on, 77
Anatolia, Earthquake in, 597

Anderson (Dr. R. J.), Muscular Movements and Complex
Motions, 582

Andes, Astronomical Experiments at High Elevations in the,

Andréeff, White Sea Hydrographical Researches, 183
Andromache, the Minor Planet, 116
Anemometer, New Form of, 605
Angara River Expedition, Return of, 623

Angiosperms, on the Closed Condition of the Seed Vessel in,
Alex. S. Wilson, 580

Animal Electricity, Prof du Bois Reymond on, 95
Animals, Intelligence in, W. R. Hughes, 31; Duncan Stewart,
31; P. Dudgeon, 174; G. Bidie, 244; F. R. Mallet, 342;
Joseph Stevens, 343; M. J. Roberts, 436, 461; F. Welch,
389; Alfred O. Walker, 389; Dr. H. McCormac, 541; and
Cape Bees, Hon. Sir J. H. de Villiers, 5; Can a Viper com-
mit Suicide? R. Langdon, 319

Animal Technology as applied to the Domestic Cat, Dr. Burt
G. Wilder and S. H. Gage, 77

Animal World, the Links of the, Albert Gaudry, Henry de
Varigny, 193

Animals used as Food, Composition of Ash of, Sir J. B. Lawes,
Bart., F.R.S., and J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S., 335
Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 70, 141, 181, 237, 383, 534


Annular Solar Eclipse of October 31, 1883, 208
Anthropology, Lectures on, by Dr. E. B. Tylor, F.R.S., 8, 55
Anthropology in America, 273

Anthropology, Dr. Meyer's Hints to Officers of German Navy
visiting Indo-Pacific Waters, 446

Anthropological Institute, 94, 144, 179, 311
Antihelios, Dr. Henry McCormac, 299

Antiquities saved by Protective Resemblance, Worthington G.
Smith, 462

Ants and their Ways, Rev. Farren White, Alfred R. Wallace, 293
Apparatus, M. Wolf's New, Dr. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 366
Applied Mechanics, Elementary, Thos. Alexander and A. W.
Watson, J. F. Main, 364

Aquarium, Cloudiness of, 102; W. Saville Kent on, 102
Archeology of Southern California, L. P. Gratacap, 249
Archer (S.), Garfish, 226

Archibald (E. D.), Indian Meteorology, 477
Archives des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles, 93, 142, 262, 431,
456, 535

Archives Italiennes de Biologie, 118

Arctic Regions, Voyage of the Willem Barents to, 42; the Meteo-
rological Station on the Lena, 59; Oscar Dickson's Green-
land Expedition under Baron Nordenskjöld, 37, 116, 182, 280,
469, 530, 541

Arctic and Subarctic Portions of the Atlantic Ocean, Meteoro-
logy of the, Alexander Buchan, 398

Aristotelian Society, 571

Armashevsky (M.), Geology of Chernigoff, 402
Aron (Dr.), on Electrical Accumulators, 23
Aronsohn (Herr), Physiology of Smell, 384
Armstrong (R. Y.), Clouds, 271

Art, Science and, 50, 73; Latimer Clark, 125
Art (Industrial) in Schools, C. G. Leland, 207
Asbestos Paint for Coating Jablochkoff Candles, Scott Snell,

Ash of Animals used as Food, Composition of, Sir J. B. Lawes,
LL.D., F.R.S., and J. H. Gilbert, LL.D., F.R.S., 335
Asia (Central), M. Les-ar's Excursions in, 158; Col. Prejevalsky's
Fourth Journey to, 158, 182

Asia, Eastern, Recent Travel in, 361

Asia Minor, Sparrows in, 116

Astronomical Column, 44, 65, 89, 116, 158, 181, 208, 259, 281,

308, 334, 377, 403, 426, 446, 471, 546, 624
Astrono nical Experiments at High Elevations in the Andes, 606
Astronomische Gesellschaft, 334, 565
Atkinson (A. S.), the Great Comet b 1882, 225
Atkinson (T. W.), Helix pomatia, 81

