Printed in English, 1699. (and in the Expofation before it said to be of great Antiquity, and Composed by the Church, directed by tbe Holy Ghost , you will find many: Prayers to the Virgin Mary, not only of Intercefon or Pray: ing for us, but to Grant us Grace, Pardon of Sin, and Eternal Life, in as full and positive Terms as could be asked of God himself. See the Hymn, Memento rerum Conditor, p. 34. And Ave Maris Stella, p. 53. And the Prayer to her', p. 59. Under thy Aid- Sub tuum Præfidium , which is taken out of the Rar man Pontifical in the Office for Consecrating an Image of the B. Virgin, where we Pray for Aid, &c. from her self directly, without mentioning any Interceffion. Nay, they Bless in ber Name, which was never done to any Creature. The Priesthood was Ordained by God, to Bless in his Name. No Apostle or Angel ever Blesed the People in bis: De own Name. But in this Primer, p. 16. You will fee the Priest give the Blesing in these Words, The Virgin Mary, with her pious Son, bless us. To which the People answer, Amen. Here the Principal part is given to the Virgin, her Son only Blesses with her, and she is first Named. But if she be not Preferred, yet she is here put upon the Level with her Son at least, and Blelles the People Jointly with him."

L. Why may nor the Virgin Mary Bless as. well as an Angel? And we find that Jacob prayed the Angel might

Gen. xlviii. 16.

/ Bless his Grand-Sons.

G. Thac

G. That Angel was God, and so it is Ex: pressed, God, before whom my Fathers Abraham, and Ifaac did walk, the God which fed me all. my life long unto this day, the Angel which redeemed me from all Evil, Bless the Lads. This Angel was Christ, who often Appeared before He took Flesh. He was the Angel which, Wrestled with this fame Jacob, and Blessed him. He was the Angel appeared to Moses in the Bush, and said, I am the God of vibraham, &c. which no Created Angel could have faid. It was He who Appeared to Joshua as Captain of the Host of the Lord,, and faid, as before to Moses, Loosé Jol. v. 14, 150 thy Shoe from off thy Foot, for the Place whereon thou Standelt is. Holy, which no meer Angel ever said. So that this will be no Precedent for Blelling the People in the Name of the Virgin Mary.

Epiphanius reckons the Worship of the Virgin Mary (not then so Rank ) a., mong the Heresies, under the Name Hær. 78, 79. of the Collyridians,' who offered Cakes to the Moon as Queen of Heaven, which is the same Name they give now Jer. vii. 18.

xliv. 19. 1 to the Virgin, and she is Painted standing upon the Moon hér Reprefentive. Epiphanius Observes that our Blessed Lord foreseeing the Superstition that would come into the World on Account of His Mother, treated her always at a Distance, never once called her Mother, no not upon the Crofs, or by any other Appellation than that of Wo

. man,

man, and checking her forwardness laid unto

her, Woman, what have I to do with Joh. ii. 4. thee? She is as little Named as poslible in the Gospels, where Christ pronounces a

• Greater Blessing to those that hear Luk.xi. 28. His Word, than to the Womb that Bare Him: And she is not Reckoned among those who saw Him after His Resurrection. She is but once Named in the Acts of the Apostles, and that upon no other Account

than that she with other Women, Att. 1: 14. continued in the Communion of the Apostles after the Ascension of our Lord : But none of her Acts or Miracles are Recorded, though Abundance in the Legends. And she is not once Named, upon any Account whatsoever, in any of the Epistles. Strange! That this should be so forgot, which makes now . so great a Part in the Devotions of the Church of Rome! :

But there is an Honour of an Extraordinary Nature paid to Her at the Head of all the Saints, in the Office of the Mafs, where, be. . fore the Consecration, the Elements are Offered up to Godin Memory of the Passion, Refurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, and for the Honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, &c. in Ho. Horem beatæ Mariæ femper Virginis. Did Cbrift then Suffer, Rife, and Ascend, for Her Honour? It was for the Honour and Glory of God indeed, but to thrust Her in or any of the Saints to Thare in this, looks a little too Familiar, and putting them, at least Her, near


upon the Level with the Almigbry, face more could not be said to Him.

And here we may see a good Reason why God would not have any Religious Worship paid to these, or any Ministers of His King dom, nor would be Worshipped with them; for he saw ther would be Encroaching, and coming nearer to Him than was fit for the Condition of Creatures. They would have a Share with Him. Nay that they might come... at last to Advance these above God Himself, and Prefer the Saints even to Chrift! As it has been said, That Christ did nothing which St. Francis did not do,

Lib. Conform.

fol, 1149. yea, that he did niore than Christ himself.

And now we see the Reason why your Index Expurgatorius would not have it seen in the FATHERS, that God only is to be Worshipped, for they have Ex

Adorari folius Dei punged this out of the Indic elt: Deleatur ex Ind. ces of their Works, that they Operum Athanafi Inmight not be found by the

dice Lib. Prohib. &

. Expurg. p. 52. MaPeople, who might take Of- drit. An. 1627. item fence to see their Worship ex In. Op. S. Auguft.

ibid. p. 56. divided betwixt God and Creatures.

. ' Was cher ever so shameless a thing done by any Church as to take upon them to Correct and Alter the Fathers ? It is plainly to ftifle the Evidence against themselves : 'And renders every thing at least Suspected that they Quote out of them. And the Scriptures had


been Purged too, but that they are fo Common in the Hands of Protestants, that it could not be done without manifest Detection. But how far they have gone towards it, by Mistranslations, Adding or Leaving' out some Words, I have Thewed already. But to pursue the Subject we are now upon.


(24.) Not only the Souls of the Saints in Heaven, but their dead Bodies or Bits of them, a Finger, a Toe, or a Tooth, or a Scrap of their Cloaths, à Girdle, or a Book, òrany thing else that they used are Worshipped, and made Means of Grace, and great Miracles said to be done by them. :

L. Was not a Dead Man ii Kin. xiii. 2!. Raised by touching the Bones of Elifhaa :: .

G. Yes, God may work Miracles by what Means he pleases. But does this. Consecrate. the dead Body of every Saïnt to be a Means of Grace, and a Worker of Miracles? Many Miracles were Wrought by the Rod of Moses; Is every Rod therefore a Means of Grace, either Ghostly or Bodily ? Or may we Consecrate any Rod' to be such a Means ? Notbing is such a Means to us but what God has Commanded and Appointed to be Done, as Baptism and the Lord's Supper. It is the Ino stitution, not an Example, that makes any thing a Means of Grace to us. Else we might? go and Imitate all the miraculous Actions of ievis

nowe Moses

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