Richard A. Ticcurdy, President.
Head Offices, Nassau, Cedar, Liberty Streets

Assets over $230,000,000

Twenty-Year Distribution Policy

on continuous life and limited payment plans. This affords the maximum of security at the minimum of cost;

| Endowment Life Option Policy provides a guarantee income, a secure investment, and absolute protection;

Five Per Cent. Debentures provide the best and most effective forms of investment, indemnity and fixed annual income to survivors;

Continuous Instalment Policy

so adjusts the payment of the amount insured as to create a fixed income during the life of the beneficiary.

For detailed information concerning these exclusive forms of insurance policies apply at any of the Company's authorized agencies, which may be found in every city and town of the United States.


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- is a wonderfully delicate and complicated The Skin Structure.

Deleterious Substances will disturb and obstruct the harmonious workings of its healthful elements, and disease will readily find its way into the system.

Regard for one's health and well-being, therefore, protection from insidious entrance of maladies, or even personal cleanliness, demands the daily use of an

Entirely Pure Soap.

Glenn's Sulphur Soap

meets all the requirements and experience has long borne

testimony to its efficacy and value in local diseases of the skin, scalds, burns, bruises, cuts, gout, rheumatism, itch, dandruff, diseases of the scalp and baldness. It is also a most valuable disinfectant.



InSurance Company, 346 AND 348 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. JOHN A. McCALL, - - - - - President.

AsSbis, January 1, 1896, $14,191990,54,

The NEW YORK LIFE is a purely mutual Company and has been in business over half a century. Its policies impose no restrictions upon the insured, and are incontestable after being in force one year. They allow days of grace in payment of premium, provide for reinstatement, premium return, cash loans, cash surrender values, extended or paid-up insurance, accumulation of surplus during selected periods, and for options in settlement adapting their value to any circumstances of the insured. Policies are automatically and absolutely non-forfeitable after three years' premiums have been paid—their insurance value cannot be lost by neglect. The NEW YORK LIFE will consider applications for insurance at the ordinary rates upon the lives of persons engaged in occupations apparently involving an extra hazard, and upon the lives of women, and policies issued to such persons at ordinary rates will contain a clause placing them in classes and providing that any apportionment of surplus shall be based on the mortality actually experienced in the respective classes. Persons insured on this plan include United States army and navy officers, miners of gold, silver, copper and iron; members of paid fire departments, policemen, prison wardens, sheriffs, constables, marshals, &c.; railroad engineers, foremen and freight conductors; harbor pilots and officers of certain vessels; and all women. The NEW YORK LIFE began in July, 1896, the issue of an “Adjustable Accumulation Policy” for sub-standard lives. It is issued at the same premium rates as its “Accumulation Policy with Guaranteed Cash Values and | Annual Loans,” and provides an annually increasing scale of indemnity which finally reaches the full face of the Policy at about the fifteenth year. Persons who have been rejected for insurance upon what they consider insufficient grounds, and persons who have hesitated to apply for insurance through fear of rejection, are invited to examine this policy. The NEW YORK LIFE issues, in addition to the ordinary forms of insurance, Insurance Bonds with Guaranteed Interest, Continuous Instalment Policies, Five per cent Debenture Policies, Ordinary and Survivorship Annuities, Children's Endowments and Educational Annuities for Children. Under its authority as a Trust Company, the NEW YORK LIFE issues policies upon the Trust Certificate plan, under which the proceeds of the policy at death are paid to the beneficiaries named, in such manner as desired by the insured, unpaid portions remaining at interest.

-- -

Pure Wines and Liquors.

Price, per Case of 12 Large Bottles, 5 to a Gallon:

PORT WINE, No. 1.............. $4.00 RYE WHISKEY, No. 3......... ..s3.00 PORT WINE, No. 2. ... 5.00 RYE WHISKEY, No. 4.. . 5.00 DURAND PORT ...... 6.00 sh ERWOOD ryE . . . . . . . ... 6.00 SHERRY WINE, No. 1 4.00 Golden wedding ry ... n.50 SHERRY WINE, No. 2 5.00 Dougherty rye . .10.txo DAVIES SHERRY .... 6.00 HERMITAGE RYE . . . . . . .11.00 SWEET CATAWBA W. 4.00 BOURBON WHISKEY, No. . 4.do? ANGELICA WINE. . . . . 4.00 BOURBON WHISKEY, No. 4. . 5.00 ANGELICA, OLD ... 5.00 BOURBON WHISKEY, No. 6. ... t.tx3 SWEET MUSCATEL . . 4.00 MEGIBBEN’s Bourbon . 8.00 SWEET MUSCATEL, OL 5.00 OLD CROW Bourbon . .12.tx0 BLACKBERRY BRANDY, No 4.00 HOLLAND Gin, No. 3... . . 4.00 BLACKBERRY BRANDY, No. 4. 5.00 HOLLAND GIN, No. 4....... ... s.00 BLACKBERRY BRANDY, OLD.. 6.00 RYE MALT GIN ................. 6.00 BLACKBERRY BRANDY. Very old 8.00 JAMAICA RUMS...so, $6, $8 and 10.00 CIDER BRANDY. . . . . . . $5, $6 and 8.00 SCOTCH WHISKEY...#6, $8 and 10.00

PRICE PER KEG, containING 4 1-2 GALLONS: Rye Whiskey, No. 3, per keg.87.00 Sherwood Rye, per keg..... $9.00 Rye Whiskey, No. 4, per keg. 8.00 | Golden Wedding Rye, per kg.12.00

Kegs boxed, 25 cents extra. r

We will pack an assortment of Wines and Liquors in Case, if so desired, without extra charge. Half case, containing six bottles, at one-half the price of full case. Persons wishing goods sent C. O. D. must remit $1 with order to insure good faith. All goods packed in plain boxes and shipped to any part of the United States. Complete price list free." Beautiful lithograph calendar for 1897 now ready. Mailed to any address on receipt of 10c. in stamps. 25 good cigars by mail, postpaid $1.

J. C. CHILDS & CO., 346 Eighth Ave., N. Y. City.

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(Trade Mark)



(Founded 1849.)





The demand for this useful article has become so universal that poor counterfeits have been put upon the market.

Every genuine Benedict Collar Button has the name “BENEDICT" and date #h patent stamped upon it—“take no other.”

(Our Specialties).
Fine Gold Jewelry

and Sterling Silverware.


Roller Composition

so JEWELLERs, and Padding Glues,

Broad d

- 3.P*:::, .4. 49 & 51 ROSE STREET, New York. """ New York.


127-129 William-st., New-York.

D O j Blue-Black Record.
F YOU REQUIRE Circulars, Letter Heads, Pamphlets,
(The Republic Press), 14 Lafayette Place, New York, is

"*" or "Hoooooooooo YooHE UNITED HTC-HTERTÜombined. Ins #F# THTolk. All the New Styles. Davids” Hamdy Sponge Top Mucilage. avids' Security uncilage. I NKS Books, or any other Printing—why not secure handsome, artistic work? The New York Printing Company :specially equipped for the finest kind of printing required by Clubs, Societies, Corporations, Schools and

Colleges. Prompt Service, Reasonable Rates, and Utmost Attention, :: -- :: -- :: -l—

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