The Pilgrim's Progress: From this World to that which is to Come; ... In Three Parts. ... By John Bunyan. The Thirtieth Edition, with the Addition of New Copper-plate Cuts. To which is Added, The Life and Death of the Author

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第68页 - Who knows but that God, who made the world, may cause that Giant Despair may die ? or that, at some time or other, he may forget to lock us in ? or that he may in a short time have another of his fits before us, and may lose the use of his limbs ? And if ever that should come to pass again, for my part I am resolved to pluck up the heart of a man, and to try my utmost to get from under his hand.
第49页 - ... wives, husbands, children, masters, servants, lives, blood, bodies, souls, silver, gold, pearls, precious stones, and what not. And, moreover, at this fair, there is at all times to be seen jugglings, cheats, games, plays, fools, apes, knaves, and rogues, and that of every kind.
第55页 - And, methought, they spake as if joy did make them speak. They spake with such pleasantness of scripture language, and with such appearance of grace in all they said, that they were to me as if they had found a new world ; as if they were 'people that dwelt alone, and were not to be reckoned among their neighbours.
第48页 - Then I saw in my dream, that when they were got out of the wilderness, they presently saw a town before them, and the name of that town is Vanity ; and at the town there is a fair kept, called Vanity Fair...
第68页 - Well, towards evening the giant goes down into the dungeon again, to see if his prisoners had taken his counsel ; but when he came there, he found them alive, and truly alive was all ; for now, what for want of bread and water, and by reason of the wounds they received when he beat them, they could do little but breathe.
第96页 - They then addressed themselves to the water, and, entering, Christian began to sink, and, crying out to his good friend Hopeful, he said, I sink in deep waters; the billows go over my head; all his waves go over me. Selah. Then said the other, Be of good cheer, my brother; I feel the bottom, and it is good.
第67页 - ... themselves. So when morning was come, he goes to them in a surly manner, as before, and perceiving them to be very sore with the stripes that he had given the.-m the day before, he told them that since they were never like to come out of that place, their only way would be forthwith to make an end of themselves, either with knife, halter, or poison. For why...
第69页 - I fear, said she, that they live in hope that some will come to relieve them, or that they have pick-locks about them, by the means of which they hope to escape. And sayest thou so, my dear? said the Giant. I will therefore search them in the morning.
第101页 - These are the men that have loved our Lord when they were in the World, and that have left all for his holy Name, and he hath sent us to fetch them, and we have brought them thus far on their desired Journey, that they may go in and look their Redeemer in the face with joy.
第47页 - God and nature, and it must be paid at one time or other, early or later. There is an appointed time for all men once to die, and after death to come to judgment ; therefore be not afraid of that which cannot be avoided.