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Waiting gentlewoman. And make him my waiting gentlewoman Mu. Ado About Noth.[2]

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To wake Northumberland and warlike Siward

If I do wake, fome planet strike me down

I'll wake mine eye-balls blind first

The king doth wake to-night, and takes his roufe, keeps waffel Wales, Ann, princefs of, afterwards married to Glofter. D. P.

[blocks in formation]

P. C. L.

[blocks in formation]

Macbeth. 35

[blocks in formation]

125 243 377 2 22 841 119

Cymbeline. 3 4

910 139

Richard i

41005 243


[blocks in formation]

Rich. iii.

. D. P.

2 Henry iv.


[blocks in formation]

The nimble-footed mad-cap Prince of Wales challenges Harry Percy to fingle fight

When the prince broke thy head for likening his father to a finging man of Windfor

Walk. My fhoulders for the fellow of this walk

quibbling on that word

More than to us wait on your royal walks, your board, your bed Midf. Night's Dr. 5 1 192154 Methinks, you walk like a stranger

Walked like one of the lions

Tam. of the Shrew.[2] 1260246
K. Jbn.4 2 404136

How wildly then walks my estate in France

Two Gent. of Verona.

1 27156

[blocks in formation]

Macbeth. 5

1 3831 6

Walk'd in their fleep. Yet I have known those which have walk'd in their fleep, who have died holily in their beds

Ibid. 5 1383215

Wall. D. P.

Midf. Night's Dr.


Some man or other must present Wall - This man, with lime and rough-caft, doth prefent Wall, that vile wall, which did thofe lovers funder

Ibid. 3


[blocks in formation]

O fweet and lovely Wall, fhew me thy chink to blink through with mine eyne 16.5 1193260
Nature with a beauteous wall, doth oft clofe in pollution
Twelfth Night.1| 2 308 157
And that all the walls, with painted imag'ry, had said at once, Jefu preferve thee
Richard ii. 51 435252
2 Henry iv. 2

For thy walls, pretty flight drollery, or the story of the prodigal
On either hand thee there are fquadrons pitch'd, to wall thee from the liberty of

We'll break our walls rather than you fhall pound us up

1 Henry vi. 4561223 Ceriolanus. 4 708133

O thou wall, that girdleft in those wolves! dive in the earth, and fence not Athens

Timon of Athens.4 1 818145
Cymbeline. 2 I 9021 I

The heaven hold firm the wall of thy dear honour General, take thou my foldiers, prifoners, patrimony; difpofe of them, walls are thine

of me; the

Lear. 5 3 963118

The weakest goes to the wall; therefore I push Montague's men from the wall, and thrust their women to the wall

Wall-eyed wrath

Say, wail-ey'd flave

Romeo and Juliet. 1 1 967222
K. John.43 40618
Titus Andronicus. 51 850236

Wall-nut. As jealous as Ford, that fearch'd a hollow wall-nut for his wife's leman

Merry W. of Windfor.

Walloon. A bafe Walloon, to win the Dauphin's grace, thruft Talbot with a fpear into the back

Wallow. Or wallow naked in December's fnow

Wan. So fhaken as we are, fo wan with care

[blocks in formation]

Wander. Madam, you wander from the good we aim at

Wane. It appears, by his small light of difcretion, that he is in the wane

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For the inheritance of their loves, and fafeguard of what that want might ruin

Coriolanus. 3 2 7232 20
Lear.1 1932 144

And well are worth the want that you have wanted Wanting. Take upon command what help we have, that to your wanting may be miniftred

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Wanten. Or fhall we play the wantons with our woes, and make some pretty match with fhedding tears

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How sleek and wanton ye appear in every thing may bring my ruin

I am afraid, you make a wanton of me

Wanton's bird. I would have thee gone: and yet no further than a

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with good counsel

to try their fortune there

thoughts have left their places vacant

Such war of white and red within her cheeks

is no ftrife to the dark house, and the detested wife

The event of the none fparing war

A. S. P. C. L

Ricband ii. 33 43012
Henry vii.32 690255
Hamlet. 5 21040232

wanton's bird
Romeo and Juliet.2 2 977125
Merry W. of Wind. 4 2

Hamlet. 3 11018 120

Timon of Athens. 4 Tempeft.5 1 Two Gent. of Verona. 11



19 2 22

24 131

Ibid. 1 3

262 2

[blocks in formation]

That right in peace, which here we urge in war
The grappling vigour and rough frown of war, is cold in amity and


