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Tinkers. I am fo good a proficient in one quarter of an hour, that I can drink with any tinker in his own language, during my life

-The lord ambaffador, fent from a sort of tinkers to the king
Tip-toe. Jocund day stands tip-toe on the misty mountains' tops

A. S. P. C. L.

1 Henry iv. 2

[blocks in formation]

2 Henry vi. 3

[blocks in formation]

Romeo and Juliet. 3

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Much Ado About Notb. 3

[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

777 2 26 910132 817157


23482 19

Tire. The fhip-tire, the tire-valiant, or any other tire of the Venetian admittance

[blocks in formation]

And, like an empty eagle, tire on the flesh of me and of my son
Then put my tires and mantles on him, whilst I wore the sword Philippan A.& C. 2
Tirft. When thou shalt be difedg'd by her that now thou tir'st on
Tiring. Upon that were my thoughts tiring
Tirra-lirra. The lark, that tirra-lirra chaunts
Tirrits. I'll forfwear keeping house, before I'll be in these tirrits and frights 2 Henry iv. 2
Titan. Didst thou never see Titan kiss a dish of butter, pitiful hearted Titan, that melted
at the sweet tale of the fun

1 Henry iv. 2

Whofe virtues will, I hope, reflect on Rome, as Titan's rays on earth Titus Andron.1
Yet do thy cheeks look red as Titan's face

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4 485 237

[blocks in formation]

2 833242 Ibid. 2 5 8412 5

Troil. and Creffida. 5118911 6
Cymbeline. 3 4 910255

Let Titan rife as early as he dare, I'll through and through you
Alack, no remedy to the greedy touch of common kiffing Titan
And flecked darkness, like a drunkard, reels from forth day's path-way, made by
Titan's wheels

[blocks in formation]

I am a fpirit of no common rate, the fummer ftill doth tend upon my state, and

[blocks in formation]

Tithe. No Italian priest shall tithe or toll in our dominions
Every tithe foul, 'mongst many thousand difines, have been as dear as Helen's T.& C.2
Titinius. D. P.

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"Tis only title thou disdain'ft in her, the which I can build up
O that I had a title good enough to keep his name company
Now does he feel his title hang loose about him, like a giant's robe upon a dwarfish

Barely in title, not in revenue,-richly in both if justice had her right
And, withal, to pry into his title, the which we find too indirect for long continuance

The feverals, and unhidden paffages, of his true titles to fome certain
Will you, we shew our title to the crown? if not, our fwords fhall


Under what title fhall I woo for thee

You may wear her in title yours

All thy other titles thou haft given away; that thou waft born with Title-leaf. Yea, this man's brow, like to a title-leaf, foretells the nature of

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Tittle-tattle. There is no tittle-tattle, no pibble-pabble, in Pompey's camp
Titus. D. P.


I 604230

Ricbard iii. 4 4 662214
Cymbeline.15 897 143
Lear. 1 4 936146

a tragic vo

2 Henry iv. 1

1474 2 19

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Lear. 31 946|1|26 Hamlet. 3 1 1017 132

Toad. Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears a precious jewel in his head


How fhe long'd to eat adders heads and toads carbonado'd that under the cold ftone, days and nights haft thirty one

As You Like It. 2 1
Winter's Tale. 4 3
Macbeth. 4 1

Let thy fpiders, that fuck up thy venom, and heavy gaited toads, lie in their way

As venom'd toads or lizard's dreadful ftings

Never hung poison on a fouler toad

To help thee curfe this poisonous bunch-back'd toad

That bottled fpider, that foul bunch-back'd toad

I do hate a proud man, as I hate the engendering of toads

229 121 352135 377 251

[blocks in formation]

Thou toad, where is thy brother Clarence

Ibid. 4 4 660223

Troi. and Craff 2 3 870111

But fhe, good foul, had as lieve fee a toad, a very toad, as fee him Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 98 148
Some fay the lark and loathed toad change eyes

[blocks in formation]

Toad, I had rather be a toad, and live upon the vapour of a dungeon, than keep a corner] in the thing I love, for others' ufes

[blocks in formation]

Toaft. Either to harbour fied, or made a toaft for Neptune

A. S. P. C. L Othello. 3 3 10622 12 Ibid. 4 210711 8 Lear. 53 963 246

Troil. and Creff.2 1865153

Ibid. 1 3 862123

Toafts and butter. I preft none but such toafts and butter, with hearts in their bellies no bigger than pins' heads

Tod. Every 'leven wether tods; every tod yields pound and odd fhilling Toe. Why the great toe?—For that being one o' the lowest, basest, poorest, wife rebellion, thou goest foremost