Atkinson (W. C.), Breeding of Hapale jacchus in Captivity, 590
Atlantic Ocean, Meteorology of the Arctic and Subarctic Portions
of the, Alexander Buchan, 398

Atmosphere, the Living Organisms of the, H. de Varigny, 76
Atmosphere, the State of the, which produces the Forms of
Mirage observed by Vince and by Scoresby, Prof. P. G. Tait,

Atmospheric Absorption in the Infra Red of the Solar Spectrum,
Capt. Abney and Lieut.-Col. Festing, 45
Atoms, the Size of, Sir William Thomson, F.R.S., 203, 250,


Atti dell' Accademia Reale dei Lincei, 70, 408, 608

Aural Test in Education, 376

Aurora Borealis: Prof. Selim Lemström, 61, 107, 128; Trom-
holt's Researches on, 133; in Sweden, 134; Periodicity of,
Prof. Lenz, 545

Auroræ of October 2 and November 17, 1882, Dr. J. A. C.
Oudemans, 196; Spectrum of the Aurora, Thos. William
Backhouse, 209; the True Orbit of the Auroral Meteroid of
November 17, 1882, H. J. H. Groneman, 105; Thunder-
storms and Aurora, E. B. Chadbourn, 388; A. Ramsay,
414; Alan Macdougal, 436; Prof. Edlund's Theory of Con-
nection between, 446; Dr. Tromholt's Auroral Observatory
at Kautokeino, 397; Connection between Auroras and Sun-
spots, Prof. Lenz, 545
Austen (Lieut.-Col. Godwin, F.R.S.), Opening Address in
Section E (Geography) at the Meeting of the British Associa-
tion at Southport, 552

Australia, Ernest Giles' Proposed Exploration of, 64; Report
of Australian Museum, 352; Wholesale Destruction of
Australian Forests, 469; Exploring Expedition to North-
west, 133; Report on Botanic Garden of South, by Dr.
Schomburgk, 572

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Barcelona, Statue to Columbus at, 157

Baréty (Dr. A.), "Nice and its Climate," 437

Barkas (T. P.), a Large Meteor, 150; Palæozoic Sclerotic Plates,
Barometer, Simultaneous Affections of the, Prof. Balfour
Stewart, F.R.S., 387; A. N. Pearson, 612; Oscillations of
the, A. Buchan, 191; Contributions to the Study of the Trans-
mission Eastwards round the Globe of Barometric Abnormal
Movements, A. N. Pearson, 354, 377, 562
Barrar.de (Joachim), Obituary Notice of, 564

Basalt Glass, Prof. Judd, F.R.S., and G. A. J. Cole, 167
Batteries, Effect of Temperature on Electromotive Force and

Resistance of, W. H. Preece, F.R.S., 191

Battery, New, Lelande and Chaperon, 354
Beaver in Norway, The, Prof. R. Collett, 478
Beddome (Col. R. H.), Ferns of India, J. G. Baker, 146
Bedford (Henry), a Green Sun, 588

Bees, Cape, and "Animal Intelligence," Hon. Sir J. H. de
Villiers, 5; M. Carey Hobson, 81
Behring's Island, Reindeer in, 42
"Beiblätter," 142

Belgium, Institution of Mechanical Engineers in, 356
Bell (Alex. Melville), Singing, Speaking, and Stammering, 102
Belluno, Earthquake at, 623

Bengal Government Cinchona Plantations, Dr. King's Report
on, 624

Ben Nevis Meteorological Observatory, 64, 88, 156, 328, 468,
596; Inauguration of, 622

Bentham and Hooker's "Genera Plantarum," Ern. Cosson, 485
Bentley (W. Holman), Geology of the Congo, S. R. Pattison,

Benzene, Derivatives of, Mendeléeff, 182
Berlin Geographical Society, 64, 310; Physical Society, 23,
72, 120, 240, 287; Physiological Society, 47, 95, 120, 192,
216, 264, 312, 384, 431; Grants of Academy of Sciences,
Berthold (Dr. G.), "Die Bangiace en des Golfes von Neapel,"
Mrs. Merrifield, 271

