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Lion. And, like a hungry lion did commence rough deeds of rage, and stern impatience

But great men tremble, when the lion roars

That winter lion, who, in rage, forgets aged contufions

A. S. P. C. L.

1 Henry vi. 47 564
2 Henry vi. 31 583152
Ibid. 5 2

So looks the pent-up lion o'er the wretch that trembles under his devouring paws

As doth a lion in a herd of neat


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3 Henry vi. 13 607144 Ibid. 2 1 609150

- To whom do lions caft their gentle looks? not to the beast that would ufurp their den

Ibid. 2 2 6112 6
Whilft lions war, and battle for their dens, poor harmless lambs abide their enmity Ib. 2 5 614222
When the lion fawns upon the lamb, the lamb will never cease to follow him
And in their chain fetter'd the kingly lion

So looks the chafed lion upon the daring huntsman that has gall'd him
He that trufts to you, where he should find you lions, finds you hares
He is a lion that I am proud to hunt

[blocks in formation]

Against the capitol I met a lion, who glar'd upon me and went furly by J. Cafar. 1
He were no lion, were not Romans hinds

[may be betray'd] with toils

We were two lions litter'd in one day, and I the elder and more terrible
'Tis better playing with a lion's whelp, than with an old one dying
If thou wert the lion, the fox would beguile thee

Ant. and Cleop. 311 Timon of Arb. 4 3 all away T.A.

The lion, mov'd with pity, did endure to have his princely paws par'd --- They that have the voice of Hons, and the act of hares, are they not monsters

Thou shalt hunt a lion, that will fly with his face backward
You have a vice of mercy in you, which better fits a lion than a man
And to grin like lions upon the pikes o' the hunters

in prey

823 142 383955

Troilus and Cre3 2 8732 6
Ibid. 4 1 8772 5
Ibid. 5 3 887240
Cymbeline 53 921124
Lear. 3 4 948 247
Othello. 2 3 10572 5

Even fo as one would beat his offenceless dog, to affright an imperious lion Lion-mettled. Be lion-mettled, proud; and take no care, who chafes, who frets, or where confpirers are

Lion-fick. Yes, lion-fick, fick of a proud heart

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Lion's-whelp. Stood smiling, to behold his lion's whelp forage in blood of French nobi-
Lioness. A lionefs, with udders all drawn dry, lay couching, head on ground, with cat-
like watch

Did he leave him there, food to the fuck'd and hungry lioness
A lioness hath whelped in the streets

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

I will not open my lips fo wide as a bristle may enter in way of excufe
A foolish hanging of thy nether lip

Teach not thy lip fuch fcorn; for it was made for kiffing, lady, not

Their lips were four red roses on a stalk

His coward lips did from their colour fly

He hangs the lip at fomething

Slaver with lips as common as the ftairs that mount the capitol

My lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kifs

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And lips, O you the doors of breath, feal with a righteous kifs, a dateless bargain to engroffing death

[blocks in formation]

To lip a wanton in a fecure couch, and to fuppofe her chafte Lipp'd. A hand, that kings have lipp'd, and trembled kiffing Lipfbury pinfold. If I had thee in Lipfbury pinfold, I would make thee care for me Lear. 2 2 940 212

Liquor. They would melt me out of my fat, drop by drop, and boots with me

Liquor'd. Justice hath liquor'd her

[blocks in formation]

A.S. P. C. L.

Liquorice draughts

Lifp. He can carve too and lifp


Look, you lifp, and wear strange fuits

Lifping hawthorn buds, that come like women in men's apparel, and smell like Bucklersbury in fimple time

Lift. Elves, lift your names

Your own fcience exceeds, in that, the lifts of all advice my strength can give you

Timon of Athens.4 3
Love's Labor Loft. 5 2
As You Like It. 4 1

32218 1691 33 2421 8

Merry W. of Wind. 3 3
Ibid. 5 5



[blocks in formation]

- Confine yourself but in a patient lift

Ibid. 3 3 725 113

Julius Cæfar. 5 4 764259
Ant. and Cleop. 49 7931 52
Lear. 5 3 962255
Ibid. 5 3 964146

