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A. S. P. C.L.

Comedy of Errors|4| 4| 115|2|40. Tam. of the Shrew.32 265 243

He is my father, fir: and, footh to fay, in countenance somewhat doth resemble


It is filly footh

He looks like footh

If I fay footh

Ibid. 4 2 270135 Twelfth Night. 2 4 316255 Winter's Tale 4 3 351155 Macbeth. 1

236419 Ibid. 5 5 3852 6

If thy fpeech be footh, I care not if thou doft for me as much
That e'er this tongue of mine, that laid the sentence of dread banishment on yon
proud man, should take it off again with words of footh
-And footh the devil that I work thee from

Richard .33 429235 Richard ii. 1 3 640231

Which even yet affected eminence, wealth, fovereignty, which, to say footh, are bleffings

In good footh, or in fincere verity

Sootb'd. You footh'd not, therefore hurt not

Southers. By heaven, I cannot flatter; I defy the tongues of foothers

Scothing. When drums and trumpets fhall i' the field prove flatterers, let

cities be made all falfe-fac'd foothing

Soothsayer. D. P. Julius Cæfar. p. 741.

Henry viii. 2 3
Lear. 2 2

Coriolanus. 2 2

682 2 36 941217 71526 463 2 52

courts and
1 Henry iv.41

Coriolanus. 19 710|2|60

--D. P. Antony and Cleop. p. 767.

D. P.

Scps. Quaff'd off the muscadel, and threw the fops all in the

fexton's face

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O excellent device! and make a sop of him

And make a fop of all this folid globe

I'll make a fop o' the moon-shine of you

Sophifter. A fubtle traitor needs no sophister

Sophifticated. Ha! here's three of us are fophifticated

Sopby. By this scimitar, that flew the Sophy and a Perfian prince


Tam. of the Shrew. 3 2 266151
Richard iii. 1 4 642232

Troilus and Creffida. 1 3 862241

Lear. 2


2 Henry vi. 51 601112 Lear. 3 4 548260 Mer. of Venice. 2 1202 146

- I will not give my part of this sport for a penfion of thousands, to be paid from the Sophy

[blocks in formation]

Well, while I live I'll fear no other thing fo fore as keeping safe Neriffa's ring

[blocks in formation]

Now at our forrows pale, fay what thou canft, I'll go along with thee As You Like It. 1
Wherever forrow is, relief would be


228 224

Ibid. 3


241| 1| 17

I do affect a forrow, indeed, but I have it too

All's Well. 1

12781 3

To-morrow I'll to the wars, the to her fingle forrow

Ibid. 2

[blocks in formation]

You have done enough, and have perform'd a faint-like forrow

Winter's Tale. 5

3571 55

It feem'd, Sorrow wept to take leave of them

Ibid. 5 2


No forrow, but kill'd itself much fooner

Ibid. 5 3

3621 5

Your forrow was too fore laid on, which fixteen winters cannot blow away
To fhew an unfelt forrow, is an office which the false man does easy
Give forrow words

Your caufe of forrow must not be meafur'd by his worth

He's worth more forrow, and that I'll spend for him

I will inftruct my forrows to be proud

Here I and forrows fit, here is my throne, bid kings come bow to it
Teach thou this forrow how to make me die

Now will canker forrow eat my bud

K. Jobn. 3 396238

Ibid. 3 I 396243
Ibid. 3 1 396148
Ibid. 3 4 400|2|51

Ibid. 5 3 3621 ,

Macbeth. 2 3 372121

Ibid. 4 3

3822 18

Ibid. 5 7
Ibid. 5 7


386 2 28.

Sorrow. For forrow ends not, when it feemeth done

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A. S. P. C. L.

