Born a foreigner: a memoir of the American presence in Asia

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1999 - 281 頁
Part memoir, part diplomatic history, Born a Foreigner traces Ambassador CrossAIs personal odyssey as a boy born in Beijing to missionary parents, a teenager under the Japanese occupation of North China, a Japanese-speaking Marine Corps officer in WWII, and as a diplomat posted to sensitive areas throughout the world. CrossAIs authoritative and invaluable account of his Vietnam experience as chief of CORDS in I Corps adds significantly to the literature on the Vietnam War. Covering the long sweep of historical events in Asia from revolutionary China in the 1920s and 1930s to the full normalization of Sino-American diplomatic relations in 1979 and their aftermath in Taiwan, CrossAIs memoir will interest anyone seeking an insiderAIs view of U.S. relations with Asia.


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Born a Foreigner
Growing Up in Peking
The Horse Marines

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關於作者 (1999)

Cross served the course of his 32 year diplomatic career in posts throughout the world. He was ambassador to Singapore (1969-1972), consul general in Hong Kong (1974-1977), and the first director of the American Institute in Taiwan (1979-1981). He was more recently a lecturer in international studies at the University of Washington.