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第 209 頁 - ... unlawful an occupation. This it was that gave birth to the Dunciad...
第 210 頁 - On the day the book was first vended, a crowd of authors besieged the shop; entreaties, advices, threats of law and battery, nay cries of treason, were all employed to hinder the coming out of the ' Dunciad ;' on the other side, the booksellers and hawkers made as great efforts to procure it . What could a few poor authors do against so great a majority as the public ? There was no stopping a torrent with a finger; so out it came. " Many ludicrous circumstances attended it. The Dunces...
第 58 頁 - What ripening virtues might have made their way ? He might have liv'd till folly died in shame, Till kindling wisdom felt a thirst for fame.
第 58 頁 - Pity's eye condemn'd to see. Remembrance veils his rage, but swells his fate ; Griev'd I forgive, and am grown cool too late. Young, and unthoughtful then ; who knows, one day, What ripening virtues might have made their way...
第 199 頁 - Boaft petty courts, whence rules new rigour draw, Unknown to Nature's and to Statute-law ; Quirks that explain all faving rights away, To give th' attorney and the catchpoll prey.
第 208 頁 - ... poets were ranged in classes, to which were prefixed almost all the letters of the alphabet (the greatest part of them at random) ; but such...
第 208 頁 - ... all the great characters of the age, and this with impunity, their own persons and names being utterly secret and obscure.
第 170 頁 - Some ring or letter now reveals th' intrigue : Queens, with their minions, work unfeemly things, And boys grow dukes, when catamites to kings. Does a prince die ? What poifons they furmife ! No royal mortal fure by nature dies.
第 21 頁 - Now rapt ! now more than man ! — I see him climb, To view this speck of earth from worlds sublime ! I see him now o'er Nature's works preside ! How clear the vision ! and the scene how wide...
第 184 頁 - No more enflame him, and no more enthral. He feeks no more, in Rufus' hall, renown ; Nor envies Pelf the jargon of the gown ; But pleas'd with competence, on rural plains, His wifdom courts that eafe his worth obtains. 30 Would private jars, which fudden rife, encreafe ? His candour fmiles all difcord into peace.