9:15. Quive ex eo- - 15. Also those who rum pretenso officio, under pretence of their yel ad inftantiam par- Office, or at the instance tis, aut aliorum quo- of any party, or of any rumcunq; personas Ec-others, draw, or cause clefiafticas, Capitula, and procure to be drawn, Conventus, Collegia directly, or indirectly, up Ecclesiarum quarum- on any pretext whatsoecunq; coram fe ad su- ver, Ecclefiaftical Persons, um "Tribunal, Audi- Chapters, Convents, Cola entiam, Cancellariam, leges of any Churches, beConcilium, vel Parla- fore them to their Tribumentum, præter juris nal, Audience, Chancery, Canonici dispositionem, Counsel, or Parliament, i trahunt, vel trahi fa gainst the Rules of the Cao ciunt vel procurant, non-Law; as also those who directe vel indirecte, for any cause, or under any quovis quæsito colore; pretext, or by pretence of necnon qui ftatuta, any Custom or Privilege, ordinationes, constitu- or any other way, jak tiones, pragmaticas, seu make, enact, and publisb quævis alia decrera any Statutes, Orders, in genere vel in fpe- Constitutions, Pragmacie, ex quavis causa ticks, or any other. Denrees & quovis quæsito colo- in general or in particular; re, ac etiam prætextu or shall use them when cujusvis consuetudinis made and enacted; whereby & privilegii, vel alias the Ecclefiaftical Libera quomodolibet fecerint, ty is violated, or any ordinaverint & publi- ways injured or depressed'; ca verint, vel faétis & or by any other means ordinatis ufi fuerint, restrained; or whereby the unde libertates Ecclesia Rights of us and of the ftica tollitur, seu in a- faid See, and of any other fe liquo læditur vel depri- Churches, are any way dis micur, aut alio quovis rectly or indirectly, tacited beauty modo restringitur, feu by or exprefly prejudged1 noftris & dictæ fedis, acisius quarumcunq; ecclefia ,' , . rum juribus quomodo libet directe vel indirecte, tacite vel exprelle præjudicantur.

16. Necnon qui 6. 16. Also those who is Archiepiscopos, Epif- upon this account directly copos, aliofq; superio- or indirectly hinder Arch. Gore res & inferiores Præla- bilbops, Bishops, and other spi tos, & omnes alios quof- superior and inferior Pre- bante cung; Judices. Ecclefi- lates, and all other ordi- varas afticos ordinarios quo- nary Ecclefiaftical Judges modolibet hac de causa whatsoever by any means, un directe vel indirecte, either by imprisoning of carcerando vel mole molefting their Agents, {tando eorum agentes, Proctors, Domesticks, kinprocuratores, familia. dred on both sides, or by res, necnon confangui- any other way from ex. neos & affines, aut alias erting their Ecclefiaftical impediunt, quo minus jurisdiction against any jurisdictione lua Eccle- persons whatsoever, acfiaftica contra quoscun cording as the Canons and que utantur, fecundum facred Ecclesiastical Can quod Canones & facræ ftitutions and Decrees of conftitutiones Ecclesia. General Councils, and e fticæ, & decreta Conci- specially that of Trent, do liorum Generalium, & appoint ; as also those who


præfertim Tridentini, after the sentence and destatuunt, ac eţiam eos crees of the Ordinaries qui poft ipsorum ordi- themselves, or of those denariorum ac etiam ab legated by them, or by any eis delegatorum quo- other means eluding the rumcunq; fententias et judgment of the Ecclefi4decreta, aut alias fori pical Court, have istea, ecclesiastici judicium es course to Chanceries 1otoludentes, ad Cancella- ther secular Courtspiand rias et alias Curias se procure thence Prohibiticulares recurrunt, et ab ons and even Penal Man. illis prohibitiones et dates to be decreed against mandata 'etiam pænali- the said Ordinaries and a, ordinariis aut delega. Delegates and executed tís prædi&tis decerni, et againft them; alföl those contra illos exequi pro who make and execute curant; eos quoq; qui thefe Decrees, for who give hæc decernunt et exe- did, counsel, countenance quuntur, seu dant auxi- or favour' to them. : ) lium, concilium, patro- lius inicis obzid's cinium & favorem in-. . . . .";.; eisdem. 1.5. 17. Quive jurisdi- " 9 17. Also those who &tiones seu fructus, re. usurp any Farisdictions, ditus & proventus ad Fruits, Revenues, and Enos & sedem Apostoli- molumexts belonging to cam, & quascunque Vs and the Apoftolick Ecclesiasticas perio- See, and any Ecclefiaftical nas ratione Ecclesia- perfons apon account of arum, Monafteriorum Ry Churches, Monafte& aliorum beneficio- ries, or other Ecclefiaftical rum Ecclesiasticorum benefices; or who upon a. pertinentes usurpant, ny occasion or cause feque

