Educated. And we must leave all this to God, who will require from none more than He has given ; for the Lord is good to all ; and His tender Mercies are over all bis Works, Pfal.cxlv. 9.

(13.) L. Can any be saved then but by Cbrift ". G. No. But many may be saved by Him who never heard of him. He dyed to make Satisfaction to the Infinite Juftice for the Sins of the whole World : and took our Nature upon Him, to atonc for our fallen Nature, to be applied to such who perform the Conditions required. He will judge the Gentiles, by the Law of Morality, which he has planted in their Hearts, and we call Natural Religion : But froin Christians He requires Faith in Cbrift, joined with sincere Repentance. I

L. Then the Gentiles are in better Condition than we, because less is required of them. - G. Is it no Advantage then to have the Glory of God revealed to us, in the face of Jesus. Cbrift As the Apostle speaks, 2 Cor. iv. 6. And the Effect of it upon us is described, chap. 3. ver. 18. viz. That we all with open face, bebolding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image, from glory ta glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. The light of the wonderful Oeconomy of our Redemption must needs fill our: Souls with Rapture and Joy, when we behold the Glory of God in


all His Attributes, each Exalting the other to the Uttermoft, as it is said, Jam. ii. 13. Miferecordia Supèrexaltat Judicium, that the Mercy of God exalts His Justice ; for Justice requires full Satisfa&tion, it cannot remit a farthing : To Remitis Mercy and not Juslice: And God is Fustice it self, Justice in the Abstract. Here then Infinite Wisdom finds out a full Satisfa&tion sto Infinite Fustice: And Infinite Goodnels affords that Satisfa&tion, by the Incarnation, perfect Obedience, Meritorious Paffion, and Glorious Refurre&tion, &c. of the only begotten Son of God! This enflames our Devotion, inviga rates our Obedience, and gives: Compunction to our Repentance, when we have finned and come sort of the glory of God, Rom. iii. 23. God has võuchsafed to make a Covenant with us in Christ, by vertue of which we may ap peal to His Justice and Veracity. It is a par. don Signed and Sealed by the King, which we · may Plead in Court. The Heatben have not this, but they are still under his Mercy, they may fay, God is merciful to forgive us : But we may say with St. Fohn, that God is Faith ful and Just to forgive us our Sins,and to cleanse us from all Unrighteousness, 1 John i.9. This is a great, a very great Advantage we have above the Gentiles. And may not we enjoy it with 'Thankfulness, and not Damn them all to the Pit of Hell? Because God has made a Covenant with us, may we not leave them to His Un-covenanted Mercy? Is our Eye evil to them, because He has been good to us ? Or


would we limit His Mercies to His Creatures; with whoin we have nothing to do? For what have we to do to Judge them that are without ?

Them that are without God judgeth, i Cor: -V. izAnd God did Judge one who was with: out that is, out of the Pale of the Church, to be the most Beloved of God, and that there wouis none like bim in the Eartb, Job i, 8. And he is put upon the Level with the greatest in the Church. Though Noab, Daniel, and Job were in it, &c. Ezek. xiv. 14. And as God chose, a Gentile to be the great Example of Patience to all Ages, fam, v. 11. And of another Gentile it was raid by Christ, I have not found fa great faith, no, not in Israel, Luk, vii. 9. And He who faid often to His Disciples, O ge of little Faith And upbraided his Apostles with their Unbe lief. Mark xvii 14. yet said to a Woman of Canaan, (who would not be discouraged for the Objection He put against her, of her not being within the Pale of the Church, but without among the Dogs) O Woman great is thin faith, Matth. xv. 26. And of the ten healed there was but one thankful, and he was a Samaritan, Luke xvii. 16. that is, a Scbifmatick; a Stranger, as Christ here calls him, ver. 18. and said to him, thy Faith hath made tbee whole. And the Pattern of Charity is placed in the Person of a Samaritan, in opposition to both a Priest and a Levite, Luke x. 30. &c. Which makes good what St. Peter said of Cornelius a Gentile, A&s x. 34. Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of Perfons : But in every Nation, be that feareth Him,


and worketh righteousness, is dccepted with him. This is the Dodrine which Christ taught, Luke iv.25. &c. When he minded the Jews that a Widow of Sarepta, a City of Sidon, and Nam aman the Syrian were preferred to all the Wi. dows and Lepers in Israel. Which fo enraged the Jews, tenacious of the Privilege of the Church, that they thrust Him out of the City, and led him unto the brow of the Hill (whereon their City was built that tbey might cast bim down headlong. And it is said, that they were filled with Wrath. The like Fury they fhewed when St. Paul told them that the Gospel was to be extended beyond the Pale of their Churck, and that God had sent him to the Gentiles. And they gave bim Audience untotbạt word, and then lift up their voices, and said, Away with such & fellow from the Earth; for it is not fit that be Tould live. And they cried out, and cast off Tbeir clotbes, and threw dust into the Air, Acts xxii. 22. And the like Rage is seen ainong the Zealots of your Church, when they hear of the Gospel being extended out of the Pale of their communion ; though with Christians who hold the three ancient Creeds, and have every thing Esential to a Church, except what Rome has made so, viz. The Universal and Unlimited Soveraignty of her Bisbop. Which is the great Bone of Contention, wherein Rome stands angle by her felf, thrusting all other Christian Churches from her; like a Man in a Boat who thinks he thrust the Shore from him, whereas he only thrust himself from the

Shore; Shore; as Firmilian said to Stephen Bishop of Rome, Excidisti te ipsum, nolite fallere, -"Do « not deceive your self, you have cut your « self off from the Church; for he is truly a « Schismatick who has inade himself an Apo« state from the Communion of Ecclesiastical

Unity; for while you think you can Ex« communicate all other Churches froin you; · « you have only Excommunicated your felf 366 from them. Dum enim putas omnes à Abstineri posse, te ipsum Abftinuifti. Cyprian Ep. 75. p. 228. Edit. Oxon.

But the Church of the Jews had a much stronger Plea for her Universal Supremacy and Infallibility, because all Profelytes; of whatever Nations, must come in to Her, for there was no other visible Church of God upon Earth and the Sacrifices were limited to the Tema ple at Jerusalem. Accordingly we find, Afts viii. 27. that the Eunuch came out of Ethiopia to Jerusalem for to Worship..

Now if the Christian Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ, the most folieinn Wors ship of God, were confined' to St. Peter's Church at Ronie, and could be had no where elfe; as the most solemn Worship of God; the legal Sacrifices, which were Types of the Christian, were confined to the Temple at Ferufalem: And if the Church of Rome, like that of the Jetes, were the only Church in the World: Yet after all, would the Church of Rome have no more Pretence to Infallibility and Perpetuity than the Church of the fews


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