Richard .12 416|1|19|
Ibid. 1 2416130

Let him not come there, to seek out forrow, that dwells every where Fell forrow's tooth doth never rankle more, than when it bites, but lanceth not the fore

Ibid. 1 3

Methinks fome unborn forrow, ripe in fortune's womb, is coming toward me Ibid. 2 For forrow's eye, glazed with blinding tears, divides one thing entire to many objects

"Tis with false forrow's eye, which for things true, weeps things imaginary Bolingbroke's my forrows difmal heir

Ibid. 2
Ibid. 2

Make duft our paper, and with rainy eyes write forrow on the bofom of the earth 16.3 2
Give forrow leave a while to tutor me to this fubmiffion

Hath forrow ftruck fo many blows upon this face of mine, and made no wounds

How foon my forrow hath destroy'd my face

Ibid. 4


[blocks in formation]


422 2 42

2 422 2 49


Ibid. 2 2 423 52

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Ibid. 4 1


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Since fudden forrow ferves to fay thus-fome good thing comes to-morrow 2
I dare fwear, you borrow not that face of seeming forrow
fo royally in you appears, that I will deeply put the fafhion on, and wear it

[blocks in formation]

breaks seasons, and repofing hours makes the night morning, and the noon-tide


It were loft forrow to wail one that's loft

- I am your forrow's nurse, and I will pamper it with lamentations

Drown desperate forrow in dead Edward's grave

Eighty odd years of forrow have I feen, and each hour's joy wreck'd with a week of teen

So foolish forrow bids your stones farewel

If forrow can admit fociety, tell o'er your woes again by viewing mine
If ancient forrow be moft reverent, give mine the benefit of figniory
'Tis one of thofe odd tricks which forrow shoots out of the mind
Thus part we rich in forrow, parting poor
concealed, like an oven stopp'd, doth burn the heart to cinders where it is

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

This forrow is an enemy, and would ufurp upon my watry eyes, and make them blind with tributary tears

Unknit that forrow-wreathen knot

Has forrow made thee doat already

Ibid. 3 2 84459

-But forrow that is couch'd in feeming gladness, is like that mirth fate turns to fudden sadness

Troi. and Creff. 1 1 858135 All is outward forrow; though, I think, the king be touch'd at very heart Cymbeline.1 1893116 Notes of forrow, out of tune, are worse than priefts and fanes that lie Down, thou climbing forrow, thy element's below Patience and forrow ftrove who should exprefs her goodliest would be a rarity moft belov'd, if all could fo become it

Who, by the art of known and feeling forrows, am pregnant to good pity

Let forrow split my heart, if ever I did hate thee, or thy father
What forrow craves acquaintance at my hand, that I yet know not

Ibid. 4 2 917139 Lear. 2 4 943149 Ibid. 4 3 955137 Ibid. 4 3 955143 Ibid. 4 6 959 226 Ibid. 5 3 964|1|41

Rom. and Jul. 3 985128

Bid her haften all the house to bed, which heavy forrow makes them apt unto Ibid. 3 3 986 2 22

Dry forrow drinks our blood

When forrows come, they come not fingle fpies, but in battalions
Or are you like the painting of a forrow, a face without a heart

Ibid. 3 5 987 2 42 Hamlet. 4 51029125

Ibid. 4 71032145

Whose phrafe of forrow conjures the wandering ftars, and makes them ftand like

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Was none fuch in the army of any fort

If it fort not well

I am glad that all things fort fo well

Or ruffet pated choughs, many in fort

None of nobler fort, would fo offend a virgin

So far I am glad it did so fort

God fort all

[blocks in formation]

A fort of vagabonds, rafcals and runaways
Express yourself in a more comfortable fort

[blocks in formation]

55112153 575 4 Ibid. 2 4 582249

3 Henry vi.21 611148
Ibid. 4 2 6232/62
Ibid. 5 5 630246

55 631161
Ibid. 56 632|1|42
Richard .22 646234
Ibid. 2 3 647|1|30
Ibid. 5 3 6682 52
Coriolanus.13 706250

No, make a lottery; and, by device, let blackifh Ajax draw the fort to fight with

Troil. and Creff.
Well may it fort, that this portentous figure comes armed through our watch Ham. 1

I will not fort you with the rest of my fervants

Sortance. With fuch powers as might fortance with his quality
Sorted. All my pains is forted to no proof

Hath forted out a sudden day of joy, that thou expect'st not

Sot. Have you make a de fot of us

Induc. to

[blocks in formation]

Romeo and Juliet 3 5
Merry W. of Wind. 3 1
Tam. of the Shrew.

