The Great Doctrines of the Bible

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The Great Doctrines Of The Bible is William Evans' account of the Bible's teachings, lauded for its clarity of tone, accuracy and close quotation of the Biblical scriptures.

A superb companion to Bible studies or for general reference, William Evans offers readers clear and well-written explanations of Biblical doctrines. Each major tenet of the Christian doctrine receives a chapter, allowing the reader to distinguish, understand, and receive clarity from each component of the faith.

Long featured in Bible colleges and religious studies courses, William Evans' excellent book is populated by direct quotations of scripture that support each point made. Not only are we given a simple overview of the doctrines, we also receive an in-depth, point by point examination of the finer aspects, that we know what each entails for believers.

Through this superb resource, the reader is imbued with a fluent comprehension of the Christian religion. The words of God, Jesus, the idea of salvation for man, and the doctrines of the angels and of Satan as the enemy of mankind, are all detailed. In terms of tone, the book rarely strays to dryness - instead, the text is accessible and written in plain English for all to comprehend.

William Evans spent most of his life teaching others about Christianity. Born in Liverpool, England, he emigrated to the United States whilst still a teenager, arriving in New York City. Although his writing talents allowed him to command a good salary as a journalist, he experienced a divine revelation which encouraged him to take up Bible studies in Chicago. He went on to a distinguished career as an educator and author, with over fifty books to his name. He died in California in 1950, aged eighty.

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