History of the Borton and Mason Families in Europe and America

H.F. Agnew, 1908 - 264 頁

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第 113 頁 - Irish birthplace as to-day animate this city. The true American knows, feels, and with enthusiasm declares, that of all human emotions, of all human passions, there is not one more pure, more noble, more conducive to good and great and glorious deeds than that which bears us back to the spot that was the cradle of our childhood, the playground of our boyhood, the theatre of our manhood. Has the Holy Book a passage more deeply touching than that which pictures to us the daughters of a captive race,...
第 223 頁 - In the seventh month, I met with a severe trial indeed, by the sudden and unexpected death of my oldest son. I knew not of his illness until late in the afternoon; I went that evening to see him, and found him nearly speechless, though I believe sensible. With a look of endeared affection, he grasped my hand, being able to say but very little. He departed next morning, 2nd of seventh month, aged about thirty-seven years, leaving a widow and four children.
第 116 頁 - ... noses. You never see a really first-class tenor with a button nose. The sopranos got big busts, and the tenors got big noses. The bigger the better. And Grandpa sure had the nose for it. Time they got through, half the parlor car was joining in on the chorus: Bring my harp to me again, Let me hear its gentle strain. Let me hear its chords once more Ere I pass to yon bright shore. When they finished, Brother Quigley had another nip. "Got to cool the pipes,
第 30 頁 - Affiant also attended him at the time of his death, the immediate cause of which was dropsy and a complication of liver trouble.
第 225 頁 - Board; he was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace, which he filled, and was re-elected, but refused to qualify.
第 11 頁 - Known ye sd John and Anne Bortón these many years, and that they have walked honestly among us, living in the fear of God and in obedience to the blessed truth revealed in this our day, and have been of a good savor to friends and to their neighbors in ye village where they dwell.
第 208 頁 - gent." of Lincoln, was a Friend, who was continually being imprisoned for his opinions. He was concerned in the controversy about wearing the hat during prayer. He took a broad-minded view of this question, and said: "What matter whether the hat be on or off, so long as the heart be right?
第 207 頁 - Mason doubtless derived it from his occupation. It is supposed that the word comes from the old Latin macio, or it may be a modification of marcio, from mareus, a hammer.
第 3 頁 - I ask that it may be received in the same spirit in which it is written, and I hope long to remain, as I long have been, your friend, GD PRENTICE, Esq.
第 210 頁 - February 1795, began life by selling cakes on the street, and after turning his hand to various employments took over the split-ring business of Mr Harrison ( 1822) at Birmingham. He began to make pens in 1829 for Perry & Co., and his business increased till he became the largest pen-maker in the world. Partner with Elkington in the electro-plating trade (1842-65), he gave Dr (afterwards Sir) (I W.