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HALL'S (Mr. and Mrs.) Ireland, its Scenery, Character, &c. 3 vols. imp. 8vo. a multitude of beautiful wood-cuts, cloth, as good as new, £2. 7s 6d (pub. at £4. 48) 1841-3 RESEARCHES into the Ecclesiastical and Political State of Ancient Britain under the Roman Emperors, by the Rev. F. THACKERAY, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 89 6d (pub. at £1. 18) RICHARDSON'S (Dr. Chas.) New Dictionary of the English Language, combining Explanation with Etymology, and illustrated with Quotations from the best Authors, arranged Chronologically, 2 thick vols. 4to. cloth, £3. 5s (pub. at £5.58) 1844 RITSON'S WORKS-viz. Robin Hood, 2 vols. Ancient Songs and Ballads, 2 vols.-Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots, 2 vols.-Memoirs of the Celts-Life of King Arthur-Pieces of Popular Poetry-Fairy Tales-Ritson's Letters and Life, 2 vols.-together 12 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £2. 18s (pub. at £6. 3s 6d) ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCHES in Java and the Neighbouring Islands. By THOMAS HORSFIELD, M.D., F.L.S., &c. royal 4to. 71 BEAUTIFUL COLOURED PLATES, 4to. extra cloth, £3. 15s (pub. at £8. 8s) PRINCIPIA SAXONICA, or an Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Reading, comprising Elfric's Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, with a Preliminary Essay on the Utility of Anglo-Saxon, illustrated from Alfred's Bede and the Saxon Chronicle, and a Copious Glossary. By L. LANGLEY, F.L.S. 12mo. cloth, 28 6d (pub. at 4s) WRIGHT and HALLIWELL'S Reliquæ Antiquæ : Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts illustrating chiefly early English Literature and the English Language, 2 vols. 8vo. COMPLETE, cloth, £1. 48



It contains a large number of pieces in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Early English; it will be found of use to future Philologists, and to all who take an interest in the history of our language and literature.

LEWIS'S (George Cornewall) Essay on the Origin and Formation of the Romance Languages, 8vo. cloth, (very few copies left,) 78 6d (pub. at 12s) Oxford, 1835 BENNETT'S (F. D.) Narrative of a Whaling Voyage Round the Globe, 1833 to 1836; comprising Sketches of Polynesia, California, the Indian Archipelago, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 88 6d (pub. at £1. 12s)


PART 2, FOR 1846.

1 THE HISTORY of BANBURY in Oxfordshire, including Copious Historical and Antiquarian Notices of the Neighbourhood, by ALPRED BEESLEY, thick 8vo. (684 closely printed pages), with 66 wood-cuts, engraved in the first style of Art, by O. Jewitt, of Oxford, (pub. at £1. 5s) now reduced to 148 1842

"The neighbourhood of Banbury is equally rich in British, Roman, Saxon, Norman, and English Antiquities, of all which Mr. Beesley has given regularly cleared accounts. Banbury holds an important place in the history of the Parliamentary War of the 17th Century, and was the scene of the great Battle of Edghill, and of the important fight of Cropsedy Bridge. Relating to the events of that period, the author has collected a great body of local information of the most interesting kind. By no means the least valuable part of Mr. Beesley's work, is his account of the numerous interesting early churches, which characterize the Banbury district."-The Archæologist.

J. R. SMITH having bought the whole stock of the above very interesting volume, invites the Subscribers to complete their copies in Parts without delay, the price of which will be (for a short time), 18 6d, instead of 28 6d.

2 SPECIMENS of Cornish Provincial Dialect, collected and arranged by Uncle Jan Treenoodle, with some Introductory Remarks and a Glossary by an Antiquarian Friend, also a Selection of Songs and other Pieces connected with Cornwall, post Svo. with curious portrait of Dolly Pentreath, cloth, 4s 1846

"Vether it's worth while goin' through so much, to learn so little, as the Charity-boy said ven he got to the end of the alphabet, is a matter o' taste, I rayther think it isn't," Quoth Old Weller. 3 HERTFORDSHIRE FAMILIES-BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Families in the County of Hertford, folio, bds. only 150 printed, £3. 10s-REDUCED TO £1. 5s 4 AN ESSAY on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases and Nursery Rhymes, by H. B. KER, vols. 12mo. new cloth, 48 (pub. at 128)



A work which has met with great abuse among the Reviewers, but those who are fond of Philological pursuits, will read it now it is to be had at so very moderate a price, and it really contains a good deal of gossiping matter. The author's attempt is to explain every thing from the Dutch, which he believes was the same language as the AngloSaxon.

5 LOWER'S Hand Book for Lewes in Sussex, Historical and Descriptive, with Notices of the Recent Discoveries at the Priory, 12mo. wood-cuts, cloth, 2s


6 LOWER'S (M. A.) English Surnames; a Series of Essays on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous, post 8vo. SECOND EDITION, wood-cuts, cloth, 68 1844

To those who are curious about their patronymic, it will be found a very instructive and amusing volume-mingling wit and pleasantry, with antiquarian research and historical interest. 7 LOWER'S CURIOSITIES OF HERALDRY, with Illustrations from old English Writers, with numerous engravings from designs by the Author, (a handsome vol.) 8vo. cloth, GULES, appropriately ornamented OR, 148 1845

"The present volume is truly a worthy sequel (to the SURNAMES,') in the same curious and antiquarian line, blending with remarkable facts and intelligence, such a fund of amusing anecdotes and illustrations, that the reader is almost surprised to find that he has learnt so much, whilst he appeared to be pursuing mere entertainment. The text is so pleasing that we scarcely dream of its sterling value: and it seems as if, in unison with the wood-cuts, which so cleverly explain its points and adorn its various topics, the whole design were intended for a relaxation from study, rather than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and universal custom, which produced the most important effect upon the minds and habits of mankind."-Literary Gazette.