vel etiam quavis occasi- fter the faid Revenues one vel causa fine Ros without the express leave mani Pontificis ve

ficis vel alio- of the Bilbop of Rome, rum ad id legitimam fa- or others having lawful cultatem habentium ex- power to do it. prella licentia leque...

.. Atrant.

$ 18, Quive collectas, $ 18. Also those whé decimas, talleas, præ- without the like' Special ftantias & alia onera and express licence of the Clericis, Prælatis & aliis Pope of Rome imposé Tripersonis Ecclesiasticis, butes, Tenths, Valleys, ac.. eorum & Ecclesia- Subsidies, and other rum, Monasteriorum Charges upon Clergy-men, & aliorum beneficio. Prelates, and other Eccle rum Ecclesiasticorum siastical Perfons, and the bonis, illorumve fruêtiGoods, Fruits, Revenues bus, reditibus & pro and Emoluments of them ventibus hujusmodi, and of the Churches, Moabsque simili Romani nasteries, and other EcclePontificis speciali & ex- fiastical Benefices; and expressa licentia impo. ačt them by diver's artifinunt, & diversis etiam ces, or even receive them exquisicis modis exi so imposed from the Clergy, gunt, aut fic imposita a although they Nould of Iponte dantibus & con- their own accord grant and cedentibus recipiunt. give them : Alfa those who Necnon qui per fe vel by chemselves or oshers dialios directe vel indire- rectly or indirectly fear not čte prædicta facere, exe- to do, execute or procure qui vel procurare, aut in the said things, or to give eisdem auxilium, consi- aid, counsel or favour to lium vel favorem præ- them, of what foever prehestare non verentur, cu- minence, dignity, order,


vitathodo Præsidentes, set forth in the Sacred Cag

juscunq; fint præemi- condition or quality they nentiæ, dignitatis, ordi- be, although they be Em. nis, conditionis aut sta. perors, or Kings, or Prina tus, etiamsi Imperiali ces, Dakes, Earls, B4aut Regali fulgeant rons, and other Potentates dignitate; seu Princi- whatsoever, even Presse pes, Duces, Comites, dents of Kingdoms, ProBarones, et alii Poten. vinces, Cities and Terri.tatus; quicunq; etiam tories, Coursellers, and Regnis, Provinciis, Ci- Senators, or invested even -vitatibus & Terris quo- with any Pontifical Digniquomodo Præsidences, ty. Renewing the Decrees consiliarii & Senatores, set forth concerning these aut quavis etiam Pon- Matters by the Sacred Ca-tificali dignitate infig. nons, as well in the last niti. Innovantes decrc- Council of Lateran, as ta, super his per Sacros in other General Councils, Canones, tam in Lateratogether with the Censures nensi noviffime celebra- and Punishments conto, quam aliis Conciliis tained in them. -generalibus edita, etiam çum censuris & pænis in eis contentis. ....9. 19. Item, Excom. $ 19, Further, We municamus & anathe- excommunicate and anamarizamus omnes & thematize all and every quoseunq; Magistratus Magistrates and Fudges, & Judices, Notarios, Notaries, Scribes, ExecuScribas, ' Executores, tors, Subexecutors, -any Subexecutores quomo. mays intruding them. dolibet fe interponen selves in capital or crimtęs in causis capitalibus nal causes against Ecclefiae seu criminalibus contra fical Persons by procesing,


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