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第 85 頁 - Through this day's life or death. This day, be bread and peace my lot: All else beneath the sun, Thou know'st if best bestowed or not; And let Thy will be done.
第 146 頁 - Activity, that knows no rest. His bow, for action ready bent, And arrows, with a head of stone, Can only mean that life is spent, And not the old ideas gone. Thou, stranger, that shalt come this way, No fraud upon the dead commit Observe the swelling turf, and say They do not lie, but here they sit.
第 22 頁 - But when those charms are past, for charms are frail, When time advances, and when lovers fail, She then shines forth, solicitous to bless, In all the glaring impotence of dress.
第 84 頁 - What conscience dictates to be done. Or warns me not to do, This teach me more than Hell to shun, That more than Heaven pursue.
第 145 頁 - IN spite of all the learned have said, I still my old opinion keep; The posture that we give the dead Points out the soul's eternal sleep. Not so the ancients of these lands; — The Indian, when from life released, Again is seated with his friends, And shares again the joyous feast.
第 182 頁 - And skill to make a busy hour, With trips to town, life to amuse, To purchase books, and hear the news, To see old friends, brush off the clown, And quicken taste at coming down, Unhurt by sickness...
第 188 頁 - Alas! What boots it with uncessant care To tend the homely slighted shepherd's trade, And strictly meditate the thankless Muse, Were it not better done as others use, To sport with Amaryllis in the shade, Or with the tangles of Neaera's hair?
第 50 頁 - Come, muster, my lads, your mechanical tools, Your saws and your axes, your hammers and rules; Bring your mallets and planes, your level and line, And plenty of pins of American pine: For our roof vie will raise, and our song still shall be, Our government firm, and our citizens free.
第 146 頁 - Here still a lofty rock remains, On which the curious eye may trace (Now wasted, half, by wearing rains) The fancies of a ruder race. Here still an aged elm aspires, Beneath whose far-projecting shade (And which the shepherd still admires) The children of the forest played!
第 51 頁 - Now enter the purlins, and drive your pins through ; And see that your joints are drawn home and all true. The purlins will bind all the rafters together: The strength of the whole shall defy wind and weather: For our roof we will raise, and our song still shall be, United as states, but as citizens free.