Berthelot (M.), Speed of Gaseous Explosions, 445
Beryllium, Spectrum of, 22

Bernissart Iguanodon, the, Prof. H. N. Moseley, F.R.S., 439
Besant (Walter), the Life of Edward Henry Palmer, Prof. W.
Robertson Smith, 292

Bessemer Steel, 69

"Bibliotheca Historico-Naturalis et Mathematica," 609
Bidie (G.), Intelligence in Animal, 244
Bidwell (Shelford), the Microphone, 27

Bile of Invertebrates and Vertebrates, on the Colouring Matters
of the, Dr. C. A. MacMunn, 46
Binary Star y Corora Australis, 158
Biological Station, Edinburgh, 467

Biological Laboratory, New, Johns Hopkins University, 425
Biology, Deductive, William White, 124

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Brahe (Tycho), Kiell on his Nova 1572, 65
Brazilian Moth, Curious Habit of a, E. Dukinfield Jones, 55
Bresse (Charles), Death of, 133

Bretschneider (Dr.), his Scientific Work, 16

Brieger (Prof.), Violent Poisons formed by Animal Decompo-
sition, 192

Brighton Aquarium, Bottle-nosed Dolphin at the, 257
Bristol Channel Meteorological Observatory, Proposal for, 470
Bristol, University College, 470
Britain, Contributions to the Physical History of, E. Hull,
F.R.S., 99
BRITISH ASSOCIATION: Meeting at Southport, Officers and
General Arrangements, 41, 115, 133, 400, 409, 491; Num-
ber of Members, 516; the Meeting in Canada, 115, 516;
Grants, 516; Exhibition of Scientific Instruments, 280;
Catalogue of Stars, 90; Inaugural Address by the Presi-
dent, Prof. Arthur Cayley, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., 491;
Report of the Committee for Investigating the Natural His-
tory of Socotra and the adjacent Highlands of Arabia and
Somali Land, 547; Report of the Committee for Exploring
Kilimanjaro, 547; Report of the Committee on the Obser-
vation of the Migration of Birds at Lighthouses and Light-
ships, 547; Report of the Committee on Underground
Waters, 548; Report of the Committee for Investigating
the Natural History of Timor Laut, 549; Report of the
Committee for Defining the Facial Characteristics of the
Races and the principal Crosses in the British Isles, 549;
Report of the Raygill Fissure Exploration Committee, 550;
Report of the Committee on Erratic Blocks, 550; Report
on the Fossil Plants of Halifax, 550; Report of the Com-
mittee to Explore Caverns in the Carboniferous Limestone
in Ireland, 550; Fourth Report of the Committee for Re-
porting on Fossil Polyzoa, 550; Report on Seismic Investi-
gations in Japan, 1882-83, by Prof. John Milne, 550;
Report of the Committee on Electric Standards, 604; Re-
port of the Committee on the Harmonic Analysis of the
Tides, 605; Report of the Committee appointed to co-
operate with the Scottish Meteorological Society in making

Meteorological Observations on Ben Nevis, 605; Sixteenth
Report of the Committee on Underground Temperature,