Now, for the bare pick'd bone of majesty, doth dogged war briftle his creft

Tame the favage spirit of wild war, that like a lion fostered up at hand, it

gently at the foot of peace


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To whip this dwarfish war, these pigmy arms

hath not wasted it, for warr'd he hath not

He is come to ope the purple testament of bleeding war

No more fhall trenching war channel her fields

The edge of war, like an ill-fheathed knife, no more fhall cut his master
compared to building

For whom this hungry war opens his vafty jaws

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When the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tyger Ibid. 3
That never war advance his bleeding fword 'twixt England and fair France
Thus war hath given thee peace, for thou art still

[blocks in formation]

He that is truly dedicate to war, hath no felf love

Frowns, words, and threats, shall be the war that Henry means to use

It is war's prize to take all 'vantages

Grim-vifag'd war hath smooth'd his wrinkled front

[blocks in formation]

Art thou yet to thy own soul so blind, that thou wilt war with God by murdering


Mortal ftaring war

Ibid. 1 4 643223 Ibid. 5 3 666218

Henry viii. 1 4 678113

Nay, ladies, fear not; by all the laws of war you are privileg'd
exceeds peace, as far as day does night; it's sprightly, audible, and full of vent Cor. 4 2

in fome fort, may be faid to be a ravisher

Poor Brutus, with himself at war, forgets the fhews of love to other men Jul. Caf.1
Who does i' the wars more than his captain can, becomes his

'twixt you twain would be as if the world fhould cleave
'Tis faid in Rome, that Photinus, an eunuch, and your maids,


[blocks in formation]

Contumelious, beaftly, mad-brain'd war
Why should I war without the walls of Troy, that find such cruel battle here within

Yoke you like draft oxen, and make you plough up the war

8272 3

[blocks in formation]

and confufion, in Cæfar's name, pronounce I 'gainst thee
The toil of the war, a pain that only feems to feek out danger, i' the name of fame
and honour

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[blocks in formation]

War-man. The fweet war-man is dead and rotten
War-mark'd. Dift act your army, which doth most confift of war-mark'd footmen

Ant. and Cleep.3 7 785 246

War-proof. On, on, you noblest English, whofe blood is fet from fathers of war-proof

Warble. Warble, child; make paffionate my fenfe of hearing Warbling. Both warbling of one fong

Henry v.3 I 520143 Love's Labor Loft.3 1 154146 Midf. Night's Dream.13 2


4 Ward.


Ward. I could drive her then from the ward of her purity


The best ward of mine honour, is, rewarding my dependants
But I must attend his majesty's command, to whom I am now in ward
Thou know'ft my old ward;-here I lay, and thus I bore my point

I know, ere they will let me go to ward, they'll pawn their fwords for my enfran-

[blocks in formation]

Merry Wives of Wind. 2
Love's Labor Loft. 3

[blocks in formation]

All's Well. 1 1 Henry iv. 2

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277 110


453 155

2 Henry vi. 51

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If you fight against God's enemy, God will, in juftice, ward you as his foldiers R..5
You are fuch a woman! one knows not at what ward you lie


[blocks in formation]
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At all these wards I lie, at a thousand watches

Ibid. I 2 861159

Lear. 1 3 933154

[blocks in formation]

The father fhould be as ward to the fon, and the fon manage his revenue

Romeo and Juliet. I 5 973231
Warded. Tell him it was a hand that warded him from thousand daggers Titus Andron. 3 1 843141

Warden pies. I must have saffron to colour the warden pies
Warder. Stay, the king has thrown his warder down

O, when the king did throw his warder down, his own life hung upon the staff he

Wardrobe. I'll murder all his ward-robe, piece by piece, until I meet the king 1 H.iv. 5 3
Warener. He hath fought with a warener
Warn. And fent to warn them to his royal prefence

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Thefe does the apply for warnings, and portents, and evils imminent Warp. This is our commiffion, from which we would not have you warp Though thou the waters warp

You Like It. 2
warp, warp 6.3 3
Winter's Tale. 2
Meaf. for Meaf.3 1

Then one of you will prove a fhrunk pannel, and, like green timber,
Methinks my favour here begins to warp
Warped. Such a warped flip of wildernefs ne'er iffu'd from his blood
Contempt his fcornful perfpective did lend me, which warp'd the line of every other

Warpt. Whofe warpt looks proclaim what ftore her heart is made on

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750 251

[blocks in formation]

Warranty. Erom your love I have a warranty to unburthen all my plots and purpofes

Mer. of Venice. I 1198241

Never lov'd Caffio, but with fuch general warranty of heaven as I might love Orb. 5 Warriors. We are but warriors for the working-day

[blocks in formation]

21076 159

Henry v. 4 3
Julius Cajar. 2 2

Tit. And. 4 2
Merry W. of Windj. 1 4
2 Henry iv.

