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HAVE JUST PUBLISHED: The Three Prophets :

CHINESE GORDON; MOHAMMED-AHMED; ARABI PASHA. Events before, during, and after the Bombardment of Alexandria. By Colonel CHAILLÉ LONG, ex-Chief of Staff to Gordon in Africa; ex-United States Consular Agent in Alexan.

dria, etc., etc. With Portraits. 16mo, paper. Price, 50 cents. Colonel Long was General Gordon's chief of staff in the Soudan, and while acting as consular agent at Alexandria he witnessed the massacres, and the bombardment of that city. His long residence in Egypt, and his personal knowledge of men and events there, make him a competent authority on the subjects related in this volume Allen Dare and Robert le Diable.-Part Second.


To be published in Nine Fortnightly Parts, octavo, Illustrated by Alfred Fredericks. Price, 25 cents for each Part (a remittance of two dollars will insure the posting of the entire work as rapidly as published). Parts One and Two now ready.

For sale by all booksellers; or will be sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 3 and 5 Bond Street, New York.


A periodical that is exciting wide-spread interest and discussion. It closes its twelfth volume with the December number of the present year, and is generally recognized as a growing power in the field of literature, as well as the best monthly magazine that can be introduced into the household.

It circulates among the best and wealthiest families throughout the country ; and it is in School and College Libraries generally, as well as on Public Reading Room tables all over the Continent.

It is the only magazine in the country devoted exclusively to history and the literature, antiquities and curiosities of history. It is elegantly illustrated with rare and valuable portraits, maps, and other pictures of historical authenticity and significance (many of which are here engraved for the first time), and forms a storehouse of priceless material not accessible in any other form.

Its contributors are among the most eminent of America's historians and authors, and several original articles are published in each monthly issue. Its departments of Minor Topics, Original Documents, Unpublished Letters, Reprints, Notes, Queries and Replies, interest all readers of intelligence, whether old or young. It furnishes monthly records of the proceedings of historical and other learned societies in the different States; and its notices of current publications serve as a guide to the collector.

It is conducted in a spirited and popular manner, and it is printed with such care and taste that it is a pleasure to turn its beautiful pages. There are two handsome volumes in each year, beginning with January and July. Each volume is accompanied with an elaborate index. Subscriptions may begin at any time, and all booksellers and newsdealers receive them, or remittance may be made direct to the publishers. Price, $5.00 a year. Address



DAVID G. FRANCIS, 17 Astor Place, New York. Dealer in NEW and OLD Books. Valuable

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The above press is especially designed for fine Book, Job or Color Work, and commends itself to printers on account of ils simplicity, and the ease with wbich it may be handled.

It has no Tapes, but delivers the sheet clean side to the Fly in nt, and thus prevents all smutting of sheets. This delivery also does away with the necessity of a delivery cylinder under the feed-board, and leaves the bed as accessible for the “ making ready” of forms as an imposing stone. The impression can be tripped at will by the feeder.

Campbell Printing Press and Manufacturing Co.,




We also have a full assortment of Works of HISTORY, TRAVELS, ADVENTURE, NOVELS, POETRY, SCIENCE AND ART. Libraries liberally dealt with. Also, ALBUMS, Bibles (large and small), WRITING DESKS, &c. Send for Catalogues, or call. Correspondence solicited.

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ticularly the latter ! Lives of Americans, obscure and illustrious, the former always preferred; Books throwing light, or claiming to throw light, on the misty origin and weird, romantic life of the Red Men-their ethnology, their tongues, their stone, metal and earthen relics of past ages; Genealogy; Cruninal Trials; The rude Rhymes illustrating the slow but sure growth of American Poetry; Narratives of Soldiers and Pioneers; and other odd, curious and out-of-the-way things peculiar to America. These, with a willingness to sell them at fair prices, constitute the specialty of

CHARLES L. WOODWARD, 78 Nassau St., New York, Catalogues for whoever wants them.


A Trumpet Blast!

“Will Startle the Democracy itself."Detroit Post. The Democratic Party Its Political History and Influence.