Soto. I think, 'twas Soto that your honour means
Soud. Sit down Kate, and welcome, foud, foud, foud, foud
Sovereign. The one 's my fovereign, whom both my oath and duty bids
Sovereignty. Then 'tis most like the fovereignty will fall on Macbeth
Why then I do but dream on fovereignty

To bear the golden yoke of fovereignty

Put in her tender heart the aspiring flame of golden fovereignty Sought. I do proteft I have not fought the day of this diflike

Soul. His looks are my foul's food

Reft as a blefled foul doth in Elyfium

[blocks in formation]

591 7

1 252245 Ibid. 4 1 2682=3 defend R..22 423246 Macbeth. 2 4 372231

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3 Henry vi3 2 618236 Richard it.37 65553 Ibid. 4 4 6622 1

1 Henry iv. 51 467255 Two Gent. of Verona 27

Ibid. 2 7

Merry W. of Wind. 2 2

3212131 32254 541


[blocks in formation]

In his reprieve, longer or fhorter, he may be fo fitted, that his foul ficken not 16.24
A ftubborn foul

Will you with free and unconftrained foul give me this maid
A new fad foul

M. Ado Ab. Noth. 4 113747

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 173132

An evil foul producing holy witness, is like a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart

Never fhall you lie by Portia's fide with an unquiet foul

Merch. of Venice.

Not on thy foal, but on thy foul, harth Jew, thou makest thy knife keen
That fouls of animals infufe themselves into the trunks of men

[blocks in formation]

A gracious innocent foul; more free, than he is jealous

Banquo, thy foul's flight if it find heaven, must find it out to-night

- Heaven take my foul, and England keep my bones

His pure brain, (which fome fuppofe the foul's frail dwelling-house)
Ay, marry, now my foul hath elbow room


Ibid. 3 2 212 2

[blocks in formation]
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I 215143 Ibid. 4215/252 All's Well 2 3 289 213 Twelfth Night.1531517 Winter's Tale. 23 341253 Macbeth3 374 36 K. Jobr. 4 3 405.222 Ibid.

5741117 Ibid. 5 7 4111

My foul fhall wait on thee to heaven, as it on earth hath been thy fervant ftill


King Jobs 7 411'2'19


Soul. For what I fpeak, my body thall make good upon this earth, or my divine foul] "answer it in heaven


Bear not along the clogging burden of a guilty foul

A. S. P. C. L.

I count myself in nothing else fo happy, as in a foul remembering my good friends Ib. 2
I will not vex your fouls (fince prefently your fouls must part your bodies)
Mount, mount, my foul! thy feat is up on high

- Jack, how agrees the devil and thee about thy soul, that thou foldest him on Good-
Friday laft, for a cup of Maderia, and à cold capon's leg

➡ the immortal part needs a phyfician: but that moves not him; though it dies not

That their fouls may make a peaceful and a sweet retire
My foul fhall thine keep company to heaven

I will stir up in England fome black storm, fhall blow ten thousand fouls to heaven or hell

As furely as my foul intends to live with that dread king, that took our state upon

[blocks in formation]

That our fwift-wing'd fouls may catch the king's

Richard ii. 1

Ibid. 1

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 3

[blocks in formation]
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If yet your gentle fouls fly in the air, and be not fix'd in doom perpetual
A foul as even as a calm

[blocks in formation]

Every tithe foul, 'mongst many thoufand difmes, hath been as dear as Helen

Troil. and Creff 2

- You have dancing shoes with nimble foals, I have a foul of lead, fo ftakes me to the ground I cannot move

My foul, what can it do to that, being a thing immortal as itself Souls of geefe that bear the shape of men

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Soal-vext. And, on this stage, (where we offend her now) appear foul-vext
Sound. Expreffing found

I have a difguife to found Falstaff

Merry Wives of Windjer. 21

And till he tell the truth let the fuppofed fairies pinch him found

To found the depth of this knavery

To found the purpose of all their hearts
Can chafe away the firft conceived found

15139 532139

Tam. of the Shrew.5

K. Jobn. 4 2

275110 4032



Henry vi. 32


[blocks in formation]

I have confider'd in my mind that late demand that you did found me in
Pray heaven he found not my difgrace

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

You would found me from my lowest note to the top of my compafs Sounded. Thy virtues fpoke of, and thy beauties founded

Haft thou founded him, if he appeal the duke on ancient malice
Why should that name be founded more than yours
Hath he never heretofore founded you in this business
Nor do we find him forward to be founded