8 WHO was Jack Wilson, the Singer of Shakspeare's Stage? An attempt to prove the identity of this person with John Wilson, Dr. of Music, in the University of Oxford, A.D. 1644. By E. F. RIMBAULT, LL.D., F.S.A., 8vo. sewed, 18 9 A DICTIONARY of Archaic and Provincial words, Obsolete Phrases, &c. from the reign of Edward I.; including those which occur in the works of Chaucer, Gower, Lydgate, Shakspeare, and their Contemporaries; forming a complete Key for the reader of the works of our Ancient Poets, Dramatists, and other Authors, whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary dictionaries and books of reference. By J. O. HALLIWELL, F.R.S &c. 8vo. Vol. I. containing 480 pages, closely printed in double columns, cloth, £1. 1s (to be completed in vols.)

"It forms a most comprehensive glossary to all our old English writers, from the beginning of the fourteenth century to the time of the Stuarts, including the earlier chroniclers, the writings of Wycliffe, and a long range of poets, from Piers Ploughman, Chaucer, Gower, Lydgate, &c. to Spenser and his contemporaries, with Shakspeare and the dramatists of that age. Most of the words of the Dictionary are iilustrated by examples, selected not only from printed authorities, but from the numerous early English MSS. scattered through public and private libraries, and these are extremely numerous and valuable. In addition to the obsolete portion of our language, this work may be said to be a complete dictionary of the local dialects of the present day, and is one which will be an acceptable addition to every library."

Morning Herald.

10 AKKERMAN'S (J. Y.)-Ancient Coins of Cities and Princes, Geographically arranged and described-HISPANIA-GALLIA-BRITANNIA, 8vo. with engravings of many hundred coins from actual examples, cloth, 188


11 AKERMAN'S (J. Y.)-Coins of the Romans relat-

ing to Britain Described and Illustrated, SECOND EDITION,

greatly enlarged, with a new set of plates, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

The "Prix de Numismatique" has just been awarded by the French

Institute to the author for this work.

12 CALEDONIA ROMANA; a Descriptive Account

of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland; preceded by an intro-

ductory view of the aspect of the Country and state of its

Inhabitants in the First Century of the Christian Era: and by

a summary of the Historical Transactions connected with the

Roman occupation of North Britain. By ROBERT STUART,

4to. many fine plates, cloth, 13s

"An able and highly readable (and cheap) volume on the transac-

tions of the Romans in Scotland, and the remains they have left behind

them in that part of the island.
The little that is known of the

acts of the Romans in Scotland, and of the state of the people in that

age, is stated by Mr. Stuart in a graceful and flowing narrative.

The view which he gives of the country, at the time when it was yet a

sylvan wilderness, occupied by tribes not much different from those of

Missouri and Araucania, is like a chapter in some beautiful romance.

The roads and camps are all traced carefully, even unto Ptoroton and

Bona, (Burghead and Loch Ness,) and an ample chapter at the end is

devoted to the Wall of Antoninus.
The scholar has here a

satisfactory account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland, illustrated

by numerous draughts (in Lithography); while the general reader is

presented with a work which he may peruse for the sake of its informa-

tion, withont ever feeling it in the least dull."-Chambers' Journal.

13 ESSAYS on Subjects connected with the Literature,
Popular Superstitions, and History of England in the Middle
Ages. By THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A., 2 stout vols.
post 8vo. elegantly printed, cloth, 16s


CONTENTS-Essay I. Anglo Saxon Poetry. II. Anglo Norman
Poetry. III. Chansons de Geste, or Historical Romances of the
Middle Ages. IV. On Proverbs and Popular Sayings. V. On the
Anglo Latin Poets of the Twelfth century. VI. Abelard and the Scho-
lastic Philosophy. VII. On Dr. Grimm's German Mythology. VIII.
On the National Fairy Mythology of England. IX. On the Popular
Superstitions of Modern Greece, shewing their affinity to the English.
X. On Friar Rush and the Frolicsome Elves. XI. On Dunlop's His-
tory of Fiction. XII. On the History and Transmission of Popular
Stories. XIII. On the Poetry of History. XIV. Adventures of
Hereward the Saxon. XV. The Story of Eustace the Monk. XVI.
The History of Fulke Fitz Warine. XVII. On the popular Cycle of
Robin Hood Ballads. XVIII. On the Conquest of Ireland by the
Anglo-Normans. XIX. On Old English Political Songs. XX. On
the Scottish Poet Dunbar.

Essay on the Legends of Purgatory, Hell, and Paradise, cur-
rent during the Middle Ages, post 8vo. cloth, 68

A very curious and amusing book.

15 ELEMENTS of Naval Architecture, being a Trans-
lation of the third part of CLAIRBOIS' "Traite Elementaire
de la construction des Vaisseaux, by J. N. Strange, Com-
mander, R.N., 8vo. with 5 large folding plates, cloth, 5s 1846

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