Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy

Dandelion Enterprises, 2005 - 404 頁
"Bill Cook in his splendid book speaks for many knowledgeable and honorable Americans like him who have the courage and eloquence to speak out against Bush and his immoral war on Iraq under the cover of a fraudulent War on terror (with its blatant double standards vis-a-vis Iraq vs. Israel) which is nothing but a cover-up for a war of destruction, death and looting by the greedy who have too much of everything, against the starving have-nots of the world. "Tracking Deception is a compelling indictment of this Bush-sponsored New World Order of endless wars against Arabs/Moslems, relentlessly promoted by a nauseating campaign of deceit and lies at the highest levels of the US Administration in complicity with a corrupt self-serving corporate media, at the behest of a greedy so-called corporate "elite" and of the aggressive fundamentalist pro-Israel lobbies whose representatives are in dominant numbers at the White House. "God bless Bill Cook and the beautiful decent America that he represents and that we shall continue to love and respect, in spite of Bush and company." --Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja Peace and Justice Activist Florence, Italy "If as Christ said, the Devil is the father of lies, then George W. Bush is most certainly a son of the Devil. Cook's lucid and timely anthology lays out clearly the patterns of deception that have defined the tenure of this most dangerous of presidents." --Michael Ortiz Hill Author of Dreaming the End of the World "By rights this book's cover should show Bill Cook, triumphant on the flight deck of Truth, with a big sign behind him saying Mission Accomplished. He nails Bush's lethal Middle East rampages fair and square." --Alexander Cockburn, co-editor CounterPunch, Nation columnist

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Cook is a health care administrator.