Sounding. So far from founding and difcovery, as is the bud bit with

It is mufick with her filver found, because such fellows as you founding

Soundly. Good Catesby, go, effect this business soundly

I will then give it you foundly

Soundpoft. What fay you James Soundpoft


2612 13

Richard .1 1413 14 Julius Cæfar.1 2743213 Lear. 1 2 9335 Hamlet 3 11016151

an envious worm

Romeo and Juliet. 1969126 have no gold for

Ibid. 4 5 993 240
Richard in.3 1650 16

Romeo and Juliet.45 993312
Ibid. 4 5 993235

Sour. Nor my own difgrace, have ever made me four my patient check

My four hufband, my hard-hearted lord

To four your happiness, 1 must report the queen is dead

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Richard ii. 2 1 421100

Ibut. 5 3 438 8 Cymbeline 5 5 924114

[ocr errors]



Soufe. And like an eagle o'er his aiery towers, to fouse annoyance that comes near his

[blocks in formation]

A. S. P. C. L.


K. Jebn. 5 2 409 127

South. Wherefore do you follow her like foggy fouth, puffing with wind and rain

As You Like It. 3 5 240229

It came o'er my ear like the fweet fouth, that breathes upon a bank of violets stealing and giving odour

Dew-dropping fouth

[blocks in formation]
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Pour in fow's blood, that hath eaten her nine farrow

Twelfth Night. 1 1307 19 Romeo and Juliet.1 4 973122

3 Henry vi. 516281 1 2 Henry vi. 3 2 590 221 Cymbeline. 2 3 903256 As You Like It.2 3 236 152 2 Henry vi. 571 Macbeth. 41 3782 4

I do here walk before thee, like a fow, that hath overwhelmed all her litter but one

Sorule. He will go, he fays, and fowle the porter of Rome gates by the ears
Sewter will cry upon 't for all this though it be as rank as a fox
Styled horfe

[ocr errors]

2 Henry iv. 1 2476 110 Cor. 4 5 730135

Tw. Nigbt. 25 318248


Soylure. He merits well to have her, that doth feek her (not making any fcruple of her foylure)

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Treil. and Creffida. 4 1
All's Well. 21
Antony and Cleop. 2 1
Ibid. 1

large spaces cannot

9581 2

878136 296 116


7741 1767 224

Troilus and Creffida. 2 2 868 122
him fharp as my

Cymbeline. 14 896129
Lear. 4

6 95912130


Comedy of Errors.3 2
As You Like It.3 2 235238-

You have fcarce time to steal from fpiritual leisure a brief span, to keep your earthly audit

Timon is dead, who hath out-stretch'd his span


[blocks in formation]

Spangle. What ftars do spangle heaven with such beauty as those two eyes become that heavenly face

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Taming of the Shrew. 4 flatteries, washes it Timon of Athens. 3 Mu. Ado About Notb. beat me, I will fawn on Midf. Night's Dream. 2


2 133 129


You play the spaniel, and think with wagging of your tongue to win me Henry viii. 52 Spaniel'd. The hearts that spaniel'd me at heels

Spanish blades.

Antony and Cleopatra. 4 10
Rom. and Juliet. 1

180 258 700140 794 120



1 Henry iv. 2 4

973 I I 452 126

[blocks in formation]

Spanish fword.

Spanned. My life is spann'd already: I am the fhadow of poor Buckingham
Spare not to tell him

As for life, I prize it as I weigh grief, which I would spare
O give me the spare man, and spare me the great ones

Much Ado Ab. Noth. 2 2 128256

I do not know the man I should avoid so soon as that spare Caffius

Spar'd. I could have better spar'd a better man

Sparing. In him, sparing would fhew a worse fin than ill doctrine Sparingly. Or fhall we sparingly fhew you far off the Dauphin's meaning, baffy

[blocks in formation]

This fpark will prove a raging fire, if wind and fuel be brought to feed it with 2 H. vi. 31 Sparkles. I fee fome sparkles of a better hope, which elder days may happily bring


this ftone as 'twas wont


[blocks in formation]

Sparrow. And he that doth the ravens feed, yea, providently caters for the fparrow, be comfort to my age

I will buy nine sparrows for a penny

As You Like It. 2 3 230 15 Treil. and Creff.



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