Romeo and Juliet.11 968124
Hamlet. 1 310042 15

Ibid. 4 510291 5
Othello. 2110522 7
Ibid. 4 110681 16

Lifening. As they had seen me, with these hangman's hands liftening their fear Macb. 2 2 370 IT Lifted. Ever where his raging eye, or favage heart, without controul, lifted to make a prey

Richard 3 5 653221

Literature. Gower is a goot captain, and is goot knowledge and literature in the wars

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 5 3 409|2|28 Lear. 3 6 951113

Litter'd. Who being, as I am, litter'd under Mercury, was likewise a snapper-up of unconfidered trifles

- I would they were Barbarians, (as they are though in Rome litter'd)

Little. Hold little faith, though thou haft too much fear

[blocks in formation]
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Henry v.4 2
Henry viii. 2 1679121
Ibid. 4 2 694 137
Hamlet. 2 21014115
Ibid. 3 2 10201 57

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 4
Much Ado About Noth. 141 I

- From seventeen years till now almost fourscore here lived I, but now live here no


Let me live, fir, in a dungeon, i' the stocks, or any where, so I may live All's Well. 4
How wilt thou live?—as birds do, mother

Love they to live, that love and honour have

I live on bread like you, feel want, taste grief, need friends
And our supplies live largely in the hope of great Northumberland.
And if to live, the fewer men the greater share of honour
Long may'ft thou live, to bear his image and renew his glories
That you may live only in bone

loath'd, and long, moft fmiling, fmooth, detefted parasites Live long day.

30125 1391 1

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Live long day.

A. S. P. C. L.

Troi. and Cref 3863|1|18

Livelihood. The tyranny of her forrows takes all livelihood from her cheek's All's Well. 1
Liver. With liver burning hot

If ever love had intereft in his liver

This is the liver vein, which makes flesh a deity

I 277 229

M. W. of Windf.|2| I 52223 Mu. Ado Abt. Noth. 4139146 Love's Labor Loft. 4 3 161 132

Let my liver rather heat with wine, than my heart cool with mortifying groans

Who, inward fearch'd, have livers white as milk
And this way I will take upon me to wash your liver as clear as a found sheep's-heart

Mer. of Venice. 1 I
Ibid. 3 2

198 141

2102 14

As You Like It. 3 2
Twelfth Night. 2



318 219

That wins him liver and all
If you find fo much blood in his liver as will clog the foot of a flea, I'll eat the reft
of the anatomy
-Were my wife's liver infected as her life, she would not live the running of one glafs

[blocks in formation]

Livers [perfons alive] pr'ythee, think there's livers out of Britain
Livery. It appears by their bare liveries that they live by your bare words

Deftin'd livery

2 337 32 24772 23

5 506 138

27682 16

28671 26

Ibid. 51 884143

Cymbeline. 3

1910 229

The cunning livery of hell

[blocks in formation]

It is our way if we will keep in favour with the king, to be her men and wear her livery

Mislike me not for my complexion, the shadow'd livery of the burnish'd fun M. of V. 21
I will apparel them all in one livery

2021 22

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And your chamber-lie breeds fleas like a loach
Load. I chiefly, that set thee on to this desert, am bound to load thy merit richly Cym.1
Loan. For loan oft lofes both itself and friend
Leath. How mine eye doth loath his vifage now

She's gone; I am abus'd; and my relief must be-to loath her

Loatbed. Thou loathed iffue of thy father's loins

310051 9

Midf. Night's Dream. 4 1 190148
Othell. 3310622 10

Richard in. 1 3 6401 5
Tr. and Creff. 11 8912 3

Why fhould our endeavour be fo lov'd and the performance fo loath'd Loatbly. The people fear me, for they do observe unfather'd heirs, and loathly births of nature

2 Henry iv. 4 4 4982 26 Loathfome. This loathfome world Romeo and Julies. 51 994 2 16 Leathfomeness. The loathsomeness of them offends me more than the ftripes I have reWinter's Tale. 4


Loaves. There fhall be in England feven half-penny loaves fold for a penny 2 Henry vi. 4
Lob. Farewel, thou lob of fpirits, I'll be gone

Midf. Night's Dream. 2

Their poor jades, lob down their heads, dropping the hide and hips

Lock. Wherefore didft thou lock me forth to day

I know him, he wears a lock

He wears a key in his ear and a lock hanging by it

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2 5932 I 1 179 121

2530238 4 1161 6

Comedy of Errors. 4 M. Ado Ab. Noth. 3 3 1352 4 Ibid. 5 1 1441 5 Winter's Tale. < 2 360 25 1 Henry i 34471,12 1 Henry viz 5 5542 47

