History of the Ninth and Tenth Regiments Rhode Island Volunteers, and the Tenth Rhode Island Battery, in the Union Army in 1862

Snow & Franham, printers, 1892 - 411 頁

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第 24 頁 - But here the main skill and groundwork will be, to temper them such lectures and explanations upon every opportunity as may lead and draw them in willing obedience, inflamed with the study of learning and the admiration of virtue, stirred up with high hopes of living to be brave men and worthy patriots, dear to God and famous to all ages...
第 176 頁 - Halt!" who goes there?" my challenge cry, It rings along the watchful line; "Relief!" I hear a voice reply — " Advance, and give the countersign ! " With bayonet at the charge I wait — The corporal gives the mystic spell ; With arms aport I charge my mate, Then onward pass, and all is well. But in the tent that night awake, I ask, if in the fray I fall, Can I the mystic answer make, When the angelic sentries call? And pray that Heaven may so ordain, Where'er I go, what fate be mine, Whether in...
第 192 頁 - Beside this corpse, that bears for winding-sheet The Stars and Stripes he lived to rear anew,. Between the mourners at his head and feet, Say, scurrile jester, is there room for you ? Yes : he had lived to shame me from my sneer, To lame my pencil, and confute my pen ; To make me own this hind of princes peer, This rail-splitter a true-born king of men.
第 55 頁 - Can storied urn or animated bust Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath? Can Honor's voice provoke the silent dust, Or Flattery soothe the dull cold ear of death?
第 238 頁 - I have come to you from the West, where we have always seen the backs of our enemies...
第 198 頁 - Courtesy among military men is indispensable to discipline ; respect to superiors will not be confined to obedience on duty but will be extended on all occasions.
第 289 頁 - I am not accustomed to the use of language of eulogy; I have never studied the art of paying compliments to women ; but I must say, that if all that has been said by orators and poets since the creation of the world in praise of women were applied to the women of America, it would not do them justice for their conduct during this war.
第 238 頁 - To the Officers and Soldiers of the Army of Virginia: " By special assignment of the President of the United States, I have assumed command of this army. I have spent two weeks in learning your whereabouts, your condition, and your wants; in preparing you for active operations, and in placing you in positions from which you can act promptly and to the purpose. " I have come to you from the West, where we have always seen the backs...
第 75 頁 - All non-commissioned officers and soldiers who shall be found one mile from the camp without leave, in writing, from their commanding officer, shall suffer such punishment as shall be inflicted upon them by the sentence of a courtmartial.
第 229 頁 - The forces under Major-Generals Fremont, Banks, and McDowell, including the troops now under Brigadier-General Sturgis at Washington, shall be consolidated and form one army, to be called the Army of Virginia.