The Annals of Philosophy, 第 5 卷

Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy., 1815

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第 237 頁 - A Practical Treatise on Gas Light ; exhibiting a summary Description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for illuminating Streets, Houses, and Manufactories, with...
第 72 頁 - These several Lectures are so arranged, that no two of them interfere in the hours of attendance; and the whole is calculated to form a complete course of medical and chirurgical instruction.
第 142 頁 - ... that each cell is a distinct, separate, and " in some measure an independent structure agglutinated only to the neighbouring cells ; and that when the agglutinating substance is destroyed, each cell may be entirely separated from the rest.
第 324 頁 - ... set it down on his knees, which were joined together, and kept it steady with his hand, in the manner of a person perfectly at ease; and in this attitude expired, without spilling a drop, and without a writhe in his countenance ; as if an experiment had been required, to show to his friends the facility with which he departed.
第 77 頁 - Philosophy" for the year 1815, there is an elaborate essay on the shapes, dimensions, and positions of the spaces in the earth which are called Rents, and the arrangement of the matter in them, by Mr.
第 365 頁 - Ditto 2 Ditto 3 Ditto 4 Ditto 5 Ditto 6 Ditto 7 Ditto 8 Ditto 9 Ditto 10 Ditto 11 Ditto 12 Ditto 13 Ditto 14 Ditto 15 Ditto 16 Ditto 17 #• 4y 24- 14...
第 252 頁 - He further states, that while Dr Wells " affords us complete information, not only respecting the sentiments of Aristotle and Theophrastus as to the nature and causes of dew, but also of the most distinguished philosophers of modern times; some of the works, however, of the persons whom he mentions, and some of the latest, have most unaccountably escaped his attention.
第 470 頁 - ... with the utmost caution. The mine was very much subject to what the colliers call the creep, •which is a gradual filling up of the horizontal passages. It had been customary for some time past to bore in various directions upon the lines the men were working, in order to ascertain whether any body of •water lay concealed in the adjacent cavities. This precaution was about to be put in practice at nine o'clock on Wednesday the 3d of May ; but before that time had arrived (between three and...
第 364 頁 - Ditto 18 Ditto 19 Ditto 20 Ditto 21 Ditto 22 Ditto 23 Ditto 24 Ditto 25 Ditto 26 Ditto 27 Ditto Sarala Khurd Rainpur (Ghanaur) Pawala Akar Phapal Note.
第 71 頁 - Lectures are read every morning, from a quarter past ten to a quarter past eleven, for the convenience of students attending the hospitals.