Tales by the O'Hara family, containing Crohoore of the bill-hook [by M. Banim] The fetches [by J. Banim] and John Doe [by M. and J. Banim]. 2nd ser., comprising The Nowlans [by J. Banim] and Peter of the castle [by J. and M. Banim]. 3 vols, 第 3 卷


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第 383 頁 - Oh ! what was love made for, if 'tis not the same Through joy and through torment, through glory and shame ? I know not, I ask not, if guilt's in that heart, I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art.
第 383 頁 - Waverly occasionally rises, his course is more regular, his vigour better sustained, and a more steady interest is kept up throughout. If we are less frequently astonished we are more uniformly pleased ; and if there be less energy of genius, there are, at least, equal correctness of taste, and an equal share of good sense and shrewdness of observation.
第 384 頁 - THE GERMAN NOVELISTS : Tales selected from ancient and modern Authors in that Language, from the earliest period to the close of the Eighteenth Century ; with Critical and Biographical Notices. By THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. In 4 vols. post 8vo. uniform with the Italian Novelists. Price 38s. 4. SANDOVAL ; or, the FREEMASON : a Tale of the Spanish Revolution. By the Author of
第 383 頁 - We would by no means rank the author of ' Brambletye House' among imitators. He has too much genius, too much boldness, too much originality, to be put among such a class. " The Author of Biambletye House has great power, very great power ; and while reading him, we feel that we have a master to deal with ; and if he do not reach the grandeur to which the Author of Waverley...
第 368 頁 - Felix," interrupted the wretch, " that can never be; your forgiveness — your being alive to forgive me — is the greatest blessing; your fellowship I cannot, dare not court, even was there a promise of life to seek it. Oh, my soul shrinks at the thought ! How could I sit by your fire-side ? How look' into your face ? No, my brother, no ! — give your...
第 384 頁 - Voyager. — Stories told at Sea during a Voyage recently made to the Arctic Ocean. Interspersed with curious Anecdotes, and a Narrative of the various Adventures and Perils of the Voyage. 3 vols, post 8vo, 28s.
第 383 頁 - Brambletye House" among imitators. He has too much genius, too much boldness, too much originality, to be put among such a class. He is rather to be regarded as an intrepid, and not an unsuccessful competitor, who has had the courage to face the mighty champion of the North, and challenge him to the contest in his own field, and with his own favourite weapons. He has sought out the giant in his own strong hold, where he reigned with undisputed sway, and where hitherto none had dared to approach...
第 83 頁 - ... other ; and this covering descended to his knees, and was girt round his waist with a hay-rope, denominated in Ireland " suggaun ;" a small-clothes of similar construction peeped from beneath it ; his legs and feet were bare. Under his left arm he tucked a little bundle of twigs, dried potatoe-stalks, and a few straws, securely tied up with another "suggaun," which, again, the Irish peasant would call his
第 384 頁 - The Romance of the Forest," " Mysteries of Udolpho," " Italian," &c. To which is prefixed, a Memoir of the Author, with Extracts from her Journals. Published from the Originals, in the possession of Win.
第 350 頁 - IT was of a dreary night in December, I first met your brother Collum, Sir," said the priest, after the old pirate had done speaking, and when Mr. Felix M'Carty, as we are now obliged to call him, had put some questions to Mr. Fenelly ; — " of a Saturday-night, too ; I remember it well ; one of the last upon which my poor people crowd into the little chapel to prepare for their Christmas duty. Ere I entered the confessional, I had observed a very remarkable man sauntering...