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第 238 頁 - ... in a bed of water. In order, however, to be more certain, we sent in a Levantine mariner, who, by the promise of a good reward, ventured, with a flambeau in his hand, into this narrow aperture.
第 375 頁 - I think, The fall of every Phrygian stone will cost A drop of Grecian blood : The end crowns all ; And that old common arbitrator, time, Will one day end it.
第 121 頁 - Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judea, and all the region round about Jordan, And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins.
第 227 頁 - All murder'd : for within the hollow crown That rounds the mortal temples of a king Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits, Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp...
第 238 頁 - ... to our view. We quickly perceived, that what the ignorant natives had been terrified at as a giant was nothing more than a sparry...
第 238 頁 - Our candles being now all lighted up, and the whole place completely illuminated, never could the eye be presented with a more glittering, or a more magnificent scene. The whole roof hung with solid icicles, transparent as glass, yet solid as marble.
第 238 頁 - They struck us with the more amazement, as we knew them to be mere productions of nature, who, hitherto in solitude, had, in her playful moments, dressed the scene, as if for her own amusement.
第 303 頁 - ... practised surgery, and could breathe a vein as well as mow a beard: such a staff being to this day, by every village practitioner, put into the hand of a patient undergoing the operation of phlebotomy. The white band, which encompasses the staff, was meant to represent the fillet thus elegantly twined about it." In confirmation of this opinion the reader may be referred to the cut of the barber's shop in Comenii Orbis Pictus, where the patient under phlebotomy is represented with a pole or staff...
第 241 頁 - Ask you what provocation I have had? The strong antipathy of good to bad. When truth or virtue an affront endures, Th' affront is mine, my friend, and should be yours.
第 326 頁 - But, as he rode round the walls, pensive, angry and disappointed, he observed a stork, preparing to leave her nest in one of the towers and to fly with her infant family towards the country. He seized with the ready penetration of a statesman this trifling incident which chance had offered to superstition; and exclaimed in a loud and cheerful tone, that...