Black's Guide to Leamington and Its Environs: Including Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon, & Kenilworth ...

A. and C. Black, 1872 - 57页

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第54页 - HOSACK. Mary Queen of Scots and Her Accusers. Containing a Variety of Documents never before published. By JOHN HOSACK, Barristerat-Law. A New and Enlarged Edition, with a Photograph from the Bust on the Tomb in Westminster Abbey. 2 vols. 8vo, £1, 1s.
第54页 - Poems and Ballads of Goethe. Translated by Professor AYTOUN and Sir THEODORE MARTIN, KCB Third Edition. Fcap., 6s. Bon Gaultier's Book of Ballads. By the SAME. Fifteenth Edition. With Illustrations by Doyle, Leech, and Crowquill.
第20页 - King-maker, had distinguished himself by his gallantry in the field, by the hospitality of his table, by the magnificence, and still more by the generosity of his expense, and by the spirited and bold manner which attended him in all his actions. The undesigning frankness and openness of his character rendered his conquest over men's affections the more certain and infallible : his presents were regarded as sure testimonies of esteem and friendship, and his professions as the overflowings of his...
第54页 - Advanced Text-Book of Geology, Descriptive and Industrial. With Engravings, and Glossary of Scientific Terms. Sixth Edition, revised and enlarged, 7s.
第27页 - Lakes," and at an easy distance from the Railway Station. Visitors will have every comfort, combined with moderate charges. Parties purposing to proceed by first Steamer up Lochlomond would do well to arrive at the Hotel the previous evening.
第20页 - No less than thirty thousand persons are said to have daily lived at his board in the different manors and castles which he possessed in England...
第58页 - FISHING TACKLE. Gentlemen visiting Edinburgh will find a first-class Assortment of Salmon and Trout Rods, Reels, Lines, Flies, &c.
第5页 - Lochearnhead, etc. During the Summer Season STAGE COACHES in connection with this Hotel, and Mr. Blair's Hotel at the Trossachs, run several times each day, to suit the arrival and departure of trains at Callander and steamer on Loch Katrine. Omnibuses run to and from each Train.
第35页 - St. Michael's Mount, and the whole of the magnificent Bay. Invalids will find in Mount's Bay House the comforts of a home, while the beauty and salubrity of the situation, and its nearness to the charming walks on the sea-shore, render it a healthy and delightful residence. Suites of apartments for families of distinction.