A History of the Baptists in New England

American Baptist Publication Society, 1894 - 319 頁

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第 9 頁 - England, said. *We will not say, as the Separatists were wont to say at their leaving of England, Farewell, Babylon ! Farewell, Rome ! But we will say Farewell, dear England ! Farewell, the Church of God in England, and all the Christian friends there.
第 114 頁 - And all moneys paid by the subject to the support of public worship, and of the public teachers aforesaid, shall, if he require it, be uniformly applied to the support of the public teacher or teachers of his own religious sect or denomination, provided there be any on whose instructions he attends...
第 13 頁 - That whereas Mr. Williams had refused to join with the congregation at Boston, because they would not make a public declaration of their repentance for having communion with the churches of England, while they lived there...
第 17 頁 - ... retraction, it is therefore ordered, that the said Mr. Williams shall depart out of this jurisdiction within six weeks now next ensuing ; which if he neglect to perform, it shall be lawful for the Governor and two of the Magistrates to send him to some place out of this jurisdiction, not to return any more without license from the Court.
第 14 頁 - ... exercised his gifts amongst them and after some time was admitted a member of the church. And his teaching well approved, for the benefit whereof I still bless God, and am thankful to him, even for his sharpest admonitions and reproofs so far as they agreed with truth.
第 111 頁 - Commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require, and the legislature shall, from time to time, authorize and require the several towns, parishes, precincts, and other bodies politic, or religious societies, to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the institution of the public worship of God, and for the support and maintenance of public Protestant teachers of piety, religion, and morality, in all cases where such Provision shall not be made...
第 127 頁 - The injury done to the cause of Christ, as we then supposed, was irreparable. For several days I suffered what no tongue can tell^br the best thing that ever happened to the State of Connecticut. It cut the churches loose from dependence on state support. It threw them wholly on their own resources and on God.
第 106 頁 - Christ is not of this world, and religion is a concern between God and the soul with which no human authority can intermeddle ; consistently with the principles of Christianity, and according to the dictates of Protestantism, we claim and expect the liberty of worshipping God according to our consciences, not being obliged to support a ministry we cannot attend, whilst we demean ourselves as faithful subjects. These we have an undoubted right to, as men, as Christians, and by charter as inhabitants...
第 110 頁 - ... and ought to provide at the expense of the subject, if necessary, a suitable support for the public worship of God, and of the teachers of religion and morals ; and to enjoin upon all the subjects an attendance upon their instructions, at stated times and seasons; provided there be any such teacher, on whose ministry they can conscientiously and conveniently attend.
第 121 頁 - ... for that purpose, shall ever have the right to elect their pastors or religious teachers, to contract with them for their support...