The Author of "A Fool's ErBy PRCF. J. H. PATTON, Author of "A Concise History of tine American Feople.".. How randtells another and far more

startling story to the American To those who know the Democratic organi

He calls it zation only by its recent platforms, campaign people. battle-cries, and press utterances, this little book will come as a revelation. No adequate

we are Gorerned;" Natural Resources of the United

States, Yorktown, 1781-1881;" etc.

conception can be formed of the real policy AN APPEAL


out studying its attitude on economic and state questions, from its organization to the żenith of its power.

PRESS OPINIONS. “An instructive outline review of the whole political VIVID as an electric light; interesting as a novel ; history of the United States."-N. Y. Times.

filled with newly-found facts and arguments of irresist“ He has written a book that for conciseness of state. ment and broadness of ground covered, is a master

ible force, it opens with a delightsul sketch of Presipiece."-Rochester Herald.

dent Garfield, showing his intense interest in the sub“ In a spirit of fairness, he has reviewed the history ject, and the pledge which he exacted from the Author, of the Democracy from the days of Jefferson down to

in fulfillment of which the book has been written. the present time. He has pointed out the good it has done and given credit for it. He has pointed out also Biography, history, political science, and the art of the harm it has done and held the party to the strictest good government, are here combined in an absorbaccountability. Mr. Patton has gathered into a small volume a large amount of information.” — Rochester ingly interesting work. Democrat and Chronicle.

It is an amazing book-a book of hard facts, sturdy “ The oldest of these—the Democratic —is the basis logic, and astounding conclusions. It treats of the of the book, while its chief rivals—the Federal, the

swift strides of the Black race to numerical preponderWhig and the Republican parties—are examined. All the important political events and measures are here

ance in the South, with tabulated statistics, revealing a arranged under their headings, and the thoughtsul state of things undreamed of on this Continent. It reader cannot help finding himself well informed on the shows an imminent and unsuspected national peril. It political, moral, financial, and industrial questions of the day ”-N. Y. Graphic.

contains words of warning from a political philosopher. " For the preparation of a sketch showing the nature It is an appeal to the American People to BE WISE and tendencies of a political party, the drift of events, IN TIME.

. the force of ideas, and the underlying causes of men's actions, no one is better qualified."- Magazine of Its warning: will cause the most reckless to stop and American History (N. Y.).

think. A remarkable book, bringing out a number of very important facts not known any but those who have made a careful study of our Nation's history.”-Na- 422 Pages. Price of First Edition, $1.00. tional Tribune. It is a book that every voter, and every

The Publishers reserve the right to advance the student of American history ought to possess.

price November 15th. Sold at all booksellers, or mailed post-paid by the publishers.

FORDS, HOWARD, & HULBERT, 16mo, Cloth, 350 Pages. Price, $1.00.


27 Park Place, New York.


Mrs. MARTHA J. LAMB's story for boys and girls,

SNOW AND SUNSHINE. Fully illustrated. Price, cloth, $1.75; boards, $1.25.

For sale by your bookseller, or sent to any address at our expense on receipt of price as above.

Wall Street in History.
Papers collected from The MAGAZINE OF

Handsome!y illustrated and elegantly bound.

Price, cloth, $2.00.

10 & 12 Dey St., New York.

WHITE, STOKES & ALLEN, Publishers,

182 Fifth Avenue, Ney York.

A Journal of Literature, Politics and Criticism.




C BLACKETT ROBINSON, PUBLISHER. A PARTIAL LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS—“A Bystander,” Prof. Goldwin Smith, Joaquin Miller, Louis Honore Frechette, Prof. W. Clarke, Prof. Wilson Windsor, N.S., George Stewart, Jr., J. E. Collins, John Reade, Mrs. K. Seymour McLean, Miss Machar (Fidelis), Principal Grant, Dr. Daniel Wilson, Edgar Fawcett, John Charles Dent, Wm. Houston, F. Blake Crofton, G. Mercer Adam, J. Hunter Duvar, R. W. Phipps, etc.

