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A. S. P. C.L. Yokes. Nobly he yokes a smiling with a ligh

Cymbeline.141 2 9151124 Yoke-devils. Treason and murder, ever kept together, as two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose

Henry v. 2 21 5162 43 Ysked by a fool

Two Gent. of Verona. I 24/1 2 Hath yok'd a nation Atrong

Titus Andronicus. I 1832 11 6 Yeke-fellows in arms, let us to France

Henry v.2 2 5180125 Tand's that same knave

All's Well. 3) 5 2931 28 Yonker. . Trimm'd like a yonker, prancing to his love

3 Henry vi. 2 16091160 Yorick. Alas, poor Yorick

Hamlet. 5) 11035 1,50 York. Archbishop of York. D. P. i Henry iv. p. 441:

2 Henry iv. 473 D.P.

Ricbard ii.
Duke of. D. P.
Richard ii. p. 413.

- DP.

Henry v. 509)
D.P. 2 Henry vi. p. 571. D.P. - 3 Hen. vi. p. 603. - D.P. Ricb.ii.
Duke of. And we create, in absence of our self, ourxuncle York Lord Governor of

Rickard ü. 2 142112.50 -, appointed Regent in France

I Henry vi.41 561129 If thou be not then created York, I will not live to be accounted Warwick Ibid.2 4 5532 18 -, Soliloquy on the giving up of Anjou and Maine

1 Henry vi. 1 il 5732,20 accused of treason

Ibid. 1 3 57612151 His title to the crown

Ibid. 2 2 580 163 dismisses his soldiers

'Ibid. 51 05992 25 I arrest thee, York, of capital treason 'gainst the king and crown

loid. 5 16001 31 If that the bastard boys of York shall be the surety for their traitor father Ibid. s 1600 1148 - takes poffeffion of the throne

3 Henry vi. 1

1 604 130 - taken prisoner

Ibid. 14 6081 40 - jeer'd at by the queen

Ibid. 1 - So York may overlook the town of York

Ibid. 1 41 60912124 and Lancaster. Union of the houses of

Richard iii. s. 466912 27
Dutchess of. D.P.
Richard ii. p. 413.

D.P. Richard iii. 633 - Mayor of. D.P.

3 Henry vi.

603 York-place. That title's loft ; 'tis now the king's, and call'd-Whitehall Henry vii. 41 7 694738 Yorkpire rebels in arms

Richard it. 41 41 664/28 Tugban. Get thee to Youghan, and fetch me a stoop of liquor

Hamler. S/ 11034|?| 3 Young. Few taller are so young

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 1741919 Elder brother, you are too young in this

As Toit Like It. 2241114 Is the day so young

Romeo and Juliet. Il 969 2140 Yunging! thou canst not love so dear as I

Tam. of tbe Sbrew.2 1 26311118 -, learn thou to make some meaner choice

Titus Andronicus. 12 1837 120 Youngly. How youngly he began to serve his country

Coriolanus. 12 3 7182/29 Yoanker. How like a younker, or a prodigal, the skarfed bark puts from her native bay

Mer. of Venice. 26 2052 50 I'll not pay a denier, what will you make a younker of me

1 Henry iv. 3 31 4622 : Your's. One half of me is your's, the other half your's,umine own I would say; but if mine, then your's

Mercb. of Venice. 3 2 209 21

2160 Yourself. Good madam, keep yourself within yourself

Ant. and Cleop.121 5 778240 Yovih. Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits

Two-Gent. of Verena." 1 Wear out thy youth with shapeless idleness

Ibid. I Knowing that tender youth is foon suggested


33'139 A purpose more grave and wrinkled than the aims and ends of burning youth

Messure for Measure. 1 4 783/11 Thou hast nor youth, nor age

Ibid. 3

8712 23 I see by you, I am a sweet-faced youth

Com. of Errors. 51 1202 37 He that is more than a youth, is not for me; and he that is less than a man, I am not for him

Mu. Ado About Nab. 2 1 125246 A man loves the meat in his youth, that he cannot endure in his age

Ibid. 2 3113128 Flat treason 'gainst the kingly state of youth

Love's Lab. Lot. 4 3 16329 Welcome hither; if that the youth of my new interest here have power to bid you welcome