And fo locks her in embracing, as if the would pin her to her heart
And pluck up drowned honour by the locks

I will lock his counfel in my breaft

Good wax, thy leave;-bleft be the bees, that make thefe locks of counfel
What pleasure shall we find in life, to lock it from action and adventure

Cym. 3 2 907213
Ibid. 4 4 919216


Lombardy. Fruitful Lombardy, the pleasant garden of great Italy
London hath received, like a kind host, the Dauphin and his powers
The mayor, and all his brethren, in best fort,—like to the fenators of antique Rome

Lock. You fhall not now be ftolen, you have locks upon you


A. S. P. C. L.

Cymbeline. 5 4 921|2|41

Thy knotty and combined locks to part, and each particular hair to ftand on end, like quills upon the fretful porcupine

Hamlet. 1

Lock and key. This is a fubtle whore, a closet lock and key of villainous fecrets Othello. 4
Lockram. The kitchen malkin pins her richest lockram 'bout her reeky neck Coriolanus. 2
Lecufts. The food that to him now is as luscious as locufts, shall be to him shortly as bit-
ter as coloquintida

Lode-ftars. Your eyes are lode-stars
Ledge. You have broke open my lodge


Otbello. I

We'll make foul weather with defpifed tears, our fighs, and they, fhall lodge the fummer corn

And by whofe power I well might lodge a fear to be again difplac'd
Bid the commanders prepare to lodge their companies to night
Let me lodge Lichas on the horns o' the moon

Lodged. Though bladed corn be lodged

Ledgers. Nor fhall my Nell keep lodgers
Lodging. This lodging likes me better fince I may fay-now lie I like a king

Lodovico. D. P.

Loffe. Then the whole quire hold their hips and loffe
Logs. I have a head, fir, that will find out logs
Loggats. Did these bones coft no more the breeding, but to play at loggats with them

Loggerbead. You whorefon logger head

[blocks in formation]

With three or four logger-heads, amongst three or four score hogfheads 1 Hen. iv. 2 4
A merry whorefon! ha, thou fhalt be logger-head
Logger-beaded. You logger-headed and unpolish'd grooms
Logick. Talk logick with acquaintance that you have
Log-man. For your fake, am I your patient log-man
Leins. This fhame derives itfelf from unknown loins
That from his loins no hopeful branch may spring

Loiter. Sir John, you loiter here too long, being you are to take foldiers up in counties as you go

Loiterer. Illiterate loiterer

Lolling the tongue through slaughtering

Lelis. So hangs, and lolls, and weeps upon me

Cymbeline. 5 3 920253
Othello. 4 11068 2


1 2551 8

Mid. Night's Dream. 1
Merry Wives of Windfor.1

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Antony and Cleop. 410
Macbeth. 41



378 151

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1 527210


[blocks in formation]

1792 10


9921 34

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Two Gent. of Verona. 3


36 8

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K. Jobn. 5 1

407 50

Henry v.5 ch

537 114

Go and fet London bridge on fire

Loneliness. Now I fee the mystery of your loneliness

-, Lord Mayor of. D. P.

London bridge. Jack Cade hath gotten London bridge, the citizens fly him and forfake

their houses

London-ftone. Sitting upon London stone I charge and command

Ibid. 4
All's Well.x

Lone woman. A hundred mark is a long loan for a poor lone woman to bear 2 Henry iv. 2
Lang. But he did long in vain

1 Henry vi


2 Henry vi. 4

4 Ibid. 4 6 6

5951 42

595 235

5952 19


[blocks in formation]

Long-during. As motion, and long-during action,-tires the finew vigour of the tra-

Longed. Ne'er longed my mother fo to fee me firft, as I have now
Longer liver take all

Long ft. Who long'ft-O, let me 'bate,-but not like; yet long'ft,

'Longeth. Blefs you with fuch grace as 'longeth to a lover's bleffed cafe Longings. I have immortal longings on me

Sir, you have fav'd my longing, and feed moft hungrily on your fight

but in a fainter
Cymbeline. 3

Tam. of the Sbr. 4
Ant. and Cleop.5
Tim. of Aib. 1
Troil. and Cre3

I have a woman's longing, an appetite that I am fick withal Longly. You look'd fo longly on the maid, perhaps you mark'd not what's the pith of all

Long-tongu'd Warwick, dare you speak

Love's Lab. Loft.