1 Henry iv. 4 Winter's Tale. 4 of this most Coriolanus. 1

[blocks in formation]

The man that makes his toe, what he his heart fhould make, shall of a corn cry, woe

Tofore. Some obfcure precedence that hath tofore been fain

Lear. 3 2 9471 7 Love's Labor Loft. 3 1 155214

Farewel, Lavinia, my noble sister; O, 'would thou wert as thou 'tofore haft been

[blocks in formation]

Titus Andron. 3 1 844122 Otbello. I 11043213 Love's Lab. Loft. 4 3 160 160

Why do you go about to recover the wind of me, as if you would drive me into a toil

Token. You lov'd not her, to leave her token


[blocks in formation]

That what in time proceeds, may token to the future our past deeds
Do you not read some tokens of my son, in the large compofition of this man K. 7.1| 1
That all their eyes may bear those tokens home, of our restored love and amity 2 H. iv. 4 2
This token ferveth for a flag of truce betwixt ourfelves

By wounding his belief in her renown with tokens thus and thus
Send the token of reprieve

I never gave him token

3882 7 4952 6

1 Henry vi. 31 556141
Cymbeline. 5 5 925243
Lear. 5 3 96519
Otbello. 5 2 1076 160

Token'd. On our fide like the token'd peftilence, where death is fure Ant. and Cleo. 3 8 786216
Tolerable. For the watch to babble and talk is moft tolerable and not to be endured
Much Ado About Nothing. 3
Toll. I will buy me a fon-in-law in a fair, and toll him: for this, I'll none of him

[blocks in formation]

All's Well. 5 Tolling. When like the bee tolling from every flower the virtuous fweets 2 Henry iv. 4 4 499 26 Tomb. In a tomb where scandal never flept, fave this of hers, fram'd by thy villainy M. Ado Ab. Notb. 5 1 141247 Ibid. 5 1 143|2|37

Hang her an epitaph upon her tomb, and fing it to her bones

If a man do not erect in this age his own tomb, ere he dies, he fhall live no longer
in monument, than the bell rings and the widow weeps
A tomb must cover thy fweet eyes
Gilded tombs do worms infold

of orphan's tears

Ibid. 5 2 1451 7 'Midf. Night's Dream. 5 1 195151 Mer. of Venice. 2 7 2071 8 Henry viii. 3 2 692163

Methinks, I fee thee, now thou art fo low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb

Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 9872 39

Sweet tomb, that in thy circuit doft contain the perfect model of eternity R. 7.53 955114 Tomboys. To be partner'd with tomboys Cymbeline. 1 7 900 151 Tom o' Bedlam. My cue is wond'rous melancholy, with a figh like Tom o' Bedlam Lear. 1 2 934111 To-morrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the laft fyllable of recorded time

Macbeth. 5 5 385141

Tongs and bones. I have a reasonable good ear in mufic, let us have the tongs and the bones

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My tongue, though not my heart, fhall have its will

Oh, time's extremity! haft thou so crack'd and splitted my poor tongue in fhort years

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 4 2 113229

[blocks in formation]

Half fignior Benedick's tongue in count John's mouth

Mu. Ade About Notb.:

122 2 47

122/250 125/1/48


[blocks in formation]


No woman shall come within a mile of my court, on pain of lofing her tongue

Lend me the flourish of all gentle tongues

Which his fair tongue (conceit's expofitor) delivers in fuch apt words
His tongue all impatient to speak and not fee

Love's Lab. Loft. I
Ibid. 2

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 2 1

1542 3

Ibid. 4 3

1631 I

[blocks in formation]
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Let my tongue blister; and never to my red-look'd anger be the trumpet any more

[blocks in formation]

Within my mouth you have engoal'd my tongue, doubly portcullis'd with my teeth and lips

of dying men inforce attention like deep harmony

This tongue, that runs fo roundly in thy head, should run thy head from thy unreverend shoulders

3 4172 36

[blocks in formation]

Discomfort guides my tongue, and bids me speak of nothing but despair
Care-tun'd tongue

Ibid. 3 2 427|1|23

His tongue filed

You have a double tongue within your mask

Rein thy tongue

The world's large tongue proclaims you for a man replete with mocks

Man's tongue is not able to conceive what my dream was

Midf. Night's Dream. 4
Mer. of Ven. 1
As You Like It. 2 1

Tam. of the Shrew. 2 1
All's Well.13 282131
Ibid. 4 1 295 153

I must put you into a butter woman's mouth, and buy another of Bajazet's.mule

[blocks in formation]