Mercb. of Venice. 3 2 211235 - In pity of the challenger's youth, I would fain diffuade him As You Like It. 1/ 222616! I come but in, as others do, to try the strength of my youth

Ibid. 1

2 226 2 12 In my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious liquors in my blood

3 2331 55 If the quick fire of youth light not your mind, you are no maiden, but a monument

Als Well

41 2 296138 Unbak'd and doughy youth

Ibid, 41 sl 300 1152


2311 5


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Ibid. 2

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A.S. P. C. L. Youtb. Of freth and Nainless youth

Twelfth Nigbr. 1 5 3122155 For youth is bought more oft, than begg'd or borrow'd

Ibid. 31 41 322 2132 And many unrough youths that even now protest their firft of manhood Macbeth. 5 2 383/251 Unstay'd youth

Ricbard ii. 2) 1 419|1159 And chid his truant youth with such a grace

i Henry iv. 5 1 469127 There is my hand; you shall be as a father to my youth

2 Henry iv. 512 5031 7 Now all the youth of England are on fire

Henry v. 2 cb 5141 Lust and liberty creep in the minds and marrows of our youth Tim. of Arbens. 41 | 818 2152 In the morn and liquid dew of youth

Hamler. 1 3 1004/2126 to itself rebels, though none else near

Ibid. 1 3 1004 2729 To Aaming youth let virtue be as wax, and melt in her own fire

Ibid. 31 4|10242111 - no less becomes the light and careless livery that it wears, than settled age his sables and his weeds

Ibid.4 71032 111 z


ZANIES. I take these wise men, that crow so at these fet kind of fools, no better

Twelfth Nigbe. ! 5 3111/46 Some Night zany

Love's Labor Loft.15 2 170225 Zenitb depends upon a most auspicious star

Tempeft. 1 2 32156 Zeal Intend a kind of zeal both to the prince and Claudio Much Ado Ab. Norb. 21 21 12919 The constraint of hospitable zeal

King Fobn.2

1 39212150 Left zeal now melted : by the windy breath of soft petitions, pity and remorse, cool and congeal again to what it was

Ibid. 2 235512 Let not my cold words here accuse my zeal

Ricbard ii. 1 1 414 1 28 This doch infer the zeal I had to see him

2 Henry iv.151 51 506:20 With whom an upright zeal to right prevails

3 Henry vi. 5628/2 28 Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my king

Henry viii. 3 2 69242159 Like those, that, under hot ardent zeal, would set whole realms on fire Tim. of Aib. 31 31 814/2131 Zid. Thou whoreson zed! thou unnecessary letter

2 9411122 2 enelopbon. The pernicious and indubitate beggar Zenelophon Love's Lab. Loft.4

1 1572 28 2 epbyrs. They are as gentle as zephyrs, blowing below the violet

Cymb. 41 2 916216 Zodiac. Like unscour'd armour, hung by the wall so long, that nineteen zodiacks have gone round, and none of them been worn

Meal. for Meal. 3 Gallops the zodiack in his glistering coach

Titus Andronicus. 2) 1 836142 Zounds.

· Henry iv. 41 | 46411 4






Cock, see Chanticleer, Cockrel, Cravan

Coroner, fee Crotuner AGREED, see 'Greed.

Country-men, see Boors
Ale, see Barley-broib

Crow, fee Night-crow
Apotbecary, see 'Potbrary
Apparel, Tee 'Parrel

Appear, fce 'Pear
Apples, see Pippins

Deer, fee Eribe-buck, Buck, Dee, Pricket, Rascal, Ruesg Army, see Forces, Head, Soldiers

Stag Ajürance, see 'Surance

Dog, lee Bragle, Bracb, Canus, Cerberus, Cur, Curtail. Ax, fee Curtle-ax, Poll-ax

dog, Hound, Lym, Mad-dog, Mastiff, Nigbt-deg,

Spaniel, Tike, Trundle-tail, Water Spaniel, Wbeit

Duck, see Mallard
Bat, sec Rear-mice
Bees, see Drones

Bebavicur, see 'Haviour

Eagle, see Jove's Bird с

England, see Albion Cat, ree Gib.cat

Enticed, see 'Ticed Carrle, see Bull, Bullocks, Cows, Ncar, Steers, Town- Efcbearer, see Cheater bull