Ibid. 2

I 152148

Ibid. 4 3 163223

Cymbeline. 3
Rom. and Jul.1|


9091 39


9731 56



2907236 269 2 32 801218 806 147



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

3 Henry vi. 1 3

607 148

Ibid. 2



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Jul. Cafar. 2
Titus Andron. 4

17491 6 3 848117


I thought of her, even in these looks I made

Kill me with thy fword, and not with such a cruel threat'ning look
Whofe heavy looks foretel fome dreadful story hanging on thy tongue
Let them look they glory not in mischief

Then he speaks what's in his heart: and that is there, which looks with
his neck

Look fresh and merrily; let not your looks put on our purposes ye draw home enough

Henry viii. 2 us to break Coriolanus. 3

How look i, that I should seem to lack humanity so much as this fact comes to Cym. 3
I'll look to like, if looking liking move

[blocks in formation]

907147 Romeo and Juliet.13 971 2 54 Two Gent. of Verona. 2 I 27153

I have look'd on thousands, who have sped the better by my regard, but kill'd none

Winter's Tale. 1 2 338|1|10
Cymbeline. 5 5 924233

Boy, thou haft look'd thyself into my grace, and art mine own Looked for. My father is here looked for every day

Tam. of the Shrew. 4 2


Looking-glafs. Nor made to court an amorous looking-glafs

Ricbard iii. 1

[ocr errors]

6341 I

I'll be at charges for a looking-glass

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]

- Lend me a looking-glass; if that her breath will mist or stain the ftone, why, then the lives

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Loon. The devil damn thee black, thou cream-fac'd loon
Loofe. Where you are liberal of your loves and counfels, be fure, you be not loofe
Loofen. I had rather lose the battle, than that fister should loofen him and me
Loofe-wived. It is a heart-breaking to see a handsome man loose-wived Ant. and Cleop. 1
Loofing. Both my revenge and hate loofing upon thee in the name of juftice All's Well.23
Lopp'd. Who not contented that he lopp'd the branch in hewing Rutland when his
leaves put forth

Alarbus limbs are lopp'd



3 Henry vi. 2 6 615235 Tit. Andren. 1 2 833116

What stern ungentle hands have lopp'd, and hew'd, and made thy body bare of her two branches

[blocks in formation]

Upon my life, I am a lord, indeed; and not a tinker, nor Chriftopher Sly
Stand, my good lord, 'pray in your good report

2 Hen. iv. 4 3 496258 Ibid. 4 2 594213

Ant. and Cleop. 2 7 780250

We will not leave one lord, one gentleman

Wilt thou be lord of the whole world

Lord's anointed. Let not the heavens hear these tell-tale women rail on the Lord's anointed

[blocks in formation]

Lordlings. You were pretty lordlings then
Lord's fake. Are now in for the Lord's fake
Lordship. Since wives are monsters to you, and you do fly them as you fwear them

Be it a lordship thou shalt have it for that word
Lorenzo. D. P.

Lefers. Well, fuch lofers may have leave to speak

For lofers will have leave to ease their stomachs with their bitter

Lofs of question

3 95,227

All's Well. 5 3 3041 6 2 Henry vi. 47| 595,2|48|

Merch. of Venice.

2 Henry vi. 31 tongues Tit. And. 3 1 Meaf. for Meaf.2 4

upon lofs! the thief gone with fo much, and so much to find the thief Mer. of Ven. 31

That very envy and the tongue of loss, cry'd fame and honour on him
Poor thing condemn'd to lofs

Your lordship is the most patient man in lofs

So fhall you feel the lofs, but not the friend which you weep for
Even fo great men great loffes should endure

Seeking to give loffes their remedies

Left. Or both yourself and me cry, lost


585114 843 220 86 120 209162 Twelfth Night. 5 1 329152 Winter's Tale. 2 3 343224 Cymbeline. 2 3 902218

Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 988110
Julius Cæfar.43 760251

[blocks in formation]
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