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liberal safety or intelligence fund; and any / Brown returned to the States soon person who shall improperly retain, dispose of, hide, use, or destroy, such money or other articles above named, contrary to the as a liberator, and was at Cleveland provisions and spirit of this article, shall be from the 20th to the 30th of March deemed guilty of theft, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished accordingly. The

He entered his name on the hotelTreasurer shall furnish the Commander-in book, as “ John Brown, of Kansas," Chief at all times with a full statement of the condition of such fund, and its nature.”

advertised two horses for sale at auc“ Art. XXXIII. Volunteers.---All per- tion; and, at the time of the sale, sons who may come forward, and shall vol

stood in front of the auctioneer's untarily deliver up slaves, and have their names registered on the books of this organ

stand, notifying all bidders that the ization, shall, so long as they continue at title might be considered defective, peace, be entitled to the fullest protection

since he had taken the horses with in person and property, though not connected with this organization, and shall be

the slaves whom he liberated in treated as friends, and not merely as persons Western Missouri, finding it necesneutral. "ART. XXXIV. Neutrals.--The persons

sary to his success that the slaves and property of all non-slaveholders who should have horses, and that the shall remain absolutely neutral shall be re

masters should not. “But,” he spected so far as circumstances can allow of it, but they shall not be entitled to any

added, when telling the story afteractive protection.

ward, "they brought a very excellent "ART. XXXV. No Needless Waste.The needless waste or destruction of any useful

price.” property or article by fire, throwing open of Early in April following, he was in fences, fields, buildings, or needless killing

Ashtabula County, Ohio, sick of the of animals, or injury of either, shall not be tolerated at any time or place, but shall be

ague. He visited his family in promptly and peremptorily punished. Essex County, New York, toward

“ART. XXXVI. Property Confiscated.-The entire personal and real property of all

the end of that month. In May, he persons known to be acting, either directly was in New York City, Rochester, or indirectly, with or for the enemy, or and Boston, where he learned to found in arms with them, or found willfully holding slaves, shall be confiscated and

manufacture crackers. On the 3d taken whenever and wherever it may be of June, he was at Collinsville, Conn., found, in either Free or Slave States."

where he closed a contract for a “ART. XLVI. These Articles not for the Overthrow of Government. The foregoing thousand pikes, that he had ordered articles shall not be construed so as in any some time before. way to encourage the overthrow of any

He was soon afterward again in State Government, or of the General Government of the United States, and look to Northern Ohio, and in Western no dissolution of the Union, but simply to

Pennsylvania, proceeding by Pittsamendment and repeal; and our flag shall be the same that our fathers fought under in burg and Bedford to Chambersburg. the Revolution.”

where he remained several days. He Under this Constitution, the offices was in Hagerstown, Md., on the 30th, of President and Commander-in- where he registered his name as Chief were to be separate, and in all “Smith, and two sons, from Western cases to be held by different persons. New York.” He told his landlord John Brown was chosen Commander- that they had been farming in Westin-Chief; J. H. Kagi, Secretary of ern New York, but had been discouWar; Owen Brown (son of John), raged by losing two or three years' Treasurer; Richard Realf, Secretary crops by frost, and they were now of State.

| looking for a milder climate, in a lo


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cation adapted to wool-growing, etc. ) were being gradually brought from After looking about Harper's Ferry Chambersburg, in well-secured boxes. for several days, they found, five or No meal was eaten on the farm, six miles from that village, a large while old Brown was there, until a farm, with three unoccupied houses, blessing had been asked upon it; and the owner, Dr. Booth Kennedy, hav his Bible was in daily requisition. ing died the last Spring. These The night of the 24th of October houses they rented for a trifle until was originally fixed upon by Brown the next March, paying the rent in for the first blow against Slavery in advance, purchasing for cash a lot of Virginia, by the capture of the Fedehogs from the family, and agreeing ral Arsenal at Harper's Ferry; and to take care of the stock on the farm his biographer, Redpath, alleges that until it could be sold, which they many were on their way to be with faithfully did. After they had lived him on that occasion, when they were there a few weeks, attracting no ob- paralyzed by the intelligence that the servation, others joined them from blow had already been struck, and time to time, including two of had failed. The reason given for Brown's young daughters; and one this, by ones who was in his confiwould go and another come, without dence, is, that Brown, who had been exciting any particular remark. absent on a secret journey to the They paid cash for everything, were North, suspected that one of his party sociable and friendly with their neigh- was a traitor, and that he must strike bors, and seemed to pass their time prematurely, or not at all. But the mainly hunting in the mountains ; women who had been with them at though it was afterward remembered the Kennedy farm--the wives or that they never brought home any