164 1 149

Ibid. 5 2


Ibid. 5 2

1722 18

Ibid. 5 2


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1912 18

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[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 3 2

235234 262 11L

Ibid. 3 2 427 153
Ibid. 4 1 431156

I know your daring tongue fcorns to unfay what once it hath deliver'd
My tongue cleave to my roof within my mouth, unless a pardon, ere I rife, or speak

— And gave the tongue a helpful ornament; a virtue that was never seen in you

[blocks in formation]

I have a whole school of tongues in this belly of mine; and not a tongue of them all fpeaks any other word but my name

Ibid. 4 3 496 146

Thefe fellows of infinite tongue, that can rhime themselves into ladies favours,— they do always reason themselves out again

My tongue is rough, coz'; and my condition is not smooth

[blocks in formation]

Sharp Buckingham unburdens with his tongue the envious load that lies heart

My tongue should stumble in mine earnest words

And let thy tongue be equal with thy heart

Whose tongue more poisons than the adder's tooth

Nor can my tongue unload my heart's great burden
His ill-boding tongue no more shall speak

3 Henry vi. 14 608 234

Ibid. 2 1610132

Ibid. 2 6 615248

Have I a tongue to doom my brother's death, and shall that tongue give pardon to a flave

fpit their duties out, and cold hearts freeze

[blocks in formation]

Tongue. The tongue our trumpeter



P. C. L. 704/2/17

Ibid. 3 1 719135

Thefe are the tribunes of the people, the tongues o' the common mouth
-Your good tongue, more than the instant army we can make, might stop our coun-

This tongue had not offended so to day if Caffius might have rul'd
Mince not the general tongue

Ibid. 5 1 733146. Julius Caefar. 51 76225 Antony and Cleo. I 276927

So, now go tell, an if thy tongue can speak who 'twas that cut thy tongue, and ravish'd thee

O, that delightful engine of her thoughts

Speaking is for beggars, he wears his tongue in his arms

Struck me with her tongue most serpent-like, upon the very heart

Titus Andronicus. 2 5 840261
Ibid. 3 1 842149

Troil. and Cref. 3 3 877130
Lear. 2 4 944156

Tongues [Languages] I would I had bestowed that time in the tongues, that I have in

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 5 3


Romeo and Juliet.3 2

9842 20

[blocks in formation]

And Cupid grant tongue-ty'd maidens here, bed, chamber, Pandar to provide this geer

Too much. I will not take too much for him

Took. And took it on his death, that this, my mother's fon, was none of his Tool. Or have we fome ftrange Indian, with the great tool, come to court, fo befiege us

the women

Having work more plentiful than tools to do't
Draw thy tool; here comes of the houfe of Montague
Tooth of time. When it deferves a forted refidence 'gainst the tooth of time Meaf. for M. 5
Tooth-ach. This is no charm for the tooth-ach

[ocr errors]

Much Ado Ab. Notb. 3 2

133160 Ibid. 5 1 141155

Cymbeline. 5 4 923156
K. John.1 1389212

There was never yet philofopher, that could endure the tooth-ach patiently He that fleeps, feels not the tooth-ach Tooth-pick. Now you, traveller, he and his tooth-pick at my worship's mefs Tooth-picker. Fetch you a tooth-picker now from the farthest inch of Afia M. A. Ab. N. 2 1 127239 Top. Take time by the top

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

He's a coward and a coyftril, that will not drink to my niece, till his brains turn o'

the toe like a parish top

The center is not big enough to bear a school-boy's top

And wears upon his baby-brow the round and top of fovereignty

Twelfth Night. 133091 1
Winter's Tale. 2 I 339 258
Macbeth. 41 378 239
Cor. 4 5 729|2|45
Lear. I 2932249
Ibid. 2 4 944|2| 2
Ibid. 5 3 964214
2 327 162

He turn'd me about with his finger and thumb, as one would fet up a top,
Edmund the bafe fhall top the legitimate

All the ftor'd vengeance of heaven fall on her ingrateful top
And top extremity

Topas. Sir Topas, the curate, who comes to vifit Malvolio the lunatick Top-gallant. Which to the high top-gallant of my joy must be my convoy night

Tw. Night.

in the fecret
Rom.and Jul. 2 4980133

Topless. Sometime great Agamemnon, thy topless deputation he puts on Troi. and Cref 1 3 863123

[blocks in formation]

I'll look no more; left my brain turn, and the deficient fight topple down headlong

[blocks in formation]

Behold, this is the happy wedding torch, that joineth Roan unto her countrymen Ib. 3 2

