Power Plays: Shakespeare's Lessons in Leadership and Management

Macmillan, 2000 - 316 頁

Power Plays taps Shakespeare's genius - filtered through the business experience of John Whitney and Tina Packer - to explore what makes for successful leading, managing and following in business today. This riveting book will hold up Shakespeare's mirror so that leaders can see themselves in brighter light and sharper focus, exploring such issues as Power, using the case histories of Henry IV and Henry V; Trust, drawing on examples from Hamlet and King Lear; Communication, as seen through the prism of Julius Caesar and Coriolanus and Women in Management, focussing in particular on Rosalind's ultimate success in As You Like It and Desdemona's overall failure in Othello.

Shakespeare on Leadership is a highly accessible and original business self-help book which uses the characters and situations of Shakespeare's plays to illuminate key issues and dilemmas faced by the modern businessperson. But, more than that, this book is a fun and quirky read with enormous appeal that can help you understand yourself and others better using Shakespeare's timeless framework.

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