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THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY was established a dozen years ago to bring before the general public the results of scientific thought on many large and important questions which could find no expression in the current periodicals. Scientific inquiry was penetrating many new fields, extending important knowledge, and profoundly affecting opinion upon numberless questions of speculative and practical interest. It was the policy of this magazine at the outset, and has been constantly adhered to since, to obtain the ablest statements from the most distinguished scientific men of all countries in their bearing upon the higher problems of investigation. Leaving the dry and technical details of science, which are of chief concern to specialists, to the journals devoted to them, THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY has dealt with those more general and practical subjects which are of the greatest interest and importance to the people at large.

That which was at first a dubious experiment has now become an assured and permanent success. Our Monthly is the acknowledged organ of progressive scientific ideas in this country. Received with favor at the outset, it has gone on increasing in circulation and in influence, until its power is felt and acknowledged in the highest departments of intellectual activity, and its leadership is recognized in the great work of liberalizing and educating the popular mind.

Making neither sensational appeals nor flaring announcements, we may now refer to its course in the past as a sufficient guarantee that it will continue to discuss in the same earnest and fearless, but always respectful manner, the various important questions falling within its scope that are entitled to the intelligent consideration of thinking people. The twenty-three volumes now published constitute the best library of advanced scientific knowledge to be found in any country, and each new volume is certain to prove of increasing interest and value.

Science is the great agency of improvement in this age, private and public, individual, social, professional, and industrial. In its irresistible progress it touches everywhere, and affects everybody. It gives law to the material interests of the community, and modifies its ideas, opinions, and beliefs, so that all have an interest in being informed of its advancement. Those, therefore, who desire to know what is going on in the world of thought in these stirring times, when new knowledge is rapidly extending, and old errors are giving way, will find that they can keep informed only by subscribing for THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY.

TERMS : $5.00 per annum.
Volume XXIV. begins with the November number. Subscriptions may begin at any time.

New York : D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 3 and 5 Bond Street.

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1. Thoreau's Wildness- John Burroughs.

II. William Blake, Poet and Painter-E, C. Stedman,
III. Death of Carlyle-Walt Whitman.

Extra Fine Point
IV. Death of Longfellow-Walt Whitman.
V. George Eliot and the Novel-Edward Eggleston.

VI. Frances Hodgson Burnett-R. H. Stoddard.

Fine Point.-
VII. Thoreau's Unpublished Poetry-F. B. Sanborn.
VIII. Emerson and the Superlative—John Burroughs.

IX. A Company of Spring Poets-Édith M. Thomas.
X. Nature in Literature-John Burroughs.

XI. Austin Dobson-E. W. Gosse.
XII, Alphonse Daudet.-P. M. Potter.


XIII. The Boston Culture-J. H. Morse.
XIV. The Late Sidney Lanier-E. C. Stedman.

XV. English Society and Endymion- Julia Ward Howe.

Medium Point XVI. Historical Criticism of Christ-H. W. Bellows.

Easy Action. XVII. Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

Harper's Monthly says: “The greater number of

these selections will compare favorably, for grace Medium Elastic.
and freedom of style, with the best work of the
best modern critics and essayists, and several of CARBON STUB.

NO 6 them exhibit a subtlety and delicacy, combined

ForCoarse Work. with a quiet gravity and vigor of thought, such as is exhibited in few contributions to current litera- RESERVOIR PEN. ture."

Round Point.

RESERVOIR PEN The Boston Budget says: “Invariably clever, keen Easy Action in insight, and gentle and refined in spirit; the

LOYAL PEN work of men who have little leisure, much cultiva

tion, and the desire to be both just and generous." ForGeneral Use. Notes and Queries says: “It is not often that a STUDENT'S PEN.

literary journal in the first year of its existence can Fine Pointproduce a volume of essays so well worthy of per

Elastic. manence as those which are here reprinted.”

The Buffalo Courier says : “A published volume of
Essays from The Critic testifies to the literary

Medium Point. ability of which that periodical has quickly become ARMY PEN.

the rallying point and mouth-piece.' The New York Times says: “The majority of the

Fine Stub. sketches have sufficient of thought and of ability in JUNIOR FALCON. the expression thereof to hold their own in bookform for some time to come.”

ForGeneral Use. Le Livre (Paris) says : “Un charmant volume est une collection d'essais de littérature et de critique

Sold by Stationers or sent by mail, in gross boxes, post-paid, for

$1.00 per gross. A Complete Series in Twelve Numbers, parus dans cette excellent revue, The Critic." from which every writer can select

THE BEST PEN The Boston Gazette says : “ These papers are brief for his or her peculiar style of penmanship. These pens are

ones, but they are from the pens of some of the manufactured from the best Sheffield steel (rolled in Birmingham), finest of American writers."

and are equal to the very best, and very far superior to most of the

pens sold in this country. The Philadelphia Press says: “None of them lack


To enable you to tost all the numbers of the series, we will send brightness or point, and they are well worth pre- a compartment box containing one gross of Lenox Pens-assorted, serving in their present form."

twelve each of the twelve numbers (144 pens), by inail, post-paid,

for $1.00, or a handsome nickel-plated, spring-covered case conThe London Academy says: “A volume which

taining two of each number (24 pens) for twenty-five cents. says a great deal for the literary quality of THE TAINTOR BROS., MERRILL & CO. 18 and 20 Astor Place, New York,

The New York Herald says: “Most of them are


Mexico and the Mexicans. by well-known hands, and all are bright and readable."


“The book is to be credited with an unusual accuracy in point The Boston Post says : “The contents of this vol

of fact and orthography."-N. Y. Nation.

