The London Stage: A Collection of the Most Reputed Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, Melo-dramas, Farces, and Interludes. Accurately Printed from Acting Copies, as Performed at the Theatres Royal, and Carefully Collated and Revised, 第 1 卷

Sherwood, Jones, and Company, 1824

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第 7 頁 - Farewell the tranquil mind ! Farewell content ! Farewell the plumed troop, and the big wars, That make ambition virtue ! O, farewell ! Farewell the neighing steed, and the shrill trump, The spirit-stirring drum, the ear-piercing fife, The royal banner ; and all quality. Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war ! And O, you mortal engines, whose rude throats The immortal Jove's dread clamours counterfeit, Farewell ! Othello's occupation's gone ! lago.
第 4 頁 - Perhaps, brother, they are afraid these matters may be carried too far. We are treated too by them with contempt, as if our profession were not reputable. PEACH. In one respect, indeed, our employment may be reckoned dishonest, because, like great statesmen, we encourage those who betray their friends.
第 8 頁 - I'm to have any good, let it come of itself ; not to keep dinging it, dinging it into one so. Mrs. Hard. That's false ; I never see you when you're in spirits. No, Tony, you then go to the alehouse, or kennel. I'm never to be delighted with your agreeable wild notes, unfeeling monster ! Tony. Ecod ! mamma, your own notes are the wildest of the two.
第 6 頁 - You have nothing to fear from him, I assure you. You'd adore him, if you knew how heartily he despises me. My aunt knows it too, and has undertaken to court me for him ; and actually begins to think she has made a conquest.
第 5 頁 - If I shall e'er acquire a leader's name, My speech will be less ardent. Novelty Now prompts my tongue, and youthful admiration Vents itself freely ; since no part is mine Of praise- pertaining to the great in arms. Glen. You wrong yourself, brave sir, your martial deeds Have rank'd you with the great.
第 4 頁 - You must not be so talkative, Diggory. You must be all attention to the guests. You must hear us talk, and not think of talking; you must see us drink, and not think of drinking; you must see us eat, and not think of eating. Dig.
第 18 頁 - No gentleman is ever looked upon the worse for killing a man in his own defence; and if business cannot be carried on without it, what would you have a gentleman do?
第 5 頁 - They, by a strange frenzy driven, fight for power, for plunder, and extended rule: we, for our country, our altars, and our homes. They follow an adventurer whom they fear, and obey a power which they hate : we serve a monarch whom we love —a God whom we adore.
第 3 頁 - Common: there you must look sharp for the track of the wheel, and go forward till you come to Farmer Murrain's barn. Coming to the farmer's barn, you are to turn to the right, and then to the left, and then to the right about again, till you find out the old mill — Mar. Zounds, man! we could as soon find out the longitude '. Hast.
第 12 頁 - Mr. Marlow. Sir; I have submitted to your insolence for more than four hours, and I see no likelihood of its coming to an end. I'm now...