Fscurcbeon, sce 'Scurcbeon Children, see Babes, Barns, Bearns, Brat, Crack, Fruit Excuse, see 'Scuse of ber Womt, Infani, Lad, Yourb, Yonker

Exavtioner, lee Dearb's-17:IN Ciccio, see Tully

U ut

Facee F




Face, see Complexion, Countenance, Wee face, Wbey face Pen, see Snow-while Pen
France, see Gallia

Phenix, fee Arabian Bird

Pike, Tee Luce

Pinfold, see Pound
Gardener, ree Adam's profe Tion

Paijon fee Empoison
Gosje, sec Gojiing, Wild Goose

Prayers, lee Orijons
Hard, see Snow-white-band

Rabbit, see Coney
Hari, ree Poulier's Hare
Hawk, see Aiery, Buzzard, Faulcon, Kite, Puttock,

Ruddock, Stannyel, Tallel-gentle, Tercel
Head, see Mazzard, Pate

Sbeep, see Bell-werber, Ewe, Laced Murton, Lomb,
Hope, see Esperance

Mutton, Ram, Tup, Weber
Horses, see Barbary Horse, Barbed Steeds, Colt, Sbips, see Argofies, Barks, Carracks, Floc, Galliafles,

Courfer, Gennet, Jude, Pack-borse, Palfreys, Steeds Gallies, Pinnaces, Vilels
Hound, see Beagle

Sight, fee Vifon

Spermaceti, sec Parmacity

Spider, see Arachne Youn la Pucelle, see Pucelle

Stage, fee Asting, Aftor, Comedians, Comedy, Epilogue,
Jupiter, see youe

Play, Players, Play-bouse, Prologue, Tragedy
Suicide, fee

Sun, see Aurora, Sol

Surgeonly, see Chirurgeonly
Lior, see Nemean-lion

Squan, fee Cygnet




Marriage, fee Wedding
Mon, lee Boys, Mortals, Yonker, Youtb
Murderers, see Slaughter-men

Troy, fee Ilium

[blocks in formation]

Urine, fee Chamber-lie
Venereal Dijeaje, see Malady of France, Powdering-

tub, Pox

Occurrents, see 'Currents
Owl, see Howlet, Scritch-orul


Wine, see Basard, Canary, Sack, Sherris-jack
Women, fee Maids, Mifress, Morber, Nun, Nurse
Wincb, fee W'bore, Widew, Wife.

E R R Α Τ Α.

Page 1110, Ardramadio, read Alramadio.

1121, Barbury-ben, read Barbury-ben.
1144, Bodkin, read wirb a bare bodkin.
1263, Embalming, read Emballing.
1345, Observe a transposition between Hannibal and Haftc, should come in from Hat

to Harveft-men, from pages 1347, 8, 9.

ADDENDUM to the Songs, page 1619, "The Ousel Cock, fo black of hue-Bottom's, -Midf. Night's Dream, AC 3. Sc. 1. P. 184. C. 1. L. 43.




In the Press, and speedily will be published,

Containing near 1800 Pages, beautifully printed upon a Superfine Wove Royal

Paper, and embellished with a Head of the AUTHOR, from an Original,
Price Five Guineas in Boards,

The Whole of his Dramatic Works;
With Explanatory Notes, compiled from various Commentators.

A Copious INDEX to all the remarkable Passages and WORDS.
Calculated to point out the different Meanings in which the words are made use of by

By the Reverend SAMUEL AYSCOUGH, F.A.S.

And Alliftant Librarian of the BRITISH MUSEUM. Printed for JOHN STOCKDALE, Piccadilly. Mr. STOCKDALE has already experienced a liberal Encouragement from the Public for his Edition of SHAKSPEARE, in one Volume, 8vo. and to whom he begs Leave to return his grateful Acknowledgments. As the present Edition will cost him fome Thousands, he humbly solicits the Aflifiance of the Admirers of SHAKSPEARE, by favouring him with their Names as Subscribers.