daughters of one or another of the game. On one occasion, a neighbor

party—had already been quietly sent remarked to the elder Mr. Smith | away; and the singular complexion (as old Brown was called), that he

of their household had undoubtedly had observed twigs and branches

begun to excite curiosity, if not bent down in a peculiar manner;

alarm, among their neighbors. On which Smith explained by stating

Saturday, the 15th, a council was that it was the habit of Indians, in held, and a plan of operations distraveling through a strange country, cussed. On Sunday evening, another to mark their path thus, so as to be

council was held, and the programme able to find their way back. He had of the chief unanimously approved. no doubt, he said, that Indians passed

He closed it with these words : over these mountains, unknown to “And now, gentleinen, let me press this the inhabitants.

one thing on your minds. You all know

how dear life is to you, and how dear your Meantime, the greater number of

lives are to your friends; and, in rememberthe men kept out of sight during the ing that, consider that the lives of others day, so as not to attract attention,

are as dear to them as yours are to you.

Do not, therefore, take the life of any one if while their arms, munitions, etc., you can possibly avoid it; but, if it is neces


6 A certain “Col.” Hugh Forbes, an English | Kansas, afterward figured as a revealer of his adventurer, and general dabbler in civil discord, secrets, or what were alleged to be such. He had who had been with Brown in Iowa, if not in been disappointed in his pecuniary expectations.


sary to take life in order to save your own, October 17th, seems to have been efthen make sure work of it.”

| fected without creating alarm. They HARPER'S FERRY was then a village first rapidly extinguished the lightsof some five thousand inhabitants, of the town; then took possession of lying on the Virginia side of the the Armory buildings, which were Potomac, and on either side of its only guarded by three watchmen, principal tributary, the Shenandoah, whom, without meeting resistance or which here enters it from the South. exciting alarm, they seized and locked Its site is a mere nest or cup among up in the guard-house. It is probable high, steep mountains; the passage that they were aided, or, at least, of the united rivers through the Blue guided, by friendly negroes belongRidge at this point having been pro- ing in the village. At half-past ten, nounced by Jefferson a spectacle the watchman at the Potomac bridge which one might well cross the At- was seized and secured. At midlantic to witness and enjoy. Here night, his successor, arriving, was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad hailed by Brown's sentinels, but ran, crosses the Potomac; and the rich one shot being fired at him from the valley of the Shenandoah is traversed, bridge. He gave the alarm, but still for a considerable distance hence, by nothing stirred. At a quarter-past the Winchester and Harper's Ferry one, the western train arrived, and Railroad. Washington is fifty-seven its conductor found the bridge guardmiles distant by turnpike; Baltimore ed by armed men. He and others eighty miles by railroad. Modest as attempted to walk across, but were the village then was, space had been turned back by presented rifles. One with difficulty found for its habita- man, a negro, was shot in the back, tions, some of which were perched and died next morning. The passenupon ground four hundred feet above gers took refuge in the hotel, and rethe surface of the streams. One of mained there several hours; the conits very few streets was entirely occu- ductor properly refusing to pass the pied by the work-shops and offices train over, though permitted, at three of the National Armory, and had o'clock, to do so. an iron railing across its entrance. A little after midnight, the house In the old Arsenal building, there of Col. Washington was visited by were usually stored from 100,000 to six of Brown's men under Capt. Ste200,000 stand of arms. The knowl- vens, who captured the Colonel, edge of this had doubtless determined seized his arms, horses, etc., and libethe point at which the first blow of rated his slaves. On their return, the liberators was to be struck. Stevens and party visited the house

The forces with which Brown made of Mr. Alstadtt and his son, whom his attack consisted of seventeen white they captured, and freed their slaves. and five colored men, though it is said These, with each male citizen as he that others who escaped assisted out- appeared in the street, were confined side, by cutting the telegraph wires in the Armory until they numbered and tearing up the railroad track. between forty and fifty. Brown inThe entrance of this petty army into formed his prisoners that they could Harper's Ferry on Sunday evening, I be liberated on condition of writing


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