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deant, ut futura quo- Grace may so enjoy the besto
que beatitudine per- tranquility of this present font
fruantur. Ob quas fane life, that they may also stran
causas Romani Pontific attain eternal happiness.
ces prædecessores no- For which Reasons the
ftri hodierna die, quæ Bishops of Rome, our
anniversaria Domini. Predeceffors, upon this
cx Conæ commemo- day which is dedicated to
ratione folennis eft, fpi- the Aniversary commemo-
ritualem Ecclesiasticæ ration of our Lord's Supo
disciplinæ gladium, et per, have been wont fulo
falutaria justitiæ arma lemnly to exercise the
per ministerium sum- Spiritual Sword of Ec-
mi Apoftolatus ad Dei clesiastical Discipline and
gloriam et animarum wholfome Weapons of Ju.
falutem folenniter ex- flice by the Ministry of septe
ercere consueverunt: the Supreme Apostolate
Nos igitur, quibus ni- to the glory of God and
hiloptabilius est, quam salvation of Souls. We
fidei inviolatam inte- therefore, defiring non
gritatem, publicam thing more than by the
Pacem et Justitiam, guidance of God to prea
Deo autore, tueri, vei serve inviolable the inte.
tuftum et folennem grity of Faith, publick
hunc morem sequen- Peace and Justice ; fob-

lowing this ancient and

folemn Custom.
. 1. Excommuni- §. 1. We excommuni-
camus et anathemati- cate and anathematize in
zamus ex parte Dei the name of God Almigh-
Omnipotentis, Patris& ty, Father, Son and Holy
Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Ghost, and by the autho-
auctoritate quoque rity of the Blessed 4po-


Beatorum Apostolo Stles! Peter and Paul, | rum Petri et Pauli, ac and by our own, al Huf

noftra, quoscunq; Huf- fites, Weclephifts, Luthefitas, Vuichlephistas, rans, Zuinglians; Ciaba Luterannos, Zainglia- vinifts, Hugonots, Anos, Calvinistas, Ugo- nabaptists, Trinitarians; nottos, Anabaptiftas, and Apoftates from the Trinitarios, et a' Chri- Christian Faith, and all ftiana fide Apoftatas, other Hereticks by whate ac omnes er fingulos foever name they are alias Hårecicos, quo called, and of wharfoever cunque nomine cense. Sect. they be:"; Ás also antur, et cujuscunque their adherents, Recein sectæ existant ; ac eis vers, Favourers, and credentes, eorumque nerally any Defenders of receptatores, fautores, them; together with all et generaliter quoslibet who without our Authoi illorum defensores; ac rity, or that of the Apon eorundem libros hære- ftolick See,' knowingly fin continentes, vel de réad, keep, print, or any Religione tractantes fi- ways for any cause whatfone auctoritate nostra ever publickly or privately et Sedis Apoftolicæ sci. on any pretext on colour, enter legentes aut re- defend their Books .continentes, imprimentes, taining Herejie, or treaseu quomodolibet der ting of Religion; as also fendentes, ex quavis Schifmaticks, and those causa publice vel occul- mbo withdraw themselves, te, quovis ingenio vel or recede obstinately from colore ; necnon Schif- the obedience of us, or maticos, et eos qui se the Bishop of Rome for a nostra, et Romani the time being,

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Pontificis pro tempore . Art. existentis obedientia ,.

. pertinacitur fubtra- " pour c on hunc vel recedunt... HOV.

Í 2. Item, Excommu. -92. Further, We nicamus & anathema- excommunicate, and anarizamus omnes & fingu- thematize all and singular, los, cujuscunq; ftatus, of what foever station, gradus, seu conditionis degree or condition they fuerint Universitates be; and interdict all Collegia & Capitula, Universities, Colleges quocunque nomine and Chapters, by what fonuncupentur, interdi- ever name they are called; cimus, ab ordinationi- who appeal from the Orbus seu mandatis no. ders or Décrees of Us, ftris ac Romanorum Pon- or the Popes of Rome tificum pro tempore for the time being to existentium ad Uni- future General Council; versale futurum Con- and those by whose aid and cilium appellantes ; nec- favour the Appeal was non eos quorum au- made. ';. . xilio vel favore appellatum fuerit.

. Item, Excom- 93. Further, We municamus & anathe. excommunicate and anan matiząmus omnes Pi- thematize all Pirates, ratas, Cursarios ac Corsairs and Robbers by Latrunculos. Mariti- Sea, roving about our mos, discurrentes Mare Sea chiefly from Mount nostrum, præcipue a Argenţiere to TerraciMonte Argentario uf- na, and all their Abetters, que ad Terracinam, ac- Receivers and Defenomnes eorum fautores, ders.


receptatores & defensores.

: Ø 4. Item Excom- . 4. Further, We .municamus & anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes & thematize all and singular, fingulos, qui Christia. who when the Ships of any norum quorumcunq; Christians are either drinavibus tempestate, seu ven out of the way by in transversum (ut dici Tempeft, or any ways folet) jactatis, vel quo- suffer hipwrack, convey quo modo naufragium away any Goods of what passis, feu in ipsis navi- kind foever, either in the bus, sive ex eisdem eje- Shipe themselves, or caft eta in mare, vel in litto- out of the Ships into the re inventa, cujuscunq; Sea, or found on the generis bona, tam in Shore, as well in our noftris, Tyrrheni & Adri- Tyrrhenian and Adriutici, quam in cæteris atick Seas, as in any cujufque Maris, regio- other Divisions of Shores nibus & littoribus, Tur- of all Seas whatsoever; ripuerint; ita ut nec so that they shall not be ob quodcunque Privi, excused by any Privilege, legium, Consuetudi- Custom, or possession of nem, aut longissimi time immemorial or any etiam immemorabilis other pretext whatsoever. temporis pofleflionem, ir ,. seu alium quemcunque prætextum exculari i possint. :'.. . 5. Item, Excom- 6.5. Further, We exmunicamus & anathe- communicate and an ashematizamus omnes qui matize all who impose or in terris fuis nova Pe- augment any new Tolls or

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dagia feu Gabellas, Gabells in their Domi. præterquam in casibus nions, except in cafes sibi a jure, feu ex fpeciali permitted to them by Law, fedis Apoftolicæ licen- or by especial leave of the tia permissis, imponunt Apostolick See ;or, who vel augent, seu imponi exact such Taxes forbido vel augeri prohibita ex- den to be imposed or aug. igunt.

mented. 6. Item, Excom- $ 6. Further, We municamus & anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes fal- thematize all Forgers of sarios literarum Apo- Apostolick Letters, even ftolicarum, etiam in in form of a Brief, and forma Brevis, ac Sup- of Supplications refpeplicationum, Gratiam &ting Indalgence or ju. vel Justitiam concer- ftice, figned by the Pope nentium, per Romanum of Rome, or by the Viće Pontificem, vel S. R. chancellors of the Holy E. Vicecancellarios feu See of Rome, or by their gerentes vices eorum, Deputies, or by the com. aut de mandato ejuf- mand of the said Pope; dem Pontificis signata. as also those who falsiy rum, necnon falso pub- publish the Apostolick licantes literas Apofto- Letters, even in form of licas, etiam in forma a Brief; and those who Brevis, & etiam falso falsly fagn fuch Supplicafignantes Supplicatio- tions in the name of the nes hujusmodi sub no- Pope of Rome, or the mine Romani Pontificis Vice-chancellor, or their feu Vicecancellarii, aut Deputies. :. ; gerentium vices præ

. . dictorum.

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