N. B. A Specimen of the Paper and Type, may be seen at Mr. STOCKDALE's.



This Day is published, BEAUTIFULLY printed on a SUPERFINE Paper, in Two handsome Volumes, Royal

OEtavo, Price One Guinea in Boards; and embellished with FIFTEEN ORIGINAL ENGRAVINGS, and Two Elegant Vignettes, designed by STODHART, and engraved by MEDLAND:




Of Y O R K MARINER: Who lived Eight-and-Twenty Years all alone, in an uninhabited INand, on the coast of

America, near the Mouth of the great River Oroonoque; having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Men perished but himself: with an Account how he was at last as strangely delivered by PIRATES. Written by Himself.


N. B. The Public will please to order that printed for Mr. STOCKDALE, as the Plates alone are

worth more than the Price of the whole Book,


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2. 'The Voyage of GOVERNOR Phillip to Botany-Bay; with an Account

of the Establishment of the Colonies at Port Jackson and Norfolk Illand : Compiled from Authentic Papers, which have been received from the several Departments. To which are added, the Journals of Lieut. Shortland of the Alexander; Lieut. Watts of the Penrhyn; Lieut. Ball of the Supply; and Capt. Marshall of the Scarborough; with an Account of their new Discoveries. The Maps and Charts taken from actual Surveys, and the Plans and Views drawn on the Spot, by Capt. Hunter, Lieut. Shortland, Lieut. Watts, Lieut. Dawes, Lieut. Bradley, Capt. Marshall, &c. and engraved by Medland, Sherwin, Mazell, Harrison, &c. Inícribed, by Permission, to the MARQUIS of SALISBURY. In One large Volume, Quarto, printed on fine Paper, and embellished with Fifty-five fine Copper-plates ; Second Edition, in Boards


The following is a list of the Engravings which are in this Work, Head of Governor Phillip, from a Paint. 22 The Kangurog ing in the Possession of Mr. Nepean, by 23 The Spotted Opossum

F. Wheatley; engraved by Sherwin 24 Vulpine Opoffum 2 Head of Lieut. Shortland, engraved by 25 Norfolk Island Flying Squirre!

Sherwin, from a Painting of Shelley's 26 Blue-bellied Parrot 3 Head of Lieut. King, from a Painting by 27 Tabuan Parrot Wright

28 Pennantian Parrot 4 View of Botany-Bay, with the Supply and 29 Pacific Parrot

Sirius at Anchor, and the Transports 30 Sacred King's Fisher coming in

31 Superb Warbler, male 5 A large Chart of Port Jackson

32 Superb Warbler, female 6 A View in Port Jackson, with the Na. 33 Norfolk Ipand Petrel ives in their Canoes trouling

34 Bronze-winged Pigeon View of the Natives in Botany-Bay 35 White-fronted Heron Map of Lord Howe IN and, and view of ditto 36 Wattled Bee-eater 9 Ilead of Lieut. Watts, drawn by Shelley, 37 Pfittaceous Hornbill and engraved by Sherwin

38 Martin Cat 10 View of Natives and a Hut in New 39 Kanguroo Rat South Walez

40 A Dog of New South Wales u View of New South Wales

41 1 he Black Cuckatoo 12 A large Plan of the Establishment at 42 Red-shouldered Paraquet Sydney Cove, Port Jackson


Watts's Shark 13 A large Chart of Norfolk Island 44 The Laced Lizard 14 View of Ball's Pyramid


New Holland Goat Sucker iš Chart of Lieut. Shortland's New Disco- 46 White Gallinule veries

47 New Holland Cassowary 16 Track of the Alexander from Port Jack- 48 Port Jackson Shark son to Batavia

49 Yellow Gum Plant 17 Chart of Captain Marshall's New Dif- 50 Axe, Basket, and Sword veries

51 Bag-throated Balistes 18 View of the Natives in their failing 52 Fith of New South Wales Canoe at Mulgrave Islands

53 Great Brown King's Fisher 19 View of Curtis's Inand

54 Black Flying Opollum 20 View of Macaulay's Island

15 Skeleton of the Head of a Kanguroo 21 Caspian Tern

and Vulpine Opossum N. B. A few of the first Edition, with fixe Imprifions, and the Natural History, beautifully

be bad of Mr. Stockdale, price 21. 125. 64. in boards. 3 A Third Edition of Governor Phillip's Voyage, is elegantly printed in One

large Volurne, Royal Octavo, in Boards, containing the whole of the Letter Press, with the following Copper-plates

O 10 6 1. Frontif

coloured, may

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