Mr. Conkling writes in a fresh, clear and picturesque style, ume represent the best of current critical thought.” conveying in an agreeable manner the information he has

gathered."-N. Y. Sun.

“There is probably in no book of the day on this subject so much One vol., 16mo, gilt top, $1.00.

of interest and value to the inquirer of to-day as in this one."Utica Press.

Illustrated, cloth extra, gilt top, 308 pages. Price, $1.50. The Good Literature Publishing Co., For sale by all booksellers, or sent, post-paid by the publishers, 18 and 20 A stor Place, N. v. TAINTOR BROS., MERRILL & CO, 18 and 20 Aster Place, New York

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An Illustrated Weekly Journal for all Readers Interested in the Progress of Science. In so comprehensive a journal as Science record and discussion of current scientific news and topics

necessarily become, in order to be acceptable to the whole body of scientific men,

The Best POPULAR Science FOR


As a specimen of the contents of the journal we append the Tables of Contents of three weeks' issues :

VOLUME III. No. 56. FEBRUARY 29, 1884. An International Scientific Association. The Alaska Military Reconnoissance of 1883, F. Schwatka. Note on the Flora of the Upper

Yukon, Sereno Watson. The Intelligence of Snakes, C. C. Abbott. Presentation of the Rumford Medals to Professor Rowland. Progress of Electrical Science during 1883. John Trowbridge. Biographies of Naturalists. Gordon's Electricity and Magnetism.

Bassler's Weather. Art Catalogue of the New England Manufacturers' Institute. Yarrow's Check-List of American Reptiles, Intelligence from Scientific Stations.-United States Geological Survey. Reports of Society Meetings.-Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Canadian Institute, Toronto, Princeton Science Club. Society

of Arts, Boston. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Notes and News, Letters to the Editor.--A Clock for Sending Out Electric Signals Once an Hour or Oftener, H. W. Pennock. Deafness in

White Cats, Alexander G. Belli Benj. Miller. The Krakatoa Eruption, G. 7. Symons. Expulsion of Water from a Growing Leaf, Joseph F. James. A Scientific Swindler, F. V. Hayden.

No. 57. MARCH 7, 1884. Gouverneur Kemble Warren. The New Bogosloff Volcano in Bering Sea, George Davidson. The Danish Expedition to East Greenland. 'Humidity and

Chronometer Rates. The Great Comet of 1882. The Work of the Cambridge Archeological Museum. Vortex Rings. 'The Silk Industry in the United States. Scribner's Where Did Life Begin?, Intelligence from Scientific Stations.-United States Geological Survey. Reports of Society Meetings.-Chemical Society, Washington. Biological Society, Washington. Linnaean Society, New York.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Engineers' Club, Philadelphia. Notes and News. Letters to the Editor.--Arrow-points at Evanston. III., W. A. Phillips. Illusive Memory, Henry F. Osborn. Ripple-marks in

Limestone, L. C. Wooster. A Novel Magnetic Engine, Charles K. McGee. Congenial Deafness in Animals, Swan M. Burnett. A Singular Optical Phenomenon, F. 7. S. Defective Effect of the Earth's Rotation, F. E. Hendricks. A Carboniferous Genus of Sharks Still Living, E. D. Cope. Artificial Production of Rain, L. Annual Growth of the “Tree of Heaven,” 7. I. D. Hinds.

No. 58. MARCH 14, 1884. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures, H. W. Blair. A Question of Exposure, 7. C. Mendenhall. Iron from North

Carolina Mounds, Cyrus Thomas. Pennsylvania Anthracite, Charles A. Ashburner. Improvements in Testing Machines, 4. V. Abbott. New Method of Mounting Reflectors, Simon Newcomb. After-Images, Josiah Royce. Lakes of the Great Basin, Israel C. Russell. The definition of Mean Solar Time. Morphology of the Pelvis and Leg, C. S. Minot. Recent Work on Brachiopods, W. H. Dall. The American Institute of Mining Engineers. Geology of the Grand Cañon. The Bacillus of Beriberi,

Biological Theories of an Artist. The Illinois Geological Report. Intelligence from Scientific Stations.-U. S. Geological Survey. Reports of Society Meetings.—Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelpia. Philosophical Society, Washington. Ottawa Field

Naturalists' Club, Canada. Boston Society of Natural History. Notes and News. Letters to the Editor.-Red Sunsets and Precipitation, W. H. Howard. Does Unio Spin a Byssus, E. P. Larkin. Retrogade Meta

morphosis of a Strawberry Flower, Byron, D. Halsted. The Reproduction of Clathrulina Elegans, Alfred C. Stokes. Formation of Anchor Ice, 7. G. Manayunkia Speciosa, Sara Gwendolen Foulke. Appearance of the Cyclone Cloud at Rochester, Minn., 1883, H. W. Holmes. Stones Placed in Pine Trees by Birds, C. R. Orcutt. How a Spider Sometimes Lifts Heavy

Objects to its Nest, E. P. Larkin. The Use of the Method of Limits in Mathematical Teaching, Truman Henry Safford. Five dollars ($5.00) per year; foreign countries, six dollars ($6.00). Trial subscription of three months, thirteen numbers, one dollar ($1.00).

Address PUBLISHER OF SCIENCE, 4 Bond St., New York City.


OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS.-D. C. Gilman, of Baltimore, President; Gardiner G. HUBBARD, of Washington; Alex. GRAHAM Bell, of Washington, Vice-President; 0. C. Marss of New Haven; Simon NewcoMB, of Washington.

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