750 143
8481 6

Ibid. 3 2 490150

5129 473

[blocks in formation]

860 141

Henry v.


2 Henry iv. p. 473.

[blocks in formation]

D. P. 2 Henry vi. p. 571.

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Alas, poor chin! many a wart is richer

Warwick, Earl of. D. P.

D. P.

, as ourself, fhall do, and undo, as him pleaseth beft

offers his younger daughter in marriage with Edward, fon of Henry VI.

See how the furly Warwick man's the walls

Call Warwick patron, and be penitent

Proud-hearted Warwick, I defy thee

-'s foliloquy on his death

Ibid. 2 6 616214

[blocks in formation]

Warwickshire. In Warwickshire I have true-hearted friends, not mutinous in peace,

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Come, begin; and you the judges, bear a wary eye

Let us be wary, let us hide our loves

Was. 'Twas I; but 'tis not I: I do not fhame to tell you what I was

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As You L. I.43 24516
W.T.4 3 353 32

Wash. How prettily the young fwain seems to wash the hand was fair before
Wafd. Even then that fun-fhine brew'd a fhower for him, that wash'd his father's
fortunes forth of France

Wafber. Which is the manner of his washer
Wafbes. Thefe Lincoln washes have devoured them
Wafps. Injurious wafps, to feed on fuch sweet honey

Sat on the head of a wafp's neft

3 Henry vi. 2 Merry W. of Wind. 1 K. John. S

[blocks in formation]

Two Gent. of Verona.1
Winter's Tale. 4


410 2 60 26.111

[blocks in formation]

There be more wafps that buz about his nofe, will make this fting the fooner H. viii.
But when you have the honey you defire, let not this wafp out-live us both to fting

[blocks in formation]

I'll ufe you for my mirth, yea, for my laughter, when you are waspish
Waal candle.
Waffels. He is wit's pedlar, and retails his wares at wakes, and waffels, meetings, mar-
kets, fairs

His two chamberlains, will I with wine and waffel fo convince
Leave thy lafcivious waffels

Keeps waffel

Wate. Now in the wafte [of the fhip]


He will never, I think, in the way of wafte, attempt us again

Macbeth.1 7 368 2 24

Ant. and Cleop.14 772137

Hamlet. 1

Tempeft. 12

Merry W. of Wind.4 21

Thyfel and thy belongings are not thine own fo proper, as to waste thyself upon thy
virtues, them on thee

I like this place, and willingly could wafte my time in't
Go find him out, and we will nothing wafte till your return
Your means are very flender, and your waste great

Wafied. A merrier hour was never wafted there

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[blocks in formation]

As You Like It.2 4 231213
Ibid. 2

2 Henry iv.
Midf. Night's Dr.2

'Would he were wafted, marrow, bones, and all, that from his loins no hopeful branch may spring

March is wafted fourteen days

I have wafted myself out of my means

Wafieful. And Bolingbroke hath feiz'd the wafteful king

Watch. He is winding up the watch of his wit

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Being chofen for the prince's watch

7 233212

24771 45


1792 12


3 Henry vi32
J. Cafar. 21 747 47
Otbel 4 21072144

Mu. Ado


Tempeft. 2 1


Ab. Noth. 3 3 1345

Ibid. 3 3 134:139

Call the reft of the watch together, and thank God you are rid of a knave
For the watch to babble and talk is moft tolerable, and not to be endured Ibid.
Perchance, wind up my watch, or play with fome rich jewel

33 134145

Twelfth Night. 2 5 318133

Since when, my watch hath told me, toward my grave I have travell'd but two hours

Ibid. 51 3302

Even fuch, they fay, as ftand in narrow lanes, and beat our watch, and rob our pafsengers

thou and wake, when others be afleep, to pry into the fecrets of the state At all thefe wards I lie, at a thousand watches

D. P.

[blocks in formation]

I'll watch him tame, and talk him out of patience Watch-cafe. And leav'ft the kingly couch a watch-cafe, or a common larum bell 2 H.iv. 3 1 488 19 Troil, and Creff.3 2 873115. Lear. 2 2 942 133