THE AMERICAN Journal of Literature, Science, the Arts, and Public Affairs.

PHILADELPHIA : Weekly Editions, SATURDAYS. Established October, 1880.

Fourth Year began October 13th, 1883. THE AMERICAN has established for itself a more than national repute. Its contents consist of original matter, written expressly for its columns. It is not the reprint of a daily newspaper.

Among the regularly maintained Departments are : Review of the Week.

Art. A department under the oversight of a comEditorial Articles. Temperate but earnest discus- petent critic and trained teacher of art. sion of important public questions and themes.

Music. Weekly Notes. Minor editorial comment.

The Drama. Special Articles. On a wide variety of topics, including the phases of Social Life, Art, Science,

Aulhors and Publishers. A concise summary of Literature, etc., etc.

interesting data relating to books, periodicals, announceSpecial Correspondence.

ments of publishers, the work of authors, etc. Reviews of Books.

Financial and Trade Review. A summary report Science. A department regularly furnished under of definite and trustworthy data in finance and irade. the editorial charge of Professor Angelo Heilprin, of Drift. Scientific, Archäological, Personal, and the Academy of Natural Sciences.

other timely and interesting items. THE AMERICAN has 16 to 20 pages, handsomely printed on toned paper

Subscription, $3.00 per annum; $1.50 per six months. All communications should be addressed to

THE AMERICAN, Office, 1018 Chestnut Street,

Post-Office Box 1690, Philadelphia, Pa.



Mrs. Sylvanus Reed's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies,

Nos, 6 and 8 East 53d Street (Central Park), between Madison and 5th Avenues. The success and reputation of this school for twenty years is due, with God's blessing, to its own merits and to that "Eternal vigilance which is the price of safety.” It is supported by that class of citizens who demand and appreciate the best educational advantages and fidelity to the true interest of their children.

Each year brings it nearer to the idea of its founder, and it has lately been relieved from the peril of depending for existence upon the tenure of a single life. The standard of the Collegiate Department for the coming year has been materially raised. While the class-rooms are in charge of ladies as heretofore, the staff of instructors has been greatly reinforced by professional talent, men of distinction in the respective branches assigned to them,

Dr. LABBERTON will give his time exclusively to class instruction in this school in the Departments of History and Historical Literature.

DR. WILLIAM H. CARPENTER, of Columbia College, will have charge of English Grammar, Rhetoric, Critical Literature, Composition and Philology.

Classes in Popular and Mathematical Astronomy in charge of PROFESSOR REES, of Columbia Observatory, and Miss EDGERTON. Physics and Chemistry, Professor BOWEN, of School of Mines. Art, Professor GOODYEAR. Latin, French, German, Mathematics, Psychology and Logic will be in charge of the same able teachers as heretofore. MRS. REED will be aided in the Boarding Department by Miss META D. HUGER, a lady of scholarly attainments, refinement and experience, enabling her to give more of her own time to her class-rooms. Resident teachers speak the French and German languages with purity.

Pupils prepared for examinations of any class in Columbia or other colleges.
Special students are admitted to any or all of the courses without examination.

The Primary and Preparatory Departments will be continued under the same teachers. The twenty-first school year begins October 1, 1884.

[blocks in formation]

L Y ME, CONNECTICUT. This School, besides the usual branches of study, offers special advantages for the piano, harp, guitar, and drawing, painting, art embroidery, etc.

It is recommended to graduated young ladies who wish to perfect themselves in accomplishments. The very large, commodious, elegant, old house is cool in summer, thoroughly warmed in winter, and very pleasantly and healthfully situated. With its refined influences it is a charming home for young ladies of any age, especially for those who have no permanent home of their own.

REFERENCES.- Judge C. J. McCurdy, Lyme, Conn.; Mrs. Martha J. Lamb, Magazine of American History, 30 Lafayette Place, New York; Mr. Charles H. Ludington, 276 Madison Avenue, New York; Prof. Edward E. Salisbury, New Haven, Conn.

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