[blocks in formation]

55542 51

557 118 Ant. and Cleop.42 791125 Ibid. 412 795'140


Torch. Give me a torch

A. S. P. C. L.

Rom. and Juliet.| 4 972|1|22|
Ibid. 5 3 996|1|31

What torch is yond', that vainly lends his light to grubs and eyeless fcul's Torch-bearers. We have not spoke as yet of torch-bearers

Fair Jeffica fhall be my torch-bearer

Defcend, for you must be my torch-bearer

Torments. What ftudied torments, tyrant, haft for me

[blocks in formation]

Mer. of Venice. 2 4 204243

Ibid. 2 4

2051 28

Ibid. 2 6


Winter's Tale. 3 2

3452 30

21079 134

Love's Lab. Loft. 4




8822 22

Ibid. 1

Tempeft. 1

3861248 2 534

And in his needy fhop a tortoife hung

Romeo and Juliet. 5


Torture. No worse of worse extended, with vileft torture let my life be ended. All's W. 2 The curfes he shall have, the tortures he fhall feel, will break the back of man, the heart of monfter

1994 137 I 284 237

Winter's Tale. 43
K. Jebn. 4 1

Could prom.fe to himself a thought of added honour torn from Hector Troil. and Creff 4
Tortive. And divert his grain tortive and errant from his course of growth
Tortoife. Come, thou tortoife

[ocr errors][merged small]

How now, foolish rheum, turning difpiteous torture out of doors

Thou'lt torture me to leave unfpoken that, which, to be spoke, would torture thee

Thou, king, fend out for tortures ingenious

Bitter torture fhall winnow the truth from falfehood
This torture fhould be roar'd in difmal hell

If thou doft flander her, and torture me, never pray more

Toryne. Cæfar has taken Toryne

Tofs. Good enough to tofs

Teffeth. Lucius, what book is that the toffeth fo

3571 9 402 130

Cymbeline. 5 5 925131
Ibid. 5 5 925156
Ibid. 5 5 928 123
Rom. and Jul. 3 2 984128
Orbello. 3 3 1063221

Ant. and Cleop. 37785260
1 Henry iv. 4
Titus Andron.4

To't. The wren goes to't, and the fmall gilded fly does lecher in my fight

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

The fitchew, nor the foyled horse, goes to't with a more riotous appetite Tottering. What news, what news, in this our tottering ftate

[blocks in formation]

Lear. 4


2 465249 1845 151

9572 39

4 6

Ibid. 4

Richard iii. 3

957244 958 1 2650222


Tempeft. 5

[blocks in formation]

Two Gent. of Verona. 5 4
Ibid. 5 4

432 29

44, 45

Mid. N.'s Dream. 3 2


Ibid. 3 2 187232

This the delivered in the most bitter touch of forrow, that e'er I heard a virgin ex-
claim in

Whofe fimple touch is powerful to araife king Pepin
He loves us not; he wants the natural touch

[blocks in formation]

But, at his touch, fuch fanctity hath heaven given his hand, they presently amend Ib. 4 3 381253 To morrow, good Sir Michael, is a day, wherein the fortune of ten muft 'bide the touch

thousand men


Ah, Buckingham, now do I play the touch, to try if you be current gold indeed

Henry iv. 4 3 467132 Richard ii 4 2 6572 6 Ibid. 44 660 2 38 H.viii. 2 2 681150 I 696 239

Madam, I have a touch of your condition, that cannot brook the accent of reproof

His curfes and his bleffings touch me alike, they are breath I not believe in

Give your friend fome touch of your late business
My friends of noble touch

If he will touch the estimate

them with feveral fortunes

O thou touch of hearts! think thy flave man rebels

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

I know no touch of confanguinity

A touch more rare fubdues all pangs, all fears

Heavens, how deeply you at once do touch me

me with noble anger

Might I but live to fee thee in my touch, I'd fay I had eyes again me not fo near

Ibid. 5

Coriolanus. 14 1726237 18032 1 Ibid. 4 3 819227 Ibid. 4 3 832250 876 143 Ibid. 4 2 8792 7

Timon of Athens.1

Troi. and Creff 3 3


28951 8

Ibid. 3 919115 Lear. 2 4 945224 Ibid. 4 1 9531 12

Othello. 2

Hath he borne himself penitently in prifon? how seems he to be touched

310571 5


If love have touch'd you, nought remains but fo
That you have touch'd his queen forbiddenly
Camillo's flight, added to their familiarity, which was as grofs as ever touch'd con-

[blocks in formation]
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