Watched. You must be watched, ere you can be made tame

[ocr errors][merged small]

Watchers. Get on your night-gown, left occafion call us, and fhew us to be watchers

Watchings. Though it coft me ten nights watchings

Macbeth. 2
M. Ado Ab. Norb. 2


I confess I flept not; but profefs, had that was well worth watching Watchman. Charge or directions for the execution of the office


I fhall the effect of this good leffon keep, as watchman to my heart Waters. Kill the ftill-clofing waters

[blocks in formation]

23702 6

1128216 Cymbeline. 2 4 904258 Ado Ab. Noth. 3 3 1341 34

Hamlet. 1 31004231

Temp. 3 3 15 2 20 Mercb. of Ven. 2 2 203 115 Twelfth Night.34 323 324 Ibid. 23272143 K. John.43 406 2141 Water.

Water. Be he the fire, I'll be the yielding water

A. S. P. C. L.

Richard ii.13]

429/1/12 Ibid. 4 1 433237

And water cannot wash away your fin
For there will be a world of water shed, upon the parting of your wives and you

Sirrah, you giant! what fays the doctor to my water
The water itself was a good healthy water; but for the party that owed it, he might
have more difcafes than he knew of

The pretty and sweet manner of it forc'd thofe waters from me
Smooth runs the water, where the brook is deepest

That our beft water brought by conduits hither

Here's that, which is too weak to be a finner, honest water
More water glideth by the mill than wots the miller of

1 Henry iv. 3 1
2 Henry iv. 1

457 252


475 258



Ibid. 1
Henry v.4
2 Henry vi. 31583253
Coriolanus. 2 3 718236

2 807144
Timon of Athens.1
Titus Andronicus. 2 1837135
he, he goes; but
Hamlet. 5 11033147
Ibid. 4 71033 28

If the man go to this water, and drown himself, it is, will he, nill
if the water come to him, and drown him, he drowns not himself
Too much of water haft thou, poor Ophelia, and therefore I forbid my tears
And your water is a fore decayer of your whorefon dead body
She was falfe as water

Water-drops. When water-drops have worn the ftones of Troy
Water-flies. Ah, how the poor world is pefter'd with fuch water-flies

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 5 11035137
Othello. 5 21077138

Troil. and Cre3 2 874154
Ibid. 5 1 884157

Hamlet. 5 2 1038 127

Lear. 4 6


[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Water-work. Or the German hunting in water-work is worth a thousand of thefe bed

[blocks in formation]

As wives before a veffel under fail, fo men obey'd, and fell below his ftem
With what courteous action it waves you to a removed ground
War'd. He wav'd indifferently 'twixt doing them neither good, nor harm
Wave-worn bafis

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

1932 120

I 171 4

Tempest. 4
Richard ii. 21

42229 Cymbeline. 5 3 921135 Macbeth. 41 378 149

Cor. 2 2 715243
Hamlet. 1 4 1000 151
Ceriol. 2 2 714253

Tempet. 21
Coriolanus. 3 2723232
Lear. 4 6


Love's Lab. Loft.4 I


Ibid. 5 2


[blocks in formation]

Since I nor wax, nor honey can bring home, I quickly were diffolved from my hive,
to give fome labourer room

[blocks in formation]

Many more proud birds have wrought the eafy melting king like wax
As red as fire! nay, then her wax must melt

All's Well. 1 2

3 Henry vi. 2 1

My free drift halts not particularly, but moves itself in a wide fea of wax
Good wax, thy leave :-bleft be the bees, that make thefe locks of counfel
Leave, gentle wax, and manners, blame us not

Waxed. His pupil age man enter'd thus, he waxed like a fea

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 2 617259
T.of A.11 804118
Cymb. 3 2 907 2 12
Lear. 4 6 95216
Coriolanus. 2 274237
Timon of Ath. 3 4
Two Gent. of Ver.2 4

With rounds of waxen tapers on their heads, and rattles in their hands
And waxen in their mirth


31211 68135

M.W. of W.441
Midf. Night's Dream. 1792 11

Waxen coat. And with thy bleffings fteel my lances point, that it may enter Mowbray's

waxen coat

Waxes. It waxes late


Richard ii. 13 416262 Rom. and Juliet. I

But, as this temple waxes, the inward fervice of the mind and foul grows wide

[blocks in formation]

5 974 2 18

[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

-Now no way can I ftray; fave back to England, all the world's my way

I gave bold way to my authority, and did commit you


[blocks in formation]
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