Section A (Mathematical and Physical).-Opening Address by
the President, Prof. Olaus Henrici, Ph.D., F.R.S., 497;
Prof. Balfour Stewart on the Forms of the Sun's Influence
on the Magnetism of the Earth, 605; Prof. Balfour Stewart
and W. Lant Carpenter on supposed Sunspot Inequalities
of Short Period, 605; Prof. Chandler Roberts on the
Rapid Diffusion of Molten Metals, 605; W. G. Black on
a Simple Form of Marine Anemometer, 605; Capt. Abney
on the Standard of White Light, 605; Sir W. Siemens on
the Relation between Temperature and Radiation, 605;
Prof. Vernon Harcourt on a Lamp for Producing a Standard
Light, 605; E. P. Culverwell on the Probable Explanation
of the Effect of Oil in Calming Waves in a Storm, 605;
Dr. Huggins on Coronal Photography without an Eclipse,
606; Prof. Schuster on the Internal Constitution of the
Sun, 606; Ralph Copeland on some Recent Astronomical
Experiments at High Elevations on the Andes, 606
Section B (Chemical Science).—Opening Address by J. H.
Gladstone, Ph.D., F.R.S., 500; Profs. Dewar and
Liveing on Sunspots and the Chemical Elements, 551;
R. Meldola on the Colouring Matters of the Diazo-
Group, 551; H. B. Dixon on Carbonic Oxide Gas and
Oxygen and the Electric Spark, 551; Prof. A. W. William-
son on the Chemical Constitution of Matter, 551; Prof.
Dewar, F. R.S., and A. Scott on the Atomic Weight of
Manganese, and on the Molecular Weights of Substituted
Ammonias, 551; Rev. W. A. Irving on Trioxides of
Phosphorus, 551; Prof. Dewar, F.R.S., on the Relation
between the Critical Temperature and Pressure of Volatile
Liquids and their Molecular Volumes, 551; Dr. Gladstone
and A. Tribe on the Electrolysis of Dilute Sulphuric Acid
in Secondary Batteries, 551; H. Brereton Baker on the
Alleged Direct Union of Hydrogen and Nitrogen, 551;
Friedel and Crafts on the Decomposition of Hydrocarbons
by Aluminic Chloride, 551; Prof. B. Warder on Computing
the Speed of Chemical Reactions, 551; P. M. Parsons or.
Manganese Bronze, 551

Section C (Geology).-Opening Address by the President, Prof.
W. C. Williamson, LL.D., F.R.S., 503; James W. Davis,
F.S.A., on some Fossil Fish Remains found in the Uppe:
Beds of the Yoredale Series at Leyburn in Yorkshire, 577;
James W. Davis, F.S.A., on the Occurrence of the Remains
of Labyrinthodonts in the Yoredale Rocks of Wensleydale,
578; G. H. Morton on the Section across the Trias recently
exposed by a Railway Excavation in Liverpool, 578; Mark
Stirrup on Recent Opinions on the Loess Deposits of the
Valley of the Rhine as Evidence of a "Great Post-Glacial
Flood," 578; Prof. Boyd Dawkins on Master Divisions of
the Tertiary Period, 578; H. G. Fordham on a Boulder
from the Chloritic Marl of Ashwell, Herts, 578; G. V.
Smith on the Further Discovery of Vertebrate Footprints
in the Penrith Sandstone, 578; Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S.,
on a Supposed Case of Metamorphism in an Alpine Rock of
Carboniferous Age, 578; Prof. E. Hull, F.R.S., on the
Geological Age of the North Atlantic Ocean, 578; Rev.
A. Irving on Dyas versus Permian, 578; Rev. A. Irving
on the Coloration of some Sands, and the Cementation of
some Siliceous Sandstones, 579; Prof. T. G. Bonney,
F.R.S., on the Nagel Flue of the Rigi and Rossberg, 579;
C. E. De Rance on Geological Sections within forty miles
Radius of Southport, 579; Prof. J. F. Blake on the Pre-
Cambrian Igneous Rocks of St. David's, 579; James
Thomson on a Coral Atoll on the Shore Line at Arvigland,
Dumfries, 579; G. P. Hughes on the Former Physical
Conditions of Glendale, Northumberland, 579; W. B.
Baily on Anthrocasaurus edgei, 579; W. T. Knowles on
Basalt apparently overlying Post-Glacial Beds, 579; Prin-
cipal Dawson on the Geological Relatives and Mode of
Preservation of Eözoon canadense, 579; T. S. Diller on the
Topography and Geology of the Troad, 579
Section D (Biology).-Opening Address by the President, Prof.
E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 517
Department of Anthropology.-Opening Address by William
Pengelly, F.R S., 524

Department of Zoology and Botany.-Scott and Osborne on
the Origin and Development of the Rhinoceros Group,
579; Prof. Marshall on the Polymorphism of Alcyonaria,

A 2

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580; A. G. Bourne on the Differences between the Males
and Females of the Pearly Nautilus, 580; Prof. Haddon

on Budding in Polyzoa, 580; Prof. Lankester on a Young

Specimen of the Gray Seal (H. gryphus) from Boscastle,

Cornwall, 580; Duncan Matthews on Wool Plugs and

Fertilised Fluid, 580; Dr. Carpenter on the Germ Theory

of Disease from a Natural History Point of View, 580;

Marshall Ward on some Cell Contents in Coffee and other

Plants, 580; Alex. S. Wilson on the Closed Condition of

the Seed Vessel in Angiosperms, 580; Thomas Hick on

Protoplasmic Continuity in the Florideæ, 581; E. J. Lowe,

F.R.S., on some Newly Discovered Localities of the Rare

Slug, Testacella hallotoidea, 581

Department of Anatomy and Physiology.-F. O. Bower on

the Relation of Protoplasm and Cell-Wall in the Vegetable

Cell, 581; Dr. C. A. MacMunn on the Occurrence of
Chlorophyll in Animals, 581; Prof. W. Hillhouse on the
Intercellular Connection of Protoplasts, 582; Walter
Gardiner on the Continuity of Protoplasm through the
Walls of Vegetable Cells, 582; R. J. Anderson on the
Muscular Movements that are associated with certain Com-
plex Motions, 582

British Fishes, Francis Day, 611

British Isles, the Facial Characteristics of the Races of, B.A.
Report on, 549

British Museum Catalogue of Batrachia, 170

Britten (James), Flora of Hampshire, Frederick Townsend,


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Cave, B.A. Report on the Shandon, 550

Cayley (Arthur, F.R.S.): Notice of, by Prof. George Salmon,

F.R.S., 481, 541; Inaugural Address at the Meeting of the

British Association at Southport, 491

Cecil (Henry), Helix pomatia, 31; a Cat and a Chicken, 320;
Birds and Cholera, 342; the Green Sun, 612

Cell Contents in Coffee and other Plants, Marshall Ward, 580

Centres of a Triangle, 104

Cephalonia, Geology of, J. P. Licherdopol, 173; Dr. J. Gwyn

Jeffreys, 199

Cephalotus follicularis, on the Morphology of the Pitcher of,
Prof. W. C. Williamson, F. R.S., 140, 150

Cerebri, Hypophysis, in Tunicata and Vertebrata, Prof. W. A.

Herdman, 284

Cerebrum, Functional Restoration of, Prof. H. Munk, 431

Ceylon a Visit to, Prof. Haeckel, Dr. Geo. J. Romanes,
F.R.S., 410; Green Sun in, 597; Botanical Gardens of, 234
Chadbourn (E. R.), Thunderstorms and Aurora, 388
Chambers (Dr. William), Death of, 88

Chambers (V. T.), Death of, 445

Channel Ballooning, W. de Fonvielle, 173

Chemical Characters of the Venom of Serpents, Sir J. Fayier,
F.R.S, 199

Chemical Constitution of Matter, Prof. A. W. Williamson,
F.R.S., on, 551

Chemical Elements in the Sun, Sunspots and the, Profs. Dewar

and Liveing, 550

Chemical Notes, 18, 181

Chemical Reactions, Influence of Great Pressure on, M. Spring,

181; the Computing of the Speed of, 551

Chemical Society, 22, 71, 119, 191, 238
Chemistry, an Easy Introduction to, 243
Chemistry in England, Backward State of, 613

Chemistry, Practical, with Notes and Questions on Theoretical
Chemistry, William Ripper, 148

Chernigoff, Geology of, Armaschevsky, 402
Chersonese, the Golden, Isabella L. Bird, 361

Chester Society of Natural Science, 571

Chicken, a Cat and a, Henry Cecil, 320

Chili, Survivors of Crevaux Expedition to, 183

China: the Kidnapping of Girls in, 16; Scientific Progress,
in, by Sinensis, 34; Invention of Gunpowder in, 89; the
Telegraph between Canton and Hong Kong, 89; Exploration
of, 90; Chinese Medical Compendium, Dr. Kerr, 179; Fossils
in, 180; Crackers and Chinese Superstitious Observances,
180; Foot-Measure in, 207; Cholera in, 234; Earthquakes
in, 307; the Electric Telegraph in, 330; Promise and Per-

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