Historical and Biographical Works: Annals of the reformation. 1824 [v.8-13] Ecclesiastical memorials. 1822

Clarendon Press, 1824

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N Ramberd steward of the Tower to
In the behalf of both the abovemen
The archbishop of Canterbury to Cha
A publication of the queens majestys com
Part of a letter from a person unknown
This year put an end also to the life
Hugh Broughton a very learned man
Number CC1V Another letter of Mr Coppley to the lords
The archbishop of York to the lord treasurer
thony Ashley to the said lord And his was to this tenor
The false certificate before mentioned P 412 Number CCXV Sir John Smith the queens ambassador
His letter of gratitude to the lord trea
Number CCXXII Hutton archbishop of York to the lord
church of St Patrick being no member thereof 429 Number CCXXVII William bishop of Coventry and Litch
town and his company P 435 Number CCXXXI Questions disputed at a commencement
Dr Elies notes Some things set forth
Number CCXLV The said duke of Brunswicks letter to
The lord treasurer lord Burghley slan
son that lords chaplain the night before he died P 468 Number CCL The character that Mr Lambard gave of this
Lord Burghley to his son sir Robert Cecil
tion to the queen ibid Number CCLXII To which letter is subjoined another being
After the rebellion under the earl of Essex
Number CCLXIX The conclusion of the year 1602 concluded Anno 1602
The valuable apprehension had of king
A proclamation for uniting both kingdoms May 19 1603 P
England April 8 P
A proclamation for coins of gold
to Bancroft bishop of London upon his remove to Canter
Anno 1606 Number CCXCVI A proclamation for Jesuits c to depart
Anno 16U Number CCXCIX Abbot lord archbishop of Canterbury

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第 221 頁 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
第 477 頁 - Marry thy daughters in time, lest they marry themselves. And suffer not thy sons to pass the Alps, for they shall learn nothing there but pride, blasphemy, and atheism.
第 476 頁 - Nor choose a base and uncomely creature altogether for wealth ; for it will cause contempt in others, and loathing in thee.
第 28 頁 - A DEMONSTRATION of the truth of that Discipline, which Christ hath prescribed in His Word, for the government of His Church in all times and places until the end of the world.
第 476 頁 - God to bring thee to man's estate use great providence and circumspection in choosing thy wife. For from thence will spring all thy future good or evil. And it is an action of life, like unto a stratagem of war ; wherein a man can err but once. If thy estate be good, match near home and at leisure ; if weak, far off and quickly.
第 520 頁 - For whereas it was the expectation of many, who wished not well unto our Sion, that upon the setting of that bright Occidental Star Queen Elizabeth of most happy memory, some thick and palpable clouds of darkness would so have overshadowed this Land, that men should have been in doubt which way they were to walk; and that it should hardly be known, who was to direct the unsettled State; the appearance of Your Majesty, as of the Sun in his strength...
第 187 頁 - Archbishop of Canterbury, with his high commissioners, have murdered in Newgate within these five years, manifestly for the testimony of Jesus Christ ; his soul is now with the Lord, and his blood cried for speedy vengeance against that great enemy of the saints, and against Mr.
第 521 頁 - Predecessor of Your Highness did leave it ; nay, to go forward with the confidence and resolution of a man in maintaining the truth of Christ, and propagating it far and near, is that which hath so bound and firmly knit the hearts of all Your Majesty's loyal and religious people unto You, that Your very name is precious among them : their eye doth behold You with comfort, and they bless You in their hearts, as that sanctified Person, who, under God, it the immediate author of their true happiness.
第 477 頁 - Be not served with kinsmen, or friends, or men intreated to stay ; for they expect much, and do little : nor with such as are amorous, for their heads are intoxicated. And keep rather two too few, than one too many. Feed them well, and pay them with the most ; and then thou mayest boldly require service at their hands.
第 496 頁 - JESUS CHRIST'S sake; to whom with thee and the HOLY GHOST, three persons and one GOD, be all honour